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Found 347 results

  1. Hi Want to check on VEVO just to be sure as our visa was granted BUT as we applied paper based (no choice for a 163) we do not have a TRN or a password. The only thing we have is a file number which doesn't work. Is VEVO only available to on line applicants? Or can I create a password somehow? Only phone numbers given for contact not an e-mail and don't fancy holding forever to call Oz.
  2. Hi i have had a skills asssessment, i have state sponsership, i am registered with the nursing board and i have a case officer for my 176 application, medicals and police checks and 80 forms sent by post. how long do you think it will be before i hear about my visa........can i check on my progress somewhere as it is a paper application....thanks
  3. RoseBrown1972

    Aged person health check

    Hi We're just trying to sort out a visa for my in laws to come and visit us and when i went to apply for them it said my father in law would need a health check as he's 83. Does anyone know what this involves and how much? He's in really good health so shouldn't be a problem, we've already booked the flights and paid for them so hoping its not too expensive! Thanks Rose
  4. Hi there just filling out this form as requested - how did anyone send the fee? It states cheque or money order and that any cheques must be from an australian bank or a bank that is affiliated with an australian bank. What is a money order? Also, did anyone send a copy of their marriage certificate? or just passport? will be a pain to have to get another certified copy done! many thanks!
  5. kasisalo

    what does AFP check mean ?

    hiya we are doing our application to emmigrate to oz online could anypne help with understanding all the abbreviations and what they stand for as we keep coming across ones that we have not got a clue what they mean would really appreciate this one in particular is an AFP check many thanks
  6. hi all i need some advice my fiancee is from the uk and im australian we are going to apply for a 309 partner visa. i have a criminal record nothing serious but my fiancee does not she is a primary school teacher she has an excellent background. just wondering do i need to provide a criminal history check even though i was born in oz and im only the partner sponser please can someone help?:Randy-git:
  7. sunnysun

    check 176 paperbased app?

    Hi, does anyone have any idea of how u can check on the progress of a 176 PAPER-BASED visa application? Many thanks.
  8. Guest

    Criminal Record Check

    Hi I have a current CRB check that was issued in december 2009, i have no convictions. I am in the process of applying for my partner visa to migrate to Australia. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they will accept my CRB even tho it was issued in 2009? Or will i need to get a new one? Also what level of check they will want? Many thanks :cool:
  9. I am still waiting for the approval of my temporary visa and i had completed my medical check up. The CO asked to hang on to my medical result before doing anything to it. As you know, the envelope containing the medical check up is required to be sealed at all time. However, my father opened up the envelope accidentally. I just want to ask whether what should i do now?
  10. Guest

    ASIO 's Security Check Logjam

    According to the this news there is a backlog of security check files of ASIO. ASIO's security check logjam revealed - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) This may explain the reason of why we are waiting more than usual. Currently, security checks takes 2 months more than average for high risk countries.
  11. motherof2

    Reality check

    I've got to write my resignation letter this weekend as I have to give a minimum of two months notice and want to be leaving work mid July when my daughter breaks up from school. It's just brought home how close we are to going. :shocked:
  12. I just noticed this... it seems they are going to form new regulations some what very similar to Kiwi immigration system! http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/whats-new.htm#a Little question in my mind! Are they not going to implement the new point system in 1st July 2011?
  13. Guest

    Advice on UK police check

    I have applied for the police clearance certificate from UK police (standard service). Could anyone advise me how long it will take for me to receive the same?
  14. Hi guys, As I am a Primary school teacher we have to undergo CRB checks regularly, as a matter of fact I had one done two weeks ago. Does this cover the police checks required for emmigrating to oz or will I have to fill in the ACRO police certificate application aswell?:wacko:
  15. :wink:hi all, g'day. i previously made a thread on De Facto Australian Visa 820 - documentations. i've got some really helpful info from some of u here, so thanks again to those who gave me these great replies. here are some quick questions that im confused about. im actually planning to lodge my 820 application in late june, can i... 1. do the medical check now? 2. do the aussie police check now? will they both give me the reports back? so i can mail my application with those reports? or they will actually post these reports to the corresponding department like how i did those with my 485TR visa?! im getting a bit confused here... :confused: what im planning to do now is, get these 2 checks done in here. then, go back hong kong to do my police check there too. get that report, birth cert. from home etc. come back and lodge the whole application with all the required documentations. are all these sounded logical?! :err: i kind of know what sort of documentations i have to include with my application, but im a bit confused on how i actual do it... thanks in advance for the help from anyone of you. much appreciated. spzzzzzzzz
  16. Can anyone tell me if an Australian bank such as NAB or ANZ would do a credit check on a applicant prior to opening a $ account in the UK? As you may or may not know, credit checks are recorded on your credit file and for some people, this may not be advantageous.
  17. Sherbetdip23

    Uploading Police Check Certs onto DIAC

    Hiya Please can somebody advise.........We got our Police checks back today and hubby is just uploading them - it asks for document type - should this go under overseas penal clearance certificate or somewhere else???:wideeyed: Many thanks Carla
  18. purpledonna

    Police Check for 309/100 visa

    Hi all, I'm going round in circles here reading through pages of pages of police check questions. Hopefully someone can give me the right answer. I'm applying for the 309/100 visa. It's almost ready to send off and today I posted off for my police check. My question is, do I wait for that to come back and then send it off with the visa or can I send the visa off now? Many thanks!
  19. Guest

    UK Police Check

    UK Police Certificate : Processing time Please share you experience here.....
  20. Hi all, My agent submitted our 175 application on Sept 14th 2010. Unfortunately, I'm not very pleased with the communication with the agent (it's not worse, but could have been better). I would like to know how can I check on my own if all the documents were submitted. My suspicion rose, as DIAC sent on 18th of march letters to category 3 applicants (including 175 applicants) saying they will get a CO in 3 months, and I haven't got a letter, although my profile (nationality, profession, age, knowledge of english ) is quite similar to others who submitted around my time (and even a bit after) and got this letter. Last time I talked to my agent I gave him a concrete example of someone who filed 2 weeks before me, and got the letter, and he said - "ok , we might get it in the next weeks" - he said he would ask DIAC, but no response from him, and today I could not get a hold of him (said he's busy, and he would return my calls). So I would like to know how can I find out on my own with DIAC if all documents were submitted on time. Thanks for any advice!
  21. Hey all I have been trying for the past half and hr to check the online status, but it says This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/inquiry/query/query.do?action=eVisa Any one else facing the same msg? Thanks :hug:
  22. Sherbetdip23

    Police Check Form?

    Hi ladies and gents Anyone happen to have a link for the Police Checks form please? I have searched in DIAC and can't seem to find anything but the aussie one! Perhaps I am having a blond moment :huh: Also - any idea how long it takes please? Thanks everso:biggrin: Carla
  23. Hi, we are in the process of applying for a spouse visa. We have sent in our application and we are waiting to have our medical done. My wife is currently pregnant so its not advised she has the xray. Im due in oz in april and the baby is not due til October. Can they still grant our visa if my wife doesnt have the xray? I have to start my new job the beggining of May so i really need to go. What are our options? We originally planned for my wife to come over once visa is granted and we would give birth to our child in Australia. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Hi, As I was a student in Aus and extended my student visa in March 2010, I had my medical check done late much last year (I have done the body check eligible for PR, e.g. had the blood test and everything as well). When I did the application online, I said I have done a medical check for this application (as I was hoping to use this medical check for both extending the student visa and PR). I have received an email from the immigration today saying that they anticipate that my visa will be allocated to a CO within 3 months, so I can start preparing for a medical check now. Also, as I will be away working in a rural town in Aus where there won't be a Medibank Health Solutions, so I am hoping to get it done so that I don't need to fly back to the city just to get my medical check done. I am wondering if anyone knows how the immigration take the validity of the health check and if I should undergo another health check before I go to work in the rural town. When I lodged in my application, my health check was less than 12 months old (it will be 12 months old by 26th March). I am wondering if they calculate the 12 months from the date of lodgment or when I will have a CO? According to the email, Health and character clearances have a limited validity period, in most cases 12 months from their date of issue. All clearances must be valid for the grant of a visa. There is some discretion to extend the validity of a clearance in certain circumstances. This discretion has been applied in the guidance given below. If your health assessment is more than 15 months old you should now undertake a new health clearance. So to me, it seems like the medical check from last year can still be use for this application. Please advise!!! Thank you soooooooooo much!!! Wastrel
  25. Hi, we are in the process of applying for a spouse visa. We have sent in our application and we are waiting to have our medical done. My wife is currently pregnant so its not advised she has the xray. Im due in oz in april and the baby is not due til October. Can they still grant our visa if my wife doesnt have the xray? I have to start my new job the beggining of May so i really need to go. What are our options? We originally planned for my wife to come over once visa is granted and we would give birth to our child in Australia. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!