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Found 347 results

  1. Guest

    A Quick Police Check Question

    Hello All You Super People! Hope you are all well! A quick question about Spouse Visa ) I'm getting marred to my guy on 20th Oct 2007, yayaya With Regards to the forms, and especially the police checks, do I send it off once married under my last name now or do I wait till I change my last name , or do I have to apply for two police checks ?!? Id think you just put your new last name down, and put your other name, like you do with previous addresses? Any help from you lovely lovely people would be great P.s now looking at Brisbane June 2008 ) Gimme a job people... thanks Only gonna have about £6k to live on and get jobs, somewhere to live etc..... gosho Much Love :wub: xx
  2. Guest

    Police Check

    My son is 15 turns 16 in Feb next year. we are sending of our visa shortly. we do not expect to go to Aus until May 2008 when he will be 16. Does he need a police check or can we get away with it as hopefully it will be granted priorto him turning 16.
  3. Anyone needing to change £ to $A need to keep a close eye on the $ at the moment. At the moment it is $A2.39 (it was $A2.32 earlier this week). The crash in the markets is affecting the $ and anyone wanting to change money up sooooon, should keep an eye on the markets. Chris&Dave
  4. Guest

    Employment check

    Hi All, My husband has had his employement check. It was done thru telephone. What I would like to know is if there would also be any sort of physical check done. If yes when does it happen? After employement check what else, we have finished our medicals and PCC. Very anxious . Pls help Rgds, Angel
  5. Guest

    Check out your dream beach

    Hi guys, Thought i'd share this site with any one who hasn't seen it. It's actually for surfers to check out the SWELL but I love going on it to see all of the beaches we visited while we were there, and the beach we will be living on. www.coastalwatch.com Enjoy. you can scroll through and choose tons of different beaches.
  6. hi all in need of some advise recently received our police checks back and mine has a conviction on it when i was 17 i am now 30 and thought it is removed after 10 yrs as it is the only 1 i have ever had so i did,nt mention it in my visa application i am now starting to think i could get refused a visa because of this .its the only thing that has put a black mark on my application the rest is 100 p cent is there any body out there who has any advise ?:unsure:
  7. Bernie here, we are currently startying TRA paperwork :wacko: and thinking of going on a three week trip to Brisbane area at some point (perhaps next Easter). Would anyone recommend this or do we just go for it? It will cost alot (got 2 kids too) but then I guess it's the rest of our lives we are thinking about. Went to NZ but was a bit quite for us. HAS ANY ONE BEEN TO NZ AND OZ? ARE THEY SIMILAR (SOUNDS STUPID I KNOW). Is Australia similar but more built up with bugs? If we do go we were thinking of doing a motorhome jobbie as kids would prob enjoy this and we did then when we went to NZ last year and it was great fun. OR is it another ball game in Australia? Lots of questions today, can anyone recommend a company for a four berth luxury type (if we do the motorhome we do it in style :spinny:) Thanks
  8. minlady

    Qatar police check update

    Hi all... For those of you following my saga with my Qatar 'certificate of good conduct'.... i have had some good news ... The Qatar embassy in London have now found my UK police checks and sent them to me....(so at least these have not got lost) and these are now on their way to Oz as i type... BUT... still no Qatar police notice.... i'm holding my breath...so they had better hurry or else i am going to turn a nice shade of blue again! i'll keep you posted... min x:wubclub:
  9. Guest

    Police Check - Missing Docs

    When we sent for our police check last year, when we lodged app, Scotland Yard sent us a confirmation/receipt and our driving licenses back within 1 week and the certificates followed after the 40 days. We needed new certs so sent off again direct to Scotland Yard (like before) This was 2 weeks ago and still not had a receipt or my driving licenses back. Anyone else who has recently applied have they changed the process? do they send it all back at the same time now? Very worried that the docs have gone missing in the post. Tried to phone the helpline however just goes straight to answer phone. Thanks for any help Becca
  10. Guest

    employment check ups

    Does anyone know if the dima check up employment details. As I explained on another thread I made a bit of a boo boo with dates.
  11. http://www.tvgenius.co.uk Just type in Australia it'll give you all info of all the TV shows over the coming weeks related to Australia!! You can even set a reminder so it will text or email you when the show is going to be on Sarahx
  12. I have lived in 3 counties in England since I was born and have a question about police checks. On the http://www.immi.gov.au website the advice is "Residents of the UK will require a seperate check for each jurisdiction in which they have lived. If applying for multiple jurisdictions they must indicate this on the form to the local police." Has anybody else been in a similar situation and received their police checks that were accepted by the DIAC? what did you write on the form and was this reflected in the reply from the police? I am wondering if simply putting I need evidence of background checks in the three counties in question on the "Subject access request" form will get me the right information from the Police. I have spoken to the police and they say that all searches are done against the Central computer but I just want to check whther its worth sending off three request forms, one to each force. Thanks all for your help!
  13. Guest

    Reality Check

    most of the people on this site seem to have not yet got to Australia,please correct me if Im wrong. I have been hear for 5 years now and have been through all the wonder and excitment of such a massive move to a beautiful sunny country. It is good here, dont get me wrong but it isnt perfect becasue it's sunny. So I shall (as always) play devils advocate Look at this as a list of things to look out for once you get here, you may be able to find alternatives or avoid certain things. 1)when you get here, do not buy a top loading washing machine, dont be tempted by the low price becasue they are rubbish. Front loaders are becoming cheaper now. The best washing powder, (none are that good!) is BioZet, with the softner added. It smells abit nice, but it's not percil :-( 2)The telly is appalling!! their is no way of getting around it. and foxtel (sky) is also terrible. Repeats from 5 years ago and eastenders is still 18 months behind, when I got here in 2001 Ian Beale was still at school! Adverts in abundance. I know what you're going say, "It's oz, we wont watch tv"...you will! 3) It's like walking back in time when entering an aussie supermarket. If you cant cook, you will have to learn a bit sharp because Waitrose yummy meals that you just heat up are a thing of the past!! that sort of thing is frozen and basically crap! you wouldnt feed it to the dog. All there is, is Woolworths and Coles, no elite stores like M&S,Sainsbury..nothing. When you go home to visit your family they will stare at you while you marvel at the beautiful foods on show. Oh I just thought,we have aldi......! 4)Tradesmen arnt arsed! 5)spiders, a very real concern. Theres the big mothers that wont kill you, just scare the shit out of you! And there the ones that hide, ie the redback..watch out,they like water,taps,metal stuff outside.They will put you in hospital. Huntsman (the big ones) get in the car!!if windows are left open..mozzies and flies another annoyance. 6)Driving out here is very dodgy.Young kids are able to get their hands on 5 litre cars like skylines and supres..People are very inconciderate and drive way too close to each other.watch out for Ute driver, their usually idiots 7)Music..Australia is so far removed from the rest of the world and music is no exception.The pop idol thing is here too and good bands are very few and far between.if any..the uk really does rock! 8)real estate agents...bastards and will continually get things wrong with you payments etc..keep a good record of your accounts with all these types of organisations. Rent is getting ridiculusly expensive. 9)Comedy,no one does comedy like the brits and Australia, bless them,they try but in the end Amazon.com, for DVD's is your best friend because as I said the telly is crap. 10) havent got kids yet but have heard alot about the education system here being about sport rather than academics.. 11)family and friends..they get older..very visibly every time you see them..then you have to say goodbye again! I know you all think I am negitive but I am here and I really do miss england for the above things,once the months begin to go by, you will too. Quality of life as far as weather and space will be great but its not england and never will be home for me. I was never patriotic before I left england..I couldnt wait to get away..!
  14. 136 Skilled independent India MODL CIVIL ENGINEER 2124-11 ( Single) Date of Lodgement : 1st July 2006 PCC frontloaded Medicals Done : 10th Februvary 2007 - Ahmedabad Medicals Sent 13th Feb Case officer assigned : 06th March 2007 Medicals Finalised : 9th March 2007. No documents requested by Case officer. 29th March Email from Diac put me into Integrity checks. Employment check done Over Phone : 02 & 03 April. 30th April still waiting! when i can expect the outcome?
  15. Guest

    applying for Police Check

    Hi everyone We are just about to start applying for police checks what do we do. :policeman: I think I have to got to my police station and ask for some forms can anyone point me in the right direction..... what do I ask for etc. Thanks kaye
  16. Guest

    Help!!! Police Check's

    G'day all! If anyone could help us with any advise we would really appreciate it!! We are stressing out today! I've just received my police check this morning, Shelias came back fine but mine has come back with Prosecution/Conviciton for Theft and Kindered Offences 1996. This was back in 1996 when my friend and I was foollisly got drunk and smashed a shop window. We both admitteed to a theft charge to get a lighter sentence. I was young and foolish and now over 10 years later worried this is now going to effect my visa application. We are at the last stages of our application and after all this hard work feel we are not going to make it? I thought Police Checks would have only gone back for the past 10 years and previously crimal history cleared? Could anyone please give us any advise if this is going to effect our Visa decision. We are not sure where to go for here..., should we just send my Police Check to our CO and see whats happens or should we go to a Solictor to see if I can clear my police record or get further legal advise!! HELP!!!! Bruce:confused:
  17. Hi everyone, I remember reading a thread about how to get these forms on line some time ago, I have searched but can't find it. Can anyone post a link? If it matters by region - we're Lancashire. Many thanks Lou
  19. Guest

    Police check forms

    I am just completing the police check forms. My local police station gave me forms with the Data Protection Act 1998 at the top of the page. Are these the right forms? What do you get back from the police to send on to Oz? Can anyone offer any advice Thanks Neil
  20. Guest

    Check progress???

    Does anyone know the Immigration website which we can check the process of our application, or is this only available for agents??? RT
  21. After waiting ,paniking and stressing for a full 38 days my police checks arrived this morning ,i think the postman thought i'd lost it when i said i could kiss him!! have forwarded them immediately to our agent and also e-mailed her to say she will have them before 1pm tomorrow,i cant believe how relieved i am ,both myself and hubby were convinced 'theyd got lost in the post',,,well,,,, with meds already there heres hoping for a quick answer to put me out of this waiting nightmare,,anyone any ideas on timescale from here ??,,, i feel like a child ,i want it and i want it now,,, i just want to Gooooooooooo Theres hope for everyone Cal x
  22. Guest

    Police Check

    Hi, I've just received my Police Check and wanted to confirm it is the same as what others have received (just to put my mind at ease that I asked for the right thing). Mine has reference Section 7, Data Protection Act, 1998, Subject Access and then it says 'in reply to your request for information that may be held about you by the Essex Police on computers in the following categories: Person Record: Prosecution/Conviction' and then it says that there is no information held about me in this category of the Police National Computer. At the bottom it says 'This document does not constitute a Certificate of Good Character' Thanks