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Found 195 results

  1. I'm starting to come to the conclusion that i just can't wait till october to get downunder so i think i'm going to bite the bullet, go with less money and aim for flying out the first week of July!! :jiggy: I'm wanting to live somewhere around the northern gold coast ish area, basically somewhere within easy commuting distance to where all the work is. I'm not a fussy person am quite happy to live in a shack, caravan park, shared accomodation for while whilst i get a job sorted, am just a single chap emmigrating alone btw. Has anyone got any info or links on residential van parks or other cheap accomadation in that area? or ideas of areas near work at good prices? Mucho thanks!
  2. Guest

    Cheap Flights?

    Hi, Cheap Flights To Ciarns Wanted. Can Anybody Tell Me Of Any Good Internet Sites Where I Might Find Some Cheap Flights. We've Been Looking Around But Can't Find Any For Under £600 One Way For June/july. Any Ideas???
  3. rach28

    cheap certifiy documents

    Hi everyone i have just rang round solicitors to see how much they charge to certifiy documents for tra and visa and i have found a reputable solicitors that will do everything for £5.00. They didnt even ask how many documents there was. If anybody is in the south west and devon area if you pm me i would be more than happy to give you there address and phone number as this seems very cheap indeed. And they told me just to go in anytime and they will do it there and then. Rachael
  4. Hello We are coming to Perth for 2 weeks in April as part of our Oz reckie and need to get some accomodation. Can anyone recommend somewhere or any good websites. We have 3 young kids so want to book somewhere before we come - at least for the first few days so we can get over the flight and get our barings. Thanks Viks
  5. Hi Everyone I'm going to be coming over very soon and whilst my new employers will find me a nice place to begin with, I will need to find a place until Sharon and the girls come over. So I'm looking for normal people (I had a bed sit a long time ago in a very strange house and would prefer not to do that again) who fancy sharing a house or if you know someone who has a flat for rent at very cheap rate. I've already checked the realestate sites and the local papers but you never know what you're going to get so I thought I'd try my friends on PIO Thanks Mike
  6. Guest

    cheap calls to Oz

    hey all, just incase you didnt know you can call Oz for 1p a min using telediscount, web address Telediscount: low cost international calls - from any UK-Phone. You select the country to call and it will give you a number to type in before you type the number you need, it saves a fortune!:cute:
  7. Guest

    cheap medicals??

    Might sound like a really daft question but does anybody know if we've booked the right medicals? We're booked in at huddersfield (cost that's where we live)! and I know we've read on here about people travelling a fair way to get theirs here because they're a lot cheaper but do ours sound really cheap because I'm worrying we're not having the right ones. Me and Dave have been told we just need chest xrays and been told cost £56 each. 2 boys need medicals but no bloods or xrays as under 11 been told cost £55+vat each. Delivery with royal mail been told £18 for all 4. Not that i'm complaining about it being so cheap but i was expecting it to be loads more. Also have to pay about £60 for Dave's company medical too but we didn't know about that before. Any help please peeps?? Donna :wubclub:
  8. PommyPaul

    Cheap flights

    Found this whilst looking for cheao flights (no use to me as i'm flying in October) but thought i'd post it up for someone else. Bargain!!!! jan page
  9. Anyone going to the UK to visit and needs a rental car, Europcar are doing great deals at the moment. We've just rented a VW Passat (intermediate size) for 12 days for June next year for 234 pounds (that's only 19.50 per day!). Bargain compared to Thrifty at 691 pounds. Get the pay-in-advance rate for the best price. Doug
  10. Hello people Can anyone help 2 Scots guys (cousins) looking for cheap accommodation in Sydney from the 19th of October until the 24th Oct????????? Then onto to Gold Coast for another few days Any info would be greatly appreciated! We are a couple of friendly characters.........................lol Ta Nom (& Colin)
  11. Hello 2 Scotsguys (fun and friendly) looking for a cheap hostel/accommodation in Sydney and Gold Coast as we will be on a reccy visit. We are in Sydney from the 19th of October until the 24th then up to Brisbane/Gold Coast for another few days. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated. Don't be shy to reply ok folks.......! Cheers Nom ( & Colin)
  12. Guest

    cheap flights or hol packages

    hi all at pio were thinking of going on a rekkie hol arround brisbane & want to know if anybody knows the cheapest way to do it. any advise or websites ? thanks tnl
  13. I was wondering if you had any experience of hire cars from Brisbane, we need something for a family of 4 with 40kg baggage allowance each. I have done a few estimates on google, but the cheaper companies may not be good companies. The likes of avis and hertz etc can be a $100 more per week, who have you used and size of car , costs etc.
  14. Guest

    Cheap Calls to Oz

    Hi All At the minute, I'm using Call 18866 for calls to Australia at 2p a minute. However, I've heard about a service called Penny a Minute where you just dial a code in front of the number and apparently even from a BT phone, the call is only 1p per minute. The trouble is that I've lost the code number to dial. Does anyone know what it is, please? Thanks Gill
  15. Guest

    Cheap Calls to OZ

    Dont know is anyone already uses them but we use www.telediscount.co.uk when calling OZ. Dial access code 0844 861 78 78 first then the number you want costs 1p per minute. It does work not a scam or anything we use them all time to ring Europe and Oz. Just trying save you few pennys..............to buy all that chocolate u need to take :rolleyes: Em x
  16. Mike@Bonbeach

    Cheap flights to OZ

    Hi all you wouldbe travellers,something you might find worthwhile. I contacted Pickfords for a quote for moving us out to Aus and they sent me, along with other information, a DVD for http://www.movingPLANET.net .It's full of good information and there are some special offers. One which struck me as being the best I've seen so far, is for flights for people emigrating to Australia. They are special emigrant flights,giving you 50KG baggage allowance each, you must only purchase a one way ticket and not have been in Australia before on your new visa. The only downside I can see is that your not allowed to break your flight anywhere,ie not leave the terminal.The company offering these flights is Emirates and are several hundred pounds cheaper than other travel companies I've seen on the web,even on quotes from companies quoting Emirates. You need to get a special access code from Pickfords(this comes with the DVD) before you can go into the website proper but I don't think there is any obligation to use them for your removals. Cheers Mike and Connie.
  17. Cheap pill & Merry Christmas top sites xanax phentermine buy tramadol Big Breast (XXX) big breast Click here to Email Santa merry christmas
  18. I have just shipped my goods off to Australia and a few months ago found an item on poms in oz about which company to use to insure our stuff - however it appears to have dropped off now and I was wondering if anyone could help with the names or websites of insurers. The name Lenton seems to ring a bell but I cannot find anything. Can anyone help? :? :?
  19. Hi all I've just read a post on another forum in which someone says that she is sure she has read that Singapore Airlines and Qantas are both offering cheap one-way flights to Australia. I've just given the Singapore Airlines website a random date of 5th November 2006, and it quoted £459.60 one way in Economy. I then gave it a return date of 5th May 2007 to chew on as well, and the total was something like £709. I'll play with the Qantas website in a minute. Direct from the airline, it doesn't look like a cheap deal to me. Is anyone aware of a travel agent doing special offers on one-way flights or something please? Thanks Gill
  20. Guest

    Dirt cheap motoring

    OK . . . . you've lobbed up on Australia's shores and you need a set of wheels to get you and/or the family mobile. You can think English / Scots / Welsh / Irish on this one . . . . .and pay through the nose for your vehicle and weekly motoring costs . . . . . OR you can do what loads of Australians do! Firstly, if you buy from a second hand car yard, you pay an extra 10% G.S.T. on the vehicle price. If the car is worth $20,000 you part with $22,000 worth of your hard earnt cash. If you buy brand new, you pay a "dealer delivery fee" of $1,300 to $1,600 depending on which State you buy in. . . . on top of your brand new car price, plus of course the 10% G.S.T. OK . . . how do you get around this one??? The State governments around Australia buy fleets of vehicles at bargain basement prices and sell them before the 3 year warranty is over. If you trot along to any State gov't auction, you'll see '00's of cars, 4WDs, trucks etc. going for a good bid. . . . no 10% G.S.T. You can get a perfectly good 2 yr old car with about 30,000 kms (18,000 miles) on the clock for about half price. If there's anything at all wrong with the vehicle in the 6 to 12 months you're driving it around before the 3 years warranty period expires, you simply drive it to the local dealer, toss the car keys on the desk and say "fix it!". They'll call you once it's done . . . . free of charge. Check out the South Australian gov't auction website for a look. Click on "Prices" to get an idea of what vehicles over the past eight weeks have sold for, along with all their relevant info such as mileage, etc. http://www.auctions.sa.gov.au Being a government vehicle, they are all regularly serviced and maintained . . . . no skipping oil changes here! Secondly . . . . would you sooner pay $1.30 (52p) for a litre OR 55c (22p) a litre?? Think about it . . . . this isn't a trick question. I run a vehicle on L.P.G. costing 55c a litre. . . . have done so now for many a year. About 30% of vehicles on South Australian roads run on L.P.G. How do I know that?? Because you have a special sticker put on your number plate back and front when L.P.G. is fitted, in case of an accident and the fire brigade or police need to know what danger is involved in dealing with your vehicle. About 30% of number plates in Adelaide have these stickers on them. They are on all kinds of cars and 4WDs. . . . .and they fill up at about half the cost of a petrol car / 4WD Those drivers are smiling all the way to the bank each time they fill up over the course of that vehicle's lifetime. The motto is, unless you settling in a remote Outback township without an L.P.G. filling staion nearby, then think about getting hold of a vehicle that is "dedicated" to run on L.P.G. South Australia has L.P.G. reserves in the north of the State estimated to last the next seventy years at current demand . . . . no shortage of fuel on the world market will stop you from getting to work, etc.!!! . . . . . just my humble advice after living 33 years in Australia. You can either buy a petrol car . . . . like in the U.K. . . . . or buy L.P.G. like loads of Aussies who have spare cash in the back pocket for an extra carton of beer or game of golf! It's your money.