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Found 195 results

  1. Guest

    Cheap car rental???

    Can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative to Hertz or Avis in Perth please? We have a Hertz car at the moment but need a cheaper rental for the next 4 - 6 weeks until we are supplied with a car. any advice appreciated!
  2. Hi all, I've just discoved that I'm on a course in Rozelle, Sydney from 24 Oct - 23 Dec 11 and that accomodation is not provided. As I currently live in Adelaide a daily commute is out of the question. Also as I've been unemployed since arriving in Australia money is extremely tight. I'm leaving the family in Adelaide and am looking for the cheapest flatshare / houseshare / hostel available. I'd rather not "hot-bed" (but will if I have to) but all I'm looking for is cheap and close to Rozelle. I've looked on Gumtree but most of the flatshare / houseshare adverts seem dodgy to say the least - not a single word spelt correctly, almost impossible to understand the advert, no clue as to what you actually get for your money etc. Is there anywhere else you would recommend me looking (backpacker magazines, local rags, trade magazines etc. - obviously even better if they're online). Alternately if anyone is looking for a short term lodger / flatmate / housemate in the Inner Western Sydney area who is very clean and tidy (ex-Infantry Officer, shared many types of accomodation with no problems) and will spend all his time on his course, studying or at rugby / boxing traing then please PM me. Thanks in advance, Gareth Probert
  3. Does anybody have any recommendations for cheapish car rental companies from Melbourne Airport? We arrive on 2nd Nov and will be looking for a rental for around 3 weeks. We will need a hatchbatch type car or similar as need to pick up our labrador from the airport in a crate a day or two after we arrive (we are from NZ so he doesn't need to go into quarantine), so will need something big enough for that to fit into. We are family of 2 adults 2 kids, and will have a bag each, plus carry-on type bags. So just a standard size car, but with the hatch at the back for when one of us goes back to pick up the dog. Have tried google, but lots of confusing info and don't really know what sort of "add ons" I need?! Thanks in advance. Michelle :biggrin:
  4. TheOptimist

    K-Mart, Target and Big W: Too cheap?

    Hey all. I was in K-Mart earlier today (day off, yippee!) and purchased a new outfit given the warm weather we are expecting this weekend. A pretty summer top and a pair of shorts. The grand total of these purchases? A mere $25. This seems extremely cheap to me, and they weren't the least expensive items on sale. I suspect that my buying these threads are helping to feed an industry of exploitation, and that I am therefore supporting the horrific conditions in the sweat shops who [probably] made these items. What is too cheap? In this day and age, thrift is important to the majority of us, but when does buying cheaply made goods become immoral? Have I done the wrong thing by purchasing goods from this store? Or am I just being economic? I'd be interested to hear others views? Cheers Kat
  5. Guest

    Cheap Quote???

    I am starting to panic now I have booked a container, a 20ft that we are packing oursleves to go to Oz--Brisbane to be exact and I have managed to haggle a quote down to £2,700...anyway does this sound too cheap?? The reason I ask is that I have just spoken to another company that we were dealing with and he was amazed that the company could go so low...they would offer the same service for £4,500??? Huge difference..The company I am using was used by my sister-in-law a few years back to go to USA and she speaks highly of them but I am now panicking as I thought I had this sorted...I have to admit I was sold to this company when I spoke to the guy but has anyone got any thoughts??:chatterbox:
  6. Hi....once again I am so thankful to all the people who are very generous in giving some hints and advice RE:moving to Australia....I am asking to everybody if there are cheap temporary accomodation in Sydney Suburbs...We are heading on the first week of October. Bit worried since I have a 3 month old baby so hopefully we can right away find one st start with...Need your help!!! THANKS...
  7. Hi, My mother-in-law has just been admitted to hospital back in the UK, and my wife is considering making a trip home. Is there anywhere in particular that we should look for cheap flights? Any special websites, etc? Anything else that we should consider or take into account? This will be our first flight back, so any useful tips would be great! I had a look on webjet.com.au today and was shocked at the price ($2k-2500) for a return flight leaving in a couple of days. Is this the norm? Thanks
  8. Guest

    cheap and safe? too much to ask?

    Our budget is around 350k, what is the best suburb in melb for around that price? Our priorities would be a good college, for our children and a safe area with good transport links to cbd. Those are the main things. thanks in advance
  9. whichway

    Cheap food

    OMG. So initially I was fully shocked when I saw bananas at 69p a kilo (at least 8 dollars where I live) then.......... I was in tesco and there it was own brand ready mashed potatos 20p a pack!!!!! then........... we had smoked sausage for tea so I said to mum "how much is that?" "It's awfie dear in tesco" she said "£1.79 each but if you go to farmfoods it's two for £1" Holy Moly. I think either Oz is dear for food shopping (which it definitely is) or my mum has lost sight of what is costly!!!:wideeyed:
  10. Hi, we have our visa :jiggy: and my oh is hoping to go out in the next couple of months to sort out work, house before me and the kids go. Can anyone advise what would be the best/cheapest option to start with. Should we look at a short term rental/hostel/hotel. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Valerie
  11. Hello! I am a first time poster. I will be moving to Brisbane in the next month as I have a job offer. We don't see ourselves staying for more than 2 years (yet!) and so we would like to get things for our flat/house as cheaply as possible as they will be donated after we have finished using them. So what I am wanting to know is are there any cheap shops out there in Brisbane? I am meaning charity shops or something similar to our Wilkinsons, Primark, Poundland etc. We will be looking for somewhere furnished but will probably end up buying toasters, pans, cutlery and bedding etc. ANY help at all please? :cute:
  12. Guest

    Cheap calls to the UK

    I have a close friend going to stay with her aunt in Brisbane - she expects to be calling the UK regularly. when ringing Aus from the UK I use a number which provide calls for 1p a minute. Q Is the a similar line to use in Brisbane from her aunts home. I've read on a forum about coupons you can buy in supermarkets etc $10 for 1000 minutes - how do they work. Advice would be appreciated, thank you in advance
  13. Guest

    Cheap pre-paid mobile phone

    Hi I have been using my old cell phone thinking that when I get to Oz I will look around and find a new cell phone - and take a bit of time to look around and find something I want. However, my battery has pretty much died now and I will need to get something asap at the other end (makes sense to wait for the Oz plug connection). I don't want to rush buy a more expensive phone and so was wondering if there are any basic mobiles that are quite cheap and where is the best place to get one - I think I remember someone saying something about being able to pick one up at a supermarket. I just need something to talk and sms/txt. Thanks Vicky
  14. Guest

    Cheap flights

    Hi everybody just wondering if anybody knows of any cheap flights to Perth for the 30/7 or the 31/7 From Manchester ? Thanks x
  15. Good evening fellow Poms in Oz I need some assistance please in determining who to fly to the U.K with. I have searched the tinterweb thingy and have found extortionate prices. I was wondering if anyone has found a cheaper way of flying back for visits, such as booking from Singapore etc. If anyone does have any ideas please help before my daughter does my head in asking when can she go back to see her rabbit ( we left it at her nanna's house ). Thanks Madmunky:eek:
  16. Hi All We're looking at accommodation for our trip in July and would be really grateful if anyone can recommend a good, reasonably priced hotel, or apartment, or B&B in either the CBD or SE Melbourne (e.g. Mornington Peninsula) area? We're over for 7 days (not long we know!). We've found apartment rentals but they're really expensive (Stayz.com.au brings up tiny studios in St Kilda!). A google search for B&Bs seems to turn up more apartments rather than the English type B&B which is essentially just a room with friendly owners! Anyway, we hoped that maybe somebody could recommend somewhere that their relatives have stayed in when visiting, or perhaps somewhere that you've stayed whilst doing a recce of Melbourne? Thanks :smile:
  17. Hi there, I'm coming over to Perth for a holiday, well its really a reccie trip as hopefully moving there in 2013, and was hoping someone could recommend anywhere relatively cheap to stay. So far the only accommodation I can find is quite expensive for a 10 night stay. I've been looking at freemantle and scarborough but would stay anywhere that we can get to see the best parts pf Perth during our stay. Can't wait for the trip, even more so till the big move in 2013. Thanks
  18. I am hoping to go out to Perth area in a couple of months to obtain employment before my wife and kids come out, I obviously don't want to be paying too much in rent when we still have property in UK, can anyone recommend any areas or any info on cheap rentals, studios etc. Thanks :eek:
  19. whichway

    cheap freight

    Hi all, I will probably be shipping a small amount from UK to Australia. A few boxes or so. Does anyone know the cheapest way to do this as I imagine Royal Mail is perhaps not the most economic. I'm not worried about how long it takes for most boxes although there will probably be one box I could do with reasonably quickly. I'm grateful for any ideas or advice. Thanks:smile:
  20. just recieved email friom cheapflights.com. Flight centre are having a flash sale, and and flights to oz are £399. Thats £1 plus taxes. 100 seats going today, and 100 seats going tommorrow. First come, first server. call 0844 800 8658 to talk to a flight centre consultant. Don't have much more info, but Thought i'd let you folks know....
  21. We're at the point where we need to do a quick visit to check a few things out before we make the move.....Does anyone have any travel tips for flights from London to Melbourne towards the end of the month. All the online deals are frustrating as when you call them the seats have all sold but they miraculously have some left at a few hundred quid extra! Any first hand recommendations to keep a week away below lottery win prices ?
  22. Guest

    Cheap Air Tickets to Oz

    Hi My family and I will need a 1 one ticket to Oz quite soon. On the Visa document we received it suggested a wesite to get cheap one-way fares which allow extra baggage but I am struggling to see this on the site. Document says: To receive more information on International Organization for Migration concessional fares, baggage allowance and eligibility criteria, please do not hesitate to contact International Organization for Migration at: Email: IOMAustralia@iom.int Website: IOM Facsimile: +61 2 62573743 Has anyone managed to get this type of flight? Any advice will be great Thanks TS's ------------------------- 176 Visa
  23. bennyboy

    Air asia not that cheap!!!!

    Hi to all, I have been looking at flights with air asia to perth. At first I thought the actual price of the flight itself was really good, BUT THEN YOU HAVE TO ADD ON MEALS, SEATS, BAGGAGE ETC...... By the time i had added all the other bits as stated above, the cost was escalating out of control!! The taxes weren't too bad but also there was surcharges etc too..... Has anyone used air asia and did they find the same as me? I would very much appreciate hearing from you with your views Many thanks Bennyboy:wubclub:
  24. Guest

    Cheap calls uk to from Aussie

    Hi ANy advice on who to use for cals back to the UK. In NZ we Woosh just dailed 043 before the number. Is there anything like that here? Kind regards Susan:biggrin:
  25. Guest

    Cheap car insurance.

    Some time ago I recommended people try bingle.com.au for their car insurance, predictably those who had gone with NRMA, Suncorp etc said just wait until you have to claim then you see why its worth spending more. Our car was recently damaged by hail so we had to claim, it was simplicity itself, I put in a claim online and had a return call within 30 minutes when everything was sorted. I was booked in for repair and the whole thing was painless. I was quoted up to $600 more by the likes of NRMA and RACQ. Anyone looking for cheap car insurance give them a go.