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Found 329 results

  1. I have been considering immigrating to Oz for a looong time now and orginally wanted to apply for a VISA under 'Architectural Associate'. After being in the Architectural sector for nearly 10 years and just about surviving the ecomomic nightmare I have made a rather drasic descision to re-train as a Paramedic. Ideally I would like to do this in Oz but have absolutely no idea how to go about this and what sort of Visa I would need to apply for. I would love to hear from anyone in a similar situation or who has any brilliant advice for me, bye for now Cheryl :confused:
  2. scoots

    change of visa

    hi can somebody give me some answers to this situation im in,im here on a student visa and i am leaving to change to sponsered visa with the company i work for,i need to pay my next semester in june but as im not carrying on i wont be,but i dont think the sponsererd visa would of gone through by then how long can i stay in the country without a visa????? sorry if this sound abit confusing.
  3. Guest

    visa change

    Hi We are applying for a 176 ss in WA in hairdressing. The application went in in jan 2010. My question is we have been offered a franchise in a proven buisness in Brisbane, would we be able to change our visa to a buisness visa. Also would we still be PR on a buisness visa. Hope this makes sense Thanks Jim..
  4. Guest

    Change in Occupation -Skill Set

    Hi All , I have 175 PR Visa granted (3 months ago) and not yet moved to OZ , My ASCO code was 2231-79 Dot Net specialist , Now for past 6 months I have been working in Datawarehousing. My question is can I come to OZ and start continue working on Datawarehousing instead of Dot Net ? Is it mondatory to work in the ASCO code in which we assessed or Can I change the skill set ? Please advise me
  5. Guest

    Did it change your lifestyle?

    Ok, so we all know that the move to Oz is life changing but did it change your lifestyle? For those that have returned to their homes in other countries has it changed your outlook? Do you get out more to places of interest, Europe etc things you didn't do before you left? We have been here for 16 months and we spend much more time together as a family, visit friends as a family rather than in the UK me and mine and him and his etc. I have also taken up horseriding which I haven't done for 30 years, brilliant fun! Every weekend we spend at least one day doing something nice even if it's just popping into the city or a park. Our Australian friends can't believe how much we have and continue to do, I guess some of them like us don't appreciate what is on your doorstep. so come on what have you changed? drinking more wine doesn't count :biglaugh: Michelle
  6. Hi everybody, Is it possible to change current 175 visa application to 475? The reason why is that no state is sponsoring my occupation for 176, but some do for 475. Appreciate if some one could help. Cheers, siAvAsh
  7. Guest

    Cpa skill assessment change

    I checked the CPA website: Migration assessment | About us - CPA Australia They have changed the skill assessment criterias. I just want to ask will the General training Ielts be acceptable or it must be Academic? "IELTS Academic Test Report Form (TRF) Number to show you have a band score of at least seven (7) on each of the four (4) components – speaking, reading, listening and writing. " Thanks for anyone's comments.
  8. Guest

    Change of flag

    From the Australian 26/04/2010 I thought this was quite funny There is no pressing reason to change the flag MORE than two centuries after Captain James Cook landed uninvited on our shores, isn't it time the British changed their flag? Australians might be puzzled by the lack of debate in the United Kingdom about the historical anachronism behind the so-called Union Jack, a design shamelessly lifted from the top left-hand corner of the Australian flag. We make no judgment here about the imperial values of the late 18th century when the British saw it as their birthright to plunder anything they chanced upon during their colonial adventures. While Britain has seen fit to say sorry for the historical injustice of slavery, we are not calling for a national apology for this particular wrong. Nor do we hold a grudge with New Zealanders who, by standing with us in the trenches of Gallipoli, earned the right to borrow a corner of our flag and fly it in perpetuity. It is instructive that the three main British political parties have steered clear of advocating a new flag in their election manifestos. While the intellectual Left might scoff about the UK's implied subservience to a country half a world away, politicians know that middle Britain is not ashamed of the country's historical links to Australia. Indeed, in these testing times for the British economy and democracy, they rather enjoy basking in the reflected glory of our thriving economy, controlled migration program, healthy political system, sunshine and the fact we can field a decent cricket team. For our part we are delighted, if a little puzzled, to see the most colourful part of our flag flying from the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. We regard it as part of our generous cultural contribution to a nation a little down on its luck. It warms our heart to see ambassadors like Kylie Minogue and Clive James put a little colour into British lives and we were delighted to learn the Sydney Symphony Orchestra will add cultural gravitas to the Proms series at the Royal Albert Hall this year. So go ahead, Great Britain, and fly the flag wherever you will. And if you want to share our prosperous future, there's plenty of room for another star.
  9. I know theres a thread on here somewhere re this but cant find it can anyone advise? OH has a state sponsored visa application lodged but we like everyone else in cat 5 could be sitting here waiting for another two years. Our dilema is he has been offered the opportunity at work to move roles and do something completely different. It is such a good opportunity for him plus the added perk of more money but we dont want to risk our visa application. Is the work experience 3 of the last 4 years at time of lodgement or is it the time the visa is approved? Can anyone give any help on this.
  10. mrtension

    change of state on 176 visa from SA

    Hi Everybody i am on 176 visa sponsered by SA,i m here from last 6 months and could not find a appropriate job smtimes i gets work for 2 days smtimes 3 days its getting hard for me to survive.Today i went to SA Immigration office and told them that i want to move to Melbourne and they hv given me an email address and told me to send email with all the details that why i want to move,i just wonder if someone else did this before and isit that easy that just send them email and they will allow u to move to other state.I im very confused at the moment my other problem is that my spouse had applied for visa 309 last week i just want to know will it effect our 309 application if i move interstate and what i can write in the email to immigration Sa. Guys plz advice me i will be thankful to u regards
  11. ok background first We applied for a 176 visa with SA sponsorship Then oh was offered employment and we were told we would be going 119 rsms Apparently though a 457 is quicker to obtain so he is applying for that.:chatterbox: We are completely :err:. Everything has suddenly sped up, all we knew about visas is now out the window. From a quick read around i dont think it costs us anyhting for a 457? and we would still be able to do an onshore application for ens after a couple of months with this employer. Really hoping this is true as i am pregnant and the health care benefits would be a bonus
  12. Changes introduced on 1 January 2010 required certain General Skilled Migration applicants to provide a skills assessment dated on or after 1 January 2010. This is no longer the case. Effective from today, 12 March 2010, onshore applicants for General Skilled Migration who are nominating a trade occupation in the following subclasses: • Subclass 487 (Skilled - Regional Sponsored) • Subclass 885 (Skilled - Independent) • Subclass 886 (Skilled - Sponsored) will be able to use an existing suitable skills assessment to lodge a valid visa application. That means that a skills assessment which pre-dates 1 January 2010 can be used. DIAC has advised clients applying for either a subclass 487, 885 or 886 visa to confirm whether your existing skills assessment is suitable by contacting the department on 1300 364 613. Further information can be found on DIAC's website - Changes to the skills assessment criterion for certain onshore General Skilled Migration applicants nominating a trade occupation—12 March 2010 Kind regards
  13. Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone has any experience of the following or has done the same thing. I know Im doing alot of thinking here but Im trying to think of the best options to get us to Oz. Basically at the moment we have applied for SS with the ACT - when it is successful we will lodge our 176 before July 1st. At the moment we are using the OH occupation 2231-11 Systems Manager to apply for our 176. As we don’t know the new SOL or the SMP for the ACT we could be in for a 2/3 yr wait which will bring us up to possibly June 2012/2013 and its highly unlikely that the occupation will be on the new SOL and at the moment 2231-11 has been changed to the offlist and is not in demand anymore. At the moment I am continuing my degree which will be completed by July 2011 - but I will have actually have it in before then - just the results dont come out until July 2011. Ive done alot of research into the area that I am currently working in and unless I am a qualified Social Worker/Psychologist my opportunity for work will be limited so I have actually decided to do a Masters in Social Work when I arrive in Australia. Ive already checked to ensure that I can meet the requirements for this course and I definitely do. At the end of 2 years study I will be a qualified Social Worker and will be able to become a member of the AASW. It makes practical sense for me to do this for my long term career prospects. The sample SOL also has Social Worker on their list so I would imagine at this stage it will be on the new SOL- HOPEFULLY. Social worker however is on the Quota list for the ACT at the moment and is limited but of course all of this could change. I have been in touch with the Australian Catholic University in Canberra and I know that I will have to wait until August 2011 to apply. The masters starts in February 2012. Because we aren’t sure at this stage if our 176 will be granted or not and I know that it is a risk to take ........ but we were thinking in the interim we could apply for a subclass 573 – higher education visa for Australia (Masters by Coursework). This would allow me to work 20 hrs per week and my OH could go on this visa as my defacto and it states that if you are doing a masters that your dependants can work an unlimited amount of hours. Obviously we know we would have to pay international fees for both myself and my daughter plus Health Insurance. So I was wondering could we go on a subclass 573 with me as main applicant, then when we arrive in Canberra we change our 176 to an onshore 886 as my OH is the main applicant on the 176. Does anyone know how this works or if it is even possible? Any advice, opinions or comments would be grately appreciated. Thanks Suzanne
  14. Today I got the paperwork to change my 309 temporay resident visa to a 100 permanent resident visa. I have just spent a number of hours filling in the paperwork to get it, I'm sure it's going to take a few more hours to compleate it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel
  15. april.will

    How long to change from 175 to 176?

    Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone knew how long you have to change from 175 to 176, is there a time limit to change visas? The reason I want to know is I am waiting for WA SS 176 and if I get it soon and the new migration list isnt out until end of July, I am afraid I might not be on the list( hairdresser ) and I go and change visa and it is the wrong thing to do. Any help would be really helpful as I am fretting like mad and my brain is aching waiting for the decisiion, like everyone else. Thanks in advance April & Will:confused:
  16. Hi, My names Nathan and im after abit of advice and help regarding changing visa At the moment im on my partners 457 defacto visa but need to change to my own 457 visa. We have been in sydney since august 2008,im a 31 year old uk qualified electrician of 10 years and im in the process of transfering my qualifications to oz standards but this wont be for the next 6 months. We came out here on my partners 457 visa.( im defacto) I dont want to go into details but my partner is moving back to the uk... Im working for a local electrical firm on the northern beaches as an "electrical trade assistant". My employer is more than happy to sponsor me,but doesnt know any of the process involved in doing so. Hes asked me to do all the leg work in finding out whats involved. So......if possible im after any advice,help,support,in helping me and my employer sort this out as soon as possible.. Is it best to get an agent involved?,and if so does anyone know of a good one who could help me in sydney? Has anyone on here done this before?and how long does it normally take? Thanks alot for reading my post,sorry if ive gone on abit.. hope you can help with my questions, thanks nathan.
  17. Hi all, I've applied 176 - Family sponsored with CSL, It used to be under Category 3 according to 23rd Sept priority rule. But now it seems that I came down to Category 4 with all the other independent 175 with CSL applicants. Is my understanding OK according to new priority rule impacted from 8th Feb 2010? Actually I'm asking this because there's no clear direction for previous Cat 3 applicants in the new rule. Please confirm me if I'm not wrong!
  18. Hi All, I wonder if anyone could shed a little light on a situation as its driving us mad! We lodged our SS early Nov 2009, we are looking to launch a 176 when the SS returns. Our Agent recommends that we now lodge a 175 in order to get into the system as the changes to the GSM/CSL etc etc will delay things with regard to a 176 even further. Meantime if/when the SS gets approved he will change the visa back to a 176? I have read document after document but cannot see any thing that relates to this. We would have to pay the £1500 for the launch of the 175, and potentially loose it? We just don't know whether to spend the money and take a gamble or stick with what weve got. If i've got this right then when the changes come on the 1st July then everyone on a 176 will be thrown into the pot to be "picked out" based on skill requirements? We would be going on my partners employment as a Registered Midwife, (3yrs experience in October 2010) I hope someone could perhaps explain the reasoning a little more as we are so confused? Best wishes to all:confused::confused::confused
  19. april.will

    175 to 176 - how long to change?

    Hi, wondered if anyone knew how long you have to change your 175 visa to a 176? i am waiting for wa ss, and the new migration list, i am a hairdresser and hoping i will still be on their demand list in july. thank alot april:err:
  20. I would like to change my first name. I have always disliked the first name I was given (even back as a child) and I don't like any of its shortened versions either (Deborah, Debbie, Debs, Deb). I can't go by my middle name either (which I like), because it is my mil's first name! That would be too freaky! I don't really know why I don't like it, I just feel like it holds me back in some way. It sounds stupid, but I almost feel embarrassed by it and it almost feels like a phobia. So, I mentioned it to my oh a few weeks back and he basically said that if I dislike it that much, I should change it. It is my name after all. The thing is, I'm not sure how. We are here in Australia on a 457 and will be applying for PR asap (oh's company will sponsor us). Anyone have any ideas?
  21. Hello Well... we got married a few days ago YAY! And our spouse visa is now being processed, so fingers crossed on that. We were just wondering about name-change stuff. Does anyone know if it's the same for a UK-eon in Oz as it would be for an Oz in Oz?.. If you know what I mean. Do we have to go through the British Embassy or anything? We were told that the name-change won't effect the visa application, as the name will still be on the passport and they have both names anyway... so that's all good. Help appreciated
  22. Any predictions? Any subject! For example: Price of food/cars/petrol/houses/land Chain stores/independent businesses/supermarkets Environment/government/pollution/industry/exports/imports/politics/position in the world Society/communities/racial harmony/tension/immigration/population Infrastructure/broadband/firewall/education Health/aged/social care Culture - Aborigonal/youth/bogan/immigrant Arts/sport/entertainment/literature/journalism How do you see Australia possibly changing?:wubclub: Sue
  23. Guest

    Name Change on an 820 Visa

    Hello We got our 820 visa 2 weeks ago and I would like to change my name to my married name (my hubby is the aussie) It is easy with the bank and medicare etc but I am a bit confused what to do about the DIAC and tax. I have just started a new job in my married name and I am waiting for my tax number - which is in my maiden name! Can I change my name with DIAC or do they always go by the name in my passport (maiden name) - I need to get my details in to work and was wondering if I should stick with my maiden name if DIAC won't allow me to use another name Thanks :wacko:
  24. Hello all. I am on a permanent visa subclass 119....can i change employer..i am not happy where i am..tradesmen are treated like sh*t.. please advise........... Thank you Welder
  25. as a mother myself I would like some advice. basically my son wants to change his name and what would happen if he did it mid visa process? would it be better to wait until he gets to aus and would he have to be a cit before he could? would australia accept a name change via uk deed poll as he'd still be a british citizen? taaaah. -CMAW