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Found 329 results

  1. I was just wondering if the unfortunate people who's occupations are not on the list could gain recognition in a closely related occupation that is on the smp? For example cabinetmaker is not on wa smp but joiner and carpenter are. I would think that these 3 trades are that similar and have transferable skills that you could possibly gain recognition in all 3.
  2. Wildrover

    GSM minimum Age change

    Guys wonder if any of you have heard this to? I spoke to a friend last night who told me that her migration agent had emailed her saying that the GSM minimum age had been increased from 45 to 50 :biggrin:(possibly higher). I cant find anything on the immigov pages, it might not be correct:skeptical:
  3. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Australia's Department of Immigration has issued a new Skilled Occupations List, with the main change affecting those with certain trade skills occupations. Best regards.
  4. Hi All, I applied for 176 VISA application on 11-Vov-2010. Recently my current job position has been changed . As per DIAC, i have to fill up 1022 form. After fillup the form 1022, How will I inform DIAC. Do i need to email only / or Mail them / or upload the Scan copy to the application. BR, Morshed
  5. doing a geographical

    Chef 457 employer change

    Hi all, I'm a chef in Brisbane on a 457 visa and looking to change employers. I just don't seem to be having much luck. My cv and cover letter are fine, and I'm upfront about my visa situation. Does anyone know any hospitality/contract catering companies who may be willing to sponsor? Would I need to go in at a management level? Also does anyone have any experince on whats the best way to approach the companies, should I be going for the "hidden job market"? Any help would be very gratefully recieved! Hope to hear from you soon.
  6. Guest

    i want to change state

    hi gill H R U? i was came here on 475 visa 6 month ago in SA , now i want to change state coze in my occopation here is less job in NT so many jobs , so pls tell me can i change NT state from SA?
  7. Got a mate coming over for Christmas with his girlfriend. Probably bringing £4-5K with them. Where are they best to change the pounds into Dollars :- In the UK - post office etc At UK airport At Melbourne airport Here in Melbourne Can anyone advise? Cheers, Mike
  8. Robarts Family

    Can I change my current visa application?

    Hi, Sorry to write on here again but I am very confused with it all! I have applied for a 475 visa SA SS. I put it is as an Office Manager on the 17th Sept 2009. I think this is a CAT 4 as I don't think my job will be on their new SMP list when it comes out. However, ACT have brought out there list and my job is on it. Can I swap my visa to this state? The visa would have to be a 176 though as they don't do 475. Would I have to pay for a brand new visa and apply again or just ask for a swap and apply for ACT sponsoship. Sorry to ask this again but I really need help as I am getting different messages off people. Thanks in advance for any help given Jo
  9. Guest

    TO change migration agent

  10. Guest

    Change a recent ACS code

    heys how would i go about changing my code on the ACS letter? According to the IT agents in Austrailia which i have seen my cv, have said the code that has assigned to me is incorrect due to be Database Business Analysis.
  11. Hiya, an odd question I know. I applied for the 856 with my employer on 7th July, Their nomination had already been processed. Its at Parramatta office so they say 5 months... well, sometimes they say more. I have a while to go regardless. Since this time I a new management structure has come in, and they are making my working life increasingly unbearable. I thought a way out of it would be if I could move departments. The job is a bit different, but would fall under the same ASCO code. There might be some slaary changes, but I thought perhaps I could work that out internally. Has anyone moved jobs in this way while their visa was still processing? I am unsure whether I am allowed to. Any advice very much appreciated! Karen
  12. Hi there Please please can anyone help me? Im sure Im not the only one getting super frustrated with all this now!! We applied for a 176 WA sponsorsed visa last November as IT Project Manager - now we are not on the new SOL so have been told end of 2012 at least for processing. We are in Oz on a 1 yr working hol visa at the moment. We think we might be able to get hubbys skills reassessed as Business Analyst (on the new SOL list yipeee). Do you think we would be able to then change our 176 to be a 175 generali application with a new anzco code or do you think we would have to make a new application? I would really appreciate any help... we started our application in Feb 09 and are about ready to give up now... mb New Zealand would be better! Thank you thank you x:wink:
  13. Guest

    Change of Address - HELP HOW?

    Does anyone know how to inform (and who) of change of address? Thanks Ley x
  14. Hi All, We are currently in the queue for a 475 SS SA visa as an Office Manager for myself. I doubt this will be on any SMP lists. But my OH is a telecomms engineer and this has now appeared on the new lists. Should we re-apply losing our money for my visa, and hope we get there sooner with my OH application? Any advise would be fab! Thanks Jo
  15. Hi all, another one of my Qs for you all... As you know we have sold our house and need to vacate by Friday (01/10/10), our internet will be closed down sometime Thursady morning. Not able to be back on-line for approx. four weeks due to no line in our new house and not able to be layed until 12/10/10. FORM 929 is the form for a change in circumstances, I found this on the DIAC website and yes, it is straight forward to complete. However, it states that it can not be saved to a file and seems to require posting by air mail. Our Visa is a e-visa and not sure if posting is the only way to provide a change in cicumstances. Is there a way it can be done via the internet please? Thanks Ley x :notworthy:
  16. Guest

    457 Change Employer

    I'm currenlty on a 2 year 457 visa which doesnt expire until the end of Feb 2011. I am currently looking at changing employers and have been told by a company that they are willing to take on the sponsorship. The only info i can see on this in the Immi website is below. This makes it sound to me that i dont need to do anything in regards to changing the sponsor company and i can just start working for the new company until the visa runs out in Feb 2011. Is this correct or am i getting the wrong end of the stick? Any help massively appreciated :biggrin:
  17. Guest

    Will this change things??? :(

    Hi all, U might guest by my user name, i have triplets which are now eight months old and due to them being born three months early and two of them have bleeds on the brain so they have mri scans which is common in premature babies. But my partner is flying to adalaide then perth in three weeks to see if he likes it for us to ove there as he is a carpenter/plumber. But today i have been told that one of them may have cerebral palsy? but it may not be a bad case???? only time will tell how bad. but i just wnated to ask is that our chances of moving out there over due to medicals??? if so theres no point of him flying out in three weeks. Thanks Kelly
  18. Guest

    Does this change things????

    Hi all, U might guest by my user name, i have triplets which are now eight months old and due to them being born three months early and two of them have bleeds on the brain so they have mri scans which is common in premature babies. But my partner is flying to adalaide then perth in three weeks to see if he likes it for us to ove there as he is a carpenter/plumber. But today i have been told that one of them may have cerebral palsy? but it may not be a bad case???? only time will tell how bad. but i just wnated to ask is that our chances of moving out there over due to medicals??? if so theres no point of him flying out in three weeks. Thanks Kelly
  19. This thread is mainly aimed at those of you who have given Australia a go and found it not for them, for many reasons to numerous to mention. You may still be in Australia, or you may be back in the UK. Has your experience of Australia made you bitter and twisted toward the country, Appreciative more of what the UK has, or has your opinion of either country remained the same. This is NOT a thread to knock either country, as I said it is aimed at those who have decided Australia wasn't for them for many personal reasons. Please don't start slagging Australia off, just the question, do you find your experiences of a truly great country, IMO, (And yes it does have failings) have made you feel any of the above emotions. Or is it simply a case of, 'Gave it a go, and happy that I did', even though didn't work out for me. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  20. Hi, Has anybody ever had a Subclass 457 granted only for them to change their mind at the last minute? If so, what were the repercussions? My Subclass 457 visa was submitted to DIAC today and I’m starting to have second thought about moving to Australia. Any response would be most welcome.
  21. Help please!! We are waiting for a 485 since Oct 2009 and have been stuck on a bridging visa (this has big school fee implications in QLD). For the last 3 months I have been sending blank emails to GSMB.Information@immi.gov.au and the processing date for 485 electronic has moved month by month for applications made July 2009, Aug 2009, Sept 2009. My email yesterday told me 11th Aug 2008, and today 18th Aug 2008. Immi were phoned today and tell me that the current date is correct - the others were wrong sorry!!! We were expecting ours to be showing in the processing dates this month and give us some financial relief from school fees soon!! Can anyone shed any light on this?? Have you had a 485 appoved recently?? Cheers
  22. The News that it is a hung parliment is bad for the people who are waiting to hear if there on the new SMP's( If they ever now come). But there is now a flip side to this as now tommorow when the markets open the dollar will be marked down... untill a coalition is formed and some sort of unity is made.. my friend is trader in the mile and said on the phone earlier what i have just said. if you have then get your sterling ready to change in the coming days/weeks.. now is the time to buy AUS dollars and it was indicated to me that it could go to 1.87Aus/ 1GBP.. its got to be better than the crap rate we have had... The shoe is on the other foot now... more buck for your luck...:radar: cheers Nick..
  23. So we: Decided that we should start the wheels in motion for a move to Australia. Sorted my son's Aussie passport. I joined PiO Appointed an Agent Applied for and received a subclass 100 visa Booked a flight this year to validate my visa Put a stake in the ground and booked our single tickets for April 2011 Then.... a few weeks ago, we found out that my partner is expecting our second child. Baby is due beginning of February. 11 weeks to the day before our flights to Brisbane. So, with plenty of time to go - do I move the flights back a month? or assume that 11 weeks will be quick enough to arrange the newborn citizenship and a passport? When should I tell Singapore Airlines? (at this stage I'm superstitious and don't want to do anything to tempt fate). Appreciate all your advice. As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men. :rolleyes:
  24. Hey i wonder if anyone can help us. Me and my fiance are applying for a second working holiday visa this month and gets granted within 48hrs. We are getting married in march 2011 and will be getting new passports straight after. We will be leaving April 2011 does anyone know how this will affect things with the visa, flying, arriving etc?
  25. Hi Folks. A bit of a dilemma really, and in way this does include Australia, in a kind of way.:goofy:. We all have things in life that we would like to see changed, whether this be a law, a mandate, even a local issue. As some of you will know I am a little politically minded, I don't understand the whole political process, far from it, BUT. That didn't stop me forming my own political party last year and we are in the process of developing the website as we speak, BUT. I have for many years written letters, emailed, marched, against certain things that I see as wrong, the way we treat our soldiers, the national heath care lottery, the price of booze being cheaper than water, proper sentencing for real crimes, the list is endless. That is what drove me last year to form RAW GB (Right And Wrong) as an official political party sanctioned by the Electoral Commission, a bloody loonnnggg and drawn out process it was, but I got there in the end. But the problem is this. Even though for many years I have tried to bring about change it seems to make little difference to what I see each day around me, there is still great unfairness and selfishness around me, and it seems to getting worse as the years go by. I have tried the 'normal' routes as it were, doing the 'right' thing, standing up for what I believe in, but little has changed, so. I am about to embark on a fairly radical direction, it has come to the stage where me and the good lady have severely fallen out with each other, she has even threatened not to get married to me on the 21 st of this month. I know she will, but it is not a completely hollow threat. The action I am going to take whilst not be illegal, indeed far from it, does carry certain health risks etc, to myself, but as I say to Ruth, 'Someone needs to do something otherwise nothing will change for the better', that's BETTER in my eyes by the way, you may not agree with me, but that is the point of this, to get a discussion going about this country. So just how do I/anyone bring about change. I am serious when I ask this, does anyone have anymore suggestions. As I said I have marched, written letters, even got thrown out of my local council for airing an opinion, very reasoned I thought, :biglaugh:. I do have an enormous sense of 'right and wrong', and at times I am driven to the point of tears when I see unfairness in this country, it really does to some degree dictate how I lead my life. But please, if anyone has experience of the political process and how best to bring about change please let me know, the atmosphere at home at the moment isn't good because Ruth looks at what I am going to do and fairly reasonably looks at it with one concern and one concern only, that it is going to be detrimental to my health, when in reality whilst there may be a bit of discomfort for a while it will not cause any long term damage, I hope.:goofy: I have as I perviously said tried all manner of different stragedies to bring about change, yet to no avail. Even though I formed RAW UK this will enable me to challenge the government a bit more, it is amazing already at the dirty tricks that have been tried against me. Before I forget, and this is for the Mods, RAW GB is a completely non profit organisation and I hope you see that I am not trying to advertise on PIO. RAW GB is not a profit making enterprise, it is a registered political party that is trying to bring about change. However, if I have broken the rules around my signature please let me know and I will change it immediately.:embarrassed: So come on people, give me some help, even if it is to go and tell my better half that I have come up with a different plan, though I doubt there is one, but any suggestions may help a bit.:wubclub: Cheers Tony:wink: