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Found 329 results

  1. aklndnz

    Change of visa sub class

    Hi Can anyone help me I applied 176 visa on 30 June 2011. Can I change subclass to 475? With same documents and same fees?
  2. Hello Guys I got a nominatioan 07/2011. and then i lodged and paid 856visa 15/08/2011 with decision ready At Melbourne office. and also my country is in low risk. is there any one know that how long it will take to grant or get a CO??
  3. Ok, so I have my visa, sponsored by WA whihc is where we intended to settle. However, I have been contacted about a possible job in Brisbane, and so am looking for information on the city. Not entirely sure what I'm looking for - would people recommend it? What's good / bad about Brisbane? I have a 3 year old son, who loves being outdoors - he loves playing cricket and soccer if that helps at all. Also, I know it's a really subjective question, but what kind of salary would I need to be looking at to support my family (me, my wifer and my son)? We don't have hugely expensive tastes, and hopefully my wife will work part-time, but we'd like to try for another child first. When I was looking at Perth, I was looking for a salary of around $90k - would this kind of figure be ok for Brisbane too?
  4. I have a state sponsored visa for wa, I have been offered a job originally in wa, however, the position isn't on offer to me anymore, but have been offered a position in nsw, I haven't miss lead anybody when I applied for my visa but would like to go for this job, does anyone know if it's possible to do the switch.
  5. Hello, I've been putting off applying for my daughters visa(Subcalss 101 Offshore) due to the long timeline. I've been trying to get a job from here and been hoping that we'd be able to go sooner and apply from Aus(Subclass 802 Onshore) instead... My question is - can I apply for Subcalss 101 Offshore and change it to Subclass 802 Onshore should I be lucky enough to gain employment from here whilst we're waiting for the Visa? Your help is appreciated as always! Steve.

    Change of Direction

    Well after 14 great and enjoyable months in Sydney- Castle Hill hubby got a new job and we are now relocated in North Lakes- Brisbane. What a difference the cost of living is much lower paying over $300 less a week in rent. Love the area, found some new friends already and looking forward to this chapter of our lives Anyone in the area wanna meet up shoot me a message over
  7. I have two questions 1. I want to arrange PCC, get them ready and upload them once CO asks for ( I don't have CO assigned as of yet ). So my question is what date will be counted for PCC is it the date PCC was issued or the date I upload to my visa app? 2. I need to change (endorse) my present address stated in my passport. When I took the passport ( in Jan 2009) I was resident of different address than the one I'm now. Now I need to endorse my "current" present address in my passport. Its not getting a new passport, its just an endorsement by passport authority to reflect my present address in my passport. I need to do this endorsement to get PCC from the Police station my current residence falls under. Now my question is, should I upload another copy of passport to my visa app to inform them about the endorsement? Again I'm not getting a new passport, neither there is a change of circumstances nor I've changed the address that I mentioned as 'present address' in my visa app. Any insight anyone? thanks tarini
  8. Bezza

    Change of name & Visa!

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help or has been in the same situation. I have recently been granted the de facto 309 visa. I have also just got married to my partner and will be changing my name to his surname. I dont know whether to get my passport changed with the new surname here or wait until I get to Australia? The visa is linked to my old passport - is it possible to get it linked to a new passport and how long does this take? Also, do I have enough time to change my passport before we travel - planning to go 20th Sept. We are booking our flights soon so Im not sure what name to tell the travel agents to book it in?! Grateful for any advice! :biggrin:
  9. jyotikhtr

    Documents Required for Name Change

    Hi All, I am going to make an application for Skill Assessment to ACS. I have changed my name to JYOTI KHATRI from JYOTI few months back, as I was told by many people that having a single name is a risky business in countries like Australia, America, UK, etc. I have all my school and graduation degrees/certificated in single name only. Now, I have got my name changed in my Passport, Permanent Account No. (PAN), Mobile Connection, Salary Account, Current Employer. I have also published change of name declaration in News Papers and a Govt. weekly magazine too. What else do I need to send ACS for skill assessment ? I had sent an email to them at assessment@acs.org.au but my mail bounced back. Any ideas or suggestions friends. Thanks in advance. Regards.
  10. jgt

    job change

    Hi all, well as theres no work in aus and the housing market is about to go where the sun dont shine, im considering a career change, can you buy the "big issue" in aus.:wink:
  11. I've been on the immi.gov.au website and want to find out if the recent work experience requirement of '12 out of the last 24 months' still applied for a 175 independent skilled migrant visa? The eligibilty requirement was standard before 1 July 2011 and was very clearly stated across the website and within the 175 visa category sections online. It is now gone from the website but does still appear in "Booklet 6" in a contradictory way. Is this because the booklet is not up to date? Any advice appreciated. (I'm an experienced accountant but have been running my own 'non-accounting' business for 2 years - so this is crucial and I may need to return to work for 12 months if it is still required)
  12. Hi All Suddenly today I am very confused! We have submitted our 176 visa app online and as we understood it we would be priority 2 as we have been sponsored by VIC! But today we received an email from DIAC to say we are now in priority 5!! The email reads: Priority processing arrangements A new Ministerial Direction came into effect on 1 July 2011 establishing new priority processing arrangements for Skilled Migration applications. This Direction determines the order in which the department considers applications. Applications accorded a higher priority under these arrangements are assessed ahead of lower priority applications, irrespective of when the application is lodged. In line with these arrangements GSM has commenced assessing skilled migration applications which fall within its processing responsibility in the current order: Priority 1: Applications from people who have applied for a Skilled - Regional (subclass 887 visa) Priority 2: No GSM applications are included within this group Priority 3: Applications from people who are nominated by a state or territory government agency for an occupation specified on that agency’s state migration plan Priority 4: Applications from people who have nominated an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) - Schedule 1 in effect from 1 July 2011 (http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/sol-schedule1.pdf) Priority 5: All other applications Your application is now grouped in priority 5. The department does not anticipate that the creation of an additional priority group, as per this Direction, will impact negatively on the processing of applications which were previously in priority group 4 and are now in priority group 5. This is because recent reforms have impacted on the volume of applicants waiting for a skilled migration outcome. Well my understanding of this email is that we should be priority 3 so i am now very concerned! I am really hoping this is an error but now need to contact DIAC to confirm Has anyone else out there had a similar email? If anyone can shed any light be much appreciated as we are now panicking if we are in 5 we do not stand a chance!!!
  13. Hi, since finding out about the changes on July 1st i have been frantically trying to find out about what to expect, I will be back on the SOL so I move up to Cat 3 I think what I am asking is, Who is going to change Category on 1st of July what processing times have agents sort of said, my agent didnot seem to interested to talking to me, he said he had not looked to much in to the changes just interested in getting people lodged before the new set of rules come in to force. Hope this it not another rotten carrot and is a light at the end of a tunnel, I want to move now now in another 2,3,4 years. I am a fitter visa type 175
  14. I read time and again on here about peoples experiences with migration agents, some very bad, others brilliant. But more to the point I often read many an educated and intelligent post from many who 'seem' to have at their disposal a great insight into the migration process, they are helpful and indeed a god send to many people. I guess a lot of the reasons why they seem so thorough is the fact that they have too been through the actual experience and have a far better insight into the workings of DIAC and the like. I did at one time seriously contemplate becoming a registered migration agent based in Australia, but soon enough found out that the costs and time involved stopped such an avenue being taken,:cry:. I have a huge passion for all things Australia and nothing would make me happier than having daily dealings with future migrants in order to help them achieve their dream. I know that it is a path that will never make you wealthy and I have little doubt it is extremely hard work, but I imagine the job satisfaction would be immense. Who knows, I may yet take such a path when back in OZ, I will see what the future holds. But seriously, if any of you are of this mindset and enjoy the 'process' (if this is possible) I reckon it could be worth looking into as a 'career change'. From what I can gather there are several courses available throughout Australian Unis that allow such a path to be taken, and if you don't consider yourself 'expert' enough yet, I dare say the course available will arm you with the correct materials and arm you with the qualifications and credentials that 'may' lead to a long and happy career. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  15. Hi, I got my CO in Apr2011 due some relationship issue, i was allow to change my sponsor. All document was submitted oto CO n 20 May, but until today i still yet to receive any news. Anyone have an idea normally how long it take to finalise my visa. Big thanks :hug:
  16. Dear everyone, i change my bridging visa A to B before travel to india and when i come down to india to attend my brother marriage my visa is expired and cant go back to australia. what i can do now? is it a big issue? what is the reason for expired my visa. i still got valid Bridging visa stamp on my passport. Rinkesh
  17. Guest

    Name change- official or not?

    My OH as a child was known by a different surname for a while (mum's new husbands name) he's not sure if it was done officially- school doctors etc knew him as that surname and he decided to go back to his original name (on birth certificate/ pasport etc) as an 17ish year old (he's in 30's now) We have delared it on 176 visa but it asks for proof of name change- his mum is no longer about (he's going to ask grandparents) but do you think a Statutory Declaration explaining the situation will do? Don't know what else to do? How would we find out if it was done by deed poll etc?? Its never been a problem for him until now!
  18. siandsu

    skill description change

    Hope someone can help. Am trying to complete a state sponsor form and cant find my occupation on the list. In the origional DIAC application my skill is described as "Sheet Metal Worker (First Class)" However, I think they've changed it to "Sheet Trades Worker" Am in hope someone can shed light on my dark corner. Thanks in anticipation.....
  19. Hi Everyone, I have put in a Visa application -175 in April this year. I have uploaded all relevant documents from my current employer and also provided FORM 80. I am now considering changing my job and moving to a new employer. My questions are: 1. Do I need to complete & upload the change of circumstances form (form 1022) right now itself or shall I wait till the CO is allocated? 2. Does this have any adverse implications on my application - like increased assessment time or more verification etc? 3. Anyone who has had similar experience in past? Cheers
  20. Hello all, I am desparately waiting for my CO as my application was missed (but thats a whole nother story, that is hopefully beginning to sort itself out.) But do you think priority processing will change in july. I am so worried ill get a CO and then lose it before i get my grant. What do people think?
  21. Migration to another country is a pretty big upheavel to anyones life and comes with it's ups and downs for most of us.We learn a lot during the whole process,from first inkling of wanting to move through to visa application and finally to the big move itself,it is all a big learning curve.We also learn a lot about ourselves,partners,children and to a certain degree friends and family who are left behind too.For some it makes them stronger but for others it is quite the opposite. For some of us the change of scenery also comes with a change of lifestyle or career.Our social life might be different,we might use this time to create smaller changes in our lives too......a bit like starting with a clean slate.These changes all contribute to the feeling that life indeed is now different[whether good or bad]. But what of the deeper changes.......the changes to you on a personal level.Most people will agree that the experience changes them in some subtle way,maybe it made you a more determined person,maybe you have become depressed or gained confidence.You may not have even noticed the change until someone else brought it to you attention. No matter what else migration brings one thing is certain...... it creates a change in us all,no matter how small that change may be. My question is..........what is different about you now?and do you consider this a good change?
  22. Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone can help me, here's my dilemma, ok I've been on a 457 visa now for 3 years but i've changed jobs twice meaning the job title has changed the first year and the second year. the first job was a "marketing specialist", 2nd job title was sales exec, and now my current title is "marketing specialist" again... i've been in my current job for 12 months... can i apply for my PR now? I know it states you should be in current role for 2 years but i've been lead to believe you can link previous roles and plenty of applications have been approved despite it being 1 year in current role I have spoken to some agents who have said they previously have put through applications that have had just 1 year under a job title but been on the visa for 3 years also that have all been approved... I don't want to have to wait another year to make it two years in my current role in order to apply... a few agents have said they can get it processed and highlight the link of both jobs and considering i've been in the country already for 3 years Can anyone please shed some light on this? it would be hugely appreciated...
  23. cazhoney

    Change from 176 back to 175

    Hi everyone, I have applied as a 175 in June 2009. But when the rules changed, I was thrown down to Category 5 or 6 (don´t remember now). So I asked for NSW SS, and now I find myself in Category 2. I have a CO since March. I know that DIAC is dealing already with 175 applications from October/November/2009, so if I didn´t have the SS, I would already have a CO and still would be considered as a 175 applicant. Does anybodu know if it´s possible for me to be considered as a 175 now? Can I ask this question to my CO? Because I do have enough points for a 175 application.... Thanks Carolina
  24. I need an obvious right answer for my question, please : Could I change my ,already submitted, "visa subclass 176" from family sponsorship to state sponsorship? ? Ofcourse after obtaining nomination of state sponsorship. official links are required, please.Thank you in advance.:sad::sad:
  25. Guest

    Time for a change

    Hello to all, The Hurley gang, Sara (35), Eireann, (9), Niamh, (7), Finn, (4) and myself Damian (36) are making a break for the land down under. Well hoping to make the break for the land down under. I was in a teaching job for the past 9 years and loved it, but have recently moved jobs and have realised my kids are growing up far too fast. I was so emersed in my previous job and always put the idea of Oz on the back burner for another year, suddenly I am much older, (although I don't act it!!!!), so I am determined to go for it 100% with the Oz dream. Just completed the skills assessment procedure and hoping my teaching qualification will be recognised in Oz. Would love to hear from anyone with advice or tips they may have regarding the whole process.......... Best wishes and kind regards Hurls10802