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Found 132 results

  1. I have looked on a few car hire webbos and can't find an answer, maybe someone here can answer me? We will be needing to hire a car for our last few weeks in Oz, cos the car's just been sold (Yay!) and we'll need one that has a baby seat already in it.. does anyone know if you can hire a car with a baby seat in? We'll need to be able to pick it up from the Gold Coast somewhere and drop it at Brisbane airport (not that that prolly matters). Anyone? Thank you. Jo x
  2. Hi, I thought I would post this just in case it helps just one person. My family live in the UK at present but I listen sometimes to Mix 94.5 radio station for perth on the Webb to keep in touch with local news in the Perth area for when we get to move. Anyway on their website they have a cheap fuel locater, you just put in what fuel you want unleaded etc then you post code and it will give you a list in your area of cheaper fuel. I hope this helps some people as I know how much petrol is now getting the world over. Best regards to everyone, have a great bank holiday weekend Glynn and Family Mix 94.5 - home :jiggy:
  3. Guest

    HELP! cars in oz?

    we have been looking at cars in QLD, does anyone have a reliable webby so i can pre-browse cos so far they are working out twice as pricey as UK. also what is it with them and caravans? do i need ot get a 40ft container and take mine with me cos we cannot find any over there except new ones and they are horrific price wise. thanks in advance :yes: oooh also, do they have tax and MOT liek we do and is it yearly etc?
  4. Guest


    Can anyone advise on the cheapest company to bring my wifes horrible cat to oz with us when we go next year?and what we have to do? Myself i'd gladly have it put down but you know these women....:wacko:
  5. Guest

    2nd Hand Cars!!!

    Hi all, Its been sometime since I have been on here, bit that is due to the move over here and sorting things out. Sorted out a rental and move in on Monday in a new estate in Berwick, Victoria.....but back to my question!! Does anyone know a website to check a 2nd hand cars history. I just want to check before making a purchase. Thanks again for your help and I will now settle back and enjoy my bottle of blue tongue, a very pleasant lager down in this neck of the woods!! Dean
  6. Guest


    Obviously in the UK we have to pay car insurance and road tax? What applies in Oz? Is it the same? Also, do you have to have an MOT on your car like in the UK? Do you need a new Driving Licence when we immigrate to Oz or retake our driving test? Cheers.
  7. Guest


    Oh my god,the cost of luxury cars here is simply staggering.Does anyone know anything about importing your own cars from the uk ? I have a couple of nice cars..bmw and audi and the cost in oz is more than double what they cost in the UK....has anyone imported their own cars and if so are there OZ tax implications ? Good news is the petrol is relatively cheap.
  8. Emmylou23

    Shipping - Household and Cars

    Please help! Can anyone recommend a good removal/shipping company or two.. We are planning to take about a transit load of stuff and hopefuly two cars (classic 1975 ford escorts). Any recommendatons/advice on this sort of thing really would be appreciated! Thanx Mxxx
  9. Anyone know good places to buy a car in Perth and what car seats will I need for a two and three year old is there any good places to get these. Thanking you in advance, :unsure: Marina
  10. Guest

    Selling the Cars

    How do you go about selling a car in QLD transfer of ownership and all that stuff?
  11. Guest

    Spouses & company cars

    Hi, I'm a newbie who has recently loved to Australia. My employer provides me with a company car but are insisting that my wife should not drive it. This seems a little strange to me since in my other jobs around the world the company car was for both my use & my wife's. So my question is this: is it standard practice in Australia for a company car just to be provided for the employee and not the spouse? Or has my employer got it wrong?? Thanks!
  12. Hi I would be grateful if anyone can advice me on the tax you have to pay when taking prestige cars to Oz. Thanks
  13. Am trying to calculate the relocation costs. wonder if anyone knows of good websites for used cars. I would be relocating to gold coast in aug. Is there any other way of purchasing second hand cars - reasonably priced ?
  14. Guest

    6 Seater Cars!

  15. Guest

    cars in OZ

    Hi all....Judy from the U.S here. Ihave a question on vehicles. Can we have our car shipped to Australia when we move there? The steering wheel is on the left side. Will have to get used to driving on the left side of the road! Thanks a lot in advance for a reply.:goofy:
  16. Guest

    Dogs, cars and stuff

    :unsure:Helloo, It is very early days for us I know but I have to get things straight in my head and organised! Has anyone taken a dog with them? How did it cope with the journey? Also what are we able to export over there (I heard there was a problem with wooden items). Are there any reccommendations of things to take? I'd quite happily bring just myself, my dog and a suitcase - oh, husband as well of course! Said husband needs to know about exporting a restoration project (he won't leave without it!) It is an E Type and he was wondering about spares etc. I think that's all for now! Lin
  17. Guest

    Secondhand Cars

    Hi All I am looking to buy a 2nd hand car, maybe an early 1990's mercedes. I think I will only be able to buy this privately, but wish to know the process. Some sellers are selling without a roadworthy certificate. I don't know much about cars, and so would get someone (maybe RACV) to inspect prior to purchase, but what are the legalities of motoring here in Victoria? Do you need insurance? Where is the MOT? Thanks Mazza
  18. Guest


    Hi everyone, does anybody know of a god ste fr getting book prices on cars? Will be cming ove in July and will not be buying new. Also what is classed as an average milage (sorry kilometes) per year? Thanks Mark
  19. Guest

    Cars In Oz

    Hi Guys, Hope somebody can help? Does anyone out in Oz know if you are taxed on Company Cars and fuel the same as the UK?? Thanx in advance!
  20. Hi to all you in the know out there; would we be better to take a car to Oz or buy there?? I'm talking 'bout a Rav or a Honda CRV- 4 wheel drive type cars Could we easily get parts, are warranties honoured & as we have a private plate would we need to re-register it? Thanx Michele x:jiggy:
  21. Guest


    Hi as we're only a few weeks away from going to Oz permanently whats the best way to buy a car from a dealer; cash, uk credit card ?? Thanks Michele xx
  22. Guest

    cars in the heat

    HI guys, can anyone tell us are there any makes or models of cars that don't do that well in the heat of qld? We're thinking along the lines of buying a 4x4 or people carrier, are there any we should avoid? Any advice appreciated. eddie,tina:)
  23. Guest

    Stock Cars Down Under

    Does anyone have any news about stockcar racing in oz? I know there is a track at Toowoomba QWL..... Does it exist anywhere else? I (j) raced here in uk once upon a time and would be interested in any info related to this... I know it's a very popular sport in NZ tah!
  24. Looking at motors once we arrive and been checking out Wangara 4x4 (unless anyone knows of any other 4x4 specialist garage around the Perth area - we're looking at living in the Rockingham area). Checked through carsales.com and autotrader etc, gonna need something sizeable for the family and want to avoid another MPV - still getting over the kia sedona we had:wacko:. So we have seen a couple of things we like (Holden Jackaroo for example) and have got an insurance quote from the Budget automated site (half the price of the RAC's insurance quote). Was wondering if Budget were a reasonable place to get car insurance (3.5 ltr 4x4 $363 fully comp for the year) or if anyone could recommend anywhere else. Now on this note I'll need to pay online and as we are buying within the first 3 days of arriving I dont think we will have my aussie bank cards although I will have activated our westpac account. Am I correct in thinking I will be able to use my UK card to pay an Oz car insurance company online for a car insured at an Oz address. I cant see it makes any difference but just thought I'd check. Lastly just where do I look to sort out Rego when we get the motor and is the RAC the most reasonable break down service in WA??** Ok found the site for Rego but whats this about paying 3rd party insurance fees??? Do you still pay that if you have fully comp insurance already?? Thanks guys
  25. Guest

    makes of cars

    Hi does anyone know what makes of cars they have in oz? do they have renault and peugeot? Cheers john & michelle.