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Found 131 results

  1. Just wonderd if cars need M.O.Ts as they do in the UK..and what about road tax and insurance......are there different laws in different stares.........so many questions. Dave.
  2. peeka

    Cars for Sale - UK

    We have our beloved cars to sell before we leave for Australia in September. Family Car Volvo XC90 Silver 57 plate Diesel Priced at £27k but will take a reasonable offer Fun Car Mini convertible Silver 08 plate Petrol Priced at £12.5k Lovely cars that have been well cared for.....sad to let them go but sadly can't take them with us
  3. Hi all, We are off to Oz early next year so I have been trying to map out a plan. I had a look at the price of cars etc and they appear to be extorsionate! It seems most cars are old Japanese imports and priced through the roof, is this right or am I looking in the wrong place? Also can anyone talk me through motoring in Oz from start to finish, ie is it anywhere similar to the UK with regards to tax, insurance, MOT etc. Thanks
  4. Guest

    Cars, cars cars...!

    Hi all, I am going to tell you a story of two fools. My husband and I did something with so little thought it's scary. We looked at prices of cars on the net before we came out, thought 'Pah - too expensive, we'll take out own car' then regretted it as soon as the car arrived. Why? Well... 1) It was a FORD Galaxy. We loved our car and brought it cos it only had 30k on the clock. They don't have them here. We thought it didn't matter. Thought it would last forever... 2) It didn't like the journey and was quite 'broken' when we got it out of its container. 3) It cost us $4800 to get it fixed 4) Cos no one knew what kind of crazy car it was and had no idea of how to fix it, it was never really 'fixed' 5) We got some parts shipped across and the post and packaging cost more than the parts. 6) We took it to an auto electrician who made it worse (some buttons were put on back to front and dashboard lights were permanently on...) 7) The battery keeps draining 8) We have had an isolating switch put on... 9) The windows have stopped working... 10) We are FOOLS I say, FOOLS! Is there anyone out there with any suggestions or someone who can HELP? Thank you for taking the time to listen to my very humble woes.
  5. Moving to Oz 12th Aug and will be looking for a car/possibly 2 cars. If anyone will be looking to sell around this time please let me know. Looking for reliable and hopefully fairly new cars. Thanks Nicola
  6. mr luvpants

    Shipping of Cars

    Hi I know this has been done to death on here but has anyone recently shipped a car? If so would you mind detailing the current expenses surrounding the shipping and overall if they felt it was worth it? I have been looking on car web sites and cars in oz seem so expensive and as we are not due to go for 18 months I am looking into buying a car now to take with us and would appreciate any advise. Many thanks JOHN
  7. Allyboy

    Cars in Melbourne

    Hi I have just received my visa and planning to settle in Melbourne. After doing some reserch I have been very suprised my the cost of second hand cars in Melbourne. I initially thought it would be cheaper then the UK but found out it might be more expensive. Can anybody give me any advice on the best places to go for a reasonablly priced second hand run about. I may intend to buy a new car sometime in the future but at first I want a run about. Also can anybody explain the deal with any road taxes, insurance and anything else I might need to get in melbourne Allyboy
  8. Guest

    cars for sale adelaide

    hi all my name is peter and i work at lakeside nissan on main north road adelaide. i am english and work in the new car sales. i can also help with any used car purchases and what you need to do (if anything) please pop in for a coffee and a chat. all the best peter
  9. Guest

    import tax on cars

    :Randy-git:hey just another thought im thinking of taking the car to oz when we go.................{positive thoughts** and am wondering if anyone else has done or is thinking about the same it owes me nothing and is pretty much what i'd be looking to buy out there so if anyone has any information on the pro's and con's plese feel free to post cheers john
  10. All Quick one. If you are coming to Aus with three kids in child seats, and need to buy a cheap(ish) car upon arrival, one thing we have found is that a Falcon wagon/estate will fit three car seats across the back. And UK spec seats as well, for info. It is very tight, but the Falcon is slightly wider inside than the Commodore and thus you can pick up a decent one. We spent $10,000 on a Falcon wagon (2003 model, 200,000k's but the nicest and cleanest by far) and we get three car seats across the back (4, years, 2 years and 8 months). This will do us until we get work and everything sorted and can then change. Oh, and I know people say that UK car seats are not 'legal' in Aus - which is very true. However, having seen the prices (very expensive compared to the UK) and the quality (some car seats are legal yet shocking quality I would not put my kid in), I feel safe that the ISOFIX seats we bought from the UK and far better than much of the ones here. We did buy one for our middle kid, as we moved the youngest into his old one, and it's good, but I miss ISOFIX. It used to be that Australia's system, using a top tether together with a seat belt, was one of the safest in the world. However, when ISOFIX came along it gave a far better quality - except Australia has yet to adopt it, thus they are currently behind much of the world. certainly ISOFIX is safer and quite a few cars here have it., BUT you'll find no reference in the literature to it specifically as no-one will know what it means. But new and slightly old Mazda's, Subaru's, Citroen's etc all have it as standard. Just a point of note. I'm happy we have done the right thing by using our existing seats until the kids grow out of them. And now for a car with ISOFIX in to use the dadvantages of the seats....
  11. Guest

    Gold Coast Cars

    Hi All, Just to say if you are looking for a new car when or before you arrive on the Gold Coast then you can contact my hubby at Grand Motors Toyota. His name is Paul Nel paul.nel@grandmotors.com.au or 07 5583 6888 he is helping several people at the moment from the UK and South Africa in arranging the purchase of their cars before they arrive so they don't have to fork out for expensive car hire when they arrive. :confused: tks Michelle
  12. We are selling a Ford Focus CL only 5 months old, red, 5600 km, bought for $20,000 brand new will take $15,000 . Also a Holden Barina (vauxall Corsa) , 3 door hatch, 2000 model, 136,000 km, Silver, $4500. These cars are a bargain and a genuine reason for sale , PM me for more details Steve
  13. Hi Does anyone know of any good second hand car dealers near Ringwood? We went to the big 'supermarket' in Ringwood yesterday and wanted to weep. The cars are so expensive. We had heard that they would be but even so it was a shock.:shocked: Maybe we need to lower our expectations. We have a budget of upto $15k. thanks Michelle
  14. Guest

    Perth Cars - Buy or Lease?

    Anyone, know of decent companies that do decent long term car lease or is it better to buy? I'm reluctant to buy due to the temporary nature of a 457 visa and down the fact I don't want to buy until I know for absolutely certain we all want to stay in Australia. Advice grately received.
  15. Guest

    Going back cars 4 sale

    Anybody interested, some friends of ours are moving back to the UK after 1 year and need to sell their cars (1) Honda HRV 4x4 1999 1.6 2Dr Blue $ 6.499 ono (2) Toyota Carina 2000 1.8 4Dr White $ 5.995 ono Both in excellent condition and realistically priced for a quick sale. For Further details contact Geoff on 0415565179 Both cars can be seen at Robina, Gold Coast
  16. stevie ellis

    jap cars

    Hi, is there many jap cars out in Queensland like evos and scoobys ? How easy is it to import from japan to oz and how much is it? Does any one know some good tuners in the jap seen in Queens land? It cant be all V 8s is it . Thanks any info would be great , Stevie.:coolxmas:
  17. i know it isnt easy to compare running costs in oz to uk ,lots of different factors and stuff, but is car insurance costs ROUGHLY the same? do they have road tax?"green":SLEEP:taxes for people like myself who prefer a comfy 4 by 4?( dodgy back:cry:) do they offer the same options,i.e protected no claims etc?will my no claims discount here cut any ice over there? loads of questions but if we both need a car for work( i will for certain ) it could be a fair whack each month,or is it? thanks anyway
  18. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has any clues about the prices of second hand cars in perth. Is it the same as here in the sense loads to choose from or is it a bit more difficult. Or is it a better bet (probably not cheaper i know) to have a rental car for a few months and try and negotiate a better rate with having it for say 3 months! Also anyone have any clues regards the price per week/month etc, we would be looking for a family car for 2 adults and 2 children and baby bump on his way! I am lucky enough to have a company car once i arrive, but thinks its a nissan pick-upy type thing so not really an ideal family car. Can we rent a car on our british driving license or do we need to get an international version of the same. Cheers and thanks for reading :frown:
  19. Guest

    Stamp Duty on cars

    Blimey, wasn't expecting that one! Just found out about stamp duty costs on cars. Does anyone know how much it is? and.... when cars are advertised (on the net / papers etc) does the price include the stamp duty? Gosh, that could curtail our budget a bit! could be pedal power from now on!
  20. I have to drive about 5ks a day over potholed, corrogated unsealed road to get to work... arghhh any tips for not killing tyres, bushes etc?
  21. Guest

    selling cars in QLD

    Wonder if any one can help.....trying to sell two virtually brand new cars (with not much luck!). The duty that has to be paid by the purchaser, how is that worked out? Been on QLD gov site regarding this but cant get my head round it. It reads as though the duty payable is $2 per $100 of the value of the car???? Is that right? very confusing & i want to be prepared when i get an offer, coz who ever buys it will knock that amount off the price....does it make sense to anyone? HELP!!!! (the cars are the only thing keeping us here)..i wanna go home....... ps; any one wanna buy a Mazda 3 & Yaris??? :arghh: :chatterbox:
  22. Guest

    Importing Cars to Australia

    Hi All, Ive noticed a few threads about this one and thought it might help x www.customs.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=4371
  23. Guest

    oz cars!

    hi i was wondering why all the cars in oz seem to be a bit well boring i suppose (no offence) seem to be quite expensive used to german cars ,whats motorbiking like as well?
  24. I have looked on a few car hire webbos and can't find an answer, maybe someone here can answer me? We will be needing to hire a car for our last few weeks in Oz, cos the car's just been sold (Yay!) and we'll need one that has a baby seat already in it.. does anyone know if you can hire a car with a baby seat in? We'll need to be able to pick it up from the Gold Coast somewhere and drop it at Brisbane airport (not that that prolly matters). Anyone? Thank you. Jo x