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Found 131 results

  1. Guest

    Shipping Cars to Oz

    Hi all Hope everyone is well and hanging in there. :goofy: Just wondering, we are looking to ship our Jeep and car over with us. We are getting a 40ft container but just want to find out if it is possible that we can ship the 2 cars as we heard somewhere that you can only ship 1 car...is this correct or are we okay shipping the 2??? Many thanks S :wub: x
  2. Hi, We move from London on 2nd Sept and are hiring a car for about 3 weeks (hopefully we should have bought our own by then!?). We need car seats for a 9 week old and a 2 year old and were planning on buying them as soon as we land but will we have problems fitting our own seats to a hire car as I hear you need to anchor them in the boot or something??
  3. Guest


    looks like I'm closer to making the move to Melbourne and have thought about car purchase (my fave!) Now firstly what cars are pretty cheap and reliable? Over here in UK I would have looked at some of the german cars and japanese. In OZ I'd like to pick up a nice imported japanese car, but what about domestic ones? Are the Korean ones pretty good there? I know the euro cars are pretty pricey, so will rule those out. Any comments welcome Where do people look to buy? (Uk obviously autotrader and ebay) Where would you recommend to start looking? Thanks again.
  4. RoseBrown1972

    Import tax and other fees on cars

    Does anyone know how you can pay the import tax and other fees when importing a car? Do they take credit cards or does it have to be cash?
  5. davet19650

    second hand cars in perth

    Hi can anyone help with any websites for second hand car dealers in perth, prefer north of river dealers if poss many thanks in advance to anyone who can help Dave
  6. Hi everyone I am looking for some answers on getting finance on a car on a temporary visa. We want to buy an used car when we reach to Oz. But I only have a temporary visa (475), so Can I get a car loan or not? Thanks if you can help
  7. Hi, Can anyone tell me if Skoda have made it to Oz yet? My research showed that they were hoping to have showrooms open by now. Anyone any info please on cost of new Fabia in Oz if they are available, as I am debating whether or not to take my own from uk?
  8. Guest


    Gday, Hiya folks, What are the best selling second hand sedans? i intend to buy one use it for a couple of months and buy a brand new. cheers
  9. Guest

    Second hand cars

    Just looked at the price of a second hand car. In comparrison to our prices its twice the price, is this right. Is it not cost effective to ship your own, does anyone know the price to do it!!! Thanks Clinton:wacko:
  10. Hi We are moving in a couple of weeks from Adelaide to Melbourne, taking our cars which are registered in South Australia. Does anyone know what we have to do to register then in VIC, do they have to do a roadworthy test, is there a time limit? There current regos expire in May for one and July for the other. Also any idea of the costs? We also need to transfer our SA licence. I looked on the website and it said to call and make an appontment but is it in the city or are there offices further out?- we are going to be living in Mooroolbark. Thank you.
  11. Emmylou23


    When we came out we shipped out my husband's two 30 year old ford escorts. Anyone know how much it might cost to get them back and what the procedures are regarding customs as bringing them here we had to get import approval. Can't seem to find much on UK govt sights in relation to bringing them back. :eek: Ta Mxxx

    Cars in Oz?

    Hi, I have had a look at some cars on the web but can't find anything equivilant to a Ford Galaxy which is what we have now, anyone know of anything close? Also is it better to buy a secondhand car out there or ship our current over?
  13. Decided that paying £15k to ship my one year old Audi Q5 is not the best option so trying to find out what manufacturers actually sell cars in Oz with isofix. I know Audi do as they come out the factory like that but part of the decision to move is a lifestyle change so £80k to buy an equivalent specced Q5 is not up there on the priority list! Looking for a safe family car with decent boot space, probably Japanese for reliability or VW if I have to buy European built car to get the isofix system. (I know Oz don't recognise isofix but I'm willing to pay the fine if necessary!) Can anyone help?
  14. Hi All We are moving back to England in the first week of January from Mornington, Victoria and have furniture and appliances to sell. Everything is in excellent condition. Westinghouse 430l frost free fridge freezer $500 (cost $1000 and is still under warranty - like new) Panasonic inverter microwave $50 - excellent condition LG High Definition Set Top Box, works perfectly -$100 Asko front loader washing machine - $100 might need a service, but works great. 2.5 seater Ikea sofa (blue with soft back cushions) $250 Ikea birch low tv unit $70 Ikea birch extendable dining table and 6 chairs $ 250. Ikea Beech 6 drawer tallboy with matching beech bedside tables (glass tops) $250 Ikea white desk $70 Birch coffee table $25 Peg Perego Prima Pappa highchair - like new $90 Silver 2002 Holden Astra City 1.8l, 4 cylinder 5 door hatchback, automatic. 74,500kms. Alloy wheels, new tyres. Excellent condition $8,500 Holden Barina, silver 2003 XC SXi, 1.4l, 3 door hatchback, alloy wheels, 160,000kms, leather steering wheel, power windows etc. $6,900 Loads of toys!! There is loads more that I cant think of now, but please enquire if interested.
  15. Guest


  16. crazmook

    New cars and PCP's

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knew if personal contract purchase plans (i.e. where you have a new car and pay £200-300 a month or so for 2-3 years and then have the option of paying to keep it or having a new one again) were common in Oz? It seems that it may help reduce our set up costs given that used cars are so expensive in Australia. Thanks for any advice
  17. I have recently arrived in Queensland to visit family and plan my move over. After a stay at Hervey Bay backpackers this week I plan on staying on the Sunshine Coast for a few weeks. Any tips on the best / cheapest place to hire a small car there for 3 weeks or so? I want to be able to reliably venture out into the hinterland and up and down the coast, probably to Brisbane and Bribie as well.
  18. Guest


    Hi is anyone selling there car who is going to oz in feb or March 2010. returning back to uk from Perth so need a car. Going back to Essex. :biggrin:
  19. Guest

    shipping cars

    Does anyone know the cost and time frame for shipping cars out to Oz? Hubby got a Delorean he's struggling with the idea of parting with it.
  20. Ratchet

    rego for cars

    the 3rd party comp notice post has prompted me to ask. when i bought my car from a dealer in september a form was completed for change of ownership etc and it was left with the dealer to send away. Am i supposed to receive anything back from transport people (??VICROADS)? Ive moved house but did redirect mail so it should have followed me to the new address.
  21. Hi All Brand new to PIO so please be gentle! Moving over in new year on a 457 visa to Brisbane. Usual questions about cost of living etc but using all useful advice from other parts of the forum. Question I have relates to getting a car for my wife when we arrive. We have very little disposable income in terms of a deposit for finance options and wondered if anyone can steer me in the right direction for our options. We are on a 4 year temp visa with an option to stay from my company if all works out. Are there good finance options with little or no deposit to keep monthly payments as low as possible or will it be a case of getting a form of personal loan and then pay it off over say 36-48 months and adjust our affordability accordingly (i.e $300 per month equates to a loan of $14,400 and probably less interest a car of circa $12,000 in worth?) Or are their types of lease which with a $300 a month payment give us a new or almost new car and then hand it back after 3-4 years like it can work in the UK? Your thoughts would be most appreciated.:biggrin:
  22. Guest

    no claims bonus on cars

    Does anyone know if it is to our advantage to have a letter confirming our no claims bonus for car insurance purposes in Australia? We are having problems canceling our insurance over here as they want to charge us over £110 for the privalige. Is it worth us paying this money here in order to save money on insurance policies over in OZ. Or should we just cancel the direct debits and run.....!!! Help!!
  23. Guest

    Advice about cars

    Hi can anybody help, I have been given an old car but am not 100% sure of everything I must do with it to be legal on the road. It is booked in for a roadworthiness check tomorrow, and if that goes ok I have to take the certificate along with the owner transfer document to vic roads. Apart from car insurance what else do you need?I've read that you need to get Rego and CTP before you can insure your car-Is this done at Vic Roads also? I love the convienience of a car but wish I could wave a magic wand and all the paper work be done for me :-) Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers Hazel
  24. my husband was thinking of shipping car and motor bike to melbourne dose anyone have any idea the cost or would we be cheeper buying over their. :cute:
  25. I am very confused :confused: OK, so I have set up a business.....it's a Family Partnership with my hubby, because he is joint onwer of the business.... However, he will not work for the business.... He operates another business as a sole trader and derives an income from that. SO.....we want a new car and the nice man at the government says he will give us a 50% tax break on the car if it is used for business purposes - which of course it WILL be.... BUT I will not earn enough from the business this year I don't think to pay much tax, let alone reach an amount that will cover 50% of the cost of the car... So...we were thinking that we could buy me a car in my hubbys name and charge it to HIS business and make sure that he does the business mileage necessary to get the tax break. Does that sound like a plan? Also, do I need to pay myself a salary from the business or not? If not all the money we make effectively goes into the business doesn't it and then will get taxed....will it effect hubbys tax? As I said at the beginning - I am very confused!!! Any help would be really really appreciated!!! Love Rudi :arghh: x