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Found 108 results

  1. Guest

    April carpentry assessment

    Evening all just a quickie to see if any of you fellow Poms in ozzers have got the 9th of april test at north west london venue? :unsure:
  2. Guest

    april carpentry assessment

    hi all im a chippi and iv got my assessment in april can someone who has done this test tell me how they pitch a roof on the sheet of ply i,e longways or across the sheet please help lol
  3. Cathy & Paul

    vetassess carpentry certificate

    hi all took my carpentrey practical back in april 2008 and passed still waitng for my AQF111 certificate.got a email this morning from victoria uni and they are asking for more dollars to send the certificate to the uk.has anybody else had to do this any help thanks.
  4. Hello all, Just wondering how everyone on the Carpentry vetassess got along last week, I am due to do mine in April, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Tony (new member)
  5. Guest

    Are there many carpentry jobs?

    Hello, we are in Adelaide and have been here for nearly 3 years. Hubby is a carpenter and hasn't had continuous work since we have been here. We have wanted to move to the GC area for a long time, but hubby's concerns are that will he get work. When you speak to people in Adelaide and I say that hubby is a carpenter, they often are suprised that he has found it hard going. On a certain adelaide website, if anyone posts asking about carpentry jobs, people say yes you will have no trouble, the only problem being is that they see the building sites and automatically think that there is loads of work, which is not the case. So if anyone is in the real know, could they please advise me of the work situation around the GC area. Many thanks. J
  6. Guest

    carpentry references

    Hi I am a carpenter and I have just started gaining all my info to send of for the first part of the assesment ...Is there anyone out there that could give us any idea about the amount of evidence that is needed with regards to references etc.. I am a qualified carpenter with City & Guilds certificate but has worked for quite a few different companys a lot of which have gone bust and are no longer trading.The company that I did my training with is still around !!!! I am seeing a migration agent on tuesday (Global visas), is it advisable to get an agent or Do It Yourself. Any pointers or help would be gratefully recieved as I need to get the everything together to get in for the july tests. Thank you Rashpal
  7. Hi All I'm booked onto the carpentry vetassess for April at North West London College and was just wondering the best way to get there for 7.30 start with tools. Is there parking available round there - last thing I want is to be late trying to get the van parked up somewhere for the day. Any other info much appreciated Tony
  8. Guest

    carpentry work

    hi guys, im a fully trained carpenter coming out to oz on a working holiday visa on the 12th of feb. Im going to be living in avalon, north sydney, and was wondering if anyone knows if there is much carpentry work about at the moment, or if anybody has anywork oppertunitys for me, ive got all my qualifications and exellent references. Any advice or contacts would be great, thanx:hug:
  9. Hello all, I am so glad to have found this website!! even thou i have read some negative reports on jobs down under. Not supprised with the world economy. I do have a few contacts in Australia and yes things are a little slow. Myself and my Australian Fiance are looking to moving to Oz. Most of her family are in QLD. Some are around Melbourne. We are waiting to hear the result of our 309 spouse visa application. I am a 34 yrs old Carpenter with city and gulids level 1,2,3 Can anybody please help and tell me what paperwork i need to have in order to work as a carpenter in QLD,NSW,Victoria. I have lived there before on a work holiday visa, and loved the place so much. but as i was on a working hoilday visa i only did casual work. We are prepared to go where ever there is work. Many thanks in advance Nev. :smile:
  10. Hi all, can anyone recommend a training centre in the UK for an AQF level 3 Carpentry / Joinery qualification please? Also any ideas on how much this will cost? Unfortunately the OH has no formal qualifications, although been in the trade for at least 10 years & is more than capeable!!! Been told we have to go via TRA due to our circumstances!! Seems very unfair seeing Vetasses don't require a formal qualification! It's soo frustrating!!!:arghh: Thanks.
  11. Hi there, I am doing my practical on the 19th of February '09. I am looking to know any information on the scaffolding component questions ie. what kind of questions will be asked but any other help would also be appreciated Thanks in advance John
  12. I'm Looking to relocate to nsw in 2009 with a young family and was wondering what areas outside sydney would be good for carpentry work and affordable housing , we were looking at newcastle,the hunter and taree ? and ideas would be helpfull Regards Rob Hooper
  13. Guest

    Carpentry Jobs

    Where are all the carpentry jobs!!! I was under the impression that they needed us chippies here. Been here 8 weeks now and still nothing, gone around the whole of the CBD, every new development, every agency and looking in the papers. They dont ever call you back! Maybe its the accent?:mad: Worrying times ahead, me thinks!!...........chippies back home be aware!
  14. Guest

    carpentry test

    im taking the vetassess chippy test in feb 08 , any ideas on what to expect, please...
  15. mj&db

    carpentry wages

    hi just wondered if anyone had any idea of carpentry wages in and around sydney? any help would be greatly appreciated.:smile:
  16. :jiggy:GREAT NEWS THE POST MANS JUST BEEN! we have passed the carpentry pratical, I cant believe it my husband took the test on the 28th Oct in London, we have been waiting for this good news, so what next o yes the English test!, so good luck to everyone who's whating. Marie a very happy girl:notworthy:
  17. Hi there Is anyone else booked in on the Carpentry Vetassess practical in October - London?? OH is and the nerves are really beginning to kick in!! He's trying to brush it all under the carpet and says to me, "its alright for you, you don't have to do it!!" but I think Its WORSE for me because I can have no influence on the outcome whatsoever!! I just have to sit there and hope for the best!!! Not that I don't trust him or anything!!!!:arghh: Someone tell me its all gonna be alright!!!!! PLEEEEASE!!! Lisa
  18. is there anyone who took the carpentry practical in october i just missed out. have to wait till feb now. jusy wondering how it went
  19. Guest

    carpentry practical hip roof

    When building the hip roof on the carpentry practical is the ridge already set for you and you have to install the common rafters ,hips and jacks or do they just give you the pitch of the roof and you have to do all the calculations yourself from scratch? Thanks in advance. Mark
  20. suze&lee

    Carpentry Practical

    Hi first of all I would like to say well done to all the people who have already taken this test and good luck to all who haven't. Basically just want bit of advice really. My husband is due to take the test tomorrow at Accrington and wondered if anyone can tell me what the day consists of. He has been polishing up on roofs as this is what seems to be worrying most people including my oh. He is very nervouse at the moment. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  21. Yes I cant believe it I have booked my husbands carpentry pratical, its booked for Tuesday 28th Oct in London, I emailed vetessess after I had paid for the pratical and asked them if my husband was on the Oct pratical they email back saying I could book on line, so I did, the hotels booked, trains booked, I just need to get my husband ready! he so up and down as he feels all the pressure is on him(well it is) so I am being very carm and nice, giving him lots of time at weekends to work on his roof. He has some questions if anyone could help? 1/what size is the roof the wish you to work on? 2/ how much time do they give you? 3/ how long is the day? i.e. 8am to 8pm? just an idea. Is anyone eles on the same pratical? Well we just have to see what happens :spinny:. Marie
  22. Guest

    carpentry practical 28th oct

    any one else doing the carpentry practical in london on the 28th oct. paul
  23. Can anybody tell us exactly what you did for the Carpentry Practical Assessment.? Hubby hopefully doing the October 08 assessment and needs more info! 1. Exactly what practical tests did they ask you to perform.? 2. Did you take all your own tools.? 3. What questions were they asking you.? Thanks very much for your help - all info we can get is much appreciated! :wubclub:
  24. I am about to on the carpentry practical assessment in warrington - can anyone please give any pointers as to what to expect? - I would be very grateful for any assistance stuart
  25. eammon

    Vetassess Carpentry Result

    Hi Everyone Just wanted to share my news - Our agent called today to let us know Eammon has passed his carpentry practical :yes:. After the waiting it's such a relief :swoon:and good feeling. Onto the next stage now - our agent's going to lodge our state sponsorship forms today. Good luck to all of you who are waiting for your results. Denise x