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Found 108 results

  1. I know its to late in the day to start worry about it now as we are flying out on the 29th June to the Gold Coast, but can anyone tell me what the Carpentry and Joinery work prospects are like there and wage to expect. Have any Carpenters or Joiners recently moved out and struggled to find work, just would like to know what to expect as things are beginning to become a little bit real now. Where it has took us over 2 years to get our finally get our visa it still has not sunk in and Im one of these people who it will not sink in what I have done until the plane lands in Oz then I will panic !!!!!!! Ive been self employed for over 12 years and always found work even through are recession but Oz is the unknown, no contacts ! Can anyone please reasure me I am doing the right thing for my family as I have 4 kids and a wife to house and feed in an unkown country. I better stop now as Im scaring myself even more now! :eek: Thanks Clinton.
  2. Hi Wondering if anyone can help please? Do you know where I can find the Aussie Termonology required for the carpentry Vetasses test? Veronica & Neil
  3. Hi just wondering if anyone has took the carpentry Vetasses test recently, my husband has his next week in preston and he would appreciate any info please . Neil & Veronica
  4. Guest

    Carpentry and Joinery

    Hello people, we are just starting out with our visa application and i have to do a vetassessment. I'm not worried i have the skills but i want to know are there only 2 application forms, 1 Carpenter, or, 2 joiner or is there a 3rd Carpenter and Joiner. Some of the embedded units in the Carpenter( site based) ASCO 4411-13 form might be a stumbling block because i have no experience (carry out excavations and build formwork). Yes i've built an extension or 2 and dug out the footings but not on a larger scale. I have seen a Carpentry and Joinery ASCO 4411-11 form on a site but not sure if it still exists. Any help will be greatly received. Cheers
  5. HayleyC

    Carpentry Skills Test

    Hello, My partner is taking his skills test next week in Accrington, just wondered if anybody has done t recently and how they found it? Cheers Hayley
  6. Hi everyone, Today i attended my practical assesment for carpentry, i was nervous - excited before hand, the assesor was a guy called Mark, (what a sound fellow), i didnt know what to expect but he made the day for enjoyable, this site is a great resource for info regarding the paper based and practical assesment, i have read a lot of useful info on here and i would like to say a big thank you to all who have given me advice and guidance throughout the process, i hope to have my outcome on monday so really looking forward to this, i hope to lodge my ss visa soon, can anyone shed any useful advice regarding this, any do's and donts on th application, once again thank you to all who have advised and posted useful info on here, regards, Matti & Ellise.
  7. I am just at the beginning of looking into applying for a skilled migration visa. My DH is a fully qualified carpenter. Im a bit confused as I heard the TRA do not do carpentry any more and therefore we would need to apply to Vetassess for the skill assessement. However if there is a practical exam where would my husband go for this? Would it be to the UK? Sorry its prob a really stupid question so please bare with me. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I am moving to the Sydney area to work as a carpenter. I am a qualified carpenter and would like to know what the licencsing requirements are in order for me to work self employed, such as a sub contractors licence, liability insurance etc? Cheers
  9. Hello there. Can any carpenters or those who know carpenters tell us whether a licence is required or preferable to find carpentry work in WA please? We currently live in NSW and Jim hasn't managed to get an aussie licence yet for various reasons. Most aussie builders here won't take on poms without an aussie license and those that do or the pommie buliders who will take unlicenced tend to pay a lower hourly rate. We're been planning a move over there this year and thought it would be wise to look into this before hand. Not sure if it's worth going for the licence (condiering the cost) if it's not needed in WA. Thanks, Jim and Shelly
  10. Guest

    carpentry vetesses

    Hi need some advice got to provide references for jobs ive put on CV these are jobs worked through an agency so what references do you include. At present i havent got any and not sure what to do. I have had some cards in jobs but havent left on the best of terms so unlikely to get refs off them, how do you get round it. Help Please!
  11. Hello all, I'm looking at doing certificate lll in carpentry next year at acacia ridge, i was just wondering if anyone has done this course, and their thoughts towards this. I have been running by own home improvement business in uk for the last 7 years, where i install mostly upvc windows/doors/conservatories. i have carpentry skills in internal doors,skirting,wooden flooring, so i feel i have a head start for the course. My questions are: what standard a carpenter will i be after this course, and what sort of wage could i command on average. Also, i already have the ability to do certain modules ( i:e: installing windows and doors) can i speed through the course, or do i have to sit through the modules anyway. thanks for reading.
  12. Guest

    carpentry sponsership

    hi everyone i am a 33 year old honest hard working carpenter.i am here with my wife we are a newly married couple.due to the changes the diac have made i find my only chance of staying in perth is if i get a tempoary sponser.does anybody know anyone that would be willing to sponser an irish carpenter.i had my own buisness at home for the last five years specialising in roofing,tileing,slateing.can also 1st and 2nd fix.willing to pay the costs of the sponsership. please help!
  13. hello I am set to sit the carpentry trades test this week. has anyone sat the test recently. What thing were asked of you in the test. how long does it take. Any hints and tips. Thank for your time hope to be in cairns by the end of this year.
  14. Hi, my hubby is doing the Carpentry practical on Thursday, we are not sure about the Scaffold bit of the assessment. Can anyone tell us what its all about.Hes getting nervous now as its been along time since hes done a test although people say they make it relaxed. Any info will be much appreciated. Many thanks Natalie and Dominic. :spinny:
  15. Guest

    carpentry acrington

    HI Have posted this before but as the time is so very near thought I would post again My OH is doing his carpentry in acrington on the 10th Friday!!! He is getting a bit nervous now Iam too but have every faith he can do it any advise for how to relax!! Is anyone esle going then? Just wish it was over and done with they certanly dont make the process an easy one.
  16. eggcatcher

    Carpentry Vetassess result.

    Just got succesful vetassess result back from last mondays test at accrington. I have to say that the assessor was great at calming peoples nerves and explaining what they are looking for. Hope the other four have done good too.:jiggy:
  17. Guest

    carpentry in western au

    hi there down to the last bits and bobs for visa is the work in the buliding trade poor in the perth area the last thing i would want to do is take family to no opportunities:notworthy:thanks
  18. Ash123

    Carpentry Test July 09!

    Hi all, im new to all this although i have been looking through loads of yous posts and found alot of usful info!! A bit about myself and plans - Me and my oh are planning on moving to Perth. Going to do some traveling 1st though starting in Thailand - went there on holiday last year was brill - and then on to Sydney and work our way round stopping in Karratha for a while to save a few quid!! Then we can settle in Perth. Hopfully, its all a bit scary to be honest, So all sucess stories welcome!! Oh is doing his skills test in accrington on 20th July (at long last just missed the april ones) Was wondering if anyone eles was going, and also any advice from someone thats already done it? Hes a nervous wreck already!!! Any feed back back would be much appreciaited Thanks Ash x
  19. Guest

    carpentry pratical (july)

    hi all is anyone doing their carpentry pratical in july. I am doing mine on the 10th anyone who has done this any good info you can provide in what to expect many thanks brett sarah :spinny:
  20. Guest

    Carpentry TRA assessments

    Hello out there fellow poms in Oz or soon to be! Im in Oz at the minute and i have a job offer from a company who it doesnt look like now will be eligible to sponsor me as they have not got a great training record. S i have been advised to apply on my own as a skilled migrant. Question, Has anyone done the TRA Trades Recognition Assessment in Australia in Carpentry and if so what did it entail? I'm not time served but have worked in this trade for about 5 years part time (20 hours) week, and i have City & Guilds construction award. The only evidence i have is references and photos. Does anyone also know if this is enough evidence or do i need more Looking forward to some ideas. Many thanks in advance Jamie:idea:
  21. Guest

    carpentry jobs

    Hi does anyone know if the current climate is effecting the jobs in oz, there are no jobs here at the moment for joinery, my partner has been out of work for 2 months now with no hope of a job in near future. Do we continue with visa? are we jumping from frying pan to fire.
  22. Is there anybody out there that can advise what the format is for the carpentry vetasses which i am taking on the 23rd July. The benches which you have to make, are they the sizes we have on site, which we use every day, do we have a drg to work to? has the legs of the bench got to be at a specific angle? is it 6 x 2 for the top and 2 x 2 for the legs or maybe 3 x 2? or is it a minature version. Regarding the roof its obviosly a traditional cut roof. does this include rafters,hips,valleys,gable ladders,facia and soffit and at what angle is the roof? Or i have read somewhere that something is set out on a sheet of 8 x 4 ply. as its a college one part of me is thincking that it will be like doing your apprentaship all over again in a barn where the chippies are on the outside in there kiosk areas and the brickies are in the middle doing there brickwork. But of course there will be no throwing of mortar by the brickies and no throwing lumps of wood back at the brickies from all angles. If anyone can give there sound advise regarding this for what will be a big milestone it would be great. Richard and Jo
  23. hello all im very happy and would like to say to all those who attended the 8th april date congrats to you all who passed. and a big thank you goes out to tallyho your great and wish you well ?
  24. Hi There, We are a family heading out in June and have allowed ourselves 4 weeks in accomodation before hubby finds a job and a house to rent probably further up the coast preferably. Does anyone have experience in carpentry jobs ? If so are these easy found and what is the pay like as I have to stay at home with the kids.
  25. Guest

    2moros carpentry assessment

    evening all i have my carpentry test 2moro and im going to take my bag full of tools. is this a good idea or should i just take what they specify on there website. any help or advice will be great. thanks in advance Tony