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Found 108 results

  1. Guest

    Work in WA

    At the moment I am working in a college, teaching carpentry and bench Joinery. I teach all ages from 14-??...(school children all the way to diploma and NVQ level 3). I started on a teaching qualification but I have yet to complete it. My wife and I are planning on emigrating early next year. I'm not sure what to do... I can't see any jobs anywhere in Australia for teaching carpentry and Joinery... I have found lots in carpentry and Joinery but not teaching... Would it be best if I went back on the 'tools' or am I just looking in the wrong place.?? I have spent hours and hours searching...:wacko: I love teaching and would really like to carry on with it... Does anyone have any ideas or links to websites that specialise in construction teaching? Thank you. X
  2. Hi there I have just qualified as a nvq level 2 carpenter as was wondering is that enough experience to risk moving out to oz??? Will my 2 years of carpentry experience be enough to hold down a job?? Is there much site work about?? Many thanks
  3. Hi all, Taking a bit of a long shot here, but desperately trying to help a friend.... A good friend of mine that I have known for 4 years recently migrated to Australia from the UK on a 457 Visa. He is a qualified Carpenter/UPVC Window Fitter. After 11 weeks of employment(667 hours of work he put in!), his sponsoring company let him go, citing economic climate, internal politics etc. He is extremely talented and has a small portfolio of his work available for viewing. He is willing to work for an agreed period of time, without pay in order to prove his worth. If anybody is able to assist in any way or put us in contact with anybody, please pm me. He basically has 28 days before he will have to leave Australia if we are unable to find him an alternate sponsor. Please help!!! Many thanks, Lee
  4. Hi, I am moving out to Sydney in a few months and just wondered where the best way to source carpentry work in the city. Also will i need to register before arriving? I am UK qualified. Thanks for any advice
  5. leelee 18

    Carpentry skills test

    Hi anybody done one? Do u have to have uk papers? I have no info on this and need some pls any info will be great
  6. leelee 18

    Tra- carpentry

    Where do they do the tests n when? I have been on their web site and cannot find this info? Does anybody know? My oh is lokking to take the test but has no uk papers is that goi9ng to be a prob? Can he still take the test? Any help will be great, thanks guys
  7. Hi can anybody help? ,my husband is a time served carpenter but has no papers? is this a prob? who do you get ur skills assessed with? costs? and how do you find this info?
  8. Hi guys, I am a 21 year old carpenter/joiner in need of job sponsorship in Perth WA. Looking to move over to Perth with my wife and kids. Any sponsored jobs available out there? All help will be sincerely appreciated Garry
  9. Guest

    tech interview

    Hi all I have my tech interview via Skype with Victoria uni on Thursday 16th June 2011. It is for a Carpenter. Has any one had an interview? Any advice? Many thanks :err:
  10. Guest

    Carpentry work

    We are looking to be in wa by august and have searched the Internet for carpentry jobs and will in the next few days email a few companys with a cv, but have noticed there seems to be less jobs advertised lately are there any carpenters that have made the move have you found jobs quite quickly and any other advise of what esle we could do while still here many thanks
  11. Guest

    Carpentry & Joinery

    Hi there I am based in the UK but will be returning to Australia, hopefully Queensland. Wondered if I would be able to secure a job offer as a carpenter & joiner, or even a carpenter. Have many years experience, which I could go into detail about if anyone out there wants to know more. In the event of the above not being available, I wondered what would be the best way to source a job in carpentry & joinery from the UK. I am not looking for any cast iron guarantees. In an ideal world, if I knew there was work and a job it would make things a lot easier and, let's face it, the only way I could be judged as to how competent I was when I picked up my tools and proved myself. Any advice at all, or suggestions, would be really appreciated. I don't need sponsorship but a letter indicating a job offer would help, I realise there are no guarantees even if offered.
  12. Guest

    Carpentry work needed

    Anyone know of any contact numbers for carpentry work in Perth or the surrounding areas? Finding it very difficult to get work! Thanks, Paul
  13. I've heard a few carpenters who are from Ireland and the UK mention that they can't get their hands on any mitre bond in Australia. Well I just found this site http://mitrebond.com.au/
  14. hi me and my family are moving to perth in september, i am a carpenter in london and i am planning to take my tools over to perth, i have my vetassess skills assessment qualification to bring with me, but does anybody know if i will need to obtain anything else like a licence to work when i get there? i remember when we were in sydney back in 2001, to work on a building site you had to do a health and safety test, (blue card if memory serves me right), does this or anything similar apply to WA(perth). also i am just finishing a two year course, HNC in construction management, level 4 qualification, does anybody know how i would get this reconised as a australian qualification? cheers Terry
  15. winkle100

    Carpentry Practical!!!!!! 2011

    Good Morning all, Im new to this site, so you will have to bear with me!!!! Me, my wife Hayley and boys Ellis 3.5 and Joseph 1.5 have just started the migration process!!!! The paperwork side of the Vetasses has been issued, just waiting on a reply - this week we hope! I know this question has been raised numerous times but I cant find anything that is recent. What can I expect in the skills test? what kind of questions do they ask?is it only carpentry questions? I've moved slightly way from my carpentry roots into more of a site / project manager role so my overall knowledge is ok, just a little nervous with the carpentry bits as you would expect. Are they not looking for someone that has a good all round knowledge Or just carpentry and thats that! Im getting a little nervous, if the paperwork comes back ok the skills test will be this month? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, all you carpenters out there I'm sure you remember what it was like.. Thanks
  16. Hi all I have been in OZ for nearly 2 years, i have decided to stay and im trying to get back into carpentry again. I completed a Carpentry apprenticeship in the UK and have a NVQ II qualification in site carpentry and 5 years experience. I have been trying for some time now to get my qualifications australian recognized but getting nowhere, the info i get basically says i need to complete another apprenticeship to gain the equivalent:no:, there has to be an easier way surly. Any Help would very much appreciated. Thank you
  17. redditchcouple

    carpentry in queensland??

    Does anyone know of any companies willing to sponsor tradesmen wishing to move to Queensland? Before the floods occured, we were planning on moving to Toowoomba anyway,and I take it now that there is an abundance of work needed there. Any info would be greatly appreciated. My 176 visa application went in in september 2010,so its just a case of waiting now :-(
  18. HayleyC

    Carpentry Skills Test

    Hello, My Parner did his Carpentry Skills test last Wednesday, does anybody know how long it takes to get the results? I've been chacking his application and nothing has come up yet! Cheers Hayley xx
  19. Guest

    Carpentry skills test

    Hi all can anyone tell me if they know what is happening with the new skills test for carpenters because i have heard there has been alot of changes ie practicals any info would be great.:arghh:
  20. JuliePaul

    Carpentry Work

    Hi All My husband and I are moving to the Sunshine Coast at the beginning of February 2011, we were just wondering if anyone has had much luck securing work farily quickly over there? Ideally, we want to get work asap and start settling in to the Australian way of life!! Hubby is a Carpenter by trade and has over 10 years experience, he has already got his White Card so could start fairly soon after we arrive, there doesnt appear to be a great deal on job search sites..........? Would be willing to travel a reasonable amount of distance! Does anyone know of any companies who might be interested in speaking with him etc before we arrive..? :wubclub: Thanks Guys x
  21. Arrive in Sydney end of Feb. My OH is a fully qualified carpenter with approx 8yrs exp working for a high end firm in London, he will have his own tools and full working rights on my 457 visa but is not going to have a car immediately. Is this going to restrict him? We were hoping to have saved enough money to buy a car for when we arrive but I think that is looking unlikely. Sydney is a lot more expensive than I remember it being....think we'll be living on beans on toast until he gets a job!!
  22. Guest

    Marine Carpentry

    My oh and I are hoping to move out in around 3 years, he is Aussie by descent and works in Marine Carpentry. He knows people working in this industry in WA and the Gold Coast where would be best to move to? Does anyone working in this field have any advice or tips for him? Thanks. Ems.:cool:
  23. wakeboard1980

    Carpentry vetassess

    Hi all, I was having a conversation with a few guys on site today about the majority of chippys on our job not being able to form up a set of stairs. My question is, do you have to do anything to do with stairs when you do the carpentry vetasses? What does the carpentry vetassess involve? How hard or easy is it? Thanks Pat
  24. vinnybow

    vetassess carpentry

    my name is vinny, i did my vetassess carpentry in preston on august the 6th. there were five of us there and two mentioned that they view this site, there names were lee and paul, just wondered if you were successful. one bloke was struggling with the roof, hope you did ok, think it was nerve racking for everyone . good luck
  25. Guest

    carpentry vetassess passed!!!

    Hi all So excited as we had a successful outcome today, just waiting for SMP's now!!! good luck to anyone still waiting Claire :biggrin: