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Found 180 results

  1. Hi All, I am a carpenter of 17 years exp with City and Guilds Carpentry & Joinery level I,II and advance qualifications. I have just moved to Brisbane with my Aussie wife to be. I have just contacted Tafe to try and get my papers recognised and they are unable to help me, as i have already migrated.... So i guess i am to contact the qld building licence authorities?? If anyone can please offer advice on who i should contact and the process, that will be great. Many thanks. Nev :unsure:
  2. Can anyone advise as to the current work situation for carpenters in perth, hubby and I hope to get out there and just want to know what the current average hourly rate is and whether a person would be likely to get a full working week (hearing different reports) and what would the average take home pay for a first and 2nd fixer be. Any advise would be fantastic thanks!!!!!:GEEK:
  3. Hiya can anyone enlighten me on the current work situation in the Perth Area. Is there much work going, at the min I have full time in UK but am I likely to have full time work in Perth, I have 20 years experience in first and 2nd fix. What would the average hourly rate be and what could I honestly expect to take home after tax for an average week. :smile: Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hi Don't know if anyone out there can help, we live in Buderim with our 3 children, arrived here 5 months ago from Hemel Hempstead in the UK. My husband Stewart has been out of work for a couple of weeks now, we've applied for loads of jobs and there hasn't been a sniff, the worst of it is is we brought a house last month!! He is a fully qualified carpenter/joiner with 20 years experience, blue card, ABN, own tools and transport, licence applied for. willing to travel into Brisbane if necessary. If anyone can help it would much appreciated!! Thanks, Sally, Stu n familyx
  5. Hi all im 46 and been a carpenter/ builder since leaving school just found out i am to old we want tosettle in perth any advise on what visa i need please yours gratfully p callow
  6. Hi all, hope you can help me with my dilema. I know this is probably a similar thread to many others of you out there that are probably in the same boat, I have been too fed up to think about it until now. My OH and I applied for Visa in May 08 - Class 175 based on my OH's skills as a carpenter, we had a request for our police and medicals over christmas and we sent these off by February 09. We were so close to getting our visa's and BAM they change the rules, carpenters are not on the list anymore and our application is on hold at least until the new tax year in July. I was absolutely gutted when we found out, as you all know this is not cheap and have devoted the last year to working on visa and researching everything else. My dilema now is do we just wait and see what happens after tax year or do we spend yet more money changing to state sponsered, as Queensland do still require carpenters. This has really put doubt in our heads that if they are worrying about the work to put visas on hold, are we jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. I know work has gone quiet over there but I dont know how bad. If anybody is in the same boat or can offer some words of wisdom I would be really grateful. Thank you. Jan001:cry:
  7. Hi everyone, Were totally new to this and have never used a chat forum before! I have 8 days till my practical skills test and to be honest the nerves are really starting to kick in. Was just wandering if there is anyone out there that has been thorugh the procedure or that could shine a bit of light on to the situation. Myself i have worked for a builder as his carpenter for about 4 years but the vast majority of my work has all been second fix. i studied first fix at college but its been a while and im rather anxious about the roofing side of the test in particular!? if anyone has any info we would be really greatful. simon and becky
  8. Hi there, like many out there, my husband hasnt worked for a number of weeks. Hes fully Qualified ( Aus quals ) and licensed Carpenter, and now desperatly seeks work. He mainly does new builds, reno's that kind of thing. We live on the Sunshine coast, but hes will to travel if neccessary. Victoria, NSW anywhere really. If anyone hears of anything, I would be really grateful if you could pass it on. Times are hard, but we love our life here, but would be a litle happier if I could pay my mortgage next month !! :wacko: Thanks Angela
  9. Hi, I am a self employed carpenter in the UK, me and my girlfriend are looking into moving out to OZ. My brother lived in Brisbane and thought it would be a good place for a young couple to live. Just wondering if anyone could answer some quick questions to help us get started... Where would you recommend for a young couple to live? What visa do we need to apply for?...and how much will it cost? Is there any work for carpenters and pharmacy technicians? How different is carpentry out there compared to England? Is it worth taking tools over? Thankyou Jake & Gem
  10. Hi, i am looking into moving to Brisbane, i have a NVQ level 2 in carpentry, that i gained through on the job training. i Qualified at the begining of jan '08'. is this a high enough qualification to get into OZ? what do you think my chances are? Jake
  11. Hi, i am a qualified carpenter wanting to move to Brisbane. i am looking for sponsorship. can anyone help?.... Jake
  12. My OH is a carpenter & Joiner, fully qualified with 10 years of experience on site, residential and commercial. (1st, 2nd and final fix) He worked for himself in the uk as a sub contractor. When arriving in Perth he fell into Yacht building through a friend but he is desperate to get back into construction. He has all his own tools, ABN, blue card etc. He has applied for sooo many jobs on SEEK, he has seen jobs advertised an thinks great, this one is for me, sends off cv, cover letter and even makes a call to follow it up, his hopes get built up then come crashing down again when you here nothing, this happens so often. He has driven around construction sites handing out his details to carpentry contractors - but has never received any calls. It is really starting to knock his confidence, he is starting to think he is just not good enough for Australia. He IS!, he is an excellent carpenter! He had a fantastic reputation in uk. I know he needs to build his rep up over here, but needs to be given the chance first so he can. Can anybody help, or have any contacts? We live south of the River Just Outside Freo, by Coogee. Thanks.
  13. Guest

    help carpenter

    Hi my husband takes his skill test on the 20 Feb does anyone know if you have to take your own tools any info would be helpful thanks Ann
  14. got the news we was hoping for, lee has passed his Skills test sooooooooo happy. :spinny::smile:
  15. please help with filing up the sr 2.3 form,give us some clues on what we have to write in there
  16. Guest

    QBSA Carpenter.

    Hi I have been in OZ for 6 months and am now about to embark on my QBSA (which drives me mad cause i have been a carpenter fot 20yrs but thats another story). Anyway was wondering if anyone has done it and can give me top tips so i can get it completed ASAP as looking at it, it will take a couple of months. Hope someone will reply soon. Thanks
  17. Guest

    carpenter needs help

    Hi i hope i'm doing this right this is my first time .Husband and i and my two boys are hoping to go to Australia Brisbane he is a carpenter he has to take his skills test on the 20 Feb fingers cross he will pass .Can anyone help us with info about the test or anything else which could help us please Ann ,lee thanks:yes::rolleyes:
  18. Hi guys, right im in a bit of a dilemma and starting to worry. Im leaveing for sydney in a week on a working holiday visa, the plan was to apply for residency through the skilled migrants programme whilst i am there. Can i do this? Im a fully qualified carpenter and was planning to do this in oz, but i need a licence, how do i get one once im there? Can i work as a chippie whilst waiting for my license as an apprentice or something? Anyone with any comments would be greatly appreciated or any carpentry contacts? Cheers joe:unsure:
  19. Guest

    sponsor a carpenter ?

    hi there we are thinking of taking the plunge & are now looking into it. My husband is a carpenter & were wondering how difficult it is to get a job sponsor & what does that entail. Can you get sponsors in Sydney or the Gold coast or is mainly in perth. Tanx Antoinettex x
  20. Time served UK carpenter looking for work in Brisbane, if you can help please contact Matt.
  21. Hi All, Carpenter is needed urgent in Perth for a fitting of a Telstra shop, could be starting as soon as tomorrow (thurs) maybe only a few days work but could be longer. If you are interested please contact my hubby Stu on 0414 507 144 asap thanks stuju
  22. Hi guys Just a couple of quick questions for you all. Have any carpenters online recently taken the VETASSESS practical test? Can you give me an idea of the sort of questions and practical tasks you were given? How did you find it? Easy or Hard?? All the best guys Duncan and Lubica
  23. My hubby has his Vetassess for carpenter in the morning at accrington. He is very nervous about it !!:wacko: We will post everything he had to do when he gets back to help future carpenters. Wish us luck !!! This is it the day we have been waiting for....
  24. Guest

    Carpenter work in Perth

    Hi I am a carpenter, have been for 22 years. Me and my family are looking at emigrating to Perth, and was wondering what the work is like out there, if there is much carpentry work about. Any experiences would be welcome, also what sort of wages are they paying in Perth. We were looking at the area, Quinns Rock, Mindarie. Thanks Adrian
  25. dont know if this is in the right place so pls move accordingly if so.....i am a qualified chippy from Ireland movin over to oz in the new year just looking for advice and wat city would be busiest (workwise) for me....thanks in advance