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Found 180 results

  1. Hi All, Have just registered on this site and having a good look through. Not sure if my question is answered anywhere on ths site but any advice would be gratefully received. I am a carpenter in London, i started the visa ball rolling in Nov 08 and hired a migration agent based here in UK. I have taken and passed the skills test in April 09 and agent informed my official appication for the skilled independant visa was lodged end of May 09. It's now nearly a year on and im still no nearer or have no idea as and when my aplication might start being looked at. My dilema is now that i dont want my life to be on hold anymore and ideally would like be out in Oz asap, as when originally applying i was advised to could take 9-12months to come through......and then the recession happened! News i seem to be getting and reading is that it could take up to another 2/3 years??? Now i can apply for SS for WA or SA as my occupation is still on there lists, but i would need to apply to either, which one i dont know as i've never been or dont know anyone out there, i woulld prob sway towards WA. My reasoning for the independant visa option was that i would like to go to sydney or melbourne as ive been to both and have friends in both, so the move is not quiet as daunting and really loved both cities. My dilema is, do i continue to wait for my independant visa or do i apply for SS for either one of WA or SA. My agent informs me this would be quickest route, SA being a matter of months, WA a 7 month waiting list for SS. With all the changes that are being talked about i have no idea which path to go down, shall i sit tight or should down SS route? As im not 100% sure on either WA or SA agent has said sit tight, but then do i really want to wait another 2 or 3 years if that is the case??? Does anyone have any expereince or info on the new changes and how they are affecting visa app's and time frames. Be good to hear from people who are in same boat, especially any chippies waiting to go! regards Jonny
  2. I am thinking about setting up my own renovation/building business in Brisbane and was wondering if there are any carpenters looking for work. I have just completed my builders license and have a couple of leads on some work. However, I would need a good carpenter to actively seek contracts and work on any jobs with. I am an experienced builder and carpenter and have been in the busines for over 10 years. I have lived in Australia for just over a year. If you are a qualified carpenter or in the process of geting your license in Brisbane, then please send me a pm so we can talk further. Please note that I would be looking for someone who is already living in Brisbane. C
  3. JuliePaul

    Carpenter Licensing

    Hi Guys We are moving out to Oz (Queensland) in January 2011, OH is a Carpenter, while we have been looking at job websites there have been a few jobs which would be suitable for him but the majority of them ask for you to be licensed - does this mean to have your own Australian business (self employed in effect)? Also, can anyone help us out with what we need to do to enable him to start work for a company? We know he will need a Blue Card is there anything else? Thanx
  4. Not all me! Wife does Pole Fitness! We are hopefully soon ( very soon ) due to move to the Gold Coast and are after any feed back on the job prospects for us there. Is it all doom and gloom! or have we made the right decission to move to Oz! I have had my own Joinery firm and been a foreman on site work and can pretty much turn my hand to most task. My wife is a qualified Pole Fitness and ETM instructor. Please any reasurance would be appreciated!!! Thanks Clinton:unsure:
  5. Cathy & Paul

    help carpenter needs work

    help please been on the sunshine coast for nearly five months now and no work tried everything cold caling sending resumes out i get up at 5.15 to get paper everyday.i run a ad in the paper every week still nothing. so close to throwing in the towel is there any work out there.:arghh:
  6. Hello all My husband has just heard from VETASSESS that he has passed the paper based test, and will sit the carpentry practical in May in Preston. On the VETASSESS site it says he has Level 1 assessment status, and we were wondering what this means? Any ideas anyone? Also any hand tips for the assessment, gratefully received. Horray for a bit of progress! Tig
  7. Hi there, My OH starts his job in Sydney on Monday as a carpenter, and he'll have the choice of being self-employed or PAYE (or is it PAYG?). Are there any particular benefits or pros or cons to either? He doesn't need a work van at the moment and the company (very small firm) are getting their accountant to sit down with him to discuss... Just thought I'd see if you knowledgable PIOers can offer any advice, or perhaps certain questions he needs to ask the accountant? Thanks!
  8. Guest

    Carpenter Dilemma

    :confused: :confused: :confused: My other half is a Carpenter, we have got state sponsorship fo WA, but the way things are at the moment we are now on hold until end of 2012 until a miracle happens!! We have spent about £6000 with agents but are now being asked for another £1000 to go with another agent who will look for work so we can get sponsorship.... is it recommended or should we sit and wait and see wait happens in April/ May with the new SOL list.I have been told it's rare to get sponsorship for Carpenters. I'm new today so apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place. Any advice help or thoughts would be great, speak soon Gemma
  9. We are in Perth two months and hubby is still looking for work as a Carpenter, can anyone offer any advice, he has his own tools, transport, blue card, abn, 20 years qualified experience but everywhere he phones for work he is advised to send on Resume and basically thats the last you hear off it, if you phone back up the companies you get secretarys who basically say we have your information on file. Rang about 40 numbers so far but it seems impossible it seems to get foot in the door and although there seems to be loads of building work going on its just had to get the work. Any advice please!!!:notworthy: thank you
  10. Hi We have been here ( Joondalup, Perth )since before Christmas and I am in need of some work .I was a construction manager in the UK but so far I have been unable to secure a job doing the same thing here as my experience is all UK based. My trade background is carpentry, I have been in the building industry for over 24 years, have lots of experience at all levels both on the tools and in management but most importantly I am willing to do anything to bring in a wage to keep us all here. If anybody needs a hand or knows of any opportunities I would be really grateful. Unfortunately I do not have my tools here so I am limited to a certain extent but I can buy the basics if needed …….I just need a chance to impress! Thanks Kris
  11. Hi iam a carpenter joiner looking for any sort of work on the sunshine coast. I have all my own tools ute qld carpentry licence ABN and insurance.if anybody knows of anything please send me a private message thanks.
  12. I am a carpenter on the sunshine coast looking for work i have my licence abn and own tools and ute.any help on the work front would be great thanks.i have been out here 3 months.
  13. Hiya Folks just wondering does anyone know of any carpentry work available or any companies looking for carpenters. Husband has 20 years qualified experience and has own tools and transport and blue card and ABN and is looking for work in the northern suburbs. If anyone has work that they need done and hasnt found a carpenter yet please pm on this and he can give you a call. Thanks a mill Maisie:hug:
  14. We are moving to Sydney in Feb 2010 - my work is sponsoring me on a 457 visa. My OH will be a dependent on my visa and will be looking for work as a carpenter. I'm wondering what he needs to do to be work-ready? Does he need Health & Safety certifcates/cards? If so, where does he get them? Will he need a TFN? We plan to spend the first couple of weeks getting sorted and then go full steam ahead with work (if he's lucky enough to get any). His CV is ready to go, but he wants to be prepared with any other bits and pieces too. We're keeping an eye on the job websites, but are there any decent agencies we should be trying too? Thanks!
  15. Here we go again. I turned down a move back to Sheffield 3 months ago to build myself a house. I stupidly turned down 2 jobs over here 2 months ago as i was building my house. Now i once more need a job. I've sent of 200 reume's and called on every site going with no luck so far. I've applied to drive, stack shelves and numerous other things with no luck. Does anybody know where a Carpenter or Labourer or any other job for that matter is going. Cheers Lee
  16. Hi this is my first post and I'm looking for some guidance! My OH and I have just returned from our 2nd rekkie and have decided that would like to settle in Ballina NSW. We were told that there would be work for my Oh who is a carpenter as they are building lots of new houses. He loves putting up timber frames and all aspects of joinery involved with new builds. Is there anyone out there who would reason to believe there is work available. He has is Ozzy licence, own tools etc. We have 3 girls, ages 6, 8 and 10 so I want to make sure we are doing the right thing before the house for sale sign goes up!!! Any offers of advise would be appreciated as I am concerned about work (or lack of it) when I read some of the blogs on this web site!!!
  17. Hi all Can anyone help me with information regarding how to go about finding the best way to get an employer sponsorship. I am a carpenter wanting to live in Victoria and due to the changes to the immigration process this will be the quickest route for us to take to get in. Many thanks Matt
  18. Guest


    Hi Everyone I will be moving up to Brisbane(next two weeks) from Adelaide and i am looking for work as a Carpenter 23yrs exp fully qualified,white card, tfn,abn, Anyone wanting any Carpentry work done would appreciate a message,or any jobs going would be good. Thanx in advance Yan1:smile:
  19. Guest

    Carpenter on SODL

    Hi all, I am looking to start my visa application again soon but last time we looked into it carpenter had just been taken off the SODL. Does anyone know if it is back on yet as we are now getting ready to go for it and get out to a better life. Anything would be gratefully received. Many Thanks Marty.
  20. Guest


    hi all im really stuck at the moment filling in my trade evidence form everything is done apart from this. I was hoping that somebody else who has already sent this off may have a copy of some examples they used or would be able to help me fill this in. Also how many examples are they after for each question??? Please some fellow carpenters must be able to help me? Thanks for your time Chris
  21. Guest

    Carpenter Vetassess

    Hi guys am filling out my competency form at the moment and am stuck on what to put and just wondered if any of you guys could help me does anybody have a copy of theres i could have a look at to get a rough idea??? Thanks for any help Chris
  22. Hi My wife and I are looking for a carpenter to help complete the renovations on our home. We are about 3/4 of the way through adding an new internal staircase and adding some timber walls and lining our downstairs rumpus area and need to find someone to complete the work. I reckon there is at least 1-2 weeks full time work and we have architectural plans to work from. Anyone interested please let us know Mark :smile::smile:
  23. Guest

    Carpenter tools

    Hi all, Just curious to those who have or are going to take with them the full quantity of Carpenter tools. Who did you organise it with? What did you take? What weight was it all? How much did/will it cost? Etc, Etc,......:notworthy: Much appreciated Wakenwhit.............
  24. Hi all, Just browsing thru WA Health site looking for any plumbing/maintenance jobs and noticed they`re advertising for a carpenter. Think the closing date is Monday 10th August 4.00 pm. Don`t know any more info nor how many vacancies. Anyway here`s the link for anyone interested and good luck View Advert Ozzie
  25. Hi i am a carpenter hoping to move to Brisbane before Christmas, i would like to start my own business either property developing or buying land and building houses to sell on. If anybody could give me some advise on either, IE are there many run down properties in Brisbane and surrounding area that can be done up and make a profit. Or what type of houses are selling at the moment, 1st timers or 5 bedrooms luxury homes any advise would be very much appreciated thanks Karl.