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Found 180 results

  1. Karl Lynsey and Kids

    Carpenter in brisbane

    Moving to brisbane on friday looking for work... I am 38 years old and have 22 years carpentry experience including foreman and site manager, i run my own business in the uk and have my pr visa already in place, if anybody is looking for an experienced carpenter or looking to form a gang please get in touch.
  2. Hi I'am landing in Melbourne on 05 December on 176 visa. Im a Joiner?Carpenter with vast experiance in new build, maintenance, pvc work etc.. Any help finding work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Stuart
  3. Guest

    formwork carpenter

    Hi There ive just got my Government sponsorship visa for Queensland and im just wondering what the work situation is out there is it very busy or is it quiet out there .I hope anyone out there can help me cheers Ski 65
  4. hi guys i am on 885 bridging for over 2 years and reAlly frustrating like others who have been waiting similar or more my partner had came with me here and stayed 5 years doing carpentry work in oz. he was originally carpenter(no qualification required in our country. his father is also carpenter andhe worked withhis father) co pleted few courses. as we ve been just waiting for nothin up till now, we started to discuss the idea of lodging another app under his name qnd his occupation he has few course completion letter from our country 5 years work experience in oz currently running his own business subcontrating with master builders starting vessess is really big thibg for us and i am not sure if this has 'shot'. i am saying 'nothing to lose let try and if things are notgood its ok go ahead and wait for my app result' n he is saying 'lets see whats happening bit more' i'd reaally appreicate ur advice guys!!! plus he has written payment summary from his previous employer. wonder if this can be used he is mainly cover timber floor installation with door and etc. will this be co sidered as carpenter. i did tradeset check ups and because he did courses and workedas carpenter in our countryhe can do it as it asked (things u CAN do) but thats not the main skills he perfoms in here oz will this b ok?? thanksguys!!!! Back2corea
  5. Guest

    Carpenter jobs

    Does any1 know if theres a demand for carpenters on the east coast?. I'm a very well experienced time served carpenter and is on the hunt for a better way ov life in oz
  6. Hi, I am moving out to Sydney in a few months and just wondered where the best way to source carpentry work in the city. Also will i need to register before arriving? I am UK qualified. Thanks for any advice
  7. Can any one tell me about carpentrs jobs on mines. my family and I will be in perth by the 16 aug 2011 . How do you get these jobs?how much do you get payed? what hours do you work? what are the conditions like? thanks gary
  8. Hi does anyone know a carpenter or builder looking for a hard working experienced carpenter on permanent visa. If so pls contact me. Kind Regards..
  9. Guest

    carpenter october test

    Hi guys... Ok so my hubby has just done his test on monday so no news yet but i thought it might help future carpenters to know what he was asked to do... He had to ...... Build a small hip roof on one end with a gable on the other. Mark out a setting out staff for a stud wall. Make a saw stool. Cross cut a piece of 3x2 with a circular saw. Plane down timber to size stated using electric plainer. Rip down timber to stated size using circular saw. Grind and hone chisel. Plane timber with a hand plane both with grain and across end grain. He also was taken to one side and asked a whole bunch of questions. Example of which... To name the components of tower scaffold. Name studding, flooring and roofing components. General health and safty General carpentry. [loads] They gave nothing away at all he said.. Hope this helps you guys and we now have the frustrating wait to see if he passed.:arghh:
  10. Hi We are heading over to Perth on 2nd October.:jiggy: Hubbie is a carpenter and, he has been told he may find it easier to find a job if he was a member of an association. Can anyone back this up and also recommend any? Is there anything else that will help get work other than the visa of course! Thanks :biggrin:
  11. hi i am newly married 10 months ago and living in kent, uk. nothing has really gone our way financially in uk and we are just getting by in life, carpentry work here is terrible and im just window cleaning as its more reliable then site work. we don't have much savings either but was thinking of coming over on a holiday working visa then applying for a permanent visa when i got some money from working in aus, what i want to no. is it good life in aus for familys? no children yet. is their still a lot of work in aus for carpenters? unlike uk. and does it pay well? what is cost of living compared to uk? i am really considering a move soon and appreciate any info and useful knowledge. many thanks craig :goofy:
  12. FooFighter

    carpenter needing advice

    Hi all, i'm moving to Perth this November after recieving my state sponsorship as a carpenter. I've been looking at the price of power tools and general tools and nearly fainted at the cost of kitting myself out again with new gear... I'm now considering shipping my own hand and powertools over and was wondering if my electrical tools will work out on australian electric supply?? I've heard that its possible to get the plugs changed, then you need to get your converted tools checked and tagged but am unsure how true this is?? If anyone has done this is it expensive and cost effective after shipping etc?? or does it work out ruffly the same as buying new in oz? Also If i decide to ship/fly my tools does anyone know or reccomend a shipping or airfreight company I can use??? If anyone can help in anyway i'd really appreciate it as stuck as to what to do and need to get things organised before the move in november.. Thanks all :hug:
  13. Guest

    skills test for carpenter

    Just wondering if anyone out there has recently sat the skills test for a carpenter - my husband is doing this this weekend and although he is mainly a joiner was advised to sit this exam - any help would be much apreciated!x
  14. Hi can anyone in the building trade help us i'm a carpenter as we have our 176 visa and have come out to validate them. been offered a job for when we come back, how do we get bsa licence and all the insurances you need to live here i'm getting very confused would love to meet up with someone who could help, we will be here for another 2 weeks . We are currently on the golden coast but looking to live on the northside of brisbane .I'm Lee 44, Ann 42, our boys are 20 / 14 thanks :notworthy:
  15. leelee 18

    carpenter rates in brisbane

    Hi what are the rates of pay you can expect and the hours?
  16. Guest

    Carpenter License

    Hi all We are moving out to Perth in October!! Woohhhooo!! Hubbie is a carpenter. Can anyone let me know what he needs to start work within a few weeks of us arriving (besides our visa of course!) and what websites I need to go to to obtain them. Much appreciated! P.S. Even better if anyone has a job offer...............
  17. graham  and trudy

    carpenter & joiner

    Hi my hubby is a carpenter & joiner and we are thinkinh of coming to Brisbane, just wondered what the job situation was like at the moment
  18. Hi all - really could do with some advice information on filling the trade evidence form - my husband is not the best at form filling so any helkp much appreciated.
  19. Guest

    power tools in Oz

    hi all i am looking for a little help. i am a carpenter seriously considering a move to Oz , have been told i can get a 175 visa so all seems gd so far. my question is about my power tools obviously being a chippie in the UK all my power tools are 110V are they any use in Oz or would i be better off selling them before i go ? do they use Paslodes out there or are they different. The last thing i want to do is pay to ship it all out only to find its no use, but on the other hand i don't want to sell it all to find i could have used them.
  20. Hi guys I am after a little help and advice. I was offered a sponsorship a few years back from a builder whilst in OZ but i turned it down to come to New Zealand, sadly things are just not working out over here and i am hoping to leave and hope go back to OZ if possible. I am from the UK which is where i qualified as a carpenter i gather i will i need to get my skills assessed? can anybody tell me who does this now is it still VETASSES or has it changed to TRA also as i dont live in the UK will i be able to get them assessed over here in NZ? Sorry to be a pain guys but any help on the matter would be appreciated.
  21. Hi hope someone can give some wise words or encouraging advice.... I have recently been granted my WA SSV and was planning activating my visa by going on hols this year, then finally making the move over to Perth around Jan 2013... I have had some debts to clear which has taken 2 years to do, and now have a small amount of savings in the bank.. I was looking at saving hard for the next year and a half to give me enough for a deposit and to sort my own tools, ute etc out... I've now been made redundant after 3 years, and have been earning very good money as carpenter in Central London.. The dilema now is do I go to Perth now and try to make a start on the minimum of savings? or struggle on here and try to save a lump sum as my original plan??... I have been looking already at Carpentry jobs over here, but they are only a fraction of what I have been earning... I would be able to afford a couple of months rent in Perth, and be able to kit myself out with tools, but after then I would need to find a income pretty quick, and would have to save for a deposit on a home in oz.... My hearts telling me to get up book a flight and get out there and give it a shot, I mean whats the worst that can happen?? I book a flight home and stick with original plan of saving here.... Just wondered if anyone has been in the same position or can offer any words of advice... Thanks......
  22. Guest

    Carpenter's wage

    Hi all! Does anybody know how much a Carpenter/Joiner or Cabinet Maker is paid in Oz? :biggrin:
  23. Wolla Bolla Bing Bong

    Carpenter Licence's required to work in Oz?

    Hi, I have been searching around and it looks like us Carpenters and I guess other trades, will have to apply and purchase licence's, which allow us to work on site and be recognised. I thought the who har of completing the Vetassess is to show we have recognised qualifications, so why do we have to go through it all again at great expense? :eek: Can anyone shed some light on this please?:confused:
  24. karl5986

    carpenter's wage

    Hi, im lookin to move to oz, i am a fully qualified carpentry (NVQ Level 3) i have a small business in the uk. I cover all aspects of carpentry. I was wondering how much i could expect to earn? also is there much carpentry work in oz at the moment?
  25. Guest

    formwork carpenter

    Hi im a formwork carpenter in England im looking for a firm to sponsor me and dont no where to start any help would be appriciated