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Found 180 results

  1. Hey everyone, My husband and i are hoping to gain a 189 visa and have just began the whole process of collecting information etc. Where I am confused is on the skills assessment? My husband is a carpenter and his assessor is TRA. They require you to send all qualification proof, payslips etc etc and only charge $300 for this with no practical exam,...... but other carpenters on this forum have paid £1000 to VETASSESS to do a practical exam and interview? What i don't understand is why one requires a practical and one doesn't? Do the people who do VETASSESS not have any physical paper qualifications or certificates, hence why they have to prove their skills practically? I just do not want to send of all this paperwork and NVQ's etc to TRA to find out we then have to pay £1000 to be VETASSESS assessed as well? Also once you have passed your skills assesement are you awarded points for your trade to boost your over all points score? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi, I am a 23 yr old carpenter/timber framer with 7 years exp. I am moving to melbourne in march and i was just wondering if anybody could tell me how easy or hard it will be for me to find work. I plan to get my white card asoon as pos. Any help or advise is very welcome. Thanks, tom
  3. Guest

    Carpenter Vetassess

    Hi, My name is Gary and I have been a joiner/carpenter for 8 years. I am fully qualified and am currently working for a bespoke joinery company currently specialising in museums. At the moment I am working as a benchhand joiner and have been doing so for 18 months. I have completed the paper part of my vetassess assessment. I am now looking at sitting my practical assessment. If anyone can give me any information or examples of what I am required to do, I would be very grateful as the information on this seems to be very dated and inadequate. Cheers
  4. Hi All I havent been on here in ages due to the fun of moving countries, but here is our story so far and I hope it helps, and I hope I remember all of the important things! Flights- we set off on 15th Octber from Manchester, UK, flying with Singapore Airlines who were great. We had double baggage allowance as it was our first trip and I can honestly say we were well over our allowance and nobody said a word!! (I think it was because most of the extra weight was in our hand luggage). We had an 18 hour stopover in Singapore which we thought would be fun to explore the city, but after 15 hours of no sleep and hitting the humidity it was not fun and we spent at least 6 hours asleep in the airport. I would definitely recommend having the shortest possible stop over or book in to the hotel in the airport. Day 1 - we booked a short term rental stopping with an Aussie bloke in his spare room with our own bathroom and privacy, plus free internet, cooking facilities and the biggest bonus of having someone to ask about everything you need when you arrive. We booked through airbnb.com and it was a fraction of the price of normal holiday rentals, plus the bonus of making our first aussie friend. Rental - we secured a short term rental NOR in week 2. I would recommend pulling together a rental pack so that when you find somewhere you like you are ready to fill in thier application form and attach your own rental pack to sell yourselves. I work in Marketing so this was wasy for me. I included a profile of us and our dog, plus pictures of our rentla in the UK and references from our letting agent, landlord and neighbours. We managed to get the first rental we went for, without having any jobs at the time. Work - I managed to secure a job in the second weeks we arrived even though we came over on my husbands visa (he is a carpenter). I applied on Seek.com one week before we left the UK and had two interviews set up when I arrived, which was lucky (I am a Marketing Manager). My husband did not have as much luck and after a few weeks of intensive searching for work we were beginning to worry, but he managed to get a roofing job two weeks before Christmas so this is a weight off our shoulders!. Although, when you arrive you cant beleive how much building work is going on both NOR and SOR, thr majoirty of the enquiries my husband made they wanted WA experience. I would recommend to other carpenters to get thier ABN number and white card sorted straight away and then just dont give up, drive roud sites, check out Gumtree and you will eventually get a break. My husband has loads of experience and he brought his tools on the flight so that he was ready to work, but it was still difficult. He says it is like starting from scratch again, as the work is so different from the UK, the majority of work is roofing and carpenters tend to specialise rather than being, like my husband, able to do all aspects. There is also a lot less aspects of joinery here, as they dont tend to have skirting and the door frames arent made of wood, which was something we werent aware of. Shopping - back to the subject I am best at!! Shopping is really funny here as it is like stepping back in time. Sunday trading has only just been introduced and it is VERY expensive. You obviously have Coles and Woolworths for food shopping, but for clothes I would suggest UK websites ie ASOS deliver for free and you just have to wait two weeks for delivery. For BBQs and by stuff check out Bunnings or Masters (lik B&Q), for cheap household items I bought everything from KMart and Target as they had a great selection. Household items - we came over with very little as we only shipped 10 boxes of sentimental things. If I could do the move again I would have brought EVERYTHING!! Even things I thought were junk as the cost of even second hand goods out here is daft. We have spent a lot on some nice new furniture for the living room and bedroom, but most of our other items are second hand. We bought our dishwasher, washer and fridge/freezer from gumtree, alotuhg thrse are not the type of items I would buy second hand, I think you know as soon as you go to someones house if you want it or not, we met some really nice people this way. Garage sales are a must, there are laods of them every weekend, you just watch uout for a sign on the main roads. We have found that if you check out the really nice estates you get some lovely items. Its great for the things you forgot you would need ie lawnmower, garden items, a heater for the winter, plug adapters, fishing gear etc etc. I am now a huge fan of garage sales and I wouldnt even visit a car boot at home! Socialising- there isnt the same pub scene up North as we were used to in Manchester, so you have to be willing to get out and about a bit further from home. I find people are really friendly here and offer loads of advice and support. Dog - Our border collie Flossy, arrived in Perth two weeks after us. We used Petair and the service was great. The quarentine in Byford is a bit more tricky as the visitng times are so restricted and biased towards people who dont work, plus I wasnt a fan of the kennels which look like little prisons. She is 13, so I was worrried about how she would get on but she survived! She is so far loving Perth, particularly the beaches, she has found a new lease of life! Top tips 1. Hire a car from day 1 for at least a few weeks. We hired one on the internet for pick up at the airport, and it was a life saver 2. Insect security - shake your clothes before putting them on and particularly your shoes 3. Bring as much as you can carry! 4. Ensure you have air con in your rental. 40 degree heat needs it! 5. Get a SIM card as soon as you arrive. The Vodafone $30 ones in Perth airport are fine as you need an Aus mobile for better job hunting 6. Buying a car - second hand cars are super expensive. So if you dont have a lot of money get on Gumtree and be prepared to buy something with high mileage as it is just normal out here. 7. Working in the city - look at houses near the train line as the traffic is rubbish in to Perth 8. Buy an Esky (cooler) as you will use it most days It will save you money on buying drinks when you are out and about 9. Get your Medicare card as soon as possible as it takes weeks to come through, and you need it for ID, and you need it before you can get your Aus driving license 10. Bring your warm clothes. It does get cold. That is all I can think of for now! We are so far loving it and have no regrets. The weather has heated up considerably in the last week. Let me know if you have any questions! Lisa & Robert xxx
  5. Hi there just started the visa process wondered if any other carpenter / joiners can tell me what to expect in the trade test I have to do. just filled the first lot of vetassess forms in and sent them back no idea whats next but know I have to sit a trade test.:unsure: Got a job in Perth so just want to get there and start. Any advice appreciated. Any time lines for a 175 carpenter/joiner
  6. Hi My husband is a qualified Carpenter with 10 years+ experience. He has been job hunting for two weeks now in WA with no success. He has tried all the websites, and travelled hundreds of km's to ask builders on site if they have any work but with no success and very little response. Any ideas? Lisa x
  7. Hi all, new to this forum, well we are now living on the gold coast, originally from manchester, and it is turning into a nightmare for my husband to find work as a carpenter, have tried all the recruitment websites,phonecalls, etc, sent CV's, to be continuosly told that "we do the work different here in Australia compared to UK". Hubbie has been a carpenter for past 14 years, has his blue card, tools etc, anybody else finding this problem?:arghh:
  8. Hi All My husband and I arrived in Perth a week ago. We have a permanent skilled visa. My husband has 10+ years joinery experience, 1st and 2nd fix, roofing etc. We are living north of the river so could you please let me know if you are aware of any vacancies. Thanks very uch Lisa x
  9. I am a level 3 qualified joiner, 3 years out of my time. I currently live in England, and my partner has family who live in Melbourne where we can stay. We are looking on a move over within the next 6 months. Is there anyone out there who can help me with; finding a job in Melbourne? getting sponsored? or any information that will help me? Thanks!
  10. ..............hi guys, i have been searching through the site looking for a conclusive answer to my Q but cant seem to find one. Im a carpenter from essex, i have my 175 GSM visa granted and im looking to move to Sydney around october time. My dilema is...... Do i ship all my tools over from the UK to oz, will they work ok if a just change the plugs, or take my transformer and use adaptor on that plug??. Should i just leave them behing and just take all hand tools and cordless tools and buy new plug tools in OZ???? As i stated, ive searched and searched this site for a definitive answer seems to be a 50/50 split. Could anyone advise on which shipping companies to use and if anyone has any construction contacts in Sydney then that would be great help too. The time is nearly here for the big move, was waiting for visa for 2 years and now its all happening panic is setting in a little. All help is greatly recieived Jonny
  11. My 33yr old husband is looking for sponsorship to gain work and a 457 visa for Perth, Australia. We would like to emigrate there with our 2 young children but want to go on a temporary visa first to ensure the move is the right one for us all. My OH has 17yrs experience as a joiner in all aspects of the trade, including 4yrs running his own business, which he currently still operates. If anyone is able to point us in the right direction then I would be very grateful. Thanks
  12. Hi Guys, So I have some questions that i'm going to keep in the one post if that's ok. If anyone can shed any light for me I would be hugely appreciative! So i'm a 26 year old carpenter from the UK. I've been to Oz on a WHV and came back to this "country" 6 months ago. I am now desperate to go back. I have no paper qualification- time served. I have a Grandfather in Perth that will sponsor me on a 475. On the current points system I have 30 for my age, 10 for my IELTS (8.0), 10 for my grandad sponsoring me, 5 for working year in Oz 5 for working 3 or more years in UK So 60 points at the moment. Now the questions: On my IELTS I received a score of 8.0-(7.5,7.0,8.5,8.5), Does this definitely mean I will only get classed as a level 7 having not cleared 8 in all 4 areas? If so then I will re-take and providing I pass this will give me my 70 points. Just rather not do it again! Alternatively (and I may still do this regardless) there is a very short course for time-served tradies such as myself that I could complete- It is an NVQ- would this be recognised as a trade qualification for 10 points? I need to have my skills assessed by I believe the TRA? Does anyone know who does this in the UK (I am based in London-although will obviously travel anywhere), how much this generally costs and potentially most important- how long this takes in terms of booking it now and completing? Where all the applications are changing on July 1st I really need to book a test in between now and then- does anyone know what the wait time is on this kind of thing? Would I be able to start the visa process without this in place first- providing it will be completed shortly after application? Are points given if you complete this assessment? How difficult is this course? If they chuck up something i've not done loads of how harsh will they be? Do I get a chance to re-take? I have my girlfriend that I would like to place on the visa also- does this cost extra? She is French, has an IELTS of 7.5 and we have been together for long enough and can get the evidence to prove etc. How difficult a process is it to add her? If she did not qualify for any reason would it affect my visa application? Or would they just minus hers off? One other option that I would like to know about is State sponsorship. I know it make no difference in terms of points but is this easier in any way to get? Do they have to place you in their own specified area? For instance WA has itself completely as a designated area but if I go state sponsorship with them will they still allow me to choose where to go within WA? Help on any of the above would be greatly appreciated as I really don't want to go into this EOI thing they're doing now! Many thanks. Terry
  13. Hey guys I'm doing some research for my biggest girl and her chap who are both here on WHV's. They have decided they would like to stay if possible :biggrin: They both have full time jobs but Sarah is coming to the end of her first six months and she'd like to stay in the job if at all possible. She is a receptionist in Freo and her chap is a carpenter. Can anyone explain what the difference is between a Skilled Independent Visa and a State Sponsored Visa please as these seem to be their options? And also which is the quickest and can be applied for from here!
  14. Guest

    Carpenter - IELTS Test

    My OH has passed his vetasses Carpenter is aged 37 with 20years expereince in the trade, we are planning on going to Perth, my questions is if he has a UK passport does he have to do the IELTS test?? Terri
  15. Never posted before, first forum i have ever registered to... Im flying into Brisbane early january 2012!!! alone hopefully to find some carpentry work anywhere on the East coast. Im not sure of anything to be honest so im keeping a complete open mind and am willing to do any kind of work anywhere on the East coast. only Three months of crazy saving to go! A mate was supposed to come with me but cant get his backside into gear to save money and hes blown me out Alone it is... Although im very nervous about it. I cant wait to get out there and meet people and just have an unbelievable time! Ive dreamt of being in Australia since i can remember! Im mostly worried about finding the work... Chhhheeeeeerrrsss
  16. Guest

    BSA card for carpenter

    Hi can somebody please help we know you need a BSA card to be self employed carpenter in queensland do you need a BSA card in Perth any advice would be apprecated. If yes does anybody know what is involved thanks Lee and Ann
  17. Hi Does anyone knows of any Carpentry jobs located on the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane for my husband? He has been a carpenter for 20 years (in the UK) and has been working in Australia for the last 4 years, framing. He does mainly framing, fix outs but all aspects of Carpentry and would even like to get into Commercial side too. Please PM if you know of anything.... Thanks
  18. Hi can anyone help. I am just starting out and applying to VETASSES to get my skills assesed. I have done the TRADESET report & printed out but a but confused what other forms to do now. Is there a seperate evidence/compency form to fill out |(i couldnt find it on the site yesterday) Do you need to send eveything together as I had filled in another form online which at the end say pay the 600$ aud , do I need to send the rest of the documents after doing this or scan it all togehter.... sorry a little confused if someone could help me, trying not to use an agent for this part but am planning on using one for the main visa thanks very much is if anyone can help cheers damon
  19. Hi, got my IELTS tomorrow so on the off chance I actually pass, I thought I better start the ball rolling on the next part I am tackling. Skills assessment for carpenter (331212). What does it actually entail? All parts. Did some homework pre July but things have changed somewhat. Any advice would be greatly welcomed on both the IELTS or skills assessments. Thanks Rob.
  20. Paul and Louisa

    22 Yrs Experienced Carpenter asking for help

    Hi All I am just collecting my OH paperwork together to apply for a Assessment Skill Test now that he has decided that a carpenter fits him best. Tax assessments, P60's form when he became Ltd, accounts for the last 8 years, photos of work, refences from customers etc etc. This last bit I have found tricky as some you file in very safe places never to be seen again but i have to say the tax office on this occassion have been very helpful!!! My question is do I send all the documents in by post ie accounts which are origionals or does my OH take these to an assessment and hand them over along with a check list that the instructor could sign to receipt? Aalso if anyone has recently sat their assessment can they let us know what was required on the day as the links that I have found are pre July before it changed. Does he need to take tools and any idea how long it is taking for assessments to come through? Sorry to ask so many questions DIY is such a lot to take in and my husband is 45 in June 2012 so time is ticking but we are hopeful
  21. LisaRich

    TRA skills assessment carpenter

    Hi, we are new to this site. we are at the very beginning of the visa application process. My partner rich has to do the Tra skills assessment, has anyone done this recently and what was involved? Lisa :biggrin:
  22. Would really appreciate hearing from any carpenters who have or are working in the mines FIFO Perth WA..... want to know all the good and the bad points... Also whats employment like out there for the construction industry? whats the rate of pay like for site foremans and can anyone recommend any reputable companies?
  23. Hi guys just a quick question am a joiner / carpenter / shop fitter and have just started the visa process and have been asked to start thinking about state sponsorship. Some friends we are hopefully coming with can only qualify with SA state sponsorship.. I have done a search on SEEK and there only seems to be 1 job advertised for my trade compared to Melbourne that has 101 Are trade jobs hard to come by in SA or is it a case like England if you want a job you will get one. I really like the look of SA but without a job it will just be a pipe dream and we may have to look elsewhere Thank you for any help and advice you can give us in advance Keeping fingers and toes firmly crossed
  24. Hi guys just a quick question am a joiner / carpenter / shop fitter and have just started the visa process and have been asked to start thinking about state sponsorship. Some friends we are hopefully coming with can only qualify with SA state sponsorship.. I have done a search on SEEK and there only seems to be 1 job advertised :sad: for my trade compared to Melbourne that has 101 Are trade jobs hard to come by in SA or is it a case like England if you want a job you will get one. I really like the look of SA but without a job it will just be a pipe dream and we may have to look elsewhere Thank you for any help and advice you can give us in advance Keeping fingers and toes firmly crossed :wink:
  25. Hi All Hopefully moving to the Sunshine Coast December 2011 or January 2012. Any information on the work situation for carpenters would be much appreciated.