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Found 190 results

  1. Guest

    Confused about Health Care!!

    Hi All, I have a few queries about accessing health care in australia.... Our family are on a 457 visa and as we are from the UK have a Reciprocal Health Care- Medicare Card only. We have a Private Health Cover with HBA which is a Gold cover and covers most things. We have been in the country 8 weeks and need to register with a family doctor as my son has allergies and asthma so will need some more medications soon.... How do we find a Doctor? can we see any doctor at any practice? and what happens do we register like in UK? Also am I right in thinking we pay and then claim back when after we visit the doctor? Sorry for all the questions don't quite understand the system yet:embarrassed: If anyone has a doctor they can recommend in or around the Wellington Point area, it would be much appreciated!! Many thanks, sunilisa.x
  2. star1976

    457 Visa Private Health Care

    Hi We moved to Sydney in October last year on 457 visa. The private health insurance we had when we came here is due to run out. Do we need to get private health insurance again. We are from the UK and have Medicare cards. I have looked at some previous posts but I'm completely confused :confused: If we need insurance do we need to apply for oversees visitor health care or just the normal basic hospital policies on offer. Kind Regards
  3. Guest

    Child Care Rebates on a 176

    Hi all, Now I've seen mentioned before that although you can't get LAFHA on a 176, there are other tax breaks you can get, and rebates for child care. Can anyone explain more - I have a tax calculator, but that doesn't include childcare obviously.
  4. Somebody please tell me, what is the cost(approximately) of dental care for children of 5 years old? Just need to want to know the price range.
  5. Guest

    Social Care Worker

    Hi guys, I am a qualified social care worker with 5 years experience. I am currently seeking sponsorship was wondering can anybody give me any tips plz on any companies that offer sponsorship in my field. I would like to live in sydney. Thanks:biggrin:
  6. markbrum77

    Health care

    Hi all Looking to move over to melbourne soon, my partner is worries about health care costs. Below is his situation and medication. Any idea what cover we can get for him? Costs? Thanks in advance! Medication (Daily): Azathopprine 50 mg. Prednisolone 5 mg. Advagraf (Tacrolimus) 4 mg. Chronic Renal Failure caused by "Reflux" at birth. HaemoDialysis for 1999 - 2004 Kindney Transplanted Sept 2004 Hospital Check-Ups Every 4 Months.
  7. Guest

    social care worker

    Hi all, im planning on moving to australia early next year and have recently qualified as a social care worker in Ireland. Im just wondering what type of jobs are avaliable in this area or are they pretty much the same as in Ireland??? thanks for any help given.:biggrin:
  8. Guest

    Social care

    Hi all My partner and I are emigrating to Queensland. I am a support worker working with adults with disabilities. I have 11 years experience, qualifications, certificates etc relating to this field. I have been enquiring about employment opportunities and have been told I need a positive (yellow) card. Can anyone tell me what this is? And how I'll be able to obtain one. Any help much appreciated
  9. Does anyone have any real world experience of how this works? I've read a few websites, and on the face of it, it looks great, and than coming from the UK me and my family should be very well covered (travelling under my 457 visa). But what I'd like to know is, what are the limitations of it when you come to use it. My wife has a prescription for a drug that is very expensive, and reading the websites it appears that PBS under RHCA should cover us. The difference in price between the PBS cost and the actual cost is huge. Has anyone on here had positive experience of getting prescriptions under the scheme?
  10. Hi, We are hoping to move out to Oz at the end of the year, I'm a carpenter and my wife is a care assistant (nvq2 qualified) and we wondering if there would be a similar post available in Oz for her to do?? Any info would be greatly appreciated, Scott and Sally
  11. Scarby

    Family Day Care

    Hi, I am a childminder in the UK, we are moving to Perth in September and would like to continue to do this when we get there, could anyone tell me if there is much demand for this in either Port Kennedy, Secret Harbour or Meadow Springs where we have been looking at rentals and also if there would be any problems with doing this in a rental property? Any info would be great, Thanks Celia
  12. whichway

    baby care - gold coast

    I don't know if this is the right forum but I thought I'd give it a try and if it needs to be moved please do. I am going back to work in October and I need to find a place for my daughter two days a week, however, the problem is that nowhere can guarantee a place, I have tried family day care too! They all say it's too early but I don't want to leave it too late and I am worried that October will come and we will have no where. I am looking for somewhere between pacific pines and mudgeeraba. We are going on a long holiday to UK before I go back to work so there is no point in booking her in and paying when she won't be there (cos money is tight anyway). I also am looking for a place where I can get the rebates from government. Anyone got any advice? What have others done in this situation? Many thanks in advance.:biggrin:
  13. As we know the famous 'Mateship' of Australia is a contentious issue, some say it is thriving, some say it is nothing more than a bloody daft comment and is rarely said with any degree of true sentiment. Tell you what, I couldn't give a toss, I would rather this than not being acknowledged at all, ignored or even worse just stared at. Maybe it is a statement without any base in true 'friendship (I happen to disagree with this) and once again couldn't give a toss, I know when I first arrived in Australia the two words that made me feel welcome were, 'G'day mate'.:notworthy: Just because the Aussies seem to thrive on it and BELIEVE it, does not make it any less relevant than a Scotsman saying 'Pal', an Irishman saying 'Right'. It may not be truly unique in the grand scheme of things, but they have made it their own and as many will testify, it brings about a sense of camaraderie and yes, 'Mateship. Us POMS often say, 'Hello', (not enough) just because we as a nation 'choose' to say it out of habit (as some will accuse the Aussies of) does it make it any less relevant, I think not. Good on the Aussies for sticking to their guns, better this than ignoring some poor schmuck who might be having a bad day. 'Mateship' is often over analysed by many, come on, get with the programme, it is 'uniquely' Australian and long may it reign. Nothing wrong with this, as I said, to some it may be false, and some will argue it is irrelevant to everyday living in Australia, to me it's not. That's all folks. Cheers Tony.
  14. Hi there, I have just arrived in Australia and am a qualified Social Worker (have been working in Child protection). I am not eligible for registration with the AASW (only 2 years post qualifying experience) so am looking for other kinds of children and family related positions while I work out what to do. Does any one know a) can I apply for police clearance myself or does the employer I work for have to do this? b) Same for childrens checks (same as enhanced CRB in England I assume), In England the employer has to do this. c) I have a medical from my visa application, will I need this to work with children. d)Do I need to get a first aid certificate too e)Anyone know any good agencies/ points of contact to get me started I am planning on living in Perth iniially and thenover to Sydney Any help whatsoever greatly appereciated Thanks Sarah :v_SPIN:
  15. tonyman

    Health Care Card

    can someone please tell me what the yellow health care card covers , thanks ..i know it covers prescriptions but what else ..........
  16. mgriffi

    Dental Care on 457 Visa

    Hi Anyone know of a good dental care scheme on a 457 Visa. May have to have root canal, couple of crowns and fillings!! Any suggestions how to save some cash or just get dentures!!!! :biglaugh:
  17. My partner is a Teaching assistant at a 'learning for life' special school for kids in care. does anyone know any of these types of companies or places that might sponsor? your help or advice would be much appreciated Cheers
  18. Please see my thread in Job Vacancies - "Midwives wanted in NSW" Also looking for nurses with Special Care Nursery/NICU experience wanting to make the move to Australia... PM me for more information
  19. We are a recruitmemt company and have a number of sponsorship opportunities within Aged Care facilities in Brisbane's southside and also at the Gold Coast. The positions are for Registered Nurses and for Clinical Nurse Managers in residential care homes. In order to apply for a Clinical Nurse Management position you must be eligible for registration with the QNC. Our sponsors would particualary welcome applicants who are over the age of 45. You will need to have a minimum of two years experience and Aged Care experience would be desirable. On offer is an excellent salary package, relocation assistance ie help in booking accomodation, bank accounts, tax file numbers etc We also have carer positions in regional Queensland and sponsorship is also on offer for these positions. Immigration advice can be provided by our in-house MARA registered agent if required who will provide you with information and advice on obtaining permanent residency. Our clients are offering these positions on a 457 basis in order to speed up the visa process. If anyone would like more information - please send me a PM. We would also like to hear from migration agents who have clients who may be interested in these opportunities.
  20. Hi, new to PIO. I am single 44 Health Care Assistant. Currently working in a Doctors surgery. Have I any chance of being job sponsered for WA. Any advice gratefully received.
  21. Hoping that some of you experts will be able to help us. I am then main sponser for our visa as I am a registered RMN. My OH works as a non registered nurse in UK and holds an NVQ level III in health care. Any ideas if that is worth anything in Oz or who could look/assess the qualification? Also would any know whether it could count towards an enrolled nurse qualification in Oz? Thanks in advance and anticipation!!!!
  22. I am moving to Perth later this year and am trying to put together a fairly accurate budget. The thing I am struggling with is mortgage interest rates. I know that the official reserve bank cash rate in Aus is 4.75% so banks make their money from the difference in this rate and what they lend at. I guess in Aus like a lot of countries you can shop around and get a good interest rate with fixed options / variable options etc. If I look at commonwealth bank they offer a rate of around 7.24% NAB offer around 7.6% I was wondering if anyone would mind sharing their current mortgage percentage so I can see what the rates are so that I can bargain from a position of strength?:biggrin: Obviously the rate they give you is dependant on a whole range of factors eg risk etc but it would be good to hear what people on PIO have managed to get from their banks :wink:
  23. Angelini

    Private Health Care & Pregnancy

    Morning all, My OH and I are talking about having a baby - not pregnant, or even trying, yet, but are trying to get as much information as we can about having a baby in Oz. I've been looking at going with Latrobe Health as they only have a 9 month waiting time, but that's just for actually giving birth ... what about antenatal care? Do I need to have different cover for that? I've been looking at pregnancy forums and most of them say they 'go public' for everything but giving birth - the problem is that I'm American (moved from the UK after 7 years with my English husband) so don't think I can be covered by Medicare, as far as I can tell. Does that mean that we will need to pay for all of the expenses ourselves? Thanks for your help!
  24. cartertucker

    Which medical & dental care cover?

    Which medical care is recommended for when we move over? I would need it for 3 adults ~ 1 child & an infant I would like it to include dental cover too Please help ~ I have no idea where to start? :confused:
  25. Hi - does anyone know of any before school care childminders in Secret Harbour. My daughters school does after school club, but not before school. Many thanks Denise x