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Found 143 results

  1. deanthebrickie

    red card

    Hi Don't know if anyone can answer this question. I have a red card to work in Melbourne on building sites. Does this red card transfer to other areas of Oz. Would I be able to use it in Sydney or would I need another coloured card??! Would I need to do the course again? thanks Dean
  2. tonyman

    Health Care Card

    can someone please tell me what the yellow health care card covers , thanks ..i know it covers prescriptions but what else ..........
  3. Guest

    WA Seniors Card

    WA seniors card eligibility rules expanded Sunday May 22nd 2011 Eligibility criteria for the West Australian seniors card has been expanded and the annual cost of living rebate has increased, the state government has announced in its budget. Seniors Minister Robyn McSweeney said expansion of seniors card eligibility will allow seniors who work 25 hours or less a week, averaged over a 12-month period, to apply for a card. "This expanded eligibility means up to 4500 WA seniors, in addition to the 312,000 existing card holders, can now apply for the WA seniors card," Mrs McSweeney said. "Annually, up to $1200 worth of government concessions and up to $550 worth of rebates is on offer." Mrs McSweeney said the expansion recognised that more seniors chose to remain in paid employment, or work part-time in their transition to retirement. WA seniors applying for a card following the expansion of the eligibility criteria will also be able to apply for this year's Cost of Living Rebate (COLR) until July 31. Mrs McSweeney said a $9.1 million allocation in 2011-12 would increase the previous COLR to WA seniors card holders, with singles due to receive $150 and couples to receive $225. In 2010-11, the COLR payment was made to 248,288 seniors card holders with singles receiving $104.80 and couples receiving $157.22. Concessions for senior cardholders include 50 per cent off a driver's licence, up to 25 per cent off annual water charges, and free public transport between 9am and 3.30pm on weekdays, public holidays and during Seniors Week in November.
  4. Hi Does anyone know of any banks that give credit cards to non-residents (I'm on a temp spouse visa but won't get PR until the end of the year). Thanks Smiler
  5. Peach

    Medicare Card

    Reading through the Medicare card application form, it seems that you can have up to four people on the same card. Does it matter if a family is split between cards? I'm currently a 1000 miles away from my missus and kids, so it seems unlikely we're going to front up and apply for a card at the same time. Can we be 'rejoined' onto one card at a later date? Realise that this might be a question best asked of medicare, so sincere apologies. :biggrin:
  6. Hi there people. Ill keep this as short as poss. Me and the missus just waiting on nursing registration and visa, shouldnt be too long at all now, hopefully be there within the next month. Im a time served painter and decorator and Ive just completed my white card online. The thing im trying to understand about is this ABN (Australian business number). Most painter vacancies i see online require ABN card and own transport. Is it not common to work for a company? from what i gather this ABN looks like being 'self employed'. If there any other tradesmen or anyone with any tips/advice on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks :cool:
  7. Hi If i have a Australia bank account, a medicare card, will these be considered as "substantial (business, cultural, employment) and beneficial ties" for me to qualify to get a RRV? I have my Australia VISA approved but due to some personal issues, i won't be able to migrate them in the coming 5 years and i won't be able to fulfill the 2 out of 5 years requirement too so i definitely need to apply a RRV when it reaches the 5 years limit. Besides bank account and medicare card, if I buy a house there and rent it out , will that boost up my chance to get the RRV approved ? As someone mentioned if i buy a house there for investment purpose, it won't be considered, is that true ? Also, if i invest a house for renting purpose there, will i be taxed by Australia government ? If i buy a house there just to qualify for RRV and leave it vacant for 5 years , it sounds like i don't have any ROI there , that is the reason why i am thinking to rent it out :cute: please advice thanks
  8. please? my OH is a Carpenter
  9. Guest

    Tom Tom SD map card

    Hi Everyone Hope this is the right spot to ask for any info on obtaining in the UK a Tom Tom SD card for Aus - especially WA. Thanks very much David
  10. brideycollette

    Carrying a MALARIA card

    Ok wonder if anyone can help us , just had an email from the OH and he has asked me to ask a question on here . Where he is at the moment working away , they have gave them all a MALARIA card which they have to carry on them at all times . Now he hasn't had MALARIA , would there be any differant checks on the medical due to him carrying this card ? Thanks Brides :cute:
  11. janinewhiteley

    White card for trades.

    Help!!!! I have found a web site that lets you you take your ''white card'' (for tradies) What i would like to find out is, can this be done in the UK? or does it have to be done in OZ. any answer plz:confused:
  12. Guest

    do i need a white card

    I am hoping to move to Perth as soon as my visa comes through and i am trying to sort out as much as possible before we move. I am a carpenter to trade and need to know what i need to work in perth I:E white card etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated regarding things i can do in the uk prior to going to perth, If i sit the white card on-line then how much does it cost and how long does it last. stuart
  13. Do you need to apply for the Blue Card if you are an approved teacher in QLD? Cheers B!K3R
  14. Hi all Well, the time is almost here for me and my two boys to fly back to England. We leave on Saturday 27th! One thing I need to know, what do you put on the "leaving Australia" card? I don't know whether to put leaving permanently or temporarily? We have permanent visas so I don't want to loose this. If things don't work out in uk, I may decide to come back to Oz (yes I know, a possible ping pong pom in the making!) Any advice would be very welcome. Karen :-)
  15. Kel1

    Need a visa card

    Hi, I have a NAB account with an Etpos card, but I can't seem to use it anywhere online- i need a visa for Australia. Can I get this with NAB and does it have to be a credit card? Does anywhere take the Eptos?!
  16. Greeetings to everyone!! Does anybody know when should I make the payment, after completing the online application form?? I really dont know if the last step of the online procedure asks for my card's number so as to be charched immediately... Also one of my methods of payment is through a VISA type Credit Card. However I do have a VISA type debit Card. Is this card acceptable??? Thanks in advance!!!!
  17. Hi, I am trying to find a GP who bulk bills for people with visitor medicare cards in Sydney. I seem to have hit a brick wall, and have rung lots of practices with no success so far. Does anyone know/use a GP who does this? Mosman/neutral bay/cremorne area ideal, but would be prepared to travel! Why there isn't a centralised website to tell you this info, I don't know. Thanks!
  18. Hi there people. Ill keep this as short as poss. Me and the missus just waiting on nursing registration and visa, shouldnt be too long at all now, hopefully be there within the next month. Im a time served painter and decorator and Ive just completed my white card online. The thing im trying to understand about is this ABN (Australian business number). Most painter vacancies i see online require ABN card and own transport. Is it not common to work for a company? from what i gather this ABN looks like being 'self employed'. If there any other tradesmen or anyone with any tips/advice on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks :cool:
  19. 3 Piccos

    Medicare Card

    Can any of you new arrivals tell me roughly how long it takes to get your Medicare Card. We are flying out on November 30. I have been told by PBS Medication people that you have to have your Medicare card before you can get a prescription, but failed to tell me how long it took to get one. Many thanks in advance. ps I have been on the Centrelink site and it was 'down' for some reason.
  20. Morning all... I've got a credit card which allows overseas usage without loading on the normal fees and it also provides the best exchange rate at the time of use. This seems like the perfect way of paying some of the day to day expenses in Australia whilst waiting for the exchange rate to improve. The idea of changing all ones savings into AUD just to have it sitting in a bank in Australia seems to make no sense. i believe things will improve and as such want to keep the bulk of my money in the UK for now. I will be keeping a UK address and bank account and will have a UK income so can clear the balance each month so there will be now interest charges. Anyone else work things this way and if so.....which card do you use....just want to make sure I've got the best one!! :biggrin:
  21. davet19650

    Oz white card

    Hi i have just done the white card on line application with bluedog training. Already to pay but going to leave untill nearer a move. Have heard but not sure but do you have to have an ozzie address for it to be sent to thanks dave
  22. Guest

    Vodafone Oz sim card

    I got one of these last year when we were over for a look. I got a "use it or lose in a month" top up one. We are moving over in a few weeks and wordered if I could still use it ie, same number, and just top it up? Or if it is no use and just get a new one.
  23. davet19650

    white card in oz

    hi everybody down there, wondering if anyone can help, we are heading down to perth hopefully before the end of the year, depends on the house sale!!!! i am a painter and decorator by trade and am looking at applying for my white card before we arrive, have heard you can do it online with various companys and have so far tried bluedogtraining, But have already come across a hitch, you go to register to sign in, ask you for your details enter a mobile number but then the problem occurs it doesnt recognise an english mobile number , so i cant proceed , has any body got any ideas please... many thanks Dave
  24. I submitted my ACS online application today but towards submission, it gave me the following denial message: Your payment was not accepted (DO NOT HONOUR). However your application has been lodged and you will be contacted in the near future to provide an alternate payment method. I contacted my bank and their computer system wasn't probably up at the time. They confirmed a request for payment did come over but was denied and if you try again now it should work fine. In the ACS FAQ, I read that they try twice before asking for another mode of payment. So my question is : 1. Do they make both tries at the same time? If not, how much later after the first try do they attempt the 2nd try to charge $400. 2. Suppose, the 2nd attempt also gets denied, how soon do they inform you about it asking for the second mode of payment? 3. Is that ok to hold the certified copies for now until I get a clear picture on the mode of payment? Anyone ever gone through a similar scenario or know what the next steps usually are after a credit card payment denial?
  25. Has anyone advice on paying aussie credit cards from the uk when you have closed your aussie bank accounts . If the payments falter do they track you down in the uk or do aussies debts stay in australia.?