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Found 320 results

  1. Does anyone know what the average wage is for a motor mechanic in Canberra Weekly or Per Annum Salary $$$$$$, after Taxes,etc? Thanks Steve:confused:
  2. MikeW

    Broadband in Canberra

    Hi, We're moving into our house rental in Curtin, Canberra on the weekend. We have sorted gas and electric. Does anyone have any recommendations on broadband? We don't want to be tied in for longer than 6 months. We are not planning on having a phone as we will be using skype and mobiles. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike.
  3. RobandCatherine

    Renting in Canberra

    Thought this may be useful... Tips for getting into a rental property in Canberra | The RiotACT Tips for getting into a rental property in Canberra Traditionally this is the toughest time of year for people searching for a rental property, with the influx of DFAT, Defence and other posted people, as well as a large contingent of students putting a lot of pressure on the market. In a market where the rental prices are already uncomfortably high, this added pressure just makes it harder for the core of the market to secure affordable rental accommodation. Here’s a few tips to help improve your chances: Complete the application form properly – I know what a pain in the ass it is: each agent has their own form and you just keep repeating the same info. Problem is, if you don’t fill it in properly your application will probably (read: definitely) be put at the bottom of the pile. With multiple applications for each property the agent isn’t going to waste time chasing you for information that you were already asked for. Provide supporting documents, but keep it simple – the more information you can provide to make the job easier for the owner/agent, the better. You can go too far though, and an application that will take 45 minutes to read will be put at the bottom of the pile. Make it easier, not harder. I’d suggest adding: ID – Licence + other photo ID + Medicare Card. NO CREDIT CARDS. Make sure something shows your current address and DOB. And condense it all to one page. A separate page for each item is just cumbersome and a waste of trees. One SHORT introductory letter for the whole application, NOT one per applicant. Any written rental references. 2x payslips, annual payment summary or letter of offer/reference confirming income – the agent/owner can’t legally ask for this, but if you offer it you’ve made it easier for them to process your application. References – If you don’t have a rental history it can be tough. Generally what the owner wants to know is “Are they going to pay the rent” and “Are they going to look after the property”. If you can’t substantiate that with a rental reference do whatever you can to do ease their mind some other way. If you have to rely on personal references make sure they’re from someone credible. Your friends, family etc are only ever going to say good things and anyone reading it knows that. Guarantor – Again, without a rental history it can be tough, but if you have a parent or someone willing to co-sign the lease with you it’ll be a massive help. Having a letter of guarantee from them is of little value – they need to co-apply, so get them to complete the application form and make sure they can come in to sign the lease with you (if you get the place). Talk to the landlord/agent – imagine there are 20 people at an exhibition and two of them politely introduce themselves and have a brief chat. When the owner asks the agent for feedback on the applicants the agent can give more information on someone they have spoken to than anyone else who just walked through silently. Every little bit helps. Show respect for the property – simple things like insisting on taking off your shoes even if they don’t ask you to. It is such a simple gesture but it says a lot! At the end of the day this is only going to help so much. With multiple applicants for any given property only one can be successful. All you can do it make it as easy as possible for the owner/agent to select you ahead of someone else. Happy house hunting. Article taken from The RiotACT - http://the-riotact.com
  4. Hi only arrived in Canberra last Tuesday with husband and two kids. Does anyone know where I can get full head foils and a cut and blow dry a bit cheaper please? I have been to several hairdressers and the prices seem really high. I would be grateful for any advice, thanks very much
  5. Hi, Arrived in Canberra on Tuesday. Have had blue skies all the time! People have been very friendly and it has a nice atmosphere... Anyhow, we're looking for a 6 month rental for myself wife, 9 yr old son and 6 yr old daughter... We're from a small town. The criteria we have is: 1) family friendly area 2) good primary and secondary schools (public). 3) a centre with a couple of cafe\restaurant 4) a good community 5) we are not 'City' people so don't want anywhere mad busy. We have seen some areas we liked, but they didn't have cafes etc. We have changed our tactic now, instead of buying, we are thinking of renting. The reasoning for this is so that we have more options as it's a lot cheaper to rent than mortgage. Has anyone any suggestions for a suburb that matches the above criteria? I know there are options outside ACT but I would rather be in ACT for more schooling options etc. We called into a couple of estate agents today for a chat, all we had was a sheet printed out of what's available. It is very daunting and my wife and I feel very worried tonight as we feel the rentals in the good areas are going to be real tough to get hold of... Would appreciate any help! Thanks, Mike.
  6. Guest

    Not sure if I should move to Canberra

    Hi I am in the process of decideing on wether to move to Canberra from the UK. My wife has managed to secure a Visa to live and work in Canberra but I am not sure if I am likely to get a gob. I am currently working as an IT Technician but it is looking unlikely that I will get a job with my skills as I do not have security clearance which is needed for most IT jobs. I am also concerned about the cost of property in Canberra and am not sure if I can afford a decent house despite being mortgage free in the UK. This is really confusing for me as I really like the thought of living in Canberra and think it has allot more to offer than most places in the UK. We only have until Dec to move to Canberra before our Visa runs out. Has anyone had simular experiences in making a decision on moving to Canberra. I am hopeing that if I do move there may be other job opportunities even if it means taking a non skilled job. Jeremy
  7. Guest

    moving to canberra

    Hiya, i am an 11 year old girl moving out to canberra with my sister and parents. i have been a bit nervous lately and was wondering if anyone around the same age was in the same position! i am quite a sporty person and love going on my bike and doing gymnastics! i have a 4 year old sister who is also very active! Anything you could tell me would be very helpful!!!! thanks
  8. Hiya Its been a while but we arrived in sunny (but chilly) Canberra 4 weeks ago today and we are loving it! Was blimmin freezing today tho! We left a mini heatwave in the UK at beginning of May to arrive in Canberras winter (the earliest winter in 50 odd years we've been told!), chilly morning and nights but midday is sunny and warmish when in the sun! The sky has generally been amazingly clear and an amazing blue colour! There are yellow crested cockatoo parrots everywhere! There are literally 20 and more of them just flying everywhere and on the grass! There are loads of pink & grey Galah parrots everywhere and also beautiful Rosella and Rainbow Lorikeets parrots! We saw our first kangaroos on a golf course in Bellconnen! Very exciting! My hubby (graphic designer) had a few job interviews in week 2 & 3 and was offered a fantastic job in Canbo's best advertising agency in his 3rd week of being here! He started a week after he had his 2nd interview! Things are going very well! We sorted out our Tax File Number, Bank Accounts, Medicare cards on the first day after arriving, all very simple! We travelled here 5 years ago as backpackers so we just had to update the Medicare & TFNs which was straight forward. We applied for the NAB bank account in the UK so it was easy finding the branch to pick the cards up! They have 1 card for all the accounts so when using switch (Efpos) you just select which account you want to use eg, credit, savings, chq etc. In regards to accommodation, in our research back home, we found it would be difficult to rent a proper place unless you are working (you can show them the job offer letter in your application if you have one, you also need 100 points of id which includes passport, address etc) so we just looked at holiday type lets and caravan park cabins. The best option that we found was the Studio Pasadena (http://www.studioq.au.com/pasadena.html), some of the serviced apartments we looked at were very expensive and hotels weren’t convenient as they didn’t have kitchen facilities if you stay longer than 4 weeks at the Pasadena you get a discounted rate, this place is great! Its in Watson and has a bus stop outside and shops, restaurant, café & Post office etc 2 minutes away. This place has everything you need, all kitchen stuff, bedding, towels, laundry room, fridge & hob etc. Highly recommend it! We are waiting for a bit before we get a car so have been using the buses a lot, (be warned! 2nd hand cars are very exp compared to back home). The buses are great for exploring all the different satellite suburb towns. If you are going to do the same, get the ‘MyWay’ bus card (http://www.transport.act.gov.au/myway/index.html), it’s the same as the ‘Oyster’ travel card in London, you just top up and swipe when you get on & off. I read on here that bedding and stuff is expensive to buy but not really, there are loads of sales on at the moment, so I’m glad I left all my stuff behind. There is also Target, Big W, & KMart to name just a few reasonably priced shops. We just bought 5 bits of luggage with us (80kg for the 2 of us) all clothes and pretty much sold all our stuff and rented out our flat. We bought a USB internet dongle for internet access which has lasted us for ages, that’s worth doing, we are using Vodafone for that and also for our mobiles. Seek is obviously the best website for looking for jobs and the Canberra Times has job section on Saturday and also Wednesday. We found out when we arrived that we have to do a tax return here at the end of June (by October) which was a shock as we didn’t know about that! We have to do it in the UK too for the flat we are renting out (Don’t forget to complete your P85 to let the tax office you are leaving the uk!) I have been looking at health insurance; you must take this out as you have to pay for the use of an ambulance if you should need it! It’s a mind field! There are loads of companies: have a look at http://www.Iselect.com.au to compare, also look at AHM, MBF, nib, HCF, Medibank, have yet to actually sort mine out! Food shopping is more expensive than the UK, now hubby is earning, I need to stop converting back to pounds! Its true when you are back home and you need to work out the salary into pounds, don’t base it on the exchange rate, do it by doubling or by 2.2 – u need to as its very expensive here! Rent is ridiculous!! We are going for a 2 bed flat in Kingston (fab place to live) with a pool and its $450 a week!!!! Some are $550 so that’s why u need to base the currency on the higher rate - for info my hubby is earning 12,000 pounds more than he did in the UK! We bought a cheap Canon printer/scanner/copier which is helpful to scan copies of the rental forms so that you can email them to the agent. The apartments we are looking at don’t have gas, so the bills will only be electric which we have been told should be $250 a quarter (approx), you wont need to pay council tax or water. Just internet (seems very expensive based on today’s research so we will prob stick to the USB I mentioned earlier ($79 for the USB which included 3GB of data allowance) hasn’t run out yet (4 weeks later!) Phone not sure but again seems expensive on today’s research! We have bought a Labarra phone card (http://www.lebara-mobile.com.au) which we use when calling home, it’s a sim card for your mobile and calls cost 5c for a landline and 19c for a mobile, we get $10 and each call has connection cost of 25c. One more thing! TV is a bit naf! Good thing tho is its showing the current Desperate Housewives as back home by one week! and Downton Abbey has just started which I missed first time round! Hope I’ve been helpful!
  9. p182

    Two years on in Canberra

    Following on from RobzNdebz's "Recently arrived in Canberra some info/tips 4u!" I thought I'd post some musings on my experience in Canberra after two years of living here. Myself and my partner arrived in Canberra just over two years ago on 457 visas. We're both late twenties and male, and have no other family with us. We could both see where the impending cuts and the economy were going in the UK and so decided to jump ship while we can. We were both pretty disillusioned by life at the time and fancied a change. A job opportunity came up for one of us and after about 15 minutes of discussion we decided to just do it. The 457 visa process took less than 3 weeks to sort out. We had been to Canberra once before (but only for a weekend) as part of a holiday to Australia a few years earlier. So I guess we hid the tiniest little idea what it might be like. On arrival in Canberra I did think, WTF have I done? That lasted about 3 hours and I haven't looked back since. Canberra is a very liveable and very easy city to live. Commutes are small compared to other Australian cities, and tiny compared to the UK. Canberra is probably the most cycle friendly city in the world. There are cycle paths just about everywhere in Canberra. And it does make for a healthy and easy way to get around. Driving is also very easy. In general both houses and gardens are of a good size. The general living side of life I find so easy and totally stress free. The city is dominated by one employer, the Australian government. If you are moving to Canberra and have a job offer it is worth thinking about what your partner can do. Since if they are not an Australian citizen it is very unlikely that they could get a job working in the public service. This does limit your job opportunities somewhat in Canberra! That's not to say there aren't other good jobs, but it does mean you have to try hard to find them and it might take a little longer to find the right job. For me the best part of living in Canberra is not the city itself but the surrounding areas. There are some stunning national parks in the region. So if you like walking and wildlife this is the place for you. You can go walking for a day and be guaranteed that you won't see anybody else and you will see a load of kangaroos, wallabies, parrots of various kinds, even echidnas. It's such a good way to escape for a while. I must say the wildlife in the city is also amazing. I don't think seeing the amazingly coloured cockatoos and parrots in the garden will ever get less exciting. The city itself is rather quirky, and far better than most non-Canberra based Australians give it credit. I've heard somebody say that it has more restaurants per person than anywhere else in Australia and I can definitely believe that. There are places like civic (the city centre), Kingston, Manuka, Dickson that are lively. Don't expect the west end of London, or Deansgate in Manchester, but there is enough places to go to enjoy yourself. It will take you a while to figure out where they are though. What Canberra does lack is good pubs. There's lots of those plasma screen sports type bars, but good pubs are few and far between. And unless you choose where to live very carefully you're very unlikely to live within walking distance of a pub in the way that you might be used to in the UK. Canberra is pretty much devoid of good architecture, and I do find that gets me down at times. There's a lot of concrete and glass and not much creativity there. Being a young city there's very few buildings that you could call historic. That said, it does have all the national institutions here. So there's galleries and museums galore if that's your kind of thing. I'd say the city's demographs are rather skewed towards the having 2.4 children lifestyle, and there does seem to be a lack of young people. We've found it quite hard to meet people our age and of similar interests for these reasons. Things here do seem very set up towards family stuff, and there is a habit of once the kids hit 18 they go and move to Sydney or Melbourne. Most of the people we know have young children and so it can be hard to find socialising opportunities. That said, part of the reason we haven't met lots of people is by virtue of the types of jobs we do, and also because we haven't tried as hard as we should! If you are a bit younger, and don't have kids, don't be put off by what I've said. Just be a little prepared for it and be ready to seek out social opportunities. I would say that Canberra does seem very monocultural compared to the UK -- there a few ethnic minority groups compared to other cities. However it is a very liberal city, probably the most liberal city in Australia (an I mean liberal with a small L). Housing is very expensive here, both buying and renting. The renting market always appears to be in crisis, with far more tenants than available properties. I wouldn't even bother to start looking until you get here. I think legally you actually have to physically view a property before you can put in a tenancy application, so letting agents aren't interested in you until you get here. Both whilst expensive I still think you get more for your money here compared to the UK. You get bigger rooms and bigger gardens. And when you compare things you've got to stop converting it into pounds. What you need to do is work out your post-tax salary and look at what percentage of that will be tied up in housing costs, or any other costs for that matter. And then compare this to your situation now. Healthcare can be a pain in Canberra. There are not enough GPs in Canberra and so it can be hard to get on the books at a practice. It took us a year to find a GP admitting new patients. However we did have to use the public hospital (Canberra Hospital) once in an emergency and received excellent care. Since moving here I've been back to the UK three times. Once for a wedding, and twice for christmas, but we'll be having our first christmas here this year. Every time I've gone back to the UK, Canberra has felt more like home. And every minute I'm back in the UK I can't wait to get back to Canberra. Not sure what else to say, except it's been two really fun years, I don't regret it all, and if you're in a similar situation to us and get the opportunity I'd give it a go.
  10. How long is it to realistically find a long tem house rental in Canberra in Beginning of October this year? Not sure how long to book a short term furnished place. Would 4 weeks be enough? Arrive October 11th.
  11. Hi, Myself, wife and two children arrive in Canberra Tuesday 28th June. Last week I booked (via phone) one of the popular short term rentals - however, today I had an email saying someone had booked it on-line just before I had booked on the phone. Therefore I have nowhere to stay! I have looked at lots of websites but nothing (except for expensive hotels) is available. Does anyone have any tips?! Thanks, Mike.
  12. surhythms

    When do you arrive in Canberra?

    Hey Guys Well maybe its just me being nosey or maybe Im getting overexcited as we are due to set off next week. Just wondered when people are due to arrive in Canberra, what you have planned, any jobs yet. Here are our details anyway: Leaving Ireland Tuesday 31st May Arrive in Sydney 2nd June Drive down from Sydney to Canberra in a hired car. Arrive Sunday 5th June. Staying in short term accomodation for the month of June - in Tuggeranong - Langley Heights to be precise (costing us AUD 2295) for the month - doesnt have a washing machine but we will survive! Its a 2 bed apartment off a main house 7 high school appointments made for week one - Belconnen High, Canberra High, Lyneham High, Melrose High, Merici College, St Clares College, Stromlo High - tried to spread the highschools around most areas apart from Tuggeranong. Looking through rentals trying to set up appointments for week one aswell Start work on 13th June ( a week after we arrive !!!) OH still looking for jobs and applying for everything under the sun!! - he works in IT Suzanne
  13. Hi Everyone, I've never really been on anything like this before, I hope I am doing it right. Well I am really excited about the job offer, I have had my medical and I'm a little worried that there may be issues there, but will just have to wait and see now. Would hate to have got this far and hit a stumbling block. The visa papers look vast and I'm a little daunted. Anyone got any useful advice for me? I am kind of pinning all my hopes on this job and the move, which is a scary position to be in. I have already moved there in my mind :biggrin: I am going it alone out there, I'm 29, 30 this month I really do think it is time for adventure and a new challenge. SO anyway, a big hello to anyone reading this, sorry if it is a bit dull, I'm sure I'll get more interesting once i get the hang of it
  14. I've got a dilemma - any advice would be great!! I was told I could get redundancy so i applied a few months ago and started planning like crazy for me, OH & little one to move to Canberra in August - planned flights (not paid), penciled in temp accommodation, applied for jobs and got an interview, got shipping quotes and chosen, opened bank acc, found tenant for UK house etc etc Today I have been told I can't have redundancy afterall .... There's 3 of us - We have £15k we could use to come over but that would need to cover living expenses Inc rent until one of us found work and buy a car or put down a deposit.... We also have £6k for flights and shipping of all our furniture What kind of budget did people start their new life in Oz with? Would others go for out now "psyched up" for it and son excited (he's 8) or would it be better to save more .... No nasty digs please! It's a difficult decision!! Thanks lots
  15. Guest

    Canberra Kids

    Hi all I was just wondering if anyone can help... We have an 8 year old son who is an only child - he hates "playing" and would prefer to be out at a park with friends (preferably without Mum or Dad following him!!!!) or riding round on his bike... Here's the dilemma: I'd like to live in Inner North but from memory looking round, although leafy suburbs they weren't necessarily places kids do or could play out easily (without supervision) I'd prefer not to live out as far as Gungahlin areas as I wanted to walk to work etc but again from visiting places like Forde etc they seem to be more "estates" and more parks and more kids playing out?? Have I got it all wrong and what do people think?? Thanks lots!! Cal.C.
  16. missshelly

    Newbies to Canberra

    Hi is anyone moving to Canberra in the next few months:wacko:
  17. Guest

    Many people from Canberra

    Hi, my name is Claire and I have been living in Canberra for about 7 months now. My husband accepted a job here last year and after a whirlwind few months we found ourselves on Australian soil for the first time... We have 2 kids, a daughter who is 7 and a little boy who is 2. My husband and I are originally South African who emigrated to the UK after studying but have found ourselves back on the southern hemisphere after about 11 years in the UK. I am not working so was wondering how people go about meeting others in Canberra? :v_SPIN: PS. I hope that I have posted this right, never been on forums really...
  18. Guest

    Canberra accommodation

    Hello, I would like some help on deciding which suburb to look for rental accommodation. I will be working at The Canberra Centre for 2-3 months before working in Weston. I won't have a car so plan to get around by public transport. Which suburb is best for me to allow travel to work at these two places but is also safe? What are the typical lease periods for rentals? Many of the agents I have contacted to not reply. One said that it was strange a lot of people were looking for 1 bedroom units close to the city this week. What is the best time of the year to move to Canberra? Is there a difference between going there in Apr or May? How much time should I allow for rental applications? I will be staying at a hotel for the first two weeks so I'm hoping I can find accommodation within this time. Any help is appreciated.
  19. Guest

    Canberra Mobile phone providers

    Hiya We are flying out tomorrow! I am taking my old orange phone which is unlocked (am making pay as you go) and will buy a sim card when i get there. What is the best network in canberra? What should we avoid?! Thanks!!
  20. Guest

    Social Work In Canberra

    Hi I have recently been offered a post in Child Protection Team in Canberra, I have viewed some negative info on the team and the ACT in general can anyone give any further info before I accept?? Thanks
  21. Hi there, I'm a newby to this kind of thing and would be grateful for any help at all. I'm a 38 year old single Accountant currently in Bradford in England and have been awarded a 176 sponsored visa to live and work in Canberra. The only thing is I applied with my friend and her husband as we were going to come out together to share the bills etc. The only problem now is that circumstances have changed and I am faced with the dilema of having to come out on my own, which is scarey to say the least. I was wondering if anybody could give me the low down on everything to do with Canberra, such as living cost, transport costs. How easy or hard it is to get a job? I also need to know if I have to study towards CA/CPA to be able to get a job to the calibre of the one I have in England as I am ACCA qualified. Also I have noticed there are a lot of Government jobs advertised but it says you have to be an Australian Citizen to apply for it, obviously I'm not so would this leave me with a hard task of finding an accountancy job which isn't in the government sector. Any help will be gratefully accepted. Thanks. Charlotte
  22. claireg

    IT work in Canberra

    OH got an email last night from a recruitment agency asking him what his status is regarding being able to work in Australia. So OH emailed back to advise we have permanent residence visa. Then OH got another email straight back and asked for his CV. OH sent his CV then went to bed. The guy phoned him at 7am this morning asking when are we arriving. Said that his skills as a .net developer are in really high demand in Canberra and they struggle to get people. Told us to contact him 2 months before we arrive to set up some telephone interviews and that he will get his CV sent around. Was really confident about him securing work as soon as we arrive as he would have already had the telephone interviews so they would just want to meet him in person. My OH asked him about the citizen requirement for a lot of the jobs and though he said that is very true there is still lots of work that doesn't require you to be a citizen and he would have no problem getting work due to his experience, etc. OH doesn't actually know how they got his details though!! He has registered with SEEK but hasn't applied for any jobs. It's put our minds at ease as securing work is our biggest worry re the whole move. Sorry for the waffle Claire
  23. Hi all, I may go on a bit but please bear with me....would be very grateful for any opinions you may have...would help me a lot. My husband is a nurse, 42 years old, currently working as a ward manager (9-5) has done this for about 10 years (both in England and Germany) He has been offered a few jobs. 1 is in Perth with a PR. 121. and $3000 relocation. We have a time scale of when everything should be done and according to that we would be looking at April 2012. Great, plenty of time to save and get everything sorted. The other is in Canberra temp. 457,PR after 1 year... good job (day clinic, so 9-5) start date November 2011. relocation excellent. 3 months rented accomodation and utility bills paid + $2000. My main worry is the kids. We have 5......not all will be migrating though. Our oldest lives and studies in Germany. Shelby will be going to uni this year (Adult nursing, will come to Australia when she is finished) so they are fine. Ally is 18 and is doing his AS Levels this year (had to resit yr. 10 when we moved from Germany due to different school system) so he will be in his A2 year in November....This is my problem. We are originally from Scotland and have only lived here since 10/08 so no family to leave him with. Can't send him back to Scotland (different school system). Also not poss. finacially to leave him here so he would have to come....he doesn't want to though. Wont leave his girlfriend...thinks he is in love;)) I don't have any concerns with the kids settleing as the settled very quickly here after our move from Germany. So I know they will be fine, I dont want to put Ally's education on the line. He also wants to go to Uni (RMN). He has said that if it doesn't work out with his girlfriend he would come to Australia with us and go to Uni there. So it's not school that keeps him here. I have also read that there may be International school fees in Canberra (have sent the education dept. an email explaing our situation and asking if and how much school fees apply) I believe there are no hefty fees in Perth??? Hubby also has Polycystic Kidney Disease...he could fail his meds. which is another concern. he may pass his meds for the 457 as this is only temp. but once down there and we apply for the PR he may fail;( I have read that he can then apply for a health waiver???? However if we go for the PR with Perth and he fails the meds then no Australia:((( I know on the 121 we all need health checks. What about the 457????? Have heard conflicting advice here. The nurse recruitment agency who found Colin the job in Canberra say only Colin, but some people on here have said that when they migrated on 457 everyone had to have the meds done. I looked on the education dept. Canberra and it states that international students need meds done. If this is the case I believe I would have to pay for everyones meds twice, 457 and then after a year for thr PR....Money, Money, Money!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also...Perth or Canberra?????????????????????? I wont be working at first......not really trained at anything except being a mum for the last 22 years...so don't know how easy it would be for me to find a job/settle in either state??? Perth looks and sounds lovely, great weather, lovely beaches etc....... Canberra also looks very nice but weather wise?????? also no beach;(((( I also want to move to place where Australians live and not just little Britain...... Thanks for listening.....look forward to any insight you may be able to give me. sharon.xxxxx
  24. We have been looking on realestate.com.au and only 2 properties came up as pet friendly for Canberra and surrounding areas. Anybody know where we can look? When we searched google we got pointed back to realestate.com.au Anyone taken pets to canberra? Candice
  25. Guest

    Any singletons in Canberra?

    Hello, I've been offered a job in Canberra so it looks like I might be heading over in the next few months. However....I am a 30something singleton and from reading the posts on here, it seems that all of the ex-pats out there are families!!!! Are there any other singletons out there or am I going to be the odd one out?!! :unsure: