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Found 320 results

  1. Guest

    I am Moving to Canberra

    Hi I am moving to Canberra from Manchester United Kingdom, hoping to move in Jan, please give some sugessions for accomodation,Church,gym etc i know i will find these things but its good to know before hand.
  2. Guest

    Canberra advice

    :smile:Hi, We are considering going to Canberra for a time between 1 and 3 years (depending on employment contract). So, we will be renting. We would like some advice on the best place to live in Canberra for a family where the 2 parents work , with one child at the primary school and a baby. We are not fussy. But we will be looking for the cheapest rent we can get on the best area of the city - like a 2 bedroom house, open plan, single garage, nice outdoor space, nothing luxurious but clean and in good repair, sort of cheap and chearfull kind of place - nice views would be a bonus. We are also very keen in avoiding any Bible belt. We just want a place where neighbours are civilized., welcoming and easy to get on. Priorities are good school and easy access to the city centre. We would be grateful if we could also get some advice on childcare, buying or renting a car and entertainment. We heard a lots of good things about Canberra, but we are a bit skeptical. It seems to good to be true. What are the cons in Canberra?
  3. Hi, I have responded to a recruitment drive in the Uk for a job in Canberra. I am hopeful og being sucessful, but although I have given a lot of thought to moving to australia, Canberra is not a place I know a lot about! I am married with two children and have previously lived in germany and cyprus, but currently in scotland where the rain is driving me to distraction! It will be another bib move for the children so we are trying to find out as much as posible about the city, what the housing is like and proces etc before making such a big committment. any advice welcome!
  4. Hey Guys. We dont know where we are moving to atm. My Mum says it will be Canberra, Melbourne Or Sydney. She also says we are only in the 'early stages'. Has anyone been to any of these places before? Or does anyone live there now? I would be interested to know what these places are like. We've never been to Australia before? We might be moving, mainly because my Dad's work. He's doing his skills assesment atm. I would love to move, because its warmer, lots of beaches and I LOVE the Australian accent. But, on the other hand, I dont want to move, because: I would miss my friends lots and lots, especially Chloe, Sophie and Demi, My best mates. They know about Autralia and they would be so upset if i went. I would miss my family, lots and lots, especially my Nan and my older Sister Natalie. She isnt coming becuase she doesnt want to leave her Dad. Calli, our labradoodle, is coming with us if we move, if she wasnt coming, then to be honest i wouldnt go. I couldnt imagine life without her. Please write back. Love, Sian x :wubclub:
  5. Guest

    Moving to Canberra

    As you know we are getting closer to our move to Canberra (still in Sydney) We are now going to start looking for a house to rent please could anyone advise us on areas to avoid, any info would be greatly appreciated. Luv mic :wacko:
  6. There will be a small coffee get together on Friday 10.30am if anyone is in Canberra and fancies a chat and latte. pm me for details. Helloooooooo any Canberrans out there?
  7. Guest

    jobs in canberra

    Im looking at goin to Canberra on a sponsored visa. Do any of you have advice on which is the best area to look for a job and schools. I am a carpet fitter/ floorfinisher with 9 yrs experience but no qualifications
  8. Guest


    Hi Everyone Can anyone tell me anything about Canberra? We have just been told we could get state sponsorship to this area, but as luck would have it, it is the only area in the whole of Australia that we haven't done any research into. :err: Any comments on lifestyle, school, job market etc etc etc would be greatly appreciated Thanks Karen:smile:
  9. Sammy77

    Weather in Canberra

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the all year weather is in Canberra/ACT. Thanks Lisa x
  10. Quoll

    Greetings from Canberra

    G'day all! I am a Pom but have been living in Aus for aeons and only just stumbled upon expat boards. Must say though, that I am a Pom longing to go home but not able to because I married an Aussie who refuses to leave his vegie patch unless it be to go and live waaaaaay out in the bush (I think NOT!). Canberra is as good a place to be if I cant be in Cambridge I suppose. We have both retired and got part time pocket money passion jobs but my parents are no longer able to make their 6month visit trips and DS1 seems to have emigrated back again - not planned just opportunistic. With another son here (out in the bush miles from anywhere) with our only grandchild I guess we - correction I - seem to be stuck here! I do go home pretty much whenever I want to though and that is turning out to be at least once a year - next year will be twice.
  11. Guest

    rental in canberra

    Hi guys, just looking for some advice for renting in Canberra. We are listed with some real estate agents, but just wondered if anyone had any other advice to offer. We get to Canberra on 6th oct and want to rent while we look to buy. Ideally we need something 3 bedroom ish to accommodate our stuff from the UK so when it arrives so we dont need to put it into storage. I'm sure there are lots of people been in this situation, not in Canberra(because not many people go there!) but anywhere really! Help me please:chatterbox:, talk to me! Pamela, trying to remain calm, Walker
  12. Guest

    Canberra, anyone?

    Most of you prospective migrants to Oz seem to be looking at places like Perth and the Gold Coast, and maybe the other state capitals. But what about Canberra? I have yet to see anyone express an interest in our nation's capital. Why is this? After all, it's one of our larger cities (population 330,000), is a neat and clean place, inexpensive to live and has skifields on its doorstep. Having just spent a pleasant weekend there [see my blog on the road trip], I would be interested to hear what other PIOs think of the place.
  13. Hi, I'm new to this forum and also new to canberra, I moved here a week ago. I trying to make new friends, anyone has ideas how to socialize here. I should get my working visa and then at least look for a job and so. I'd be happy to get some advice on how to pass my free time end also meeting new people. if you have ideas about volunteering or short term courses... thanks everybody, Hilah
  14. Does anyone know of good tempory accommodation in Canberra? We are heading there beginning of October and need to stay in campsite or something for 8 weeks. We are hoping to stay there while we look for a house to buy. What are the current estimated time scales for the buying process? Been a right pain to complete our house sale in the Uk so dont want to go through all that again!! Any suggestions please?
  15. Guest

    Canberra DIAC Courier Address

    Heya does anyone know which address I should use for courier delivered application to the Canberra office. I am not convinced that couriers do PO Boxes??:unsure:, or whether it should go to the Braddon address instead? I checked the immi site for the addresses but it isnt massively helpful in the way its worded because the postal address is a PO Box. Thanks Lisa
  16. Guest

    Canberra Schools????????????

    Hi We are 'hoping' to move to Canberra at the beginning of September this year - Hubby has job with Aussie Navy and we're just waiting for the Visa Application to be sorted. Current status is that we have had it all acknowledged - Meds and Pcc's all done and there - just waiting for CO on 47ES Visa (Labour Agreement). My question is Hubby will be working in Campbell Park Area of Canberra - SCHOOLS??? My kids are - or will be - 11,15 & 16 and we want to get them into Schools ASAP - preferably at the beginning of October to keep some form of normality in their lives. Can Anyone recommend best/good private/catholic/state schools in and around Canberra?? I have a full list of Schools for the area, but have no clue where to start! Any info would be greatly appreciated Many Thanks in advance Angie
  17. If there is anyone out there who lives or knows someone living in Canberra, please feel free to update me on pace of life, schools, sports etc. Due to be there in Apr 07 for two years initially before maybe being posted elsewhere. Thx
  18. :?: Hi We are hoping to be in Canberra in August/September 07. My husband has had Labour Agreement etc - We want to purchase property to rent as an investment. I am aware that there are tax incentives regarding this. Does anyone have any information regarding this?? We have sold our home here and are currently in rented accom. Angie
  19. restfamily

    Anyone live in / off to Canberra?

    We are planning on moving to Canberra – are we mad? I cannot find anyone else going? Why is this? My husband is in quite a specialist line of work and most of the jobs seem to with the government in Canberra. Ta
  20. Guest

    Melbourne to Canberra

    Driving from Melbourne to Canberra at the start of next month. Want to stop somewhere in between the two places for a night. Has anyone got any suggestions? All suggestions welcomed , thanks Ta Jen