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Found 135 results

  1. Guest

    Anyone heading to Cairns??

    Hi All, I dont see Cairns come up very often on the forums. Is anyone heading out there? Or has anyone already moved out to Cairns and what do you think? Myself and my OH - Damian (Carpenter) are thinking of moving there next year. We have a 3 week holiday there in October. Thanks, Kylee
  2. Guest

    Driving from Brisbane to Cairns?

    Hi all, This is our first post. We're thinking of travelling from Brisbane to Cairns. We were going to travel by car but have had mixed reviews. We understand it's about 1700km so were going to spend a few days doing it. Has anyone done this or know if it's a good idea? Should we fly instead? Thanks in advance :v_SPIN:
  3. em&paul

    Carpenters in Cairns

    Hi All, Does anyone know what the work situation is like in and around the Cairns area for carpenters. Been on the internet looking but struggling to find anything. Trying to get an idea of hourly wage and availability of work. Need to know we can afford a house when we get there!! Originally looking at Brisbane but keeping ideas open!! Thanks Emma :notworthy:
  4. Hi, We are new members and have already submitted a Contrebutary parent application in Sept 07. My daughter, australian son in law and two grandchildren are living in Cairns. We have been on holiday and checked out the shcools, housing and jobs (not that we have found one yet) We have a second daughter 15yrs old and after much deliberation we decided to register her as an international student. We have applied for a contrebutary parent visa and we were advised that it would take about 6 months. ( but it is going to be much longer), Our 15 yr old daughter went out in September with my husband to start school and see how she could fit into the life in oz. They came back at the begining of Dec and My Daughter is due to fly out in a couple of weeks to start yr 10 at TAZ (new school) She has made new friends and loves the school. We are so anxious about letting her go on her own!!!!!:sad: If we put her back to her school here she would have to stay until she finishes her GCES, then it would be A levels and she may find it harder to move. Being with her sister is good but what if she needs us? It could be another 12 months before we get a visa!! What if we don't get a visa!!:unsure: Then there are all the usual - Are we doing the right thing? We were already putting the house up for sale so that's on the market. Family and friends don't want us to go and it is difficult for them to be objective. It has been good to read how others are getting on and it would be great to hear other peoples views. Di
  5. Guest

    Arrived in Cairns!

    I can't believe we are actually here and everything has happened so quickly, but here we are in Cairns, been here just over a week and so far so good. That is apart from having a bag stollen either at the airport or by the Taxi driver. And it was THE bag, you know, the one with all the documents, birth certificates, bank stuff, health records and all the stuff we were keeping with us in case the ship sank with our container, photos, filofax, jewellery etc etc. Still, at least we are all well and most is replaceable. The police arn't interested. The annoying thing is we've been right round the world to some decidedly dodgy countries and then...welcome to Australia. Apart from that it's great. My husband has a job he managed to land by phone interview from Africa a week before we even arrived, so that was brilliant luck. We have found a house to rent in Port Douglas, paying $400/week for 4 bed. That was the cheapest we could find, it's nice, no pool. We've bought a car and hired one for now untill the new one arrives. Activated our bank accounts, registered with medicare. It's realy hard work but we're getting there. It's glorious here too, absolutely beautiful. Hot, but it's not a problem. The odd mozzy after it rained yesterday. No spiders, snakes or crocs yet. Not even had a chance to cuddle a koala. Loads to do and see. The supermarkets are great, I'm realy surprised, much better than my last visit. And the fresh produce at the market is just beautiful. Perfect, fresh, ripe fruit and veggies. And we stopped in Perth on the way here too, in Fremantle, what a great place!!! I'd live there like a shot if we could afford it! The odd pang of homesickness but it soon passes when I look at the mountains or the sea. Anyone want any Cairns help just ask. And I've met so many lovely friendly people here (mostly poms I must admit). So feeling very positive. Hope it lasts! Ax
  6. Guest

    Meet & Greet In Cairns??

    Hi. I've noticed a couple of threads before about meet and greet services on arrival in Oz but have only spotted places like Brisbane, gold coast etc. Anyone know of this type of thing in cairns? Thanks, Paula
  7. Guest

    Cairns - gissa job

    Hello there, well we've been here in Cairns for a couple of months now - love the rainforest, the tablelands, the beaches, the food, the weather (crikey its hot!) and most of the people we've met - but I need a job! Applied for over 30 so far - yet to receive a reply from any. Been in local govt in the UK for past 10 years and 9 years before that in British Gas - had some weird jobs (in the local cemetery and as a Debt collector for Coucil Tax - boo, hiss I hear you say!) but trying now to get any admin type role. Reading forums I know I'll have to start at the bottom probably - but I'm ok to do that. Registered with the agencies for permanent or temp work - done all the tests with good results - but still nothing. Of course, starting again has turned out more expensive than we thought, so any income would be quite nice now, just for some of those luxuries - you know, like food. Here in Cairns hospitality jobs seem to be the go - but when I asked about room attendants jobs as somewhere to start I was told would def need experience and qualifications, plus I'm in competition for those type of jobs with all the backpackers that are passing through (can't complain about them - I did that too many, many years ago) Anyone any suggestions? Any constructive comments gratefully received (any silly comments will probably get a smile - though deperation is starting to set in!) In the meantime will keep making those applications and hope someone takes pity - I'm polite and friendly, well presented (smell pretty fresh and all that) and will do a good job for someone given half a chance - honest!
  8. My husband has a job offer in Cairns and everyone who lives there is being so much more helpful that the contacts I had in Brisbane...We fancied going somewhere other than the norm, Brisbane, Sydney....Any advice, comments would be fab...
  9. We are moving to Cairns in April and I can never find anyone who has gone or is planning to go there, I would really love to get in touch with someone...hoping that one of the long standing members might be able to help me on this one
  10. Guest


    Hi My husband has just been offered a job in Cairns and we are now considering this as our destination when the visa's come through in april/may (everything crossed). Has anyone moved over there? We are only reading good things and would love some feedback.