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Found 135 results

  1. Hi, Yes I'm a ring-in and an Aussie, sorry about that, hope you don't hold that against me. :cute: Recently moved back to Cairns after a bit of a stint down south (Townsville & Melbourne) and I'm hoping to meet a nice English girl. I love an English accent but more than that I really enjoy the company, different outlook & friendly nature of someone from the UK seems to have over our Aussie girls. Short of moving to the UK (maybe one day), I thought this might be a good alternative. If you're interested in catching up please feel free to drop me a line. :hug: Shane
  2. Guest


    Hi everyone I posted on this site about a year ago because we were thinking of making the move but I ended up getting a different job in UK so decided to put it off for a while, We have managed to save about 10k in the last year and have no debts in the UK But we dont want to commit to totally moving incase we dont get on with it, What we have decided to do is get a travelling visa and move for 6 months to see what we think,If we like it could we then apply for a visa while we are there,(im an electrician) I will also have enough money coming in each month from the Uk to pay rental on a house in OZ, so could I rent a house and still not work for the 6 months or until we decide we want to stay, And one more thing how much roughly would it cost to rent a property in Cairns in a nice area per month,and could anyone tell me any nice areas so I could start researching,thanks guys.:goofy:
  3. Hi this is my first post, i joined this forum to hopefully get some guidance with employment prospects. I am a butcher with 11 years experience. I am awaiting a final decision on my 3 year visa and i am hopefully going to cairns next april 2010. The problem is I am not seeing many jobs for butchers advertised online and i am getting panicked! I am in good steady employment here but will take a risk and go to see for my self what the score is with prospects. When you think of all those Barbies the Aussies are having surely there are plenty of Butcher shops/supermarkets and so good chances of employment????? I visited Australia before and was alarmed by how many signs were in shop windows that read 'job vacancy- locals only'. What if they just don't want to employ me because i have a temporary 3 year visa?? I would like to hear from any other Butchers who have made the move and found work- I am going it alone and am working 50 to 60 hours a week to build up some cash to protect me if the worst happens but people have to eat so surely Butchery is a safe trade in Australia?! :mad:
  4. Hi there, iv just joined this site and looking for any advice off fellow tradesmen off to live in oz. Im due to go in june with my partner katy who has been given sponsership as a nurse to cairns hospital. I currently work as a maintenance electrician. Iv just sent off for a ARTC application pack to get my qualifications sorted out. All i would really like is any advice any tradesmen can give that are in the process of moving or have moved. Hope to here from you. Many thanks Stu
  5. Guest

    Colours of Cairns

    I flew into Cairns (north-eastern Queensland) this week and I can't believe. This place is fantastic. I found the piece below on the city's newpaper website, and it just sums the whole area up. I've never been this impressed flying into a city before. See colours of Cairns on holiday - Visitor Information - - Cairns, QLD, Australia
  6. Guest

    Dress down to head Downunder

    I found this article very useful when trying to understand the Cairns dress code. THE Australian city of Cairns definitely has it's own style, a style that is a reflection of both it's laid-back lifestyle and true-blue sense of integrity. Full story here
  7. Guest

    New to Cairns

    Hi Guys/Girls...just moved over from NZ 3 days ago after being there for a year. I've never been here before, haven't a clue where to go and haven't a clue where to live. Main priority is to have a garden for my dog, beach side of the Highway, and close enough to the city so a taxi isn't too expensive on a night out....any ideas?
  8. Hi folks I am heading up the coast from Sydney to Cairns, and was wondering if any one on the forum could give me information, i.e previous experiences. I am thinking about taking two weeks to drive, taking in various sights on the way. Is this enough time? Also, does anybody know roughly how much it would cost in petrol travelling in a a 1.6 litre car. Cheers Greg
  9. Hi Guys & Girls, I am due to stay at this resort in June 09 with my partner, i would be grateful for any comments on this accommodation i.e. where it is situated, is it affected by aircraft noise, cleanliness etc. Any help will be much appreciated, as our Tour Company are a little unhelpful. Look forward hearing from you. Beach Bum79 xx
  10. mellymop


    Hi, my family (me, husband and kids aged 9 and 4) and I are looking to make the big move to Queensland. Can anyone tell me how much the initial costs are for the visa, (husband is an electrician) medicals and any extras? Also do we have to pay for schools in this area?
  11. Guest

    Sparky in Cairns

    :cool:LIFE COULD NOT BE BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moved to OZ in april 07 with my wife being 30 weeks pregnant was a BIG decision to leave and have the baby in OZ .... But hey new start n all,,, So glad we did livin in the tropics is GREAT... shorts n t shirt all year not like down south still gets cold like the uk.... Minimum temps in Cairns is about 16 degrees bbbrrrrrrrr HA HA HA... I moved before Vetasses so very lucky I did.... Sorry to here what you guys are having to go through now they really sound unorganised. (MUPPETS)..... Although I myself had problems on arrival had to get trade recognised again for licencing purposes they said, although the references I had sent for my migration papers had not enough info on them. Had to phone back over 14 years of employment for new ref's... I got my QLD licence in my hands in Nov 07 and have just completed my contractors course Oct 08. If any of you guys are havin doubts DONT its a great life here in OZ just wish I had done it earlier. Advice that I can give ------------------ DO IT YOURSELF dont use any migration companies honest it aint that hard I DID IT, a load of CASH for them filling in the same forms that you can download of the net seems a waste save the cash for beers n BBQ in OZ
  12. Calling all Stokie nurses in Cairns. Would love to talk to you. Am an absolute original Stokie now hell-bent on coming to Cairns. Am a Consultant Dermatologist and have applied for a job which has been advertised in CBH. Would you be kind enough to talk to me about living in Cairns? I would very much appreciate your advice/support. Thanks. Simon Tucker.
  13. tucs

    Primary schools in Cairns

    Hi Everybody Please can anyone tell us what or which are/is the best state primary school(s) in Cairns? On a more general note-are state schools in Oz usually any good or is it all a bit of a lottery as back in Britain? Do you have to seriously consider sending your kids to private school? Thanks. Simon and Alison Tucker.
  14. Guest

    spider eats bird in cairns

    Photos from west of cairns. eddie
  15. ......................
  16. Guest

    Brisbane, Cairns or Karratha

    Hi Guys and Girls, Me (24 years old) and my girlfriend (34 years old) are looking to move to Oz in the new year but there are a few problems. The first is i have just got a Working Holiday Visa but because of my girlfriends age she cannot get one. So, is the best thing to do for me to get a job and then for here to get sponsored for a visa when we are out there (here just being on a Holiday Visa at the time)?? The next is where the hell do we go? I had my heart set on Brisbane because of what I've read, heard and pictures I have seen. BUT I had an interview for a BGC Contracting on Sunday and know that if I get offered the job it will be ridiculous money, say $150k thats basic and site allowances etc. BUT I would be based in Karratha on a FIFO to Perth on a 15 days on and 6 days off rota, or I can be on 10 days on 4 days off but live in Karratha and get lodge, but the house prices there are ridiculous. If I went FIFO I wouldnt see my girlfriend for 15 days at a time! Plus Karratha is very remote, is it worth the money? I have an phone interview with the Queensland Government on Friday and if successful I would be based in Cairns on between $70-76k so half what I would get at BGC. So do I go for Cairns or hold out for a job in Brisbane???? Bearing all this in mind I need to earn enough to send home say £500 a month for loan etc. back here in UK so I need to earn enough to do that. But then saying all that if girlfriend gets a job then that would be ok to earn less. Sorry for the essay but I need help!!! :arghh:
  17. Guest

    Brisbane or Cairns?

    Can anyone help us with any info on the above two? We fly out on 20th Oct to Sydney and travelling up east coast by train to have a look about. I really fancy staying in Cairns, as I went there 4 years ago and loved the sea (we're both divers), rainforest, lack of traffic and high rises, restaurants galore, loads to do and not too many people. My partner fancies Brisbane (never been) for the job opportunites and lower cost of living, and not so remote. Any info from anyone who's been to/lived in both. OH is a sparky and I'm in sales (possibly going into Real Estate) Ta awfully! x:spinny:
  18. Hi been in Cairns for 15 months now, and still trying to find any pommies!! please let me know if ur in my area, need some normal conversation!:arghh:
  19. Hi all, We are coming to Cairns in October with a 4 night stop in Sydney first. We have a 21 month old daughter and are looking for any advice/tips on what to bring for the journey and the 3 weeks we will be in OZ. She is an extremely good eater and will try anything so hopefully we wont have any food issues. Also from what I have read on here before, we will have to use a car seat with an Australian sticker on?? Is this correct? Is it worth buyin What sort of temps should we expect in Oct/Nov and are Mozzies a big problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  20. Hiya, we're going on a working holiday for 12 months with the intention of getting sponsored whilst out there. We're looking to go November this year, just wondering where is the best place to get cheap flights out there???? Thanks Dan & Bella
  21. Guest

    We're gonna Do It

    Well the decision has been made we are going to try and move to Oz . Cairns in particular. I am a getting on a bit but if we don't do it now we never will. Going to try and get a business visa . SO any advice , help , info etc would love to here from you all Thanks
  22. Guest

    Cairns!!! Is Anybody Here??

    Hi guys, Used this site like crazy when in the UK and now hoping it can help me out again?? We are living in Cairns, been here 9 months (and for all you wondering where to live when u get here, Cairns is the most stunning place to settle)... I was wondering if there are any fellow expats that might like to meet up. I know expats are in Cairns but cant find them for love nor money - lol Would be really interested to hear from anyone who fancies a chat and also happy to offer any advice to people thinking of coming here to live. Thanks, Sarah
  23. Guest

    Cairns or Brisbane ?

    Is there anyone in Cairns or Brisbane that can give me some feedback on both ot either place as i cant make my mind up were to go - my partner is an engineer by trade but has been doing joinery work for 10yrs so i think with the amount of building work going on work wont be a problen in either place - any feedback would be gratfully accepted - thanks :notworthy:
  24. Hi Everybody, My husband, daughter and I are going out to Cairns for a holiday in October and if all goes well we will start the visa process soon after. My husband is a qualified, experienced carpenter. I wondered if there are any chippes in Cairns who can tell me anything about jobs/ working hours/ wages etc. Also do you have to get a licence to work and how do you get it? Any advice would be great, Thanks, Kylee
  25. Hiya i have been told that you have to get medicals done by only certain doctors as not all are reccognised by immigration any idea who is best to use in cairns for medical and xrays. also a rough idea of cost would be great. thank you