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Found 135 results

  1. Hiya! I was reading on a website to avoid all suburbs beginning with 'M' and people described them as 'cheap and nasty.' Can anyone shed any light on this?! As me and my partner are going to be housesitting up there soon and im getting a bit worried now:confused: is it because of crime or? Just wondering if anyone knows if it is a relatively safe place or not? Does anyone live in Moroobool? Any help appreciated thanks!! :biggrin:
  2. Tink85

    Cairns anyone??

    Im still waiting for my PMV to come through, applied early march so hoping it wont be to long now! Then off to Cairns :biggrin: Is there anyone thats made the move there???
  3. The Far North is being targeted in a campaign to train 1000 adult apprentices to work in the mining and energy sectors. These people could be qualified in 18 months. National Apprenticeships Program Director Alan Sparks says "we are looking for people in Cairns who have skills but no formal qualifications" "for example there are probably taxi drivers with the skills and experience we require. The ideal candidate would be aged between 25 - 45 years old. The recruiting process and training will be free of charge. To register your interest take a look at http://www.nationalapprenticeships.com.au
  4. Guest

    Cost of Living in Cairns

    I'm hoping:biggrin: to be in Cairns by the end of October on a 119RSMS Visa.If anyone on this forum is in Cairns could they make contact,would appreciate information on cost of living. DIAC have application since 29/07/11 and myself and my wife are waiting patiently(for now) awaiting news.We are looking at renting a two bedroom apt. in a complex close to or in CBD.I to children aged 13 and 16,so any information on shopping,bills,etc., would be great. :smile:
  5. Hiya everyone. Well we have gone for it , flights booked a short holiday then jump into our new life !! If anyone out there is in or around Cairns and has any advise regarding where to rent for a short time we would really appreciate it guys !! We have no furniture and the stuff we have shipped wont arrive for a good few weeks after we get there. we were thinking of renting in a resort or something like that , again any advise would be great. Cant believe its actually happening !! woo hoooo
  6. Guest

    Moving to Cairns from the UK

    Hey guys, just joined this forum as hope to be able to pick some brains and get some information that we can use upon arrival. My fiance and I are planning on moving to Cairns from the Uk this time next year. Sarah (my intended) is a nurse and i am a sports psychologist and scuba diving instructor - hence the reason why we chose Cairns, as i plan on getting back into full time scuba instructing. Just wanted to get some information on Cairns really, such as what its like to live there and the best places to buy a house. Gaz
  7. Hi every one. We are planning to move to Cairns in Jan 2012. Having looked at realestate.com.au web site , it looks like there are plenty of good quality furnished accommodation ( apartment complexes with pools , etc) in Cairns. They seem to be reasonable at 350 $ per week. Similar housing unfurnished seems the same price almost. This makes me wonder if it is worth bringing in furniture from the UK due to costs involved . Any one who lives in Cairns and knows the area well?? Any one recently been house hunting in Cairns - your experiences would be much appreciated. My employer is providing me with 3 month furnished accommodation with option of extending it at current market rates but I have not yet received any info on what they will provide . It is likely to be a an apartment complex though which will be of good quality. thanks guys
  8. hi, have just moved to cairns from sunshine coast due to hubbys work. we are a 40 something couple with two teenage boys and would love to meet up and make friends here.
  9. Guest

    Mating snakes wreck Cairns club roof

    A seven metre female python and her harem of male snakes are literally bringing the roof down at a Cairns sports club. Six scrub pythons measuring at least 3.5m and weighing up to 50kg are fighting over one female in the roof of the Hekili Outrigger Canoe Club at Yorkeys Knob. The amorous males have dislodged the ceiling boards in their pursuit of the female python, which club members have dubbed 'Nagini' after the giant snake in the Harry Potter series. Club coach Sue Lockwood said the roof was replaced just three months ago after it was damaged in Cyclone Yasi. 'The whole board underneath the eaves has basically popped open and now they're entering and exiting through that hole. When we're inside the shed we can hear them moving around,' she told AAP. 'We've only just had our ceiling replaced because it caved in when Cyclone Yasi hit us. 'It was pretty well much a mess for a long time, it's all just been replaced and now the snakes are breaking the roof.' A snake catcher has removed two of the males but the others are proving elusive, Ms Lockwood said. 'He can see where they're going but he just can't get in there so we have to wait until they come out.' She says bite marks found on one of the captured pythons show they have been fighting over Nagini. It's not the first time snakes have used the club's roof as a mating ground but this time around the males are bigger and there is more of them, she said. Some club members are unsettled but Ms Lockwood says the snakes are mostly harmless and only bite when startled. 'The irony of it is is that we paddle canoes in croc-infested waters and we have marine stingers for six months of the year, and we have tiger sharks and bull sharks in the bay where we paddle, and big huge saltwater crocodiles and yet everyone is scared of a little snake,' she said. Wednesday, July 20, 2011 » 04:48pm
  10. The last 5/6days of our reccie we were going to go up to Cairns from Sydney for a break and to see the Reef. I've tried finding a holiday, but aren't having any luck.........can't seem to find the right websites to search, and have thought about hiring a camper van and driving up, along the coast. What do you think? and where do I lokk for van hire or holidays, do you need to book in camp sites? thanks Cal
  11. Guest

    Beware of Pigs in Cairns!

    Pigs might not fly, but they occasionally fly off the handle like one feral porker in north Queensland. Weighing in at over 100kg, he has terrorised a town north of Cairns, rampaging through a hospital and attacking the locals. Apparently alarmed by a fire in a nearby sugar plantation, the pig lumbered through the front doors of the Mossman Hospital on June 26, announcing his presence with a chorus of squeals and oinks. Increasingly agitated by a lot of people in a confined space, he made an emergency exit by smashing through a window and fled down the street, chased by two men in a truck who hoped to herd it back into bushland. But the porker scurried across the Captain Cook Highway, dodging traffic before splintering the front gate of Ken and Zhanna Belsar's home. Mrs Belsar was in the front yard at the time and tried to fend the beast off with a garden shovel. But the pig broke the shovel and bit Mrs Belsar on the leg before she managed to scramble back inside her house. 'It was terrifying, I screamed so loud the whole neighbourhood heard it,' Mrs Belsar told AAP. Her husband said it was then that the two men who'd chased the pig arrived on the scene. One of them, a big fellow, tried to grab the animal, but he couldn't hold on and it tossed him several metres. Finally the pair were able to subdue the distressed animal and kill it. 'We can laugh about it all now but at the time it was really frightening,' Mr Belsar told AAP. 'I don't know what we would have done if those two blokes hadn't been there because we had this feral pig stuck in our back yard and the poor thing was really agitated.' Mrs Belsar later went to the hospital to have her wound treated. 'She's from the Ukraine and they don't have anything like this over there so it was pretty scary for her,' her husband said.
  12. The Pom Queen

    Buyers Agent in Cairns

    We used a great Buyers Agent when we moved from Melbourne to Cairns http://www.cairnsassetrealestate.com.au and I wondered if anyone else has used an agent to help them buy? For us it was great as we had no idea of suburbs in Cairns, how the property market was doing etc. With the help of our buyers agent we short listed some properties and then she booked inspections and we then flew up to view them ourselves. She met me from the airport and took me to our hotel and then every day for the next week she drove us around from one suburb/property to another. The best thing was there were no costs to us as she makes her money from the seller. Also she could tell me exactly what they had paid for the property and how much I should be offering, in the end ours was reduced by $100k. I could have happily paid her for this service. I wondered if anyone else has used a buyers agent/advocate? Kate
  13. The Pom Queen

    Endeavour Arrives in Cairns

    Looking forward to visiting the Endeavour whilst it's docked in Cairns over the next fortnight.
  14. Can anyone recommend a good website to book cheal flights to Cairns from Sydney and accomodation in Sydney for 4 nights, just going to have a quick break when we come over in August :biggrin:
  15. Heading to either brissie or cairns in Aug 2011. Just wondering for any families already out there - do you have any recommendations for schools - private or state for consideration for our children? We have 2 boys - the oldest is 3 and would be starting pre-school nursery here in the UK in August - so we are looking for good kindy/primary schools in anticipation that we may have to go on long waiting lists. Any advice or imparting of your experience thus far would be appreciated. Thanks Michelle
  16. Guest

    Rockhamptom or Cairns

    Hi does anyone live in either Rockhampton or Cairns ?? We will be coming over from the uk in the next few months, the job offer we have is in construction, so their not sure which area that we will be needed although it will be one or the other. Was wondering if anyone could tell me, out of the 2 which area would be best as we have 2 boys aged 18 months and 3 years,. Any info would be very helpfull. Thanks Andy
  17. The Pom Queen

    The Canopy Treehouse Cairns Tablelands

    Just wanted to say we stayed here a couple of weeks ago http://www.canopytreehouses.com.au and it was simply stunning, if you have friends or relatives over and you want them to see, hold Australian Wildlife then it's definitely the best place to go and the hosts David and Sharon are wonderful. We saw Cassowaries, Pademelons, Possums (actually came on sat on your knee), Australian Parrots, Honeyeaters, turtles etc. We have already emailed to see if they have any dates available for a return visit:biggrin::wubclub:
  18. Rudi

    Holiday to Cairns

    We are planning a trip to Cairns in July. Last time we were there (13 years ago!!) we went out on Quicksilver to the reef. Is this still a good option or are there other trips around that are just as good? We also plan to do the Kuranda Railway / Cable Car experience. Anything else that is a "must do" that people recommend for 2 adults and 3 children (8 - 14 years in age). Thank you! Love Rudi x
  19. Hi there, I am planning to come to Australia next year on a WHV to be a casual teacher - I teach secondary science here in the UK. Ideally I would LOVE to come to Cairns as it sounds just what I am looking for but I am worried that I will not get enough work. I know I have to register with Queensland ed but after that I am at a loss. Please could you let me know what the work prospects are for casual secondary teachers? Also, how would I go about finding work upon arrival? Lastly, I am pretty aware that I will need to buy a car and any help anyone can offer in that respect (how, cost?) would be well appreciated! Thanks, Emily xx
  20. sharon h


    Hi Can anyone tell me which are the best areas to live in around Cairns, as my partner and I have been offered work there, and are in the middle of deciding whether we should move there from the Gold coast. We like the look of Redlynch but would like to be near the ocean, which are the best state schools and are there any school you should avoid. Thanks for any advice. sharon:idea:
  21. olly

    Small quake in Cairns

    Tremor across Cairns after small quake :shocked:
  22. hi all, my boyfriend george and i are coming to australia in July '10 for one year with a WHV. we are very interesting in moving to oz long term as we loved our 5 week visit in the summer. we have decided to go for the WHV to give us a true experience of life down under and this will hopefully allow us to decide whether to take the big step to move permanently. we first considered sydney but after LOTS of research we feel cairns would suit us more in terms of lifestyle as it looks stunning and everything we have read has made us feel we could settle happily there. cairns also seems much more affordable with much better rental properties. we've been looking on domain.com and have been quite impressed with the quality of units around cairns. we plan to come to cairns in july and stay at a hotel until we have decided where we'd like to live in cairns. we'd be looking to rent a furnished unit. on the job front, i am a primary teacher and george is a car parts interpreter. im hopeful once ive register with the teaching council and the local authority i'll be able to experience teaching through casual supply work. if anyone knows any primary teachers who have experience of casual teaching in cairns and have any advice/tips for how best to get my cv to the local schools (ie whether to visit in person or send cv in post or by email?) would be much appreciated. i think the local authority also has a casual teaching placement system called tracker, but im unsure how reliable this would be for getting regular work? does anyone have experience of the motor trade in cairns? george is a very experienced and fully qualified parts interpreter and also has excellent mechanical knowledge. however,if he couldn't acquire a job in a parts department, he would also be more than willing to work in a garage as a driver or extra pair of hands to gain valuable experience of how a garage operates in oz. if anyone knows how likely he would be to get casual work in a garage that would be soooo helpful as this is something we can't gauge through the career and job websites. so to sum up, the things we'd like your much valued advice on are: 1. suggestions on acquiring a fully furnished one bedroom unit - is it best to rent through a company like domain.com or is it possible to organise accomodation cheaper and easier through a private let found in local papers or noticeboards locally? 2. casual teaching in cairns - anyones experiences of how they have found this would be really appreciated! 3. casual work in a car garage - how likely is george to get work using his skills and experience in the motor trade? 4. what is the best way to buy a secondhand car through private sale for a cash buy in cairns - we'd be looking for something cheap and cheerful - maybe around the $2000 mark. also any advice about rego would be fab! 5. last but not least - what is best airline to use to cairns? at the moment we are looking at flying with emirates for £700 each, glasgow - dubai (1 week stopover in dubai) dubai - signapore - sydney (1 week holiday in sydney) then fly with virginblue sydney to cairns for $210 (slighly concerned about the 23kg luggage allowance though!) we are going to try our very best to travel light and just buy cheap clothing, shoes etc. for work when we arrive so hopefully this won't be too much of an issue! just noticed how long this post is (thanks if you're still reading lol!) so thank you so much to anyone who can offer advice on any of the points above. ive already acquired so much knowledge from searching previous threads on cairns so hopefully people won't mind imparting their invaluable knowledge to help us out! thanks alot, kat and geo
  23. Cerberus1

    Barron River, Cairns

    The Barron River, near where we are in Cairns is in full force today, following torrential downpours yesterday. I took this picture at the end of November. Same stretch today [YOUTUBE]9JCMOs17wlg[/YOUTUBE]
  24. Guest

    Living In Cairns and Suburbs

    :biggrin:Hi, my family and I currently live in Victoria, hubby works full time and I am a housewife looking after my two young daughters. We are seriously thinking of moving from Victoria and moving to Cairns around Kewarra Beach/Trinity Beach etc. We have visited Cairns for holidays and our dream is to live there, we like the warmer weather, beautiful rainforest and more laid back lifestyle of Cairns. Would like info on primary schools in the area, my eldest will start school next year, medical centres, bus transport etc. We are looking on realestate.com at rentals as we would rent for a while whislt we look for a house. Thanks guys.
  25. The Pom Queen

    Food coming to Cairns

    It looks like we will be able to eat again pmsl. Supplies on way to Far North- Local Cairns News | cairns.com.au