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Found 249 results

  1. hi, we are moving to Melbourne in 2 weeks and will be renting temporarily for 3 weeks before finding somewhere more permanent to rent. However, whilst in the temporary place, we will be looking for a used car, but I'm struggling to find out whether I'llhave enough evidence of identity and proof of address to do so. Basically all I'll have are; my passport and visa, 3 week rental agreement, bank current account card and possibly a bank statement (if I can get it from the bank and change my address online to the temporary rental address). I've read that getting the medicare card opens many doors are proof of identity, but for this I need a 6 month rental agreement, so I won't be able to get that until later. For a driving license or car registration transfer, I can use my passport, bank card, bank statement (if I can get it with my address on) and rental agreement - but in this case it does not state how long for. So would I be ok using my 3 week rental agreement to get either my Vic driving licence or register a car? Any other advice on how to go about all this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. We are hopefully in last stages of our visa application and hope to be in Queensland before the end of Jan 2011 so i have been looking at car prices etc. I have found a very interesting site www.privatefleet.com.au I don't know if anyone has used this company but if they do as they say they have to be worth looking at. Let me know what you think. Cheers Keith
  3. Guest


    Hi All, OMG, we have just arrived here in this wonderful place (Sydney) and goodness to buy is sooooo expensive! We are very lucky though as we still have a place in the UK but are looking to buy in Australia by using the money contained in the house in London. Does anyone have any advice? We would like to create at least a deposit from the property in the UK and then we can get on the property ladder here in Sydney. Any guidance would be great, Thanks all, Michelle, x
  4. I'm just about to buy a second hand car in Victoria. Can anyone give advise on the best / most secure way to pay ? In the UK, a bankers draft is the norm is there anything similar in Oz. Also any other second hand tips / things to be careful about (apart from the obvious) would be appreciated.
  5. stezza79

    Buying a car....

    Hi, I'm after advice on buying a car! I want a decent car for a decent price! Where is the best place to buy a car from? Looking through car dealer websites the main car of choice is a holden...is this the Australian popular make? What does it mean by "included government charges"? Is there anything i should be looking out for, any special regulations, or is it like buying a car in the U.K? Do you have to tax the car like in the U.K? Wheres the best place to apply for car insurance? Any help would be much appreciated!! :confused:
  6. Our daughter and family are in Oz on a business visa. We will be going from the UK to see them every 3 months or so. We will be on tourist visas - can we buy property and if so are there any restrictions on what we can buy? Thanks.
  7. Hi all, My wife-to-be and are in the process of applying for our Visa (which we believe will now be schedule 2) - if and when the Government/ DIAC pull their finger out, and (touch wood) we get granted our visa we wanted to look into potentially buying or starting a business in the land down under. :idea: Seeing as my OH has a wealth of qualifications and experience in the food and catering industry, it would make sense, if we were looking down this road, to look into restaurants/ cafes etc My question is, for newcomers coming into the country, how realistic would it be for us to be able to achieve this? Bearing in mind we would have some money, but not enough to buy outright so things like business loans etc would need to be considered. Anyways would like to know your thoughts/ experiences and any advice, as always is very gratefully received! :radar: Thanks Ben
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the extra costs when buying a house in Melbourne. Is it Stamp Duty and conveyancing fees or are there other taxes you need to pay? Thanks for your help
  9. Petals

    Buying land and houses

    Its cold and wet now in Melbourne and its a good time to look around at land and houses you may be interested in. If you like it in the winter then you will love it in the summer. We have only owned two houses here and we bought our first house in the middle of winter, and we bought our land here in Somerville in the middle of winter. Both times we bought we had had particulary wet winters so we could see the faults with the land. Also in Spring and Summer as houses dry out you cannot see those problems with the neighbour's water running on to the block etc. If anyone is interested in acreage and has a few quid there is four acres going for 450,000 in Tyabb and another couple of acre block for $650 but its right on a ridge and has great views.
  10. Hi Guys Can anyone give me any advice on buying a second hand car in QLD. We will arrive on the Gold Coast next month so if anyone can recomend a dealer that would be great. Also how much would i need for a little run around? Thanks Ness
  11. Guest

    Xtras that go with buying a car

    I dont want to sound stupid but ---------- I know in the UK we have MOTs, Road Tax and Insurance, what is the equal to all these in OZ and where do i pick these up from.?- . Any ideas of cost, yearly
  12. Hi all, Does anybody have any experience in buying a car from a different state and then bringing (or having it brought) back to where you live. Im looking on carsales.com.au and the cars Im looking at in Perth are a lot more expensive and theres a lot less choice than in other states. Is it feasible to fly or get the train down to Vic and buy a car then drive back to Perth - its 1700 miles but would give me the choice of car and save $5-7 K Ive looked at wa government website about 'importing' Interstate or overseas vehicle and it isnt that clear about whether you are allowed to or not. One of the criteria states that you must have had the vehicle licensed in your name for more than 12 months. This seems to say that you can bring your car with you if you are moving state to state but thats all Would be interested to hear off anybody if they have done this or looked into it cheers Ad
  13. Guest

    buying medical insurance?

    My partner and I are emigrating to Queensland this month on our 175 visas. We are unsure which medical insurance company to go with. Can anyone make any recomendations. Thanks Mrs PuffPuff
  14. 10 -20% to come off current prices yet ......try this site www.houseprices.co.uk just put in your postcode and it will give an idea of valuations.......great bargains to be had
  15. Guest

    457 visa buying restrictions?

    Hi all, Does anybody know what restrictions we will have on buying/building a property in Oz on a 457 temporary visa? I looked online but couldn't get a very clear answer. Claire
  16. Hi Chaps, We're buying a car tonight. Been to see it, asked the questions, did the test drive, made the offer and all of a sudden I don't know what happens next! I've never bought a car like this before (always been new or at auction before), let alone in Australia. So, we're paying cash and will drive home with it this evening. What do I need to get from the seller? What do I then need to do? Someone at work mentioned going to the RTA to pay the stamp duty and changing the Rego? Is that it? I've got a couple of quotes for insurance so will sort that over the weekend. Thanks in advance, NM123
  17. Hi any one who has bought there first house here in Australia do you have any wise words to pass on ie what to check out and double check out , anything you wish that you had asked or thought you should have after the event :eek: any advice appreciated , thanx
  18. I see a lot of threads on here about people selling their UK property to buy houses the instant they move to Australia. I was under the impression that you needed permanent residency before (without applying for a special licence), you were able to own property in Australia. I agree that rent is dead money but with the UK housing market gradually picking up from its lowest point, the exchange rate of the AUD to GBP being at its weakest pretty much ever and the absence of any ratio between rent achievable and asset price, (about 3% here compared to 5% in the UK) - hence, renting here is cheap... where is the logic anyway? Especially when you can achieve over 7% on term deposits with your cash here! (Although converting large sums seems pretty crazy anyway until sterling bounces) I guess I have two issues... a) Do you need PR before you can buy? and b) Am I missing something with my view that buying here at the current time seems like economic madness? :daydreaming:
  19. Guest

    Buying Furniture...

    I'm moving to Cairns, QLD from Manchester , UK in 8 weeks time. I will need to buy a mattress and a sofa, does anyone know of anywhere similar to Ikea over here that I can just go and pick one up without having to wait 6 weeks for delivery? (And I know there is an Ikea in Brisbane, but it's too far away!!!) Thanks
  20. Hey guy, I have a 457 visa and my understanding is that I won't need a WA licence as I am 'working temporarily in WA' as per this link http://www.dpi.wa.gov.au/mediaFiles/lic_overseas_drivers_fact_sheet.pdf and can drive on my UK licence. The questions is, can I buy a car in WA without a WA licence? Cheers :cool:
  21. I know its a bit different than the uk so what sort of questions should I ask of the estate agent, conditions on offers etc. I assume that there is such a thing as planning permission etc. but what are the things to ask and what are the pitfalls. Also can anyone recommend a solicitor in Melbourne who's reliable and cheap (and legal I'm assuming they transfer the monies)
  22. Hi, Could anyone give me some advise or good links to advice on an idea I have had... I have aussie citizenship and am living in the UK at the moment ( ) but hoping to move to NSW in the next few years. I was thinking if it was possible to get a mortage to buy a house in aus near the coast(place in mind- a place my uncle and auntie live) and rent it out as a holiday rental..!? If this is at all possible does anyone know anything about doing this?? Thanks
  23. Hi All I have posted a few times here in the past. We are now progressing with the purchase of a shareholding in an established aussie family business, my wifes sisters husband and father own it. Question is, the business employs 11 people with a turnover of $3.5 million a year. Am I able to apply for residency based on this purchase. I have heard differing opinions. All views appreciated. Thanks Rob
  24. cazbeckham

    Buying PC's in UK

    Does anyone know of any customs issues if you had a desktop PC made up to your own spec in the UK and then shipped to Australia. We used to have our pc's built in the UK to our specific spec and they were a reasonable price and still are but to have a pc built here the cost is ridiculous. I can get 3 pc's made in the UK for the same price as one made here so I was wondering what issues there would be with tax/customs if we went down that route. Any advice would be really helpful please.
  25. We are bringing our UK caravan out to Adelaide (yes i Know they sell caravans in OZ) however we love ours and its cheaper for us to bring ours rather than buy another one. It will take 6 weeks for ours to be delivered to Adelaide. please don't take this as an offense against Australian caravans as this is not my intention. (someone thought I didn't know OZ sold caravans or didn't like Oz caravans on another site). Due to this we will be needing a tow car for its arrival. We have friends in NSW who we trust to look out a good buy and know they will not buy us a lemon. We could stay with them for a week to get over the jet lag. We then intend to drive from NSW down to Adelaide (sydney highway). This will take some time as we want to stop on the way to look around abit before arriving in Adelaide and collecting our caravan. Is there any laws or things we need to be aware of if we are buying a car in NSW and then wanting to settle in SA? number plate laws? Registration laws? etc? Any advice would be great. Thank you Julian