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Found 249 results

  1. Does anyone know what fees are payable on top of the price of the house when buying in Oz?... Hidden fees etc... Thanks :jimlad:
  2. charlene

    Buying a Business?

    Hi all at PIO, Me and OH are on the verge of making that yes/no decision of whether to get up and go or sit down and stay! We're trying to find out as much info as possible and explore all avenues. OH is interested to know what requirements are needed if you wanted to buy a business in Oz. If we go, we'll be doing it with me applying for a student visa and studying for about two years (interested in Child Care Co-Ordinator). We know about the 20 hours working per week for both of us and all the costs we'd have to cover, but is it possible to buy a business on this basis or would we have to gain Permanent Residency before we could do something like that? :dull:
  3. Guest

    Buying a house in oz

    Hi all!! I work for a finance broker in Brisbane who organises finance for people who want to buy a property in Australia. He has various different banking organisations which he uses including all the major banks. He can also help with sorting out your First Home Owners Grant ensuring that this is approved prior to settlement. He doesn't charge for his services and is quite happy to visit you at home to talk about what options are available and what would suit you best. Most importantly, he offers a brilliant level of customer service. He is constantly in touch with his clients so they know at what step their loan is at. He is patient, approachable and won't mind you asking the most silliest of questions about the house buying process in Oz!! If you are interested in contacting him, please send me a private email and I can pass his details onto you. Thanks for reading!!!! Amanda
  4. Guest

    Buying a house with a pool

    Coming from the welsh valleys I have very little understanding in the cost of a house pool and its maintenance. If I were to buy a house how much should I estimate to spend each year on filter changes ,pump maintenace etc and what should we look for in terms of a fualty, poorly constructed pool. Dont want it to collapse whilst drinking some tinnies. Cheers Ed
  5. Guest

    buying a car

    G'day >> Can someone advise how long car purchase takes in Aus? Assume I see a (slightly) used car on the forecourt; do the deal; have the dosh ( ozzie bank cheque) and insurance set up over the phone,( thanks for this info previous "posters") is it just dealer prep time like in UK or are there some other fiendish ozzie rules ( the REGO??) that make it slower. Once we arrive we want to dump our expensive hire car soonest and get mobile for property searches etc etc. Can't wait to join you all >> Fantastic forums -- keep it up! Deeandcee
  6. manykids!

    Buying a house?

    Does anyone know if you can, or has had any experience of, buying a house on a 457 visa - or do you have to wait untill you are a permenant resident? If you can are there restrictions on you as to where/what you can buy -we would need a big morgage too unfortunately! Thanks
  7. Hi all, Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I'll give it a go! We've just accepted an offer on our house which we put on the market anticipating it would take a few months to sell. It sold in 3 weeks and we have only just started the visa application process! The new owners want to rent it back to us which suits us down to the ground. This leaves us in a strange position of having a lot of disposable cash! We were planning to start or buy our own business in Australia when we got there. We are now wondering about starting this process early. Our agent informs us that we are allowed to buy an Australian Business without a visa. We have looked at the DIAC site and as far as we can make out, we could get a temporary Business visitor visa which would allow us to visit for up to 3 months at a time. Does any one know if we could use this Business visitor Visa to find a business and to run it while we were waiting for the main visa?? Obviously there are lots of risks attached to this - the main one being we don't get the main visa!! Have any Poms in Oz memebers bought a business as a UK citizen, when either based in the UK or Australia? Your advice and experiences sought!! Thanks
  8. hi just back from the sunshine coast and the gold coast. There are alot of new developments going on but from what i see new house and land packages were not as good value as older style houses, and the older homes having more land for your money overall. I know im eligible to buy a house and land package without a visa, but can anyone tell me is there any way i can buy an older house without having my visa yet, my visa will probably be with me within six months but prices are going up and homes are selling fast. I found this when i was out there. I would really like to buy as quickly as possible, is there any way? please advise. jason
  9. hi just thought, my husband is going for a research trip in may to find good suberbs in the sunshine coast area. We plan to move out there next year after xmas and was wondering as we would like to buy a house staight away, with a morgage, can we?? or do we have to build up some credit rating first?. We will have at least 50% as deposit. We are hoping that we do not have to use our credit rating here in the uk as we have defaulted on a few things recently, so hopefully morgage companies in oz do not look at our uk credit report. If they don't can we buy staight away as hubby has a job sorted? any help appreciated stacy
  10. I've just heard from my better half that we have to pay 5% fees on the house price that we pay!! Is this true? Is this stamp duty, or is it something else? Another way of siphoning money from my bank account? Does anyone know what this is for? Good heavens! I hear that Australians move house a lot - how on earth can they afford it?? Spock.
  11. Stuju

    Buying beds in oz

    Just to let you know if any one is in the dilemma of deciding about bringing a bed to oz or buying when arrive here, we purchased a double bed of silver effect frame for my daughter yesturday for $140 absolutley wonderful bed and very solid - also got a double mattress for $299 (a thick very comfy mattress) so a total of $ 439 which is approx 183 english pounds (one very happy girl as hers was collapsing !!! :wacko: now she can :SLEEP: soundly !!!! sweet dreams gizmo x
  12. Guest

    Buying a Business?

    Hi, can anyone help, my family would love to move to Australia (me husband, 2 children) my husband and I have both worked for the same company (gas) for 21 years although we have no formal qualifications, plenty of in house training, are formal qualifications a must? We are also very interested in buying and running a B&B of some kind, I can't find any info that states we could do this, what visa could we do this on, or can we buy a B&B then apply for business visa???? any info on this would be appretiaited.
  13. stacybird123

    buying a house in oz

    Hi just wondering is it possible to buy a house in oz before you are granted full time residency? or not? Basically me and my partner are worried about property prices continuing to rise in perth and that we will soon be priced out of the market. any thoughts appreciated, stacy
  14. Hi Can anybody help or advise me please... I'm a hairdresser applying for an Independent Visa subclass 136. If we are successful, does anybody know if my husband or I will be able to open a business straightaway or would we have had to live and work (for somebody) in Australia for a period of time before doing so. Thanks for any help Karen
  15. Hi, is anyone or has anyone gone down this route of buying land and having a house built? Any pitfalls? A friend of mine is buying land in QLD and picking a house from a catalogue (don't think it was Argos). He reckons its alot cheaper. 3 acre plot and massive house all for about $250k, he is capable of building it himself tho. Do you have to pay Conveyance Stamp Duty on the house you have built? (particulary in SA) What about these new developments where the area is still a building site, anyone had one of them? Any pitfalls? Cheers, Neil
  16. Guest

    Buying land before PR

    I believe you can only purchase a new house if you are not a perminant resident or citizen not a resale. What about land can you purchase this. Does anyone have any information? Thanks Jan
  17. Does anyone have any idea of the cost of buying property in Brisbane. For example here in Spain the rule of thumb is +10% of property value to cover conveyancing, land registry ect...
  18. Guest


    If any one wants to purchase a property, and needs a mortgage, send me an email and I will try and help. I arrived in May 2006, and bought my home in July. Did not have an income, as was setting up new business, however i was agreed a loan. the business i bought was a mortgage broking franchise and i offer a free service. My parent company is the biggest and most respected brokerage in Australia. I also have some great real estate and solicitor contacts. my email is dawn.courage@mortgagechoice.com.au We are having a great life in OZ, despite the cricket, and feel very accepted already. Good Luck to all new POMs in Oz Dawn
  19. How does house buying work in Australia? Could someone give me an idea of how the buying process differs to England? I understand they use alot of auctions - how does that affect things?
  20. is there a lot of problems and buearocracy involved in buying land and building your own place also i know this sounds lazy but if you go on a skills visa are you expected to work full time for the first number of years or so and show how much youve earned ie reach a target. only i will still be recieving dividends from the uk average wage a year so i would like to enjoy life, maybe play golf, ive never done that
  21. ali

    Buying a car

    Like most new migrants we'll be looking to buy a car - any tips on getting a good deal? I've heard there's a sort of stamp duty (don't know if it's actually called that), when you buy a car - should we ask for this to be included in the price? Is it better to buy new/used? Which cars are good value for money? Will show technical answers to hubby - I'm more aesthetic and will choose the colour!! :lol: Thanxs - Ali
  22. Bod


  23. Hi - just registered & first time forumer We've just submitted TRA so are still at early days stage yet but are hoping (so long as we are accepted - fingers & everything else crossed) to take kids (7.5 & 8.5 at moment) out of school for 4/5 months and travel round Oz in camper van to have good time out break, spend time with kids after working far too hard since they were born & decide where would be a good place for us to settle job & home wise. (hubbie is brickie & I want to be stayhome mum with maybe a little casual or temping work during term times). We are thinking about buying 2nd hand camper that we could then re-sell at the end of our travels. Could anyone offer any advice - does/don'ts - or we're just completely mad and shouldn't even think of this. Cheers
  24. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has tried to buy in Oz as a non-resident. Having lived in Australia previously but residing in the UK I would like to buy property over there(Melbourne to be exact) for a renovation project when I'm visiting friends(who are residents). This gives me chance to make some dollars while in the sunshine for a few months. Thing is, Can I just buy as a non-res? Can I get Australian mortgage or Uk mortgage for overseas property? Could i set up a partneship/business with my resident friend and inject my cash and use his staus? Further to that does anyone know any areas of Melbourne worth looking at? Thanks in advance and hope to be with you in the sunshine soon.