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Found 69 results

  1. I will do my best to keep this short and sweet, I SAID I WOULD TRY.:mad: But some may agree, and some not, but here are my ideas on what we in the UK could try and assimilate into our own 'culture'. 1. Long service leave, in my opinion a great idea. I dare say someone will say 'economically' we can't do this, but being a bit naive it does seem a great idea. 2. Voting. It should be compulsory to go to the polling station and at LEAST register, you may not vote, (though I disagree with this) but at least the Aussies are made to attend their polling stations and have their name ticked off. 3. British Day. The Aussies have Australia day, and whilst some see this as insular, jingoistic, etc, I love the way a nation can celebrate its own achievements. And YES I do know that not all Aussies celebrate Australia day, but all in all, what a great idea. 4. Clean Up Australia Day. I know there are a lot of 'independent' people who do such things in the UK, but wouldn't it be great where one day a year when a lot of the population clean up the sh7te that some believe we should all have to live in.:mad: 5. And lastly, you selfish Aussies, give us some of that sun, you know, just a bit would be nice. THIS IS NOT meant to be another UK versus Australia thread, if someone wants to start another thread about what the Aussies should copy from us then fair play. But this is meant with the best of intentions and would be great to read other peoples opinions on what we could do in this country that is similar to Australia. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  2. Hi All, My girlfriend and I are flying out to Mebourne on January 26th. She has a good job lined up already and has sponsorship for the VISA. Due to this I have a partner 457 Visa. I work in IT telecommunications and I had heard that I may struggle to get a job because I'm British. Could anyone confirm if this is the case? Thanks
  3. Any of you brits out there could help a poor wee scottish guy find work. moved out 11 days ago as a fully qualified plumber/ gas fitter ans am strating to feel usless. I have applied for all the qualifications i need in queensland ie licences ect but untill they come no one will entertain me for a job, I can drive and have a queensland licence and have just passed white card course online today so waiting for that to be sent out. If you have been in my position please give me a break! kevin
  4. Oz Dane Edna Everidge UK. Simon Cowell.
  5. Hello everyone, My name is Amy and I am doing an assignment on Briton's who have emigrated to Australia. I'm from Kent and I have been in Melbourne for 1 year and 3 months. I have PR and am very happy and well settled. I was wondering How many of you currently want to return home? or How many of you have no plans to return home? Thanks for any help xxx
  6. Hi folks. Me and the good lady are seriously considering buying a new dog, I have always owned dogs and wouldn't be without one. We presently have a terrier cross, who sadly is getting on in years. So we were looking for a dog to keep her company in her old age and to look to the inevitable when it comes, God forbid. We want a dog that doesn't require a LOT of exercise as I am busy and the better half can't walk that far. We have always if you like looked at the more unusual breeds and being Brits thought that a Bulldog may suit our needs. Its many attributes are that it is extremely loyal, great with kids, does not LIKE a lot of exercise and is an all round great dog, BUT. It also suffers from a degree of flatulence. It is one of those dogs that everyone else can blame when a fart sneaks out, and the poor dog is sat in the corner blameless, but in all honesty they do fart a lot. They also suffer from a tendency to slobber when they eat. Snore incessantly, no matter the time of day. Are extremely lazy, would rather sit on its rug that entertain the idea of EVER going out. They HATE the heat, and by God do they always look miserable. So in summation they, Fart a lot, won't go out in the heat, dribbles a lot, snore at all hours of the day, are very lazy, look miserable, and for all intents and purposes they are a dog that look as if they have the weight of the world on their shoulders and refuse to change, SO. Just what the hell was the idea behind having the Bulldog as one of the UK's icons. Surely this breed cannot show to the world what we are all about. Who in their right mind would have chosen this dog to be a national icon.:biglaugh::biglaugh: I know before anyone else says otherwise. They also have immense spirit, loving and never give up. I am not knocking the sentiment behind such an icon. After all the Bulldog breed has been with us for centuries and in someone respects shows what this country is all about, the old 'Bulldog Spirt', but surely someone should have looked at the dog's negative as well.:biglaugh::biglaugh:. Cheers Tony:wink:
  7. BBC News - Why is Brisbane attracting so many Brits? One little segment "Meanwhile, if America's streets are paved with gold, Australia's are paved with dollars that go at least a third further than they would in the UK." Another one."Add to that an economy that has all but escaped the global recession due to its geography, wealth of mineral resources and canny Pacific ties, and it's clear why so many Brits are setting sail for sand, sports pitches and their own chance at success. Come on down!:biggrin:
  8. Quorn is coming to Australia this year. Marlow Foods emailed me and said Quorn will be here in June and Woolworths responded to advise they'll be stocking a small selection from September.
  9. hi im tom, orriginally from sheffield, ive been living in perth going on 4 years now and just moved to the mount lawley area. Although i have some good mates it would be nice to meet new people from the old country. anyone else around the same area?
  10. Hi All We have a lads night and girls night out Lads Night Out - Saturday 27th March, 6pm, Starting Point - The Windsor Sth Perth. [/url]Grils Night Out - Friday 26th March, 7pm, Starting Point - The Canton Lounge Bar, crner Hay St & Pier St Any questions please pm me Cheers Karen
  11. Hey guys, i'm living in South Sydney and would like to meet some fellow Brits here. I initially moved here 2 years ago with my Aussie boyfriend. I have just come back to Sydney after spending 6 months back in England due to homesickness. All my mates here are Aussie and whilst I love them all, I miss being around English people. If any of you are interested in having another Brit as a mate, you can email me on emmabrit1978@yahoo.com Emma x
  12. Hey all Just and update we now have 92 members of the group for our meetings once a month. Current RSVP's indicate that 40 people are a 'yes' and 6 are 'maybe' for the next event. If you would like to come and join in the details are below...all very much welcome! (N.B. The event is suitable for kids, I believe there is some shade there but you might want to bring a pop up sun shade or something of that nature) Brits Abroad group meetup is on Jan 23rd at the Perth foreshore. Details at the website. http://www.meetup.com/Brits-Abroad-M...ndar/12034849/ Please bring your own food to bbq and drink to..... well... drink! BBQ will start at 1pm, we will probably head into perth for a few beers after as well. Any questions let me know or contact details on the web site.
  13. Hey all Next meetup for Brits Abroad group is Jan 23rd at the Perth foreshore. Details at the website. January Meetup - Brits Abroad Meet Up Group (Perth) - Meetup.com Please bring your own food to bbq and drink to..... well... drink! BBQ will start at 1pm, we will probably head into perth for a few beers after as well. Any questions let me know or contact details on the web site. Karen
  14. As if anyone needed reminding ! Record number of Brits coming to Australia | Travel News | News.com.au
  15. Hi All I am holding the December meetup at my house in Mandurah. WIll be a BBQ, BYO meat and drinks (I will provide salads, rolls, condiments etc) Please RSVP at my site if you are interested so I can monitor numbers. Further details/address etc is available there also Brits Abroad Meet Up Group (Perth) - Meetup.com:biggrin: Any questions let me know Karen
  16. Hi I run a monthly meetup group for Brit Expats and Anglophiles. If you would like to attend a meeting the next one is the 7th of November and will take place at 7pm at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow in Northbridge. The December meetup is a BBQ at my house in Silver Sands (nr Mandurah) from 1pm till late. If you are interested in attending a meetup details can be found on the meeting website at Brits Abroad Meet Up Group (Perth) - Meetup.com The group is relaxed informal and attendance is as and when you feel like coming. If you would like to be kept informed of meetings and info about the group please go to the website and join or just keep your eye on the website each month. Any questions please email me Cheers Karen :notworthy:
  17. Brits Abroad Meetup Group Hi I have strarted a monthly meet up group in Perth. The next meet up is on the 15th August at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Lake St, Perth @ 7pm. If anyone is interested the full details are available at the meetup website link below: Brits Abroad Meet Up Group (Perth) - Meetup.com My email address and contact details are on the website if you have any questions. If you cannot make this meetup but would like to attend a future meeting please feel free to join, and you will be updated as a meetup is organised. Cheers :v_SPIN: Karen
  18. Hi I have strarted a monthly meet up group in Perth. The next meet up is on the 15th August at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Lake St, Perth @ 7pm. If anyone is interested the full details are available at the meetup website link below: Brits Abroad Meet Up Group (Perth) - Meetup.com My email address is (email removed - please use PM facility) if you would like to ask any questions. If you like the idea of the group please feel free to join and anyone is welcome to the meet ups, all I ask is that you RSVP on site so I have an idea of numbers. Cheers :v_SPIN: Karen
  19. I know there is a thread about this but I think it needs a thread of it's own, sooo many threads about thow hard it is for some people going to Oz to make friends....I have thought about it long and hard and have come up with what I think is the defo answer. WE TRY TO HARD! Its not the Australians or other Countries people being hard to get to know and make friends with………..it’s the British peoples fault…why….I will tell you? No matter where you go in the world people comment on how nice and easy it is to talk and have a drink with a Scot Irish or Englishman (sorry welsh) Brits are one of the most easy going and friendliest people in the world (sorry Welsh), we expect the Aussies to be like we find people back home in the UK, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN FOLKS. Its not the Aussies fault .sorted. Aussies are different to Brits....try and move at their pace and you may find you end up with loads of friends.
  20. Brits warned on Aussie skin cancer risk - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  21. Just had a squiz at this link...Doesn't say too much for the UK. Over 50% of Brits seek a better life abroad!. Cheers, Bobj.
  22. hi, is there any brits out there that live in kingscliff or surrounding areas of northern rivers, nsw, that would like to get in contact. if so drop me a line, my family and i would love to hear from you.:rolleyes:
  23. Hi Forum, I'm become the organiser of the Brits in Sydney Meet up group. Its an informal support network of Brits living in Sydney. If you keen to socialise with people that have made the move and or would like to offer support to people that are settling in, you can register or RSVP for our monthly meetups. Visit The Organizer has made this Meetup Group private - Brits in Sydney (Sydney) - Meetup.com for more info Dave
  24. Guest

    Brits in VIC.

    Are there any Brummies living in Victoria?
  25. Just back from the Suffolk Show.Brilliant. Believe me I'm not having a go here as I think events like this will be one of the things I'll miss.Things like British wheather cold and wet all day,but we wiil still have an icecream,shivering 40 odd quid to get in plus £5 to park in a field so big you can't find your car afterwards £7 for a burger and chips £3.50 for half a larger in a cracked plastic cup with a wasp in it Looking at cows (seen one seen them all) and the smell could stop a clock Worried that the kids have caught ecoli after stroking the sheep Great day out wallets £100 lighter but we all enjoyed it. How dare the ozzies call us whinging poms? Know one does summer like us Brits.:cool: