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Found 1,648 results

  1. PityTheFool

    Brisbane Climate

    Hi all, Could someone please explain to me the climate in Brisbane / Sunshine Coast? Often hear about the humidity, the huge hail stones and obviously the heat, I know it's a sub-tropical climate but I don't really know what this means on a day to day basis. Is it hot in summer with torrential rain for 30 mins and then dry within the hour? Is the winter better than the summer? Are there only two seasons? What are typical temperatures? Questions, questions, questions... I've seen all the weather data on various websites but I don't think that paints a true picture, would love to hear from people that actually live, or have lived there.
  2. Hi Guys, I have a commercial aluminium window and door business in Queensland. Most of my work is based in Brisbane. I am looking for some experienced fitters/installers who are conscientious, loyal, hardworking and keen. We have a good order book and some excellent potential if I can get a good team around me. If anyone is interested let me know on here and I will get back to you Cheers Jon
  3. Hello forum people! I've just come across this cool site, so thought i'd get posting! Here's the deal.. Heading to Oz in September (with a couple of friends), landing in Brisbane and wanting advice on the best hostels/places to stay that arn't sky high in price. Have never been to Aus before however i keep being told how expensive it is, so i'm slightly worried about money out there and how to keep things sweet, cheap 'n easy and still have an awesome time :cute: Planning on having a month in Aus, then wanting to hop over to New Zealand to visit before returning back to Aus - this is when my next advice portal begins...where to even begin looking for work in Aus (taking into account there will be 3 of us, is it even possible to work nearby/alongside your travel buddies?! or will we have to split up?) Is it easy to find a job in Australia? Anyone else travelling there at the same time feel free to keep in touch, would love to meet new faces of course! Look forward to chatting! Holley. xo
  4. Hey , looking at going to aus dec/jan time and was just wondering what people think is the better place to start ? i know sydney seems better to meet new people but i think brisbane and surrounding areas seem a lot more fun , any help appreciated :cool:
  5. Hello, Thank you very much for taking the time to read my thread. I have just joined this site and I am very happy to see all the support people are being given, so I signed up in the hope you can also help me. My name is Samuel-James Wilson. I am 25 from North Yorkshire U.K. On the 4th September I will land in Brisbane to being a 12 month working visa. I am a fully qualified Bricklayer, achieving NVQ Level 2&3 including a Distinction and Merit during my three years at college. I have also just finished a prestigious Scholarship with The Prince's Foundation here in the UK to which I got my Heritage Brickwork NVQ 3. This year I was shortlisted for 'Tradesman Of The Year' and also 'Young Builder Of The Year' I am very passionate about my work which you will soon find clear if you meet me. Heritage Brickwork is my passion and I would very much like to work within this sector but I realise how rare it is in OZ so I am more than happy to turn my hand to any Bricklaying work for the moment. I am moving to Windsor on my arrival and I don't have a vehicle straight away as I will need to earn the money to do this. Any help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time. Samuel-James Wilson
  6. Hi, My partner and I are planning on travelling to Brisbane next week and intend to stay until mid July. We'd prefer our own space so would ideally like to check out apartment rentals however I seem to only find ones that have a minimum 6 month lease! Are there any websites, estate agents etc I can check out that are more likely to offer a short term lease? I should mention we are also happy to house/apartment share, we just would rather avoid hostels for now. Many thanks, Alice
  7. alicelw

    Where to stay in Brisbane?

    Hi, My partner and I are over here on a WHV and we are planning to settle in Brisbane for approx 3 months to save some more money before we travel down the east coast. I've been looking for accommodation but I'm a little unsure on location so wondered if anybody could give me some tips where to check out! We would like to be close enough to the city to easily get around (no more than a short bus ride away ideally). Many thanks, Alice
  8. Guest

    Living in melbourne V's brisbane

    Hi there, I have my permanent visa & our house is under offer. We are keeping fingers , toes & everything crossed that we (me , husband, 8 year old daughter, dog & 2 cats)will be able to move over to Oz mid January. There was a job opportunity for my husband a few months ago but we couldn't apply as we want to sell house. He has come in this morning saying that company are still looking for staff. Could be a good job for him. I have researched Brisbane & Melbourne & to be honest am totally torn between the two. Brisbane looks wonderful, but I'm not great in excess heat! Melbourne looks wonderful, but is the weather too miserable in winter. Also do many people have pools in their garden in Melbourne ! ( Got to dream !!!) I think at the end of the day we would go to the place with the job as this would be a great start to our new life .Looking at Springfield Lakes area if we choose Melbourne . Could anyone out there give me their opinions !!!! Much appreciated, Wee Wen
  9. Do any blokes fancy a meet up this Saturday 8th March for a few drinks. I was thinking of trying some local craft ales brewed on site and served up at The Green Beacon, Teneriffe. (26 Helen St.) Check out the website at: greenbeacon(dot)com(dot)au Not been there myself yet, but the pics on their website show a large room with plenty of brewing vessels. If anyone has been, let me know what you think. I'll be there from 2pm on Saturday if anyone wants to join? Just reply or PM me so we're not the only people at the bar studiously ignoring each other ;-) Cheers!
  10. Hi All, Arrived in Brisbane two months ago and now my hair is in desperate need of a good cut and colour. Have looked at similar threads but the last one is over a year old and things change, people move salons etc........ Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser ? I am in Arana Hills but am willing to travel so any recommendations are most welcome ! Many thanks
  11. After a very positive conversation with the CO yesterday, we have decided to head back to Brisbane in early June as wifey needs to start getting some time under her belt on her one year RRV. It's fine for me to enter on a tourist visa while waiting for my sub class 100 to be granted subject to usual "no work" and "leaving every 3 months for a few days etc" If all goes to plan, I should only need to go offshore twice before visa is granted late September(ish!) With that in mind, we are looking for a 3-6 month lease on a 1 or 2 bedroom furnished property anywhere along the Brisbane/Gold Coast corridor. Most agents are looking at a minimum 6 months and Gumtree is always a bit hit and miss so any suggestions welcome:notworthy: Thanks in advance peeps!
  12. Hi, Im Steph, 24, originally from Manchester, UK, lived in NZ for two years and recently moved to Ausralia. I'm currently based in Sydey, travelling on my own & looking to complete my regional work, so to apply for my second WHV, ASAP. I'm hoping to find people in my position, (travelling alone or in a small group) to join forces with to complete the 88 days work ASAP. I'm willing to go halves on a car, as most jobs say this is a must, and also willing to travel pretty much anywhere in Aus, as long as the work is paid and accomodation is farely cheap. If you are based anywhere in and around Sydney, or any major town center I can get too farely easily via public transport, and would like to embark on this together, please contact me via pm. Look forward to hearing off you! Steph
  13. Hi all, As the title states, I'd really appreciate some tips or advice about work here in Brisbane. I'm a white collar working in the construction industry (Contracts Administrator/Quantity Surveyor) and have recently relocated from Perth to Brisbane (long story but I was sold a business opportunity that didn't appear - big mistake). Anyway as most will know, work here is very quiet and so I'm more than happy to look at freelance work doing anything at all. It's been mentioned in previous posts that Brits don't often consider taking alternative work whilst waiting for their career position and so I'm happy to keep the wolves from the door by labouring (I'm 40yo), fruit picking, whatever. My question to you wonderful people is, to circumvent hours of searches and talking to useless companies, can anyone offer guidance as to good labour agencies, ones they've used in the past and also any ideas of jobs that may be easily obtainable to an eager Brit looking to earn a few dollars. Thanks in advance to anyone responding. Cheers Steve PS - I may add that the wife and I love it here in Brisbane and are determined to make it work.
  14. Hi All, I am only 18 years of age but I have experienced a lot of Australia. First thing first I moved here when I was only 5 but will always consider to be English as I love being from England. I first moved to Brisbane Qld, when I was 5 and Brisbane is beautiful, Brisbane has everything you want and need. Loads of shops, sport in Qld is crazy, and the people are very friendly. I obtained Australian citizenship in 2005 which was a great ceremony. Well anyway I moved up to Darwin NT, in 2006 as my dad got a job. I was shocked at how different it was compared to Brisbane, It is a shithole in my opinion. Most expensive place in Australia, nothing to do at all, very dangerous when it comes to animals as crocs are everywhere up here. Well my family and I have decided enough is enough and we are moving back to Beautiful Brisbane in 2.5 months, So for you who are thinking of living in Darwin think again, Don't listen to people saying Darwin is up and coming, It is if anything 20 years behind the rest of the country, It is just a terrible place. I have been to Sydney which again is lovely but much like London.
  15. Bexskeet

    Teaching in Brisbane

    Hi All, I am a recently qualified teacher but trained in post compulsory ed in london and therefore do not have a QTS but do have a PGCE. I finished training last year so am currently doing my first year of classroom teaching. I have been doing supply working in primary, secondary food technology and art (my specialism) at a school for BESD kids, this is all in my first term, we shall see what the rest of the year brings! My brother lives in brisbane and has been begging me to come visit for years. I decided that I wanted to visit on the working visa and stay for a year. I am trying to work out if I can teach in Oz and how I should go about it. I have read so much but would appreciate any advice! I am particularly wondering: Do I need to have QTLS or QTS to be recognised? Do I have to register with the Queensland college of teaching (QCT)? Can I work on supply? Is there a minimum amount of experience required? Thank you!!
  16. Hi, I'm a secondary school teacher looking to move to Oz at the end of April (start of second term) this year. I have not yet decided where out of Perth/Brisbane, as I want to know where it's more likely I'll find work (permanent or casual). I have tried contacting teaching agencies, but the outlook is not good. I also have other experience in retail and admin that I am happy to do. I heard the economy is good in Perth, with lots of work available? Please help me decide! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  17. Hi, I am travelling to Brisbane on 22nd March from Scotland on a years working holiday visa. I am looking to get into work pretty quickly, and i've been having a look myself at the moment. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on where is best to look for jobs in rural areas, or farm work/fruit picking, and can jobs like this be secured before I arrive? I will be staying in a hostel in Brisbane for a week or so, whilst looking for a job, then will obviously be willing to travel in order to find work. Any help/advice will be appreciated, Thanks
  18. Karalianne

    19 year old moving to Brisbane

    basically I'm 19 years old and me and my family are moving to Brisbane this June (2014). I am slightly worried about emigrating as I am unsure about the education opportunities for me, I would love a career in childcare specifically in children with learning disabilities but have no current qualifications. Is there opportunities for me to study to gain qualifications? or would it be more beneficial for me to stay behind and gain qualifications in the UK. thank you :laugh:
  19. hi, im a 23 yo mechanic moving to brisbane in late april 2014 with my partner. i have 5 years experience in the trade and she is a pharmaceutical dispenser. we have flights booked and working holiday visas in place. we will be living with family on gold coast till we settle with jobs and get our own place. i am aware that i / we can only work for a single employer for 6 months.... she says we can pick fruit? for 6 months then get our visa extended to 2 years therefore giving us a longer stay in oz, does anybody know about this and is THIS the best way to stay in oz possibly for good... any help is much appreciated. thanks
  20. Hi, We're hoping to be moving over to Brisbane next year and are just starting to research places to live. My husband hopes to find a job at Brisbane airport as he has a work contact there. We want to live within walking distance of a beach ideally, and he would like to be able to get to work within about 45 mins. Can anyone please suggest anywhere we could consider. We have three young kids so will be needing a family friendly community with good schools. Our friends over there have suggested Bribie Island and it sounds great but I just wondered where else we could research too. Are there any coastal places on the train route to the airport which could allow us to live a little further away from the city? He will have a car so a train route isn't essential, but I wondered if this could open up more options for us. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.
  21. Hi I'm moving to Brisbane next week and was wondering if anyone could offer some advice on buying or leasing a car. I'm guessing it would be more economical to buy a car then sell it after a couple of years? In which case something that is cheap and won't depreciate too much.
  22. SaffaInLondonMovingToOz

    Do I stay or Do I go - Confused.com

    Hi I am facing a dilemma and it's making me sick to my stomach at the moment. I apologize in advance for my ramblings but my thoughts are all over the place at the moment and I am hoping to get some advice from people who made the move. Bit of background on me: I am originally from Cape Town, South African and moved to London 7 years ago on a working holiday via. I got sponsored, am now on PR and will be applying for my British citizenship next month. I should probably also mention I am single, 32 and work as a Software Developer. A few years back, when I was going through a really unhappy time in the UK, so I applied for my Australian 175 visa thinking moving was the answer. My visa got granted in June 2011 but I wasn't ready to move to Australia yet, as I wanted to get my British citizenship in case I wanted to return to the UK. I am now due to move to Australia (Brisbane initially) in April, and although I have not booked flights yet, my employer knows I am leaving and so does all friends + family. The dilemma I am facing is that I am not sure if moving to Australia is the best thing for me any more. I am in such a different place that I was when I applied for the visa, so it really breaks my heart to think I have to leave a life I love behind. Especially since I have done this once before I know how hard it is to move to another country, it takes years to find your feet! Another concern is I love England and South Africa almost equally now, so I want to spend time in both and not sure how I am going to be able to add Australia to the mix. I also like Australia and the idea of living there, because it would offer a similar lifestyle as I the one I had while growing up in South Africa, something I really miss. But I am worried that living in London for so long has changed me too much to appreciate that kind of lifestyle. I have a good life in London, with great friends, get to travel loads and go home to South Africa once a year for a summer holiday. I just don't know if I am chasing pipe dreams by moving to Australia. At the same time I don't want to regret not moving to Australia because I am too scared, I have worked so hard and dedicated so much time and energy to moving to Australia it would break my heart to just let the opportunity pass me by. Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated :-)
  23. WANT TO RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS?? LOOK NO FURTHER, BE YOUR OWN BOSS WITH YOUR OWN MOBILE COFFEE & BARISTA SERVICE PRIVATELY OWNED, LOCALLY OPERATED - NOT A FRANCHISE! {{{{{20 to 25 Hours per week}}}}} COFFEE DELIGHT has been running for over 3 ½ years and still has many of its original customers and the coffee quality has received many compliments over the years. We currently have a 5 day run during the week servicing the Narangba, Deception Bay, Rothwell and North Lakes areas. Hours are ONLY PART-TIME. 7.30am - 1pm Mon - Friday {{{{{20 to 25 Hours per week}}}}} For the right person, these hours can be expanded to increase income… the DEMAND IS THERE! along with the many BIG weekend events COFFEE DELIGHT has serviced. Our professionally equipped Coffee Van has received many compliments for its appearance and coffee quality which is crucial in applying for these big events. The Coffee Van is fitted with the following: 1 x GAS DRIVEN COFFEE MACHINE (18 months old) 1 x K.5 COMPAK GRINDER (2 months old) 2 x Engel Milk Fridges 1 x Display Fridge 1 x 2 Tank FAST FREEZE SLUSHEE MACHINE (great for Events etc) Runs on 5000w INVERTER [18 mths old], BATTERIES [10mths old], SOLAR PANELS NO GENERATOR!!!! NO NOISE, NO FUMES, NO HEAT, LOW RUNNING COSTS A PROFESSIONALLY MADE WEBSITE IS ALSO PROVIDED WITH THE SALE! We have a lot of event bookings & enquiries through the website. Approx 15,000 regular & large Cups & lids, all barista equipment, plus Fridge & and all Event equipment included GENUINE ENQUIRIES ONLY – NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE + Happy to fully train new owner if required + PM owner for further information
  24. Hi There. My name's Lisa and I am going to be arriving in Brisbane in July 2014. I have family there so will be staying with them, also in Melbourne. I will be looking for fruit picking / farm work to extend my visa to the 2nd year. I will be looking for travelling buddies, and will be prepared to travel to where the work is. So if you are around the area in July onwards, please let me know it will be great to hear from you :cute: