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Found 62 results

  1. I presume this isn’t the best idea as the appliances I have at home may not fit perfectly into my new rental home but I was wondering if my fridge freezer, washer/dryer and dishwasher would work here in Oz? We have replaced all three of these appliances in the last 6 – 10 months so would prefer to bring them with us as we want to dip into our savings as little as possible when setting up home. Did you bring yours and regret it? Or did you leave them behind and regret it? Also, do most moving companies allow you to pack these in your container? Oh and one last thing, we are hoping to rent a modern / nearly new property, do the majority of these have built in dishwashers? Many thanks for any advice. Emma X
  2. Hi just a quick question regarding our pets, We know we can bring our two dogs with us, (even tho they are the size of small donkeys) As they are coming over from the uk will they need to go into quarantine and how long for. secondly can we bring over two pet corn snakes, they are only babies, not that big, i can't find any info on the web, so any help would be great, many thanks Dawn:spinny:
  3. Guest

    Bringing a tent?

    Hi, has anyone had trouble bringing a tent over - I seem to have heard it may have been a problem due to spread of infection eg foot and mouth etc Just bought a big one! Thanks Catherine
  4. can anyone tell me how much i am likely to be charged to get my items through customs. also is it worth bringing a car with you if so how much would that cost me ( my car is worth about 5500 ) if that is any help......with thanks stuart..............be there in december:jiggy:
  5. Guest

    Bringing our tent

    Hi We are in the process of sorting out our things and after many years of camping (stopped going because of the rain!!!!) have got our tent out to see what it is like as we were selling it because we thought that we could buy a caravan when we get there but seem $$$$$ Now it is up and today is lovely with not a cloud in the sky, we are thinking that we should bring it with us. Its a large frame tent and has only been used for 3 weekend trips and in perfect condition( cost £600 but would only get maybe £150 if lucky) I know camping is a big thing in Oz but how safe is it - it doesnt have a fitted ground sheet but fitted/enclosed beds. What do you think??? Mandy
  6. It looks like we'll take a £20,000 hit on the sale of our house. We were hoping to come over with £35 - £40,000 and now realistically it looks like £10 - £15,000. Do you think this will be enough to settle and set up??? :sad::sad::sad::sad:
  7. Guest

    Bringing money over

    It looks like we'll have to take a £20,000 hit on the sale of our house, we were hoping to come over with £35 - 40,000 and now realisticly it now looks like 10,000. Do you think this will be enough to settle and set up???? :sad:
  8. DebsX

    Bringing UK goodies to OZ

    I was having a chat to an Aussie friend of mine today and somehow we got onto the subject of Mushy peas. Obviously she has no idea what they look like or even taste like and it's really difficult to explain them to her. I have a friend how is coming out in a few weeks to validate her visa (cause she can't sell her house ) and she asked me if there was anything I wanted her to bring over for me. Off the top of my head I couldn't think of anything i really missed that much. Now I've decided I'm going to ask her to bring a couple of tins of mushy peas and a few bags of Pickled Onion Monster Munch, so that I can give them to my Aussie friends to try What UK delights would you like your Aussie friends to try? Hmm.. Thinking about it, I might not be able to share around the Monster Munch :biglaugh: Regards Debs x x
  9. Hello Had a quick look to see if I could see a similar thread but no luck... Can anyone give me some feedback on bringing a cat over to Melbourne. I left my cat with my parents when I moved here 18 months ago, but I am pretty keen to have her over here now (my parents want to spend UK winters over here so would be better to have her here). She is a very healthy 13 year old and coped very well for 6 weeks in a UK cattery when my parents stayed here at Xmas. I have got some details on Pet Carriers to fly her over and the details from Melbourne Quarantine. I have heard very good things about the level of care in the quarantine but still have a few concerns. Such as during the flight stop over do they get cleaned up and have their food and water refreshed? Any feedback (good or bad) would be most appreciated, or recommendations on pet carriers etc. Thanks :yes:
  10. Guest

    bringing a car?

    Im moving to Oz in the next couple of months now our visas have been accepted, I have been looking at car prices in Oz and they seem very expensive I was just wondering if anyone has imported a car over and how much it costs as im thinking of buying a car here before we come and importing it over. Any imformation on this will be much appreciated.
  11. Guest

    Bringing Money Inti AUSTRALIA

    Might sound like a realy stupid question, but it is best too ask. When you fly into Oz on the plane you have a card too fill and one of the questio asks about how much money your are bringing into the country. It's a simple Yes/No answer but it ask if your bringing more than $10,000. Now, we'll be transfering some money into an Australian bank account hopefully before we get there in just over 3 weeks and it'll be 10K+ Should we tick Yes or should we tick No? Airing on the side of caution I'd probably tick Yes but would be intrested too find out what other folk have done. Thanks .T.:unsure:
  12. Guest

    Bringing funds and tax

    Please can you advise or point me in the right direction. When we move to Aus do we have to pay tax on funds that we bring with us?I know if we bring more than $10000 cash we have to declare it (is it xcash or funds?) I was intending that the proceeds from the house sale will be exchanged and transferred to an Aus bank account (I think) will we have to pay tax in Aus on that ? Any advice welcome.