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Found 62 results

  1. Guest

    Bringing our van???

    We are trying to sort out the cost and what would be involved in bringing our van to Perth. Has anyone brought cars or vans and know the procedure? Our van is about £18-19.000 here in the Uk and an equivalent in Perth is around $80-90.000 from what we can see on traders pages. Many thanks for any advice
  2. Phil & Vikki

    Bringing our old car??

    We are close to coming out, just waiting on a few jobs, but we have the dilemma of do we bring our classic car out with us and how much is it going to cost? It is a TR7 and nearly 30 years old, but there has been a lot of money and time go into getting it to the state it is at the moment. There is a bit of surface rust on her in a few small areas, but generally in a good state for her age. We were going to bring her our in a container with the rest of our things, but will she be allowed in and how much will it cost to get through customs? She is a rolling road project so not tip top.
  3. Hi, just a friendly word of advise if you are thinking of bringing your dog with you to Australia! Makes sure you have the pet passport taken care off! Not all pet relocation companies offer it to you, but its worth asking about it! Its a small amount of money in the uk to spend on rabies jabs, and bloods etc, compared to the amount of money it would cost here if you should want to return to the uk! Our boys have their passports, but have just had their booster, so we asked how much it would cost if we had to start from scratch to return! We were told for our two it would be around $800 thats just for rabies jab and blood tests, not including any other paperwork! Then you have a 6 month quarantine period!! All i know it was less than £100 in the uk to do it upfront! Dawn :err:
  4. Guest

    Bringing dog to UK

    Does anyone know if the rabies blood test to bring dogs to Australia is the same as the ones needed to bring them into the UK? We're having to move back at short notice so we don't have time to do the PET passport stuff. The lady on the PET travel helpline said that if the test to enter Australia is the same as the UK one, we might be alright. Any advice would be really appreciated :notworthy: Carol
  5. Guest

    Bringing my dog to Aus

    My partner and I are going through the motions of moving to Australia... but one major factor is our dog. She is our beloved and not ready to die in the next few years (luckily). How easy/what's the process for taking her out with us?
  6. Guest

    Bringing Dog to Sydney

    Hi everybody. There is a really good chance that I’m about to be offered a job in Sydney. The potential employers are wanting me over there June/July time. I currently have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog. He’s 4 years old, fully vaccinated and chipped. I have 3 questions. 1 – Are Staffordshire Bull Terriers allowed to be imported to Australia? I know AQIS states certain breeds but one of them is a pit-bull terrier – is there a chance because of his breed type he could be linked to this? 2 – How long does the whole process take to get the dog sorted and flown out? 3 – Can anybody recommend some good companies who deal with exporting dogs from the UK so I can get some quotes? Any response would be most appreciated. Darren.
  7. andromeda9

    bringing puppy over?

    can anyone advise me please the best way to transport a puppy from Manchester to Brisbane, including the approx cost, contact numbers would be appreciated regards Lynda
  8. Lol we havent even got our visa yet and im already thinking about other people. It would seem no problem if my mum eventually wanted to come out to oz and stay , its expensive but acheivable on contributory parent (18 month)or non-cont (10 years). It doesnt seem quite as straight forward with my brother though. We have half brothers and sisters and a father who we have no contact with, and this seems to stop him getting a remaining relative visa. is this the case?
  9. We were spending some time and money in Debenhams yesterday and we started wondering what we should be buying to take out with us next year? What would definitely by worth us buying now and storing till we go? What is a lot cheaper over here than over there? JOHN
  10. legoman

    bringing cat with us

    any help with how to sort out bringing cat with us, costs time scale etc quarantine. I.m sure its on here somewhere but unable to find details. my 12yr old son steadfastly refuses to go unless the cat goes too :cry:
  11. Guest

    485 Visa - Bringing Spouse

    Hi I am on the 485 visa ( temporary resident - valid for 18 months ) I got married 2 months ago,and I'm planning to bring my wife here. She is overseas. My question is 1) What application do i fill in for her? ( form number ) 2) Can she submit this at her local australian consulate (ie where she lives ie offshore) or should i submit it onshore? Please advise, Mac
  12. Hi all, My family and I move to W.A. in Jan 2010 We are currently filling in our 47Es form which asks what money and assets we are bringing. Basically we arent!!! We are starting from scratch but are worried that we are expected to bring lots of money and will be penalised for putting nil £1,500 on form. We do have a house in England which we are renting out, but can we put its value on the visa form even though we are not bringing it with us? Does anybody know how what minimum amount of money we are expected to bring with us? My wife has a job in Australia to come to and the visa is a RSMS visa 119. Thanks Dave T
  13. please can anyone offer advise? My Mother lives abroad (France) she is the only family member nw outside Australia. I have a business temporary visa my Brother has a premanet visa and now has been here 1 year. What can we do to bring Mum over and what will it cost? Thanks in advance Andrew
  14. We have been in Oz since last December and we were told that we only have a year to bring all our money over or we will pay Austrilain tax on it, is this true.........:wacko: Our last quite large sum of money is still in our UK bank account, but with the exchange rate being so poor at the moment, we would like to leave it there to see if the rate improves. Any views on this please.
  15. Guest

    Bringing the Dog along!

    Dear all My wife & I are hoping to be landing in Victoria later in the year. We are bringing our dog out with us & have made in roads into the process which thankfully seems straight forward. Our plan then (like most people in our boat) would be to rent somewhere for six months until we have had a chance to do a full recce. Has anyone had any experience of renting a property that accomodates keeping a dog. Any advice as always greatly appreciated. Mike & Jayne (& Hoople the dog)
  16. We are in the process of getting the dogs sorted for their big adventure, and wondered if any one can give me honest answers as to the dangers they may face, once arriving in S/A, (snakes, spiders, heat etc). The heat doesn't seem a problem for them as they are sun worshippers! But the youngest one is very nosey, poking around!! We couldn't bare any thing happening to them once we arrive! The kids would be heart broken either way, If we left them behind in the uk or something bad happens once There, We are looking at living in rural property if this helps,
  17. Guest

    bringing my dad's ashes

    Hi, Sorry for the question as I know it isn't the happiest of subjects but does anyone know what I need to do to bring my Dad's ashes with me?? Can I just bring them in hand luggage or pack them in suitcase (the pot is quite heavy) any help would be appreciated. thanks
  18. I have been in adelaide now for 3 days now and i love it apart from the fact i have brought the rain with me. it has rained more in the last 24 hours than it has done in the last 3 months. ok as i have just said i have been in the country now for 3 days and all you think you need to know you dont. for example prices of campervans, on the internet they are up at around 8 -10k but that is aload of bull. they around half that. and all u need to know when you get here just ask the aussies they ar such nice people and so willing to help. and notice boards are all over the place with people selling campervans or wanting to give people lifts places (share petrol) or people asking for lifts to places. Also i will be on here as much as i can but i am on hols so not all the time. if you need any help just ask i will try and help as best i can cos i knew how hard it is to make the move and how stressfull it can be. steven and nicola
  19. Ok decided to write my story. When I was 10 my dad applied to come to Aus and got rejected he tried when i was 12 again rejected then when i was 17 he got accepted. So my brother mum dad and I boarded a flight on February 17th 1987 all held hands and off we went for an adventure. The only way my dad got me on that plane was by promising me a return ticket in three months if I didn't like it. I was very very happy in my beautiful yorkshire ( leeds ) and had a great life my dad had the grass is greener syndrome. So after 3 months I said thanks its been lovely but I want to go home now he would not give me my passport and made sure that I could not go home after a few months I decided to go to tafe to do my HSC then I went to University and life continued....then I got married in 1995 and in 1998 my daughter was born ad I got severe post natal depression due to the realisation that I was now stuck....I have never settled here and I have tried so so hard but 2 kids and a divorce later I still yearn for my yorkshire where I belong and where my heart is.I am now married to my first ever boyfriend who also is English and from leeds and so one day I hope to return my biggest fear is dying here......But I would not do to my kids what my dad did to me and now my dad and I are estranged because he thinks it is selfish I take the kids to UK for 3-6 months so that they are able to make an informed decision when they are older.....my parents would go home in a heartbeat if they could but they have grandkids here now and so it can get very very complicated so think about all this before you make a decision....I will get home one day im trying to see it as an exptended holiday ....but all our money is spent on trips to the uk and my parents say this is sad and yes it is very sad but its the onyl way I can do it .......:arghh:
  20. Guest

    bringing my tools over

    well as the title says. ive got quite a large snap on tool box will all my tools in that ive had since i was 16yrs old. been a mechanic for a number of years but got out the trade. now were hoping to be moving soon but i will be wanting my tools to follow me in the near future. do i have to strip every since spanner, screw driver , scocket out and make them shinny clean and poilsh the box it self inside out for it to be allowed into the country.or will i be charged for them to "disinfect it " as it were. also with shipping such alarge item as were not having a container. what are my options . thanx
  21. Since i have been here i have found a couple of things either really hard to find or very expensive. So Ive decided to keep a list of things I want to stock up on for when (if - fingers crossed) we make the perm move here. Now I know i will have to get used to either not having these things or paying more, but whilst we are finding our feet it will be nice to have these things around. So here is my list, please feel free to post things that you either wish you had stocked up on before leaving for Oz or are going to buy ready for when you move. Underwired bikinis (they really dont cater for ladies with boobies over a B cup unless you want to spend $200 plus) Underwear Trainers (i cant get over the cost of these here, i think I have been spoilt by years of outlet shopping) Thats it for now, although I will also be buying a few Aussie hair products as they dont sell it here :wacko: whats all that about? Just for fun really, but pls post your must take items :spinny: Emma x
  22. ok I have a rather advanced question about importing a car to Australia. My boyfreind is coming over here on a tourist visa and we are going to get married and 'upgrade' his visa 6 months after he arrives. He has a car he would like to import over here to Victoria and while the Australian Customs website seems to suggest he can bring it on a tourist visa Vicroads doesn't. Can anyone help at all? thanks!
  23. Guest

    cost of bringing dog

    hi all, we are planning on bringing our border collie with us. could anyone give me an idea of price for the whole process flights, quarantine e.t.c and preparation beforehand i.e. pet passport? can you recommend any carriers please? want to make sure our pooch is looked after. :yes: thanks :wink:
  24. Guest

    bringing in a vehicle to Auz

    Hiya all, probably asking a question thats been asked a thousand times before but i am thinking of bringing my motorcycle over with me or at least sending it. I ve read some stuff about the process but i wondered if anyone has done this and what it involved costs shipping etc. Pros and cons. I am coming over in April and i think motorcycles and cars seem a little but more pricey over in Auz (not sure if thats right). Many thanks for reading and any advice is welcome. ta Mike
  25. Hi there, does anyone out there know anything about bringing money into Oz? I emigrated to queensland in Jan 05 and am now selling my home in the UK (I love it here so much!). Someone has told me that the equity will be taxed when the money gets here. True or false? Sheryl