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Found 156 results

  1. Hi, I have applied for a Graduate Visa 485 but the nominated occupation I applied is not on CSL and it has been more than 7 months now and I have no hope until middle of 2010. In december I decided changing my nominated occupation to Urban and Regional Planner (CSL) and I have got a positive result. My question is, Can I apply for another Graduate visa or even change my nominated occupation? I've been calling and I've been to Immigration many times but they are hopeless, each one gives me a different answer,it's very hard to trust them. Someone willing to help???? Many thanks!
  2. I am currently in oz on a working holiday visa which is due to run out in April 2010 and am planning to apply for a defacto visa. What I’d love to know is once my WHV has expired and my defacto application is still being processed am I eligible for a bridging visa? If so, do I need to apply for a bridging visa or is one allocated automatically? To give a bit more background info::wubclub: April 2008 – Started relationship with Oz boyfriend who was working in London June 2008 - Boyfriend’s UK visa expired, he returned to Australia. We had a long distance relationship and I visited him in Australia every 2-3 months while I saved enough money for a WHV visa. April 2009 – Granted a WHV visa and moved to Australia. Moved into an apartment with my boyfriend, opened a joint bank account, shared bills etc… April 2010 – WHV expires and can apply for a defacto visa now that we have been living together for 12 months. BUT what happens when my WHV visa runs out??? Any help or advice would be appreciated so please respond! Thanks for reading! :notworthy:
  3. Guest

    aged parent bridging visa

    When a bridging visa kicks in what is the situation re health care. Can I apply for health care in Australia or do I still need the tourist type health/travel insurance?
  4. sleepywombat

    TFN & Bridging Visa's!

    Hi all! I have given up trying to contact DIAC today (45 minutes waiting for an answer and my ear is melting!!!) and am hoping that someone on here will be able to help me... pretty please! I am currently on a Bridging Visa with permission to work (YAY! I initially thought!) However... I can't apply for a Tax File Number as I am still technically here on my eVisitor which runs out on February 19. At this point, the Bridging Visa comes into play... Can I get a TFN before February 20th? I am due to start work on Monday and would prefer not to have to pay 49% of my earnings to this countries wonderful government!!! Thanks in advance for any help on this - I can jump on a bus to DIAC in the morning but if you have any pearls of wisdom to share before then I would really appreciate it! Thanks Cx :notworthy:
  5. Hi, I am a newbie and have found this forum the most useful of anything on the web. I have a couple of questions someone could answer? My Daughter went over to Aus on a Working Holiday Visa in February 2007. After a few months she took temporary employment at a firm who then sponsored a 2 year working visa that goes through to August 2010. Has she met the 2 year residency requirement as she first entered in Feb 2007. Also, are there restrictions on holders of Bridging Visas ? Can holders open bank accounts, purchase property, vehicles etc. Thanks, Ken
  6. Hi, I am currently on a WHV, which runs out within 3 weeks. I am handing in a application for a de facto visa, but what bridging visa will I get? I have been offered a job which I would love to take but someone told me that I would not be allowed to work on a bridging visa, is that right? If I walk into the Immigration office with my finished application will I get a bridging visa there and then on the spot or will it take longer? Was wondering when is the latest I can hand it in, sort of running out of time. Also antoher thing, with the de facto application to I need to hand in form 80 with the application straight away with the police checks? Not sure I can get it all done in time... Many thanks, Sofie
  7. Guest

    Bridging Visa?

    hi, i have been told that my new job in melbourne is to start asap, however i believe that as of yet no paper work has been submitted by the employer to diac. they have asked me to move out begining of jan and asure me all paper work will be taken care of. They like i have been holding off putting any in until all details of the position were finalised. my only concern is going out on a normal tourist visa and then not being able to work. i know the offer is genuine as have already been given contract and somewhere to live for my wife and i as part of the package. has anyone had any dealing of bridging visa's when goining onto a 457? any answers would be grately appreciated. cheers j
  8. Guest

    Bridging Visa B for spouse ?

    Hi, I have given up on the DIAC site to answer this one - can the spouse / child of an onshore 886 visa applicant (with no travel allowed on their bridging visa A) be allowed to travel back home and essentially wait out the processing time in the home country while the applicant stays in Australia and works ? Bridging B's are supposed to be only for urgent / compassionate travel needs .... can the fact the family can't afford for them all to stay here but can manage comfortably if the wife & child go home & live with family count ? This wouldn't have been an issue with a standard 6 month processing time but 2 years plus makes it extremely expensive ! Thanks Jay
  9. Aloha Group.. I’ve gotten in a bit of a pickle and I am hoping someone might know the next best route.. Quite a while ago, I purchased a home here in Australia. To get my initial visa, I dealt with and visited too many migration agents/solicitors here in Australia and paid quite a bit of money for not much advice.. I was traveling in and out of the country on a tourist visa and was stopped at the airport one day. I was threatened to be kicked out because it was looking like I was trying to permanently live here. In other words, I was allowed by the government to buy a home on a tourist visa, but that set up flags that I was trying to live here. I was able to show everything I had done up to that point to get a visa and demonstrated the run around I was getting with migration agents, etc… Because I had it well documented that I had actually tried getting a proper visa, I was given an ultimatum. The option was to get a proper visa in the next 3 months, or get out of the country. I’m here in Australia now on a 457 visa. The company I work for is run by two brothers. When I started the job, the two brothers ended up having issues/words about the business and pretty much split. I got stuck in the middle of the family quarrel and the main brother of the company pretty much just let it fall apart. It has been put on my shoulders to continually bring in money for the business to pay for my life here, or risk having to move on as the two brothers in the company aren’t going to bother. I have now spent money for my 457 visa, for ACS certification, 176 Visa application, and more. I did manage to get SS from NSW and was hoping that it would be my golden ticket to finally get PR here in Oz and not be tied to a business ever again (especially a family business).. I have been here for 2.5 years now and with owning a home and having my whole life here, I have a lot to lose.. I don’t want to leave Oz as I’ve always wanted to make a life here and I truly feel there is no place better in the world for me to live. With the financial issues in the country, the business I’m working for will probably be closing doors soon.. So today I went to the University to look at classes so I could switch to a student visa. I already have a Uni degree, but am willing to do anything to pass time till my 176 visa gets approved.. If that ever happens due to the reprioritizing of us 176 SS people.. I was thinking about it and wanted to know if it would be possible to get a bridging visa till my 176 gets approved or declined? I am a self funded retiree, and can live on my funds for however long as need be.. So that wouldn’t be an issue for me.. I just really want to get away from the business I’m with.. I’ll pre-empt this before someone says, “go find another sponsor”.. I’m living in rural NSW where there aren’t a lot of people willing to pay someone $60,000 a year for IT skills.. I was lucky the first time around (so I thought).. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks and aloha Gary
  10. Hi everyone, I need to go out of Australia for a position offered by an overseas employer. So i really am stuck in the middle residency or the dollars? Any advise would be much appretiated.
  11. Guest

    Bridging visas.... eugh.

    Hi, I am currently on a bridging visa A and am literally just about to go into the city to go and try and get my working conditions removed as I was on a working holiday visa and have now found someone willing to employ me for longer than 6 months! Anyone know if i need to bring evidence of financial hardship i.e. bank statements etc? I have tried calling my caseworker this morning but shes not picking up the flaming phone!:arghh: I am applying for a spouse visa (820) and was told by my case worker that i am able to leave the country as long as i get another bridging visa... is that right? I know you cant leave 'just for a visit' on the work/sponsorship visa Its been a few months since we applied and i have booked a flight home to see my family in late October and thought we would be granted our visa by then but its not looking like thats going to happen! Any help would be wonderful. Thanks
  12. Does anyone know what the chances are of being granted travel rights by switching to Bridging Visa A to B? My partner is awaiting a decision on our application for an unmarried partner visa. He's got the form he needs to fill in to apply to leave Australia for a holiday to the UK and we want to book our flights now but don't want to loose our money if we're denied travel rights. Has anyone here been denied travel rights while on a bridging visa?
  13. My family and I are hoping to move to oz in a few years, my hubby is a chippie and has done this for 18 years so we will probably be using his trade on the visa application, but we are waiting for me to complete my accounting studies, as once I am a fully qualified accountant with acca I understand I can just transfer to the australian equivalent, I think....someone stop me if I am wrong, but I have read somewhere I would obviously need to do a bridging course of some description and I was wondering if anyone knows how long this takes (approx) and how much it costs or where I could look for further information. Sorry to bother you all, I hope someone can help, Take Care, Sam x
  14. G'day mates, I am an international student and I've just graduated from my bachelor degree here in aus last July and I have lodged in my PR application (I'm on bridging visa A now). Right now I'm just trying to find a full time job, which is really hard...and therefore if I cant get a job by the end of the year, I'm considering to continue my study (i.e. do a masters degree). My question is, can I do full time studying under bridging Visa A?? So far I have asked 4 people, and they gave me different answers... My migration agent and a person from Brisbane branch DIMIA office told me I can only study for 3 months under bridging Visa A and thus I need to apply for a student visa, which can only be done within 28 days after my previous student visa has expired (it expired on the 21st of Aug) On the other hand, someone from Melbourne branch DIMIA office and an international student advisor from the university of Melbourne told me the opposite, that bridging visa A has unlimited study rights. So I'm really confused now...does anybody know anything about this????? Thank you very much
  15. Hey guys, Here is my situation...... -I am British, My partner is Australian. -We have been in a De Facto relationship since February 2009. -I have been in Australia since June on a Working Holiday Visa. -We are planning to apply for the temporary/permanent partner visa in 6 months time when we have been living together for one whole year. -I have recently scored myself a great job with excellent prospects and would like to stay on with them for longer than 6 months (those 6 months will end in February). Now, I have worked out that I can happily apply for the partner visa whilst on my WHV but can I then keep on with my new job as I will then be on a different visa (without the 6 month restrictions) or will I still be under the same rules as before? Any help would be amazing. I have searched for this all over the place but can't seem to find an answer. Thanks in advance!!! Helene x
  16. I applied for the 175 Skilled Migration Visa in January, my 2nd year holiday visa expires in July. I have heard that it may take another year for the visa to be granted. Has anybody heard of anyone in this situation been granted a bridging visa to carry them through until the residency visa is granted so they could continue working? My employer is not willing to sponsor. If all comes to all could I leave and come back on a holiday visa and just not work? Would immigration refuse me a visa seeing as i've been in oz for so long? I've been told by numerous people that immigration are clamping down on people coming back on holiday visas after been in oz on a working holiday visa. Has anyone heard of this happening to someone?? Help!!!!
  17. Guest

    PR and Bridging Visa B

    Hi, I’m applying for Graduate Skilled Immigrant at the moment. However I would need to travel home for my cousin’s wedding. Qs. 1. is cousin’s wedding a good valid reason to go back? 2. If I come to DIMIA office, what documents do I need (aside from form 1006?) They asked for supporting docs but what exactly a supporting doc for a wedding (I think they haven’t print out the wedding invitation atm and do I need to prove that he’s my cousin?) 3. How long the processing would be? 4. How long would I be granted to travel? Is it reasonable to travel for 2 months while the wedding only take 1 day (I would need to help out with the preparation and I think I’d love to stay back for a while) 5. How would it affect my PR application? Regarding my PR application. I am a Sponsored Skilled Migrant (by relative) so I am not in the priority list whatsoever. How long does it usually take for such visa to come out? I lodged mine on 12 March 2009 and I haven’t got any further information. I sent my post-lodgment enquery but it didn’t help explaining anything (except that I’m not priority). It’d be a great help if I know the appx waiting time for such visa. Thank you in advance
  18. Hi I have a little dilemma regarding my WHV conditions and what they will be when I apply for my defacto visa. My 6 months with a company runs out on 27/01/10 and I intend to apply for my defacto around that date. From what I understand I get a bridging visa now does let me carry on working for my current employer past the 6 months as I dont want to lose my job. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks :hug:
  19. Hi guys i hope all is well with everyone! Angie and I are in Oz on a student visa with Angie being the one studying. Her diploma is nearly finished, the 900 hours work experience are done, certified by the TRA, and we are looking into applying for our permenant residency. Its all quite confusing really! We have work restrictions, 20 hours a week ect. When we get our bridging visa are we both only allowed to work 20 hours a week still? Really need money as after 2 years we have none left and would just love to be able to work full time. Saw on immi website that you can apply for bridging visa which allows full time work if you show financial hardship but a friends immigration agent says we cannot do this. Any advice on this or ANYTHING to do with the application will be appreciated as we cannot afford our own immigration agent. Thanks guys have a good one! jim
  20. Guest

    bridging visa A ---> study?

    hi guys, with this visa can we study "Any course" we want while waiting for pr result? thanx
  21. Dear all, . I would need you help to answer my question : Can I get a bridging visa when my student visa ceases if I am applying for graduate skilled visa subclass 176? - I am a french Civil Engineer ( degree assessed by Engineers Australia) - I have worked 15 months in Australia as a civil ( water ) engineer, 20h/week - I am completing my Master of Water Resources Management at the UNISA in July ( after 18 months of studies, not 2 years and that is preventing me from applying for the 886 onshore visa - %y student visa ceases the 30th of september - I am fluent in English - I have a contract to begin a full time job as a civil engineer in August - My occupation is one the Critical Occupation List of immigration - I am eligible to be sponsored by SA immigration As I remember , I had 160 at their point test stuff... However I find nothing on immigration website about offshores visa and eligibility for a brisging VISA ( the only stuff is to hold a substantive visa). Could you help me clarifying if I can get a bridging visa while applying for VISA subclass 176?
  22. Hi all, I have a mate here in Aus who is on a 457visa, he has recently been offered a job, again on a 457 visa. Whilst his new sponsorship is being processed he has been granted a bridging visa. I am trying to find out the following: 1. If he now has a bridging visa does this mean the old 457 is cancelled ? 2. If the new 457 is not approved will he be allowed to stay at the present company on the old 457? 3. Based on the outcome of question 2, will he have to leave Aus in 28 days or find another sponsor?? Many thanks Ste
  23. Dear All, My OH is currently 10 months into his 2 year Cert III Cabinet Making course at TAFE. He aims to finish the course as early as possible and then apply for PR. My question concerns the actual process from finishing the course to Bridging Visa to (hopefully!) PR. Obviously the student visa doesn't expire until just after the 2 years they give you to actually finish the course, but if you apply for PR say 6 months before the visa expires because you have completed the course early, got your hours for TRA, etc, do immigration automatically give you a bridging visa or do they only issue you a bridging visa if your student visa has expired? I guess the reason I'm asking is for work rights as I believe the bridging visa gives you unlimited working rights and I can't wait to start working 'full time'! I hope someone can shed some light on this for me! Thanks May PS Still absolutely LOVING it! Went to Moreton Island last month... WOW!
  24. hi all i am trying to get my son as permanent resident in oz under last remaining relative..an have been told to look at bridging visa's.. how do i go about doing so?? thanks
  25. Guest

    bridging visa re: fiance visa?

    Hi all, Can any one give me some info on what i think is termed a bridging visa when applying for a prospective marriage visa. I have heard of cases where some ones fiance can stay with them (in Australia) whilst their application is processed and was wondering what the ins and outs of it were. Grateful for any info. Thanks.