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Found 155 results

  1. Guest

    Bridging Visas

    Hello all, I'm sure this has been asked before but as I really should be doing some housework and not spending all day on the computer (again) I thought I would just ask rather than search. My OH is currently on a Student Visa and completes his course in 4 weeks. Obviously we know we have to apply for Graduate Visa next and we also know that we will be on a bridging visa whilst they process this. However, what I am not clear about is what (if any) restrictions apply to the bridging visa. I know that we will have to still pay school fees for our son and I know that Simon has unrestricted work rights but I'm not sure whether I will too or if I will still be restricted to the 20 hours I am allowed to do now! Hope this makes sense :wacko:! If anyone has any idea I would appreciate it. Thanks Helen
  2. Franklin

    Bridging visa and student visa

    Hi guys, This is my first post. I have a question, I am holding bridging visa A which has unlimited work and study rights in Australia. But do I need to apply student visa in order to study? I mean, if I am studying on Bridging visa A now and let's say for instance my PR application is refused. Am I still able to finish my study? Probably the answer is no, because I must leave Australia within 28 days. But at the same time, we allow only hold one visa at one time. Does it mean we have to bridge commitment to finish the study with the education institute? thanks a lot in advance Cheers
  3. Hello all, I am currently on a WHV and have my application in for permanent residency on a Last Remaining Relative Visa. As such I will be moving on to my Bridging Visa shortly. As I understand it the bridging visa operates under the same work restrictions as the visa currently held. So, if I have worked for 6 months for a company during my WHV will I be able to do another 6 months with them once I move onto the Bridging Visa? Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. Hello, I have a sharp question on this. I am a PR holder (with a RRV), we are going to OZ end dec. My partner was granted with a WHV, that has the "classical" work restriction ( 6 months max with the same employer). She has already found a long term term job, and she plans to lodge her "de facto" demand a few weeks/month after our arrival (once we are sure we want to settle in undefinitly; via a migration agent that we have not yet choosen), so she will be given a bridging visa. Knowing that the work conditions are the same for the bridging visa as for the visa for which she entered Australia (WHV), she will be able to work. But" does this 6 months max with the same employer" condition applies to the bridging? Hope I was clear enough ;-) Thanks a lot for your answer
  5. Guest

    Bridging visa C

    Hi all, 1)Is there a chance that I can leave australia while im on a bridging visa C? 2) anyone here had experience applying for unlimited job restriction while they are on bridging visa C? The reason i ask is because I will get a bridging visa C when my 485 expires, and the chances of them approving my PR before my 485 expires may seems impossible now.. Cheers
  6. This is my first post in this forum, and although I am not a Brit myself, after google search, I hit upon this forum on this windy chilly freezing Sunday and looked to me that the members in here are quite knowledgeable with migration issues. Hence joining this forum requesting some advice. Here is my situation. Both of my parents are aged and they will soon come to Australia on Subclass 676 tourist visa. What I am planning is to apply for a aged subclass 804 visa when they are here. My question is because they are aged parents, will they be allowed to stay in Australia legally till their case is decided upon via a bridging VISA ? Thanks in advance Kragoth
  7. Hi everyone, My visa expire on Aug-2011 but I finished my degree earlier because of changing program. I want to return to my country and come back to australia on 20-Feb-2010. I do not know whether I can come back here by current student visa or I must apply TR/PR to get bridging visa to stay here legally. _I call to immigration department and they say they are waiting to the notification from my university to show that I finish my program earlier and then they say after they receive it, I will get only 28 days to stay in Australia. _The day after that, I went to talk with them face to face (student compliance-Level 15-DIAC Melbourne). They say I can come back here on 20-Feb-2010 without any risky. But after that I must apply to TR/PR asap. I was so confused with this issue, 2 person 2 different answers but in same department. 1) Do I need to apply TR/PR then get bridging visa A, then apply bridging visa B in order to travel oversea. 2) Or I just need bridging visa A is enough as an evidence to show the customs in the airport that I intend to come back for immigration purpose(still use student visa to travel). Some people say the bridging visa A will not be activated yet until my current student visa expire. and even I get BV A but if when the day I leave Australia, BV A will be cancel. (I need apply again when I come back) I need to return my country in emergency situation. Any one know about this issue, Please please please help me !!!!
  8. Hi all, I am currently on a Working Holiday Visa and will be applying for an onshore partner visa. I will have worked for my employer for 6 months, and have a permanent offer from them with a start date a few days after my WHV runs out. 1) how do I apply for a bridging visa A? is the application for the bridging visa inherent in the application for the partner visa? Do I need to fill out any extra forms or is it just given automatically when I go to submit my application at the Adelaide office? 2) will the bridging visa A automatically have the same work rights as my current WHV visa? so I can work for another 6months for my employer? Is there any chance that they might randomly apply a "no work" condition to my bridging visa? thanks RockDr PS: also who's stupid idea was it to have the World Cup Final at 4am on a monday morning??
  9. Hi everyone! I need some help, please! I've been on BVA for some time now, and considering applying for a partner visa. We've been living together since Oct '08. Since I'm not on a substantive visa, what option do I have to lodge a valid application? I appreciate any help with this, please!:unsure:
  10. Hi, I was just wondering, if we apply for an onshore spouse visa, will my partner get a Bridging Visa if he is currently on a student visa? He is considering taking a short break from his studies but wants to stay in Australia while the spouse visa is being processed. Thanks
  11. Hi, I am currenlty holding a bridging visa A while my defacto-spouse visa is pending. I have however booked a suprise trip to fiji for my partners 30th and now worried my visa will not be granted on time (8th august) Does anyone know what the likely hood of being able to travel on a bridging visa B is? I know I could apply but Im not sure that a holiday together would count as good reason to leave the country. What could I say which could help my cause? Very stressed as I will lose the money for the holiday.
  12. Guest

    Bridging visa question

    Dear Jill and Tony On the 6th April I posted a question about a problem regarding my mum and s/days CPV which was lodged off shore in November 09. You both kindly answered my post with some very detailed information for which I thank you. After meeting with a very nice lady at DIAC Brisbane it was confirmed that had their CPV application been lodged 'on shore' this problem would not have occured. DIAC have granted bridging visa E as it was concidered that this was a genuine error and miss communication. We are of course very greatful for their understanding and assistance in this matter. It was explained that mum and s/dad cannot leave Australia though, until their CPV has been processed. A thought occured to me in the middle of the night, why I cant have these kind of thoughts at the right time is beyond me.. however, in the middle of the night I wondered if it would be possible to lodged another application for an 'on shore' CPV. I know it means a further lodgment fee, and we have no problem doing this. If its not possible then we have to be very thankful (which we are) that mum and dad can stay and we will have to 'make a plan' to sort out the business issues in the UK another way. I would be greatful for your comments and once again many thanks for your previous input. Many thanks and best wishes.
  13. We have applied for a 119 rsms. Our fear is that our employer will grow impatient if the six month wait for this is true. Is there anyway to get over and begin work while waiting our permenant visa. We are both 34.
  14. Guest

    Bridging visa question

    Hello everyone. I do hope someone can give me some advice. My mother and step father lodged a CPV on Nov 17th. This was an 'off shore' application. Mum and S/dad then flew into Australia on a 676 multible entry visa (3month stay) and an ETA. Early Jan Mum called DIAC and asked about the possibility of getting a bridging visa A to allow them to stay with us while their CPA is being processed. She was advised that the Bridging visa A is automatic has they have an application pending. Also advised that if they needed to travel out of Australia they would need to apply for Bridging visa B. Well mum needs to travel to the UK so she called DIAC and asked what the proceedure was to get a bridging visa B. She was then told that she is in Australia illegally and must 'get out'. Was also told that her 4 year validity 676 visa is now cancelled. We are now beside ourselves with worry. We are travelling to Brisbane DIAC to try and sort this out, but when I read the form 1024i it clearly states that you can obtain a bridging visa A if you have an substantive application pending. Are mum and dad now going to be kicked out????? If anyone has any advice please feel free to let me know what you think or if you have had any experience in this area. Regards
  15. Hi, My Partner has put me as a seconadary applicant on his Subclass 176 Skilled (Migrant) Sponsored visa. However we have lived in a long distance relationship for the past 3 year becasue I go to Uni in the U.K. I graduate in July and will head to Perth then but I need to know that I will have the right to work and if I am eligable for a bridging visa? and if I am how do I go about it? Thanks, Lindsay
  16. Guest

    Bridging Visas?

    Hi, I need some help!!!! My husband is in NSW on a 457 temp employer sponsored visa, which expires on 30th June. My problem is that myself and son are still in uk and are planning on joining my husband when his exams finish, the problem is that his last exam is June 28th and we will not be there before the visa expires. My husbands employer has said that he will now sponser him permanently on an 856, but this means we all have to be in Australia on the day the visa is granted, my question is if my husband applies for the 856 and explains that we are not able to join him in Australia until July 7th will they still allow me to travel into Australia on my 457 visa even though it would have expired. I have read somewhere on the site that when you apply for a visa while in Australia on a substantive visa and it expires before the new visa is granted then you automatically are given a bridging visa until it is sorted. Is this correct? Any help would be appreciated.:confused:
  17. My Situation currently in Bridging visa waiting for 485 visa (Computer professional occupation), have been wait for 1 year already and still no decision yet. But now I already have enough point and requirement to apply 175 visa (with Electronics Engineering occoupation i just got positive result assesment). My question is can i apply 175 visa without withdraw my 485 application, so i can still working in australia with my current company while my 175 visa application in process. thanks
  18. xTINKSx

    Bridging Visa from 457 to PR

    Hi Guys, We will be applying for permanent residency (ENS) when our 457 expires. Can anyone please tell me whether we have to physically apply for a Bridging visa or is it automatically created upon receipt of the PR ENS application. Due to the fact that there is a hairs breathe between our two year requirement for PR and our 457 expiring can anyone tell me when would be the absolute latest we could apply? (e.g. the day of expiry, a week before it expires, ..... etc etc). Many thanks. Jen x
  19. Hi i am in Melbourne bridging visa 485, i plane to go overseas six months so i have to apply bridging b visa . my question is when i go out off country my application will process or not ? when i come back is i have to do overseas police clearance again?( HR country ) pl give some advice !!! otherwise i will plane less then 3 months thanks Dhani:chatterbox:
  20. Guest

    Bridging VISA B

    Hi, My parents have applied for parent visa 804 & are currently on bridging visa, they wish to travel overseas, does anyone knows is there time limit for briding visa b? or for how many days can stay overseas in a year?
  21. Guest

    Bridging visa B info

    Hello everyone, I've applied for bridging visa B in november 09 and just got back from overseas, i was there due to some health issues in my family and stayed nearly 3 months. My question is if anyone knows can I apply for another bridging visa B because i hae reason and I need to go again very soon.Or is this bridging visa only once? My situation is that Iam currently waiting on a decision for permanent residency, subclass 885. Thanks alot
  22. Juliep

    what is a bridging visa?

    im applying for my PR ens i have a temp visa at mo, im trying to include my son on my application who is 24 and on a working holiday visa at the mo but his visa runs out in april would he be able to apply for a bridging visa to stay here until a dection is made? juliep
  23. Hi wish u every one, My name is Dhani i applied for 485, 886 cat 5 DEC 09 non csl, HR country India i been here Australia last 2 years,now in bridging visa, i am having 2 kids studying year 8 th, year 11 and house wife in INDIA i am planing to shift them to Australia by tourist visa for one year by June 2010 then however 2011 JUNE i hope i will get minimum 485 visa then i could join my family in my TR 485 visa now my question is how i could get one year visa to my family ? pl help me can i apply from Australia ? or my wife apply from India ? and which one is best way to reach my plane ? pl give idea i am working in AUSTRALIA as a pastry cook i missed my family last 2 years so i like to keep my kids with me and after one year we like to send them school in Australia what they like school. if u give the idea or solution it will be great to me and my family thanks DHANI
  24. Hi all, I had my 485 visa granted and already applied for 885 3 months ago. As I need to leave Oz for 1 month to go back my country to visit my family. I quite confuse as a friend of mine told me I just use my 485 to leave Oz due to this visa let me Multiple entries to and from Australia during the validity of my visa. On the other hand I've been told that I should go DIAC to get a bridging B. I really don't know which way I should go ! Thank you for your help
  25. Hi, I have applied for a Graduate Visa 485 but the nominated occupation I applied is not on CSL and it has been more than 7 months now and I have no hope until middle of 2010. In december I decided changing my nominated occupation to Urban and Regional Planner (CSL) and I have got a positive result. My question is, Can I apply for another Graduate visa or even change my nominated occupation? I've been calling and I've been to Immigration many times but they are hopeless, each one gives me a different answer,it's very hard to trust them. Someone willing to help???? Many thanks!