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  1. Hello everyone I'm at the moment in Australia on a ETA visa and just about to lodge an onshore partner visa application.My ETA visa expires in April so I understand that I will automatically go on a Bridging visa A (under the same conditions-so no work permission). As the average processing times for partner visas are so long at the moment I would like to apply for a work permission. Does anybody know more about this process?Is the only way to apply for work permission based on financial hardship?What is the definition of financial hardship in this situation?And could it have a negative impact on the visa application? (I've heard your sponsor needs to have an income of around 30 000/year to be eligible as a sponsor.If you don't have any savings and high spendings (rent,bills I guess) you could be facing 'financial hardship' and can apply for work permission) Also my best friend is getting married in July in Germany and of cause I would like to go!As I can't travel on the Bridging visa A and I'm not putting my hopes up to high that I will already have my partner visa by that time, I need to apply for a Bridging visa B to be allowed to leave Australia for up to 3 months. To get the BVB you need to give 'substantial reason why you need to leave the country'.Would the wedding be reason enough (I have the invitation- obviously in German though- and I guess she could write a statement confirming that I'm bridesmaid as well!) Do you think that could work? Oh and on top of that,if my work permission gets granted would it automatically be transferred to the BVB and still be valid when I return to Australia end of July? And does anybody know how much this will cost again?I guess there is a fee again for the application for the work permission and the BVB? Any help and info is much appreciated! Cheers
  2. Hello everyone I'm in the process of applying for an onshore spouse visa.Soon I'll be on the Bridging visa A but as I'm here on a tourist visa at the moment I will have the same conditions - no work permission. I understand that I can apply for temporary working rights while my visa application is being processed based on financial hardship. I still find it hard to believe that this wouldn't have a negative impact the visa application as the sponsor has to state that he is completely able to support the applicant for 2 years.But apparently the sponsor only has to have an yearly income of 35k to be eligible as a sponsor and if you can proof that you have high spendings you could still apply for working rights based on financial hardship to support the household. First of all can anyone confirm this? Has anyone gone through this process and could share his experience? How do you lodge this application?Form 1005,is it? What kind of supporting documents do you have to provide with it? (I assume bank statement showing financial situation- income,rent,bills ) Any help and info is much appreciated! Cheers
  3. Hi all, Please give information regarding my questions of my friend. My friend and her husband reached in June 2008. She has done Prepress graphics and multimedia diploma of 1yrs and 6 months. Then she applied for TR on June 2010. Now she (and her husband) is on Bridging Visa - A. Now she want to apply for PR...Still her till TR is not achieved.. So friends please give me detailed information that how her TR will come and how she will get her PR and the time required. What are the Various requirements? please give me detailed information.. I really want to help them by getting the detailed information from you people in the form of your help... Thanks... Regards Landarjatt[/size]
  4. I wonder if anyone can help from their knowledge / experience with Bridging Visa Type B. I am planning to go to the States for a holiday and visiting a friend during the upcoming easter break. I applied for GSM 885 visa on Aug-2010, and currently on Bridging Visa A, obviously. My questions: 1) Is tourism/visiting a friend a valid/substantial reason for applying a bridging visa b, or is that too brutally honest? Because I really want a holiday.... I have a full time job, have enough savings to go, and have enough annual leaves saved up.. Thats about the reason I want to travel OUTSIDE australia. Otherwise what do you suggest I should put as reason? 2) When is generally the best time to apply? Obviously I want to secure my plane ticket ASAP so I can get the best fare available. So for me personally the sooner I can get the BVB the better. Can anyone suggest with DIAC is it better to apply BVB closer to the date of intended departure or way ahead before? Appreciate your response and thanks in advance. Cheers:notworthy:
  5. Hi, my situation is..... I met my Austalian Boyfriend whist on a working holiday visa in australia. we met June 2009 and lived together as a couple in australia until may 2010, we then left australia, travelled for 1 month and arrived in UK june 2010. my australian boyfriend is on a youth mobility visa for living and working in uk (same as working holiday visa for australia) this visa allows him to stay in uk for 2 yrs and that is what we were planning to do, leaving uk june 2012 to both head back to australia to live permanently, i would have applied for a defacto visa before hand. BUT.... now i have found out i am pregnant, and we wish to leave uk now as want to get settled in oz before baby due in september. we have our flights booked already leaving uk 4th march which is in 3 wks time!!!! I will need to apply for defacto visa when in oz, and understand i can get a bridging visa until a decision is made. BUT... i now have found out i will need to apply for a ETA visa to even enter australia for a 3 month period. does anyone out there know if this will affect me applying for a defacto visa whilst on an ETA??? we do not have time to apply for defacto whilst in uk as only have 3 wks here until we fly, they wont offer me bridging visa outside oz, so how do i get in to be able to live with my boyfriend and have our baby there?????? any help appreciated asap please
  6. Hi All, I hope someone out there can help me. I came to Oz on a working holiday visa in 2009. Soon after moving here I found a job and worked for 6 months. following this I applied for a 487 visa (regional-sponsored skilled migration - sponsored by my sister) as I wanted to remain in Oz. I was then granted a bridging visa A. In the meantime I met someone and now we're getting married in May. My fiancee is currently living in England (He's not a British citizen) and we want to settle down in Oz. What are my options in terms of getting him over here in May as I realise that I can't sponsor him as I'm only on a bridging visa and I won't be granted my 487 visa for at least another year! Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!
  7. Hi my name I Vinoth I am from India.I have applied for diploma in business at perth institute of bachelor technology which is a 8 months fast track course which ends in June 2012 and my visa will also expires by that time. my 2nd year ug course will start from September 2012.am i eligilible to apply for a bridging visa for the 2 months.suggestions please and thanks
  8. Hi everyone Back again!!! I have been nominated for a 457 visa by my employer which is great. I applied for it in good time and awaiting an extension of my bridging visa A which never came through. Although i rang immigration several times and they told me to be patient etc i decided i wanted something in writing and headed to the immigration dept in Brisbane. They told me i was on a bridging visa C with no work permission!?!?! so i cant return to work for the company offering to sponsor me which is annoying. Financially i cant afford to be out of work so i was advised to submit a form 1005 to get permission until i was assigned a case officer to look at my 457. That was done last week and was told a supervisor had looked at it and would be in contact. Still no word today so chased up and was told i would have to wait a few weeks before a case officer was assigned and looked at my 457 paperwork?!?!?!? what was the point of lodging the 1005 for work permission if i have to wait anyways?? the information i have received from immigration does not match what this person is telling me...surely i have to support myself and surely i can get work permission before they look at the 457 paperwork?? should i just go in and do this in person? will that help?? Thank you Joanne
  9. Guest

    Bridging visa b (second time)

    Hello I want to knw , how can i get bridging visa B for second time . Currently i have have applied 485 and 885 Visa. i applied 485 in dec 2009 and i went to overseas on bridging visa for 3 months (feb to april). in june 2010 i applied 885 and now in feb 2010 again i want to go to overseas for 1.5 months . how can i get the bridging B visa again ? what reason can i give them ..... what documents should i provide ? thank you
  10. Hey, Can anyone tell if I can apply for a student visa while my bridging visa is still running? I am currently in the uk and my bridging visa expires in 3days. I need to get my student visa application asap. thanks
  11. Guest

    Bridging Visa terms??

    Hi guys, I'm currently in Australia on a WHV (in which i can work for my employer for six months) and my partner and I are about to apply for a defacto visa. I've heard somewhere that once you apply for the Visa, and get your bridging visa - the bridging visa is under the same terms as the previous visa you were on when you applied. (does that make sense?) So my question is... will i be able to work for another six months with my employer, once we have put my permanent residency application in?! Sorry if this is confusing!
  12. Guest

    Multiple Bridging Visa Bs?

    Hello - my partner is currently waiting (in Australia) for the outcome of his application to migrate here as my partner. If his application is not resolved by April, we had been planning on applying for a Bridging Visa B for him to attend his brother's wedding then. His mother, however, has recently become ill - it's not life-threatening, and currently seems to be under control, but she risks endangering her sight if she does not manage the condition well. He is worried as well that she is understating the extent of her medical problems, and that other family members are not being successful in encouraging her to take the best approach to her medical care. He would like to travel back earlier than April to check on her - but this would mean applying for a Bridging Visa B for that earlier visit, and then applying for another one to attend his brother's wedding. Does anyone have a sense of how two applications for overseas travel would be received, if they are requested only a few months apart? Is it possible to submit a single application that would cover both intended trips? Or is it better to focus on one trip at a time? Both trips would be to England, where my partner is a citizen. We think the first trip would be in early February (the soonest he can get leave from work), for around 20 days. The second would be in April, for around one week. Many thanks...
  13. Guest

    Bridging Visa B urgent question

    Hi, i am sorry if this questioned has been asked before.... I am going to apply for a bridging visa b as my dad just had a serious operation. On the application form it says visa B will cease after 28 days but as i understand i can stay offshore for 88 days or something like that. So does that mean within 28 days i need to fly back to Australia and apply for another B or can i reapply/renew overseas after 28 days (with authorized agent/department) ? I'll need to go home for about 2.5 - 3 months and i think thats maximum i am allowed. I did my research but not too sure form 1005 about changing condition/visa can be used offshore ? Its saturday today and i will send the form on monday, can anyone tell me how long i should expect to get the visa ? also is it electronic for i need to have it labeled on my passport ? Thank you in advance.
  14. Hello all, I arrived in Australia on a WHV and whilst in Australia applied for a Remaining Relative Visa, my WHV has now expired so I am on a Bridging Visa (A, I assume). Given the potentially lengthy wait for processing on the RRV (up to 6 years I have read in some places!) I would like to be able to work without the 6-month per employer restriction that I currently have, otherwise I might be looking at getting 12 different jobs before I become permanent! The way to apply for this restriction lifting is using Form 1005 which I am trying to wade through at the moment. Does anybody have any experience with this form, i.e. under what conditions do they lift the 6-month limitation? Also, at the start of the form it asks for a 'File Number', giving no further information as to where this number may be found, any ideas?
  15. Hey, The student visa i was on expired on 30th September 2010 and i hadn't completed my studies. I had applied for a de-facto partner before my student visa expired and as of now im on a Bridging Visa A with work limitations. I just received an email from the uni, saying im in breach since i havent paid my fees. I was wondering, if i cancel my enrollment at the university since my student visa has expired? Or Do i have to keep studying as well? How is the uni going to cancel my student visa if it isn't valid anymore? can they cancel my application for de-facto partner visa? Thanks! Collins
  16. I’m currently on a working holiday visa which is due to expire on august 15th 2009 .On may 29th ,2009, a couple of weeks time I will be applying with my Australian partner for a defacto visa. We have all the paper work together so that parts not a problem. The problem is we were planning to travel back to England from the 16th august 2009 to September 11th, but I’ve been told that this won’t be possible on either a temporary spousal visa, or a bridging visa A. On the Bridging visa B is says I have to have substantial valid reasons, but what does this mean? And how long does this take to process? Do I have to have a dying parent or can I just really miss home and need to visit for sanities sake. I haven’t seen anyone from home for a year now and I miss them so much. I didn’t realise I couldn’t travel on a temporary defacto visa. If I leave it until I get my permanent visa, I’m guessing it will be at least 3 years from now until it’s all done, my grandparents, who are quite poorly, will have died. I’ve also been told that if I move my trip forward so that I come back before my current working holiday visa is due to expire then that would be ok. Is this true? We already have our tickets booked, but could move them if needed. So to clarify from the stressed out babble. 1) What classifies as substantial valid reasons to get a BVB? 2) How long do BVB’s take to process? 3) Should I move my travels forward so I return before the end of my current working holiday visa expires on the 15th August?
  17. Guest

    Mortgage on Bridging Visa

    I am wondering if it is possible to get mortgage from bank as a bridging visa holder (applying for permanent residency). I did a google search on this topic and found some result that saying it is possible with 20% deposit. Is this true? Since every time the bank offers me something, when I said I am not a PR they said 'Sorry to waste your time, this offer/service only available for PR'. If it is indeed possible, Is there any other factors that's being checked specifically for the bridging visa holders?
  18. Guest

    Leave Aus on Bridging Visa B?

    Hi guys, I intend to leave Oz next week under BVB. I just wonder if while I'm overseas and there is a decision on my 485 visa application, do I have to return Oz within 28 days since receiving notification of the decision? And after my return, if the decision have been made, do I need to go to Immi office to renew my BVA? Thanks a lot.
  19. Hi to anyone who can help. Im a permanent resident and i came on a 176 but never included my now wife (long story) we have been married 4 months and thought the spouse visa would take 3 weeks. we have just found out from Australia house that it is taking 6 months to process these visas. Can we get a bridging visa to span the time or is it a case of just wait. Also could she come out on a holiday visa and wait here for the visa to come through in oz. Help please :jiggy::sad:
  20. Hi guys Well i am in a very unique situation.I came here on a 573 Higher Education Sector visa in 2006 and finished studies in 2008 ,Applied PR (Through Paperwork at Adelaide) in Aug 2008.But if any employer checks my work rights online,they still get my student visa status and it shows 20 hrs only!!! I think it is to do with the fact that paperwork candidates cannot have their status online but at least it should not show as a student? dont know what to do? Any suggestion guys!!
  21. Guest

    Bridging Visa A - Health Cover

    Hey guys, I've applied for GSM under subclass 885 and currently, I'm on Bridging Visa A. Now, do we need to have a medical cover with Bridging Visa A? I heard that my application will not be assessed, if I didn't have medical cover with Bridging Visa A. Advice from MARA agents would be great. Thank you.
  22. Guest

    Will a Bridging visa cover me?

    Hello! First off I am not a pom. I'm sure it doesn't make much of different aside from a few sub classes. Such as; I cannot extend my WHV for a second year. sigh. I have a relatively simple question but havn't been able to find the answer else where. I am currently on a WHV that will be expiring in November and I would like to stay out here, study and eventually migrate. I currently have a job that can support me though my studies but school doesn't start until February. I was hoping that i could obtain a BVA to cover me between November and February so that I may work full time until the student visa takes effect. (save for a rainy day) Will the BVA cover me between my WHV and Student Visa? From what I hear, it doesn't take much time to for student visa's to be permitted. A few weeks. So i would not fit the "has made an application for a substantive visa which has not been decided" criteria. If this is so, are there any other options? This is and onshore student visa we are talking about. If that makes a difference. Thank you for your time. Lee
  23. Hi everyone Hope someone here can help me. My first working hol visa ends this October, I am past 31 and so cannot apply for the second . I am hoping to get enough funds together to start studying but i wont have it by the time my visa runs out. How do i apply for a bridging visa that will last approx 3 months so that i can get everything sorted for a student visa?? Is this at all possible? Also, does an online course qualify? I want to do a cert first which is offered online before commiting a couple of grand. Thank you for any help you can offer Joanne
  24. Hi Everyone, I am in a dilemma about applying 885 visa while still on the bridging visa for 485? My Student visa got expired last month and since I was waiting for my CDR ,I could not apply for 885 visa which I have eligible luckily.Now i have got my CDRv assessed and I want to apply for 885 visa. Can I apply for 885 while on bridging visa A for 485? What will happen if I apply now?Someone told me that my bridging visa A will change to bridging visa C which has no work right and travel rights? Has anyone applied any visa or 885 visa while you were in bridging visa? Please help me out guys..:confused:.
  25. Hi all, We are slowly getting closer. Sold our house 2 weeks ago yippee!!!, meaning that we can finally get on with the visa once we sell hopefully early July. A little stumbling block though. We have just found out that I am 6 weeks pregnant, I would loveto have the baby in OZ but I now cannot have my X-ray. Is it possible for the rest of the family to have their x-rays and I do mine out there once the baby is born. If anyone has been in this situation I would love to hear from you. Thanks