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Found 155 results

  1. Guest

    Breaking my bridging visa...

    I am currently on a bridging visa while I wait for my defacto partner visa to come through. I was previously on a working holiday visa and as my immigration agent explained my bridging visa is an extention of my working holiday visa. I have been working for my employer for 6 months now which means I am going to have to leave. I haven't informed my employer of my situation and I want to stay where I work. Is it worth risking this and carrying on working for my employer? I have been on my bridging visa for 2 weeks now but my partner visa could take weeks or months until it comes through. It isn't easy to find a decent paid full time job for 6 months and therefore I didn't inform my employer of this situation when I took the job as I thought the bridging visa would 'reset' my time. Please advise. Thanks
  2. filippoit

    eVisitor to Bridging for 457

    Here is my situation: I entered in Australia with an eVisitor on the 16/03/2011 I applied for a 457 the 27/05/2011 Bridging visa granted eVisitor will expire the 15/06/2011 How many of you who had a Bridging visa know if I the previous visa cease when you apply for another one? In my case the eVisitor seems to be on effect. Do you think I can leave and come back to Australia just for a 4 days trip? Do you think they will let me back in on my eVisitor? All suggestions are welcome, Thanks!!! P.S. the trip is not related to my visa process but I have to do it for personal reasons
  3. Hi guys, this is my first post around here, but looks like a very helpful forum! With all the questions I have, I'm sure I will get much more direct answers than I will surfing around on the 'net. Basically, I am British and my boyfriend is an Indonesian citizen, but living in Australia with Permanent Residency (has applied and been approved of Aussie citizenship, just waiting for what could be months for his ceremony to make it all official and final). So a bit of background on us.. We're pretty young to be getting into all this I suppose, but needs must and all. I am 19 and he is 21. We met online in 2008. Obviously not much we could do about the distance, being so young and jobless, but kept in touch and very 'close' until we were in a position to do anything about it. We knew we were serious and wanted to be together, and so I applied for a working holiday visa and arrived here in Aus in September last year, both to meet and move in with my boyfriend (and his family). Everything has been going perfect for the past 8 months or so since I arrived, and obviously the time is passing by quickly and so we are needing to do something about staying together long-term. Honestly, we aren't bothered about which country we end up in, our main concern is to stay together. Aus is looking much more practical for settling down in, mostly because he is still doing studies, plus the work/pay is much more appealing over here. -OUR PLAN- Obviously I will have to return to UK by September, as my 12 month WHV will be expiring. So basically we're hoping to bring him back with me until we can both return to Aus permanently with some kind of partner visa for myself. As mentioned, my boyfriend is in the process of applying for his Australian citizenship. We're told that the processing time could mean his ceremony (which will make it all final) could be as far away as September or October. Whilst he could travel on his Indonesian citizenship in the meantime, that would give him much more hassle entering UK re. visas etc, so we're hoping his Australian citizenship will be complete before September. Okay, now the real questions. 1). I understand there are several different partner visas. We were looking at De Facto (offshore) application, but thought I'd get some advice first. We will eventually marry, however obviously we're young and want to wait until we're ready, and not just marrying for the sake of making the visas simpler (though we are prepared to do this if it's our only option). We will have been living together for exactly one year by the time I/we go to the UK. We have been living with his parents/family and so won't have much 'evidence' as far as shared bills/rent goes, but we do have personal things (xmas cards etc) addressed to us both, I've kept travel tickets etc in both our names, plus tons of photos, and we plan to open a joint bank account asap. Given all of the above, what would be our best bet, partner visa-wise? I know there are options to apply whilst I am still here, but obviously we will have been 'together' for less than a year, so I'm assuming that would go against us. Any tips on what to do (also COSTS. We're young remember! ) would be greatly appreciated. 2). I've come across the term 'bridging visa' here and there, but only just pondered today whether this could be an option. We are really hoping to travel to UK for a few months together. We definitely don't want to be apart for the 5-6 month processing time that it seems a partner visa takes, but if his ceremony isn't out of the way by September, obviously I may have to go home a month or two before he joins me. Is there ANY type of bridging visa or similar that I could apply for just on the grounds that I want him to be with me when we go to UK? I.e., just until his citizenship is out of the way? I'm sure there's other things I need to ask/work out, but those are my main concerns right now, as obviously we are increasingly pressing for time. I'm sure more things will come to me as I'm reading your responses. :wink: Anyway, thanks for reading my post, and thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Sorry about the lengthy post! Cheers, Sophie.
  4. Hi, do you have anybody experience with sponsorship from bridging visa A? How long it can takes? Do I have to be overseas at the time of lodgement and approval? Thanks
  5. Merxi

    From Bridging A to 457

    Hi, do you have anybody experience with sponsorship from bridging visa A? How long it can takes? Do I have to be overseas at the time of lodgement and approval?
  6. Rock Lobster

    Bridging visa B..A little confused

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone would maybe be able to help and clear something up for me. I am currently in Australia on a 676 tourist visa. I am going to be applying onshore for my spouse visa on Wednesday, now I know that when the application is lodged I will be put onto bridging visa A. Now comes the tricky part....My 676 entry was the 2nd of March so my visa technically doesn't 'expire' until 2nd of June. I have a flight booked back to the UK on the 31st March to visit my father who has recently been diagnosed with vascular dementia. Giving the current long waiting times onshore I was planning on visiting him for a couple of weeks and then coming back. Now, I can't figure out whether I am going to need bridging visa B or not as I am technically going to be leaving before my 3 months is up, so re-setting the clock on it as it is a multiple entry visa until August 2010. I've been reading various threads and can't really figure it out!! Will they put me on bridging visa A as soon as my application is lodged, therefore I would need the bridging visa B. Will they wait until my visa time expires (2nd June) or would it not come into effect until August? I think I have just confused myself even more!!??:wacko:
  7. Guest

    Question about Bridging Visa B?

    Hi everyone, I was an international student and I'm currently holding Bridging Visa A which I got on March 15th. I'm wishing to go to Thailand before June for personal banking reasons (I have to be there in person for the bank to process anything for me), to renew my driving license and my Identification card, and to see my family since I haven't seen them in nearly 3 years. I just wanted to be there for a couple of weeks before I come back. I tried to call the immigration but they're always busy and my phone line gets cut off after a few minutes of waiting. I would just like to know how long does it usually take to process BVB? Because I really need to book my flight ASAP but I can't because I don't know if it will be/when it will be approved. I will go hand in my application in person, would they be able to grant it on the spot or at least within a week? I would like to be back in June because I applied for a short course that starts in that month and I already paid for the fee so I don't want to miss my classes. I'm residing in Melbourne. Thank you in advanced. Regards.
  8. Guest

    457 to 856 - bridging visa?

    Hi everyone, hope you're all well. I'm about to submit my 856 visa application, having been on my 457 for just over two years. Can anyone tell me if you go onto a bridging visa until your 856 is granted? Or just stay on the 457? I'm planning an overseas trip soon, but if I'm on a bridging visa this may not be possible. My 457 doesn't expire until next year, so would I just stay on that? I read somewhere that when you apply for a new visa, your current one automatically expires, but not sure if that applies in this situation. Thanks in advance for your help! Cheers
  9. Hi all, yet another quesiton but everyone has been so helpful with everything else so here goes! I got a letter today from DIAC acknowledging receipt of my applicaiton for visa 820 and it's said when my WHV runs out, I get a Bridgin Visa A with employment limitations, it then said that generally the work limitations remain the same as the prior visa - does this mean that once my bridging visa comes into place, I can only work for six months per company as with my WHV? Or does it mean something differnet? It didn't embellish any on the restrictions it just said employment limitations. Hopefuly somebody will be able to help. Also! In the letter it said the general waiting time for 820 to be accepted is nine months at the moment, has anyone had their visa accepted quicker than that recently? OK thanks, K
  10. Hello everyone, I fell into category 4 of GSM processing when I applied on mar 2009 and has been on bridging visa ever since. I managed to get a full time job after years of searching and rejections. However, the company required me to travel overseas for business trips to several countries (such as france, china) that I need to apply visa from australia. Currently I'm wondering whether my bridging visa status will prevent me from getting a business trip visa from these respective countries, this is quite tricky since I heard from people that It is fine while others (like Schengen visa) states that nobody on bridging visa is allowed to apply. in summary, there are 2 thing I'd like to know: 1. Whether Schengen/Chinese visa prevents people from applying in Australia because we are on bridging status ? 2. If we can apply, should we apply for bridging visa B first or the other visa first?? (they seems to require one another)? i know this sounds like a very complicated situation, but if anyone can help or share their similar experience will be much appreciated!! thanks heaps
  11. Hi Everyone, I am in a dilemma about applying 885 visa while still on the bridging visa for 485? My Student visa got expired last month and since I was waiting for my CDR ,I could not apply for 885 visa which I have eligible luckily.Now i have got my CDRv assessed and I want to apply for 885 visa. Can I apply for 885 while on bridging visa A for 485? What will happen if I apply now?Someone told me that my bridging visa A will change to bridging visa C which has no work right and travel rights? Has anyone applied any visa or 885 visa while you were in bridging visa? Please help me out guys..:confused:.
  12. Dear Friends, I recently completed my PhD and I am almost ready to apply for a 885 application. However, I am on Bridging Visa A (BVA). The reason for getting BVA was that when I applied for my previous student visa extension in Jan 2011, my wife was pregnant and she could not get the X-ray done for the visa medicals and hence DIAC put us the BVA until the baby is delivered (some time 1week of July 2011). Recently, I heard from my friend that if we now apply for 885 having BVA, we would be granted a Bridging visa C (BVC) and this visa does not allow for any work rights. Since my wife is only sole earner currently, without any work rights, it would be extremely difficult for us and also with a baby on its way. Kindly let me know how to tackle this situation and people with any similar experiences please suggest me the appropriate way to deal with this. Thanks Deepak
  13. Hi I have doubts if the time I spent in bridging visa will be included in the 4 years residency requirement for citizenship. The residency calculator page in citizenship website says If any of the following applied to you in the past 4 years, please telephone our service centre on 131 880 during business hours to discuss your circumstances. You obtained an e-visa to replace an expired RRV You obtained a bridging visa of any type You lodged an onshore application for a permanent visa then travelled overseas on your temporary visa You are a New Zealand citizen on a Special Category Visa (SCV) I came to Aus in Aug 2006 and was granted residency on Apr 2011, I am planning to apply for citizenship on Apr 2012, from 2006 to 2009 I was in a student visa, then applied for Permanent residency and was in a bridging visa for 2 yrs and then my application was approved, so I am living here for past 4 yrs and 6 months, my question is will I be eligible for citizenship on Apr 2012? Will the time that I was in Bridging visa be included in the 4 years and 6 months that i was here? Thank you.
  14. Hi, I'm currently on a working holiday visa and have applied for a sponsored 457 visa. The nomination has gone through but the actual visa seems to be taking some time. The 6 months I'm allowed to work on the WHV are about to run out and, as it is my understanding that the bridging visa I was granted when applying for the 457 visa has the same work restrictions as my current visa i.e. the WHV, I will have to fill out the 1005 form to get the bridging visa work restrictions lifted. I am a bit unsure, though, of what to put in field 4 - Class of visa. Field 2 asks for the receipt number when I last made a visa application, so that has to be the one on the 457 application. Field 3 asks for the visa number of the last visa I was granted, so that has to be the WHV. But field 4 does not state whether I should enter class of the 457 or the WHV visa. Does anyone know what I should put there? Thanks
  15. Hi, Please can anyone advise me if you can leave and then re-enter on a bridging visa? Thanks
  16. Both my previous employer and my current one wanted to sponsor me as a cook after i graduated here. the previous one was not a suitable employer and although this one is eminently suitable and has submitted paperwork, i am now on a bridging visa A waiting for my 485 visa to come through (which can take quite some time apparently). now ive just been informed (second hand mind you) by a friend in the same position that anyone on a bridging visa cant apply for a 457 as the bridging visa is not substantive. whilst he can wait to get it and then apply for 457 (his employer is keen to sponsor him too) i cant: i turn 43 in May! that means that i will spend 2 years on that visa only to be thrown out for being overage when i apply for the 856 PR visa through my employer, because i need those points. any help, or should i just throw in the towel and put down the 30k ive spent so far down to a bad experience?
  17. Guest

    Can I work on a bridging visa

    Hi All, My partner and I are going to put in the application to apply for a spouse visa when he arrives. We had twins here in Oz in Jan and we are hoping he will be able to work on his briding visa. He is an electrician. Does anyone know if you can work on a bridging visa? How long after the application could you work? Can you work as an electrician? How do you go about this? How long is the process? Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Stef
  18. The Pom Queen

    Bridging Visa and TFN

    If someone is on a bridging visa awaiting the 804 can they apply for a TFN? The reason I ask is if someone is waiting onshore for a visa grant and they have a bank account with savings they get taxed at 40+% until they provide a TFN.
  19. RegDwight

    Bridging Visa B

    Hi all, I'm applying for a Bridging Visa B and I would like to know which substantive visa it should be linked to as I have applied for both 485 and 885. Could someone please answer? I'm worried because the form says the BVB will expire when the substantive visa is granted but it can't be granted if I am overseas, so theoretically the BVB should last until its grant period. Is this correct? :huh:
  20. Guest

    Questions about Bridging Visa B

    I'm an international student from Malaysia studying higher education and my student visa is expiring on March 5th, I've already lodged an application for an extension of my visa and will automatically be on Bridging Visa A once my student visa expires. However, I then received an email stating that I would need to take a medical and a chest X-ray. The next available slot for doing so is on the 26th of March. Dilemma is, I have a brother's wedding to attend and I'll be flying back on the 31st of March. In this case, my visa would most definitely not be approved by the 31st since the slot of a medical checkup and chest x-ray is on the 26th. Flights have been booked (with the previous assumption that my visa would be processed by then). In this case, I heard that a Bridging Visa B can be applied which allows me to re-enter Australia (Melbourne) after I exit. I can only submit my application for the Bridging Visa B, once Bridging Visa A has kicked in, (15th of March) Question is - 1) How long does it take for BVB to approve? Would it be before 31st of March? 2) Would I need proof of my brother's wedding?
  21. Hey all, I'm currently on my second year working holiday visa which runs out on the 7th May but don't want to go back home!! If I apply for a regional sponsorship visa (475) will they grant me some sort of temp visa so I can stay until such time that its granted (crossed fingers) My profession is a chef, which I see is on the SOL schedule 4 list. Am I right in thinking this and my qualifications (NQV3), experience(7+) will be enough for me to qualify??? Cheers!!
  22. Guest

    Bridging visa/Work visa

    Dear PomsInOz friends, I have a query regarding work visa/ bridging visa. Please find below a summary of my profile before I mention my query. Currently a student in UNSW, Sydney pursuing Masters in Information systems. Its a 1 year course and student visa valid until March 2012. 5 years of work experience as a Computing professional (Systems Programmer) Age- 27 Applied for PR to Australia under subclass 175 in Sep 2010. Awaiting a CO and expecting the visa sometime in 2012 as the immi website says that it would take 18-24 months from the date of lodgment. I need a work visa for 2012 until I get my PR. Do I qualify for a Bridging visa? What are the other visa options I have in order to obtain rights to work in Australia. Thanks, Carl
  23. Guest

    Bridging visas help

    Hi All We are currently on a 165 visa and have just had our application accepted for the 893 and are awaiting a CO. We have just had a letter stating this and with the letter it states that we have been granted bridging visas A. Now it says these dont come into effect till our 165 visas expire which is on Dec 21st 2011. But it also says on form 1024i travel during the processing of an application: A bridging visa B is the only bridging visa which permits return to Australia. Do you know if we will be able to travel on our 165 or will we have the restrictions of the bridging visas issued, but not in effect till the expiry of the 165s. It is so very confusing. Have asked this question on a couple of other forums but the answers are not clear. Thankyou for your time. Christine
  24. Hi all, My friends are on bridging visa A, with 2 kids from 885 applications (previous international students). do they have to pay primary/secondary school fees in Victoria? do they get discounts on school fees ? do they have to buy private health insurance? much thanks. Goki