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Found 155 results

  1. Hello people of the internet. Background; my wife is Australian we’re applied for the spousal visa so while that happens I’m on a bridging visa A. I want to work through (my old job in London had an office in Sydney so I have a job whenever I need it) but to change to a working bridging visa I need to show a financial need. Has anyone ever done this – how long does it take and what is needed?… oh and where you successful? Any help would be lovely ta!
  2. Hi Friends, I am posting some information about an issue that i am experiencing currently. I am on Bridging visa c currently with no study and no work permission. I applied to get my work permission back after 1 month and was rejected and reason was to ask your family for help. Unfortunately my family is overseas and they cannot afford because of the currency difference. Can anyone has the same issue and have got the work permission back ? I am planning to write another letter with the facts i need the permission. Could anybody tell me about strong points that i can mention to the CO? Please help!
  3. Just wondering, when I apply for a defacto visa with my australian partner (I am currently on a 457) will I be granted a bridging visa or does my 457 stay valid till a decision is made on my defacto application? If I do end up with just a bridging visa, can I come and go from Australia like normal or do I have to wait till my defacto is granted?
  4. We are on a waiting list for permanent residency visa subclass 804 (aged parent). We bought our first apartment in 2008 following the FIRB rules of that time which dictated we must buy a 'new' property. We are now thinking of selling this apartment and buying another. Does anyone know whether we have to again buy 'new' or can we now buy 'previously owned' property? I have tried to get a definitive answer over the phone with the FIRB but not had any luck so has anybody have an answer to this question? Rgds topmast777
  5. Olga

    Bridging Visas

    Guys, what is the difference between the types of Bridging visas when applying for 485 Graduate Skilled visa and 885 General Skilled Migration visa? I am especially interested in school fees for my child... Am I still entitled to pay the same fees as on Student visa?
  6. Hey Guys, I think I've figured this out now, but I went onto a Bridging Visa B at the end of August for a holiday, I returned a week ago and I had until midnight tonight to return to Australia - so far so good. I didn't realise that once I had returned that my BVA wouldn't automatically restart - when I asked the immi worker at DIAC in Parramatta she said I didn't need to do anything when I returned - didn't need to contact DIAC or anything. My BVB has the same work rights and has no expiry date, I don't need to do anything right? I don't need to be on a BVA? Any suggestions gratefully received! I'm getting so bored of the stress of waiting for this visa, it's been 7 months and a constant headache with holidays and working limitations :-S
  7. Guest

    Traineeships on Bridging Visa A

    I'm still waiting for my onshore partner visa to be processed, and was on a student visa. Now my bridging visa has kicked in with same work conditions (can't work more than 20 hours a week whilst studying). However, I have been given an opportunity to become a business trainee (working whilst getting a certificate in business) and was wondering I was actually able to take it? My current job pays peanuts and it's casual so no job security
  8. Guest

    Bridging Visa B in person

    Hello people, Due to the delays in processing of our Partner visa 820 I now need to get a bridging visa B to travel in november. When I rang immi they said I could post the app in but seeing how long its taken for us to hear anything regarding my substantive visa (9 months and counting) I would prefer to bring it to the office in Sydney. I was planning on bringing down the details of our flights, 16th nov-7th dec, my passport, our receipt and details showing my bridging visa A and obviously the form. Can I definitely speak to someone in person to get a bridging visa B and can it be issued on the day? Thanks!
  9. sleepywombat

    ABN on a Bridging Visa

    Hi All Can I get my own ABN whilst on a Bridging Visa? (no end date, waiting on the Other Family Visas pile for maybe another few years...) Thanks Cx
  10. Franklin

    Longer Bridging Visa B?

    Hello, Does anyone know if DIAC has updated their new policy by giving BVB maximum up to a year? I'm a bit skeptical about this. Lodged onshore June 2009, now group 5. They required us (onshore applicants) to stay in the country and then they encourage to stay out of the country. Anyone has thought on this? Thanks so much!
  11. Hello all, not sure if anyone have any insight on this topic, since this is a very specific to me.. does anyone have any experience with travelling overseas under bridging visa to a country which required a visitor visa(i,e touries or business visa)? from what I know most of the embassy/consulate office which process these visa in Australia won't accept bridging visa since it is not a substantive visa(i.e. not guaranteed return) and they recommend applying in your home country! ->I can understand if you are only gonna hold the bridging visa for few months, but I've been under bridging visa for almost 2.5 years (applied 885 march 2009) you know how hard it is for us to leave the country, let alone just for applying overseas tourist visa!:cry: if people can share their experience, thanks in advance!
  12. Sarahelle

    Bridging visa and pregnancy

    Hi all, Just a quick question to you knowledgeable people - what would happen if I were to fall pregnant on Bridging Visa a? I have applied for a Partner visa - I'm from the UK and so have reciprocal Medicare and my partner is Australian. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Sarah x
  13. tobleroney

    bridging visa please help!!!!!

    Hi everyone, I really need some advice. I came to Australia in May 2011 on a tourist visa with the intention of visiting a family member and returning home. While i was here i stubbed upon an opportunity that i couldn't turn down and accepted a position with the offer of sponsorship on a 457 visa (my sister-in-laws a director of a childcare centre and her ECT quit suddenly). To cut a long story short i accepted the opportunity and missed my plane home while i put in my application for the 457 visa. i had over a month till my tourist visa ran out. I hired a migration agent who submitted my visa. My tourist visa ran out yesterday and i have been asking my migration agent if i had to go home and he insisted no i would automatically covered by a bridging visa as soon as my visitors visa ran out. i had no reason to believe otherwise. Today i checked my visa status and it states i have no current visa!!!! does this mean i dont have a bridging visa and i am now an overstayer?!?! If so will this affect my 457 visa application? I have no money for a flight home because i was assured i wouldn't need one unless my 457 gets declined. i am very worried about this i never intentionally overstayed (i have copies of the emails i sent to my migration agent asking for clarification that i wouldn't have to go home, and him stating i was covered by bridging). any body have any ideas? or where to go next? as it is Saturday i cant reach my migration agent till monday and im worried sick! I also have my 2 children here with me. thanks toni
  14. Guest

    bridging visa

    me and my partner are applying for a parnter visa the first week in september, i am currently on a working holiday visa and my partner is a perment resident. My work visa expires on the 17th of september will i automatically go onto a bridging visa as i know with the current processing times it will got have been granted by then. We cant apply any early than September or we wont meet the 12 month living together requirement thanks in advancex
  15. Hi all, In desperate need of some wise words regarding returning to the UK on Bridging Visa B whilst my partner remains onshore. Here is an overview of our situation ... *My partner applied for RSMS 12th January with me as de facto partner *Unfortunately we couldn't lodge our application 'decision ready' as our police checks weren't back in time and we had to lodge by mid January for a waiver of the 6 month limitation of the working holiday visa to allow us both to continue working for same employers *RMA estimated 1 - 5 month processing as at that time the standard service for RSMS/ENS was 5 months (ETA) *On 15th May my employer (Education Queensland - I am a primary teacher in a remote indigenous school) sent a letter to DIAC asking when they would expect to process our application as they needed an estimate for staffing next term and we got a reply saying our case had been moved from Parramatta to Perth and we had a case officer and it would be 7 months!!! *On 1st July RSMS was given priority processing above ENS but standard service was changed from 5 months to 5 - 8 months! *On 4th July we moved from Working Holiday Visa to Bridging Visa A * Our RMA has advised us that our RSMS application could be rejected as my partners qualifications don't match exactly to the job. He has 4 years experience in a very similar position but it is all very uncertain. I am on a career break from my teaching position in the UK and need to recommence employment on 15th August or they will take this as my resignation!! So if the case officers estimate of 7 months is right it will be around the 12th August before our application is looked at :-( Teaching jobs in the area I live in the UK are impossible to get now due to budget cut backs so it would be very foolish for me to give up my position to be told our RSMS has been rejected. Our RMA agrees it is very high risk for us to cross our fingers and hope for the best! * At the moment it looks like I will be booking flights to the UK for the 13th August with the facility to change the date if we hear back before departure. I need to do this by Friday as Flightcentre are holding my flights til then. It is going to cost me a small fortune to fly to the UK and wait a few weeks to hear back from the case officer and our RMA has told me our visa won't be granted whilst I am in the UK as we have lodged on shore. I am hoping if it is a negative decision I won't be expected to fly back to Australia to be told our visa has been denied?! Sorry for the long story but just wanted to give the full story to see if anyone has been in a similar position or can offer any advice. So to clarify what I need help with; Has anyone been a secondary applicant and left on a Bridging Visa B whilst their partner remains on shore? Thanks to anyone who can help, so stressed!!!
  16. HiI've applied for my PR application (onshore) in June 2010 and still waiting for it to be finalized. At the time of lodggment of my PR in June 2010, I was engaged to a girl, back in overseas, and I'd put my fiancée's name and my marital status as 'engaged' in the application (only these details).In the last month i.e. April 2011, I had my wedding ceremony and I got married, back in overseas.I've come back here now and my wife is in overseas.Since, I'm on bridging visa, what options do I have now to bring my wife here in australia. I know of the below options but I'm considering them as my last if I don't find any better one.1. Tourist visa (showing evidence of our marriage)2. Student visa (her independent case)3. Apply her spouse visa, once I get my PR (it will take another 1 year to process her case after I get my PR case finalized, too long, not sure when will I get my PR)As I've put my fiancée's name in the application, is it going to help me some way in bringing her here, either at the same time when my case gets decided?I will really appreciate if someone can advise me.Thank youRegards,Vj Kodwani
  17. Hi! I was just wondering if anyone has ever applied for a exception to the conditions on their bridging visa? Ie appied for 1005 which allows them to work? If you apply for this you need to prove financial hardship-has any one ever done this and if so any advise would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  18. Hi, Wondering if there is anyone on here who could help me? I have applied for the RSMS 857 Sponsorship visa and my girlfriend is listed as de facto. We have been given a bridging visa until the decision is made regarding our application. There is no specific type mentioned. I have read through form 1024i about the bridging visas and this is where my question arises. I want to know if my girlfriend can get permission to work even though she is cuurentl here on a holiday visa? Does the bridging visa over rule the existing holiday visa therefore allowing her to apply for permission to work? Thank you for your time. Paul
  19. Hi all, I'm in Australian on Bridging Visa A waiting for my 485 visa (applied on August 2010). Now I want to apply for 175 visa right away since I'm afraid that DIAC likely won't grant my 485 before Jul 2012 (the freaking model!) due to huge loads of 485 applications, and they might change the rules and SOL again. Here are the points I'm going to claim: Age: 30 (26 years) English: 10 (all 7) Australian degrees: 15 (Bachelor + Masters) 2 years study in Australia: 5 (2.5 years) 1 year work experience in Australia: 5 (1 year since Jul 2010) --------------------------------------------- Total: 65 (just enough...) I already have my Australian degrees assessed as Developer Programmer (on Sep 2010 when I graduated), and have been working for an well-known Aussie company as Software Developer since Jul 2010. I would like to ask whether I can apply the 175 straight away without resubmitting skill assessment to verify my 1 year work experience? Because I heard somewhere in this forum that the work experience must be assessed by the Skill Assessment Authority as well. Thanks a lot David
  20. Guest

    Student Visa to Bridging visa

    Hi everyone. I am in the process of getting together my application for a partner visa. I submit next month. I am currently on a student visa and am due to finish my course in July of this year. I've read that the bridging visa holds the same conditions as the previous visa (in my case the student visa). Does this mean that I HAVE to be studying whilst on my bridging visa in the semester that starts after I finish? Or can I just start full time work as my studies would be complete by then? Thanks for all your help!!
  21. Hiya, Would really appreciate any advice at all on this one: I'm currently working on a BVA, waiting for my partner visa (onshore, lodged in Sydney end of March). My last visa was a WHV so I can only work for my employer for 6 months. I applied to have this limit lifted on the grounds that I'm waiting for an onshore visa which will enable me to continue working for employer, and also financial hardship. This was turned down as my partner's salary is pretty good, but they reissued my BVA so I can stay with current employer till December. Now my first employer from my WHV is trying to get me to go back there. There would be a promotion and pay rise, and the work would be more interesting and varied, however I really like the team I work with at the moment although the work is very repetitive and not hugely rewarding. If I don't get my visa by Christmas (and the time scale I was given was 9-12 months), and my work limit isn't lifted then I'll be forced to go back to agency work, will probably be unemployed over Christmas / New Year because of the slow job market, and will take a $22k pay cut. I really don't know what to do - I was given the same offer a few months ago which led to me getting a contract with my current employer. There's been quite a high turnover of staff in my team and I would feel bad for leaving, but then I might be forced to leave in December in any case. Any advice more than welcome!
  22. xenos1987

    Bridging Visa B - Important Info

    Hey guys, I applied for a BVB recently. The last one I submitted was ages ago and during that time quite a few things have changed which I would like to share. This information is not provided on their forms so please be aware of the following: * Before you were granted a BVB expiring three months from the date you made your application. Now it is up to your assessing officer. Generally they now give you a couple of weeks extra in case you need it (I would assume they do this given the number of delays in air travel recently due to natural disasters. ash clouds, family emergencies etc). * They expect you to lodge the application a week before you intend to travel. My assessing officer told me they want to see tickets as well. There was another woman who was told the same thing by her assessing officer so I assume this is their protocol now. The reason they do this is because they want to know the exact dates when someone is offshore so that they don't have to wait for ages before they approve their onshore application. Hope this helps
  23. Dear everyone, i change my bridging visa A to B before travel to india and when i come down to india to attend my brother marriage my visa is expired and cant go back to australia. what i can do now? is it a big issue? what is the reason for expired my visa. i still got valid Bridging visa stamp on my passport. Rinkesh
  24. Guest

    Frequency Bridging Visa B

    Hi there, i'm not sure if this question has been raised before, I am currently on a bridging visa A for my 885. I frequently apply for bridging B around twice a year. Will the frequency of bridging B visa affect my PR application process? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi I am in such a stress, I have questions that I need answering!! It has been such a nightmare to find solutions elsewhere so I'm hoping that some kind soul will help out here. I was on a working holiday 417 visa which expired a few weeks ago...not before I was able to lodge a 457 application through a small business that had offered to sponsor me. As I lodged the 457 application before my 417 expired, I'm not on a bridging visa which means I can still work in Oz until they decide whether or not my 457 app was successful. Unfortunately the company that lodged the application for me have now told me that they are going through difficult times and will not be able to employ me, although they are 'kind enough' to not withdraw their application for the 457 until I found something else. It has been a painstaking challenge to find something else, but after many interviews, I've managed to secure a permanent job offer with a 90k package as an Accountant. This offer is contingent on me securing sponsorship elsewhere as they wont do it. So I've been speaking to a 3rd party company Geoffrey Nathan who can sponsor me as a contractor to 'the company'...my question is..can they lodge a 457 application for me whilst I'm on this bridging visa? I think I'd need to get the smaller company to withdraw their app in order for someone else to lodge, which they will be happy to do on my word. I just need to make sure that Geoffrey Nathan wont have any problems getting a 457 for me and I need to know how long it will take as 'the company' want me to start work soon!!! ohhh its such a headache, I'm starting to get depressed :mad: Brandy