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Found 155 results

  1. Hello all! I've been living in Brisbane for almost 3 years with my Aussie gf. I'm currently on a Bridging Visa while I wait for the first part of my Partner Visa to be completed (been waiting 19 months, and lived here for 12 months prior to that on WHV). So 3 years in August. I was moving apartments on Monday and I lost my wallet - all bank cards, and also my UK drivers license. So what can I do about getting a new/replacement license? From all my research, I don't think I can technically get either my UK license replaced or get a QLD license? I don't think I can get an International Driving Permit either. I have a photocopy of my license but not the hard copy. Any suggestions please? TIA Shaun
  2. Hi Guys, I am currently on 417 Working Holiday Visa, I am just about to take the plunge and apply/pay for the 820/801 De Facto Visa. I am seeing some contradicting statements around the conditions of the BVA Bridging Visa. My questions are: 1. Once my Working Holiday has expired in September, and my BVA starts – will I have full unrestricted working rights such as the 820 would grant me or will the conditions of the 417 visa transfer i.e. only being able to work with one employer for 6 months at a time? 2. Once you have paid for the visa, do you receive your BVA instantly (even though it does not come into effect until my 417 expires) or is when my current visa ends that I receive this? Appreciate the thoughts or stories of anyone who has been through a similar situations Cheers :-)
  3. Hi all Myself and wife are looking at emigrating from the UK to Australia and for our skills and age the only real option is a 187 visa. She has an employer who is really interested in sponsoring her which is great, but they are concerned by the potential 22 month wait for the visa to be granted if we get through all of the other stages. Having done some reading into Bridging visas it not really clear as to whether we could apply for the 187, get a bridging visa and move out there to work for the company while we wait for a decision. I appreciate that's a huge gamble as it might not be granted, but I'm struggling to see why companies would even entertain such a visa if they had to wait almost 2 years for their employee to be ready to start. Any advice would be appreciated
  4. Hi, does anyone know if a parent going from a tourist to a bridging 804 visa would have working rights?
  5. Hi, I am an Australian Citizen living in England with my husband and 2 children. We could lodge my family’s ‘partner visa’ form in England and wait a year but I was wondering what would happen if we moved over with my family on holiday visas and then lodged the forms. How long would it take before my husband was able to work? Do you initially get a bridging visa that he can work on? I suppose the other risk is being rejected after you’ve moved over. Thank you for your help in advance. Rachel
  6. Coleen

    Bridging Visa for Visa 485

    Hi! HELP please! Perhaps anyone one of you might be able to help me find some answers ? I am an International Student in AU and before my student visa lapses, I plan to lodge for a temporary Graduate Work visa 485. This type of visa takes 12 long months to process (from DIBP website). A bridging visa will be granted so you can lawfully stay in AU while waiting for your next substantive visa. 1). Can you work while under a Bridging Visa? Full-time or Part-time? 2). Will my kids be allowed to study under a bridging visa? thank you!
  7. Hi everyone! Thanks for reading. My British partner and I applied for our partner visa in May 2014. He is currently on a 457 visa which expiers this December 2014. He is currently employed with a stable job however we want to cover all bases of information in the event the worst case scenario were to happen. If, in the odd event he had to apply for a new job before December, do you know if that new employer would have to sponsor him? Also, if he applied for a new job once the bridging visa kicks in after Dec 14, would they too have to sponsor him? Finding it hard to find all information. Any help would be so greatly appreciated! Many thanks
  8. Hi, I first moved to Australia in 2011 on a working holiday visa and later obtained sponsorship on a 457 visa. However, I left this job in November last year as I was extremely unhappy. Since then I have applied for an 820 Partner Visa and have been advised that a valid application has been received on 10/02/2014. I have been granted a bridging visa A, however this does not come into effect until 2016 when my 457 expires. I have been advised that until my partner visa is approved my only working options are to either work for my previous sponsor or find a new 457 sponsor. Given that finding a 457 sponsor is extremely difficult at the moment (I blame all of the bad publicity in the papers!) I wish to work without obtaining a new sponsor. I understand that I now need to apply for my 457 visa to be cancelled meaning I will become 'unlawful.' I then I need to apply for a bridging visa E (which I cannot work or travel on) and if this is granted then apply for permission to work on financial hardship grounds. I am worried about becoming unlawful with the chance of a bridging visa E not being granted. However, my partner and I are finding it very difficult living from his wages alone so I really need to be able to work. Has anybody else been through this situation? I would really appreciate your advise. Thank you for your help! Rachel
  9. nics84

    190 visa query

    Hey all, new to this so hope someone can help!  In the process of applying for 190 PR visa, partner in oz already on WH visa and I'm here on a tourist visa. Due to go home 3rd January. Visa should be completed approx march time if all goes to plan and then myself and daughter can go out... So does anyone know if we can go out on another tourist visa or is there any type of bridging visa we can get and go out earlier until 190 visa comes through? Or are we supposed to wait until it does? Thanks for any help in advance!
  10. Hi Guys, We need your help! Facts: We have a 2-year 457 visa. our 457 Visa expires on 7 Oct 2013. 7 Oct 2013 we will reach the 2 year work experience with the same employer, meaning we can apply for permanent residency (ENS 186). We are not sure whether we need to apply on, after or before the expiry of the 457 visa. We need 2 year work experience with the same employer, this means we can only apply on 7 Oct, same day the visa expires... we are a bit confused Due to the fact that there is a hairs breathe between our two year requirement for PR and our 457 expiring can anyone tell us when would be the absolute latest we could apply? (e.g. the day of expiry, a week before it expires, ...). Any information is much appreciated Many thanks for your help
  11. Hi all! After years of lurking in the forums and getting tips and years of complex delays (family reasons), I finally lodged my De facto Partner (100/309) application on 19/02/2013 (having completed 5 versions of the 40SP/47SP over the years on various false starts!). Following the excellent advice on this forum, I submitted a comprehensive application proving 9 years de facto relationship with my Aussie partner, showing adequate funding, including owning an apartment in Melbourne. I more than qualify for progressing straight to the 100 visa and PR. I also already have family that have emigrated to Australia (2 sisters and husbands, their grown up families etc) so we both have extensive family support networks. But the processing time for partner migration is 8-9 months at least! We sold up and moved into rented nearly a year ago, so everything is in storage ready to go. Obviously, we can wait if we have to but I wonder what other options I have? Travel on a 3m visitors visa and try to get a bridging visa? Sponsored by one of my sisters, perhaps? Any advice on options to explore would be gratefully received! After years of waiting, I just want to get cracking!
  12. Hi all. I am looking at options for bringing my mother over to Australia, she is 61 so probably won't work once she arrives in Australia. She is single and her only two children (myself and my brother) are both Australian residents. I think the best avenue will be a parent visa (either contributory or not). If we go for a non contributory, I know it could take a long time (maybe 10 years plus) to be finalised. I am wondering if she could apply for some kind of visitor/bridging visa for her to come and live in Australia while she is waiting for the parent visa to be approved? I know she won't be able to work, but this probably isn't an issue in her circumstances. She is keen to get over as soon as possible. Appreciate any responses or suggestions - thanks!
  13. Hi There, Could someone help me with filling in the 1006 form please? Currently I am waiting for 457 visa to be approved and have Bridging Visa A. I'm going to Bali on holiday from 3 to 8 Jan 2012. 1. When should I apply for BVB? Is it too late?? 2. On the application form, there is a question asking "class of visa currently held or last held" - is it Bridging Visa A ? Or a substantive visa which was student? 3. I have a lawyer for 457, but not this BVB. When I ask her about Visa Grant Number, she said there was no such number for BVA. But I checked visa progress online, then there was. Will it be a problem if I told my lawyer that I checked it and there was actually a grant number?? I have read some topics on this website, but wasn't sure if I was doing right thing. If you could give me ANY advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. mememe
  14. Hi there, I am a newb, so hopefully i get the terms right and someone can give me some good advice. I am currently on a 417 visa, which expires in february. I have applied for the 175 skilled visa - but I understand this can take quite a while to go through. Is there any way I can get a temporary visa / another visa / some mechanism to stay in oz whilst my 175 is processed? I am currently working and can get a letter of support from my employer... thanks for any help you might offer... bio
  15. Guest

    bridging visa

    Please can someone help us, my friend is here on a tourist visa 976 and wants to stay and apply for onshore last remaining relative visa. We know on the tourist visa her child can go to school for 3 months, what happens if she applies for a bridging visa, can the child go to school continually whilst waiting for permanent visa Thanks
  16. Hello, im on bridging visa B and im confused about the "Must not arrive after 12 Dec". Does it mean that i am safe as long as I arrive on 12th Dec? or i better arrive on the 11th? Will it be too risky to arrive on the last date that it states? or its all right? thanks, cos i have to buy an air ticket a.s.a.p.
  17. hello every1 i was on student visa(with work condition ) and it was about expire and don't have 6.5 in ielts so i applied for student ,it got Bridging visa A in between 28 days ,i got 6.5 in ielts and i applied TR and filled 1005(for work right) at same time( still my registration was in condition ) cos i knew i will get bridging visa c with work ceased. i got my work right (full time work before my bringing visa A ended. now m in TR bridging visa c. .i m thinking to apply for 885 ,now i have enough point to apply, only thing i don't have skills assessment certification but i did applied for it and will take 12 weeks to received it cos of this i will be losing my study point on mid jan 2012(more that six month) for Skilled – Independent( 885). what will be the best option to apply 885 will there be any issue if i apply 885 with out Skilled assessment certificate anyone have any idea please share it cheers st
  18. Hi I am just wondering whether any people in this forum help me with bridging visa B process. ^^ I am currently holding bridging visa A as a result of submission of graduate visa, and am planning to go back to my home country for holiday end of November, 2011, which is a week and half later....and actually haven't got air ticket..(I am sure I can get one if I look for it ^^) I thought there will be no issue regarding granting bridging visa B as I believe payment of bridging visa B with an evidence of my flight surely ok and department officer will just grant my bridging visa B straight away. But this is what I thought, I would like to know whether this is true. So my question is; 1. How long does bridging visa B process? Could anyone kindly explain about the procedure? 2. For the substantial reason, I don't actually have this, I just wanna go back as I miss my country and family, but for the safety, I might need to write down that I will attend my cousin's wedding rather than vague words like "domestic issues", right? Also, in that case, should I submit an evidence for the substantial reason? (e.g wedding invitation?) 3. Could anyone know what documentations should I bring to the office for bridging visa B?? Any help would be really appreciated!! Thank you!!
  19. Hello people of the internet. Background; my wife is Australian we’re applied for the spousal visa so while that happens I’m on a bridging visa A. I want to work through (my old job in London had an office in Sydney so I have a job whenever I need it) but to change to a working bridging visa I need to show a financial need. Has anyone ever done this – how long does it take and what is needed?… oh and where you successful? Any help would be lovely ta!
  20. Hi Friends, I am posting some information about an issue that i am experiencing currently. I am on Bridging visa c currently with no study and no work permission. I applied to get my work permission back after 1 month and was rejected and reason was to ask your family for help. Unfortunately my family is overseas and they cannot afford because of the currency difference. Can anyone has the same issue and have got the work permission back ? I am planning to write another letter with the facts i need the permission. Could anybody tell me about strong points that i can mention to the CO? Please help!
  21. We are on a waiting list for permanent residency visa subclass 804 (aged parent). We bought our first apartment in 2008 following the FIRB rules of that time which dictated we must buy a 'new' property. We are now thinking of selling this apartment and buying another. Does anyone know whether we have to again buy 'new' or can we now buy 'previously owned' property? I have tried to get a definitive answer over the phone with the FIRB but not had any luck so has anybody have an answer to this question? Rgds topmast777
  22. Hey Guys, I think I've figured this out now, but I went onto a Bridging Visa B at the end of August for a holiday, I returned a week ago and I had until midnight tonight to return to Australia - so far so good. I didn't realise that once I had returned that my BVA wouldn't automatically restart - when I asked the immi worker at DIAC in Parramatta she said I didn't need to do anything when I returned - didn't need to contact DIAC or anything. My BVB has the same work rights and has no expiry date, I don't need to do anything right? I don't need to be on a BVA? Any suggestions gratefully received! I'm getting so bored of the stress of waiting for this visa, it's been 7 months and a constant headache with holidays and working limitations :-S
  23. Guest

    Traineeships on Bridging Visa A

    I'm still waiting for my onshore partner visa to be processed, and was on a student visa. Now my bridging visa has kicked in with same work conditions (can't work more than 20 hours a week whilst studying). However, I have been given an opportunity to become a business trainee (working whilst getting a certificate in business) and was wondering I was actually able to take it? My current job pays peanuts and it's casual so no job security
  24. Guest

    Bridging Visa B in person

    Hello people, Due to the delays in processing of our Partner visa 820 I now need to get a bridging visa B to travel in november. When I rang immi they said I could post the app in but seeing how long its taken for us to hear anything regarding my substantive visa (9 months and counting) I would prefer to bring it to the office in Sydney. I was planning on bringing down the details of our flights, 16th nov-7th dec, my passport, our receipt and details showing my bridging visa A and obviously the form. Can I definitely speak to someone in person to get a bridging visa B and can it be issued on the day? Thanks!
  25. sleepywombat

    ABN on a Bridging Visa

    Hi All Can I get my own ABN whilst on a Bridging Visa? (no end date, waiting on the Other Family Visas pile for maybe another few years...) Thanks Cx