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Found 64 results

  1. My little girl loves dressing up so for her bday which is in 10 days(!!) i decided it would be nice to get her her own dressing up box and fill with bits she can play with (from local op shops etc!). So I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a ready made toy chest, something girly ready painted OR a blanket box/toy chest in its raw wooden state that I can then paint and do it up to llok nice for her, put her name on it etc. trouble is cant find one anywhere! have done the whole ebay thing, found a few on there but there are either nowhere near WA or too expensive or wont get here in time now. Anyone know any furniture shops around her where I can go find a large wooden blanket box/toy box and paint it up, dont have much time to do it however!! hope someone can help!!
  2. Anyone had a whole box gone missing? Had sole use of container and when delivered it was unchecked by the Oz company on the list they gave me to check off as they brought the boxes in, they hadn't sighted it. Seems strange how a whole numbered box went into the container at our house but when it was emptied here it wasn't in the container? They said to just claim but I know what was in the box and claiming any money won't replace it, sentimental and unreplaceable rather than monetary valuable.:cry:
  3. Hi all, I've finally passed the ielts, got all the paperwork photocopied & certified & I'm trying to fill in the QNC application for registration form & have got stuck immediately. I want to register & work as a midwife (although I have both nursing & midwifery registration with the uk NMC) but which box do I tick? 1 Authority to practice as amidwife 2 Restoration/endorsement (RN) midwife 3 Endorsement (RN) midwife Please Help :arghh: Ellie xx
  4. Hi there, theres 4 of us moving to Melbourne, hopefully July/Aug time. We dont have our rental as yet but should do in July. Anyway, my 2 daughters have loads of shoes, handbags, scarfs and clothes so i thought can i not send some stuff in a box with alot of our clothes and shoes, and have our Wii console and games, laptops, and a printer sent in the box and take the clothes that we really need in our cases. I dont know who to go with and how much it will cost for 1 or 2 boxes, depends on the size of the box. How long it takes to arrive? any help on this will be much appreciated. Gillian:wubclub:
  5. Hi there I wondered if anyone could help I have been working on my work hol visa for around 6 weeks now & would like to stay for the full 6 months when I will look for another job. My employer told me to tick the 'non-resident for tax purposes' on the declaration form when I started. So I am paying 30% tax and exempt from the tax-free threshold However, on looking at the tax webste, I could actually declare myself as resident as I plan to stay in one place for over 6 months & work continuously. Is there any way to rectify this? I am also worried about being unable to claim any of my tax back now because I ticked the wrong box
  6. Guest

    Should we bring our sky+box?

    I think I read somewhere that you need this to run your UK tellys......is that right...our shippers are in Monday and I need to know if it's worth taking it. Also is there anything else I need to stock up and put in our container? Have now moved into blind panic as everthing is so close....thanks for youe help....Louise
  7. I have a box that I would like shipped back to the Uk. I am hoping someone on here would have room in their container for it. It is 67cm in length, height 56cm and 45 cm wide. It contains board games and a few sentimental toys that my children do not want to leave behind when we return to the UK in 3 weeks. It will be visible for inspection so you know there is nothing suspect in there. I have a friends house I can store it until necessary. Please help if you can I am willing to pay towards cost.
  8. Guest

    X box and Wii

    Hi all, My son has just had a birthday and wants to get an X Box with his money, will this work in oz and will the games be the same, Same questions for the wii, psp,s and DS,s Cheers Tracey
  9. Hi! I had a look around and saw a lot of information about sending back huge containers full of stuff but was wondering, does anyone have an experience with sending back just a box or two? Basically, I want to bring back a lot of books and the like (nothing fragile) and am trying to find the best way of doing this. Australia Post tells me between $100-$150 for surface mail, up to 20kg. Is there anything cheaper that anyone knows of?
  10. HI, after returning to the UK last month I have a Topfield TF4400PVRT set top box in good condition & 19 Aussie plugs ready to fit on your UK appliances. Any offers? I have photos if required & can post to anywhere in the UK
  11. JVC 32 inch / 81cm Widescreen (16:9) pure flat screen TV. Comes with stand and Audiosonic digital set top box with remotes for both units included. Dolby Digital stereo speakers with Sub woofer and Fastext / Teletext. Excellent working condition. $250
  12. Guest

    air freighting a small box

    Can anyone shed some light? We need to air freight a small toolbox to Melbourne it must arrive in the first or second week of January. it is small but weighs 25KG What would be the cheapest was to send it? The quotes i've received are £193.00 is this reasonable?
  13. hi jus wonderin if anyone can tell me what customs asks if you tick the convictions box at airport best regards jim
  14. Guest

    PO Box

    Hi, Moving to Perth next year and am looking to get a PO Box in Perth (or burbs) so I can re-direct my mail there when we leave Europe. I looked on the Oz post website but their form appears to be national not international. They haven't answered my email/question to them either Has anyone done anything like this and has any info ? Cheers ScottyB
  15. Guest

    Tool box sending

    How much has it cost other people to send there tool boxs? I have a SNAP-ON KRA4813D and top box to match. They bolt together and it on wheels. W53' by 19.5' and 53' inches high when bolted together. Any ideas of who to ask and who is best? Garry
  16. hi all, ok im having things shipped over with anglo pacific they have given me a variety of box's, what do i pack in which box's i have a bike box obviously my bike goes in there, i have tea and export and a few other box's believe. Ok i have books, videos dvd cds etc, clothes, a few corckery items and ornaments, please anyone help me : ( can't ring them as it's sunday Nadine
  17. We are strictly de-cluttering to leave us with just clothing.... But as much as i have tried i will have to get a smallish box to ship out with paperwork and the wii fit in :laugh: I rekon it will weigh about 15-20kgs. On Interparcel : Discount UK & International Parcel Delivery & Courier Services it was £230. Anyone got any other ideas about how to get it there without the 6 week journey?:wubclub:
  18. Guest

    shipping tool box

    i am looking for quotes to get my tool box/roll cab shipped over to oz. i was wondering if anyone had any recomendations of shipping companies, i have e-mailed a couple of companies but the largest stuff they do are things like tv's any pointers from people who have done this would be much appreciated p.s my roll cab is 1m high ,1m long by 50cm deep. cheers lee
  19. We move on 16/9 so I'm just sorting everything out. I want to redirect our mail to Oz. I know this can be done easily from the Royal mail site but as we don't have an address in Oz we will need to set up a PO box with the mail service there. Anyone know who that is or how to do it ?
  20. Guest

    x box and wii . Will they work?

    Hi Gonna take x box 360 and wii, will games bought in oz work on uk machines? Thinking i may have to flog em!
  21. oldgit

    Digital top box

    Hello All Is there anything I can do to make the freeview top box that I brought over with me from the UK work in OZ? Cheers The oldgit
  22. fraggles

    x box 360 live

    any fellow pio have x box 360 that have bought call of duty world at war that go online would be good to get a few gamer tags to add to my friend list so we can have a team match or something ??? my gamer tag is fraggles74 if anyone wants to add me
  23. Just wanted to get a general idea of how long it took everyone to receive their tax refunds, thanks and clicks for all replies :hug:
  24. Guest

    Box Jellyfish?

    Hi all, We are considering a move to the Gold Coast, Brisbane. Does anyone know if Box Jelly fish migrate that far down the coast. They are a very scary prospect, especially with 2 young children. Thanks. Leanne
  25. Hi all, Due to move in four weeks and I don't really want to move much stuff probably an additional bag (mainly of clothes) and probably a small box of books and maybe a further box. I am wondering what are the best means of transporting this at the most reasonable price, reliable and won't take months! Has anybody just shipped a few things and if so what companies did you use and/or check out? Thanks and a Happy New Year to all. A