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Found 103 results

  1. Hi Guys, booked our one way ticket yesterday direct with Singapore airlines, do we still need insurance as they never offered any? all advise welcome Regards The Baker Family:biggrin:
  2. Yiipppeeee, Ielst passed today. Reading 8.5, Listening 8.5, Writting 8.5, Speaking 9.....Overall score 8.5. Second time round though! My own fault for not concentrating. Anyhooooo I now have an Ielts book that I don't want or need anymore, It's the Cambridge Esol book - it has both Academic and General writting and reading questions (not all of them of course but it's a good guide) etc....if you want it then it is a case of first come first served. UK only. I shall post it on Monday to your home address if anyone wants it for guidance and help. PM me. Good luck to those who will be doing it very soon and if I can help at all I will. Emma
  3. Guest

    Book on Migration

    Hi All! Now I've got my visa can anyone recommend a good book on the dos and don'ts actually living over there and settling in? Ie tips on finance, houses, driving, getting the kids into school etc........... Ta Damien
  4. clusterofgeals

    book medicals or not

    some advice please, do we apply for visa and get medicals done then or do we wait for c/o to ask for medicals then book medicals ?:unsure:
  5. Guest

    Do I book flight now or wait?

    Hi, Just need some impartial advice. I am currently working my 3 month notice from my NHS lab job here in UK. I'm emigrating to Sydney so started applying for jobs in health service. My job is specialised & aussie employers are interested, hopefully I will get telephone interview. My dilemma is I haven't booked my flight yet but was aiming to fly out on 30th Oct 09. Should I wait for a couple of weeks for aussie employers to get in touch or do I book flight now? Thank you. Demi x
  6. Guest

    Should i book medicals?

    Hi all.....need some(more) advice please...... Got confirmation of state sponsorship...yipeeeee I know you are supposed to get a CO in 10 working days from them being notified but how long does it take to notify them? I know how long is a piece of string?? :arghh: I"ve faxed my letter and form 1100 to WA but is it going to sit there another few weeks now?? I"ve made enquires about medicals at my local clinic today. They have a 4 week waiting list. Will it be worth me booking them now? £235 per adult £180 for a 12 year old and £100 for a 9 year old. Is this reasonable?? Rung round a few places further afield but no one"s answering. When I book I have to pay, it"s alot of money to loose if things all change again!! We all know how they like to keep us on our toes and change things over night!! Ideally I would like my CO before I have my medicals but do I book my medicals before I get my CO...AAAHHHH. Any feed back greatly appreciated Tracey
  7. Guest

    When to book medicals??

    Tara and I are getting close to a decision on our SS application and have a recce booked in October, after which we're going to make a decision on whether to proceed with our application. I would prefer to take our medicals before lodging our visa application, just incase something pops up on the medicals (touch wood they'll be fine!), but if something did come up then at least we wont have spent £1000+ on our visa application. However I have read that your medical results get sent straight to Australia after your visit and so they would not have an application to link them to. So is it possible to do it like this or do you have to have an open application with the DIAC before taking your medicals?? We'd appreciate any advice you can offer... Paul & Tara
  8. As I live in France its not so easy for me to just pop down to the library or even the local book shop and look for a good book about living and working in Australia! I have looked on the internet but thought I would ask here to see if anyone can recommend some to me. So, I am looking for something which will help prepare us for our possible move to Australia, in particular Queensland (around the gold coast, sunshine coast and Brisbane). Something that covers areas to live, information on medical and licences needed for work, working for an employer, schools and so on. Any suggestions are welcomed... Thanks Tasha :wubclub:
  9. Do we need to book return flights with a regional sponsored provisional 475 visa? The reason I ask is because we were asked that question by the travel agent...we said we didn't think so because the visa is for 3 years but we said we would check it out. Does anyone know?:unsure:
  10. Dawny

    Medical/red book?????

    Hi there, just been informed by the medical guys, i need to take with me the kids red books!! What happens if one is missing? Also one has proof of jabs missing as the red book went missing due to house move and was only registered on their pc. Will back up proof from the surgery be enough to prove that their jabs are up to date! Many thanks x
  11. Guest

    Book Club

    Hi Everyone, We are organising a book club in the Rockingham/Mandurah area. Its a great way to meet new friends, have a glass or two of wine, a few nibbles and a bit of a chat about books (if we get round to it) lol. If your interested pm me and will get back to you with details, max of 12 people to meet once a month during the week. Lisa
  12. My 82 year old gran is hoping to come and visit us in October time, providing her GP says it is okay. I have a couple of questions that I am hoping someone can answer. Can I book her flight and visa for her over the internet if I have her passport number etc? My aunt and uncle (who live near to her) make a mountain out of a molehill, and will make the whole thing more complicated than it is. She doesn't really want to ask them to book it all, but has never used a computer before. I think we would have a greater degree of control by booking it directly with the airline rather than through a travel agent. With regards to insurance, I presume that a company like Saga or Age Concern will be our best bet. Many thanks.
  13. Hi guys, We want to go on a reccie to Perth around the 9th October and I wondered how far in advance we should think about booking our flights? Is it best to wait to see if there are better deals or will we be taking the risk of not getting a flight? Also, can you recommend a good airline to fly with and who to avoid? Cheers folks Nicky x
  14. Hi All, In these times of all the stress associated with the BIG MOVE, a friend of mine has had a book published about just that and although I have not yet read it yet, I am confident as are the publishers that it will be a big success. Although factual with her and her families plight, there are many many laughs along the way. VICKY GRAY The author is a very down to earth, lovely and very very funny person in real life and I am sure this will reflect in her book. I am attaching her website to anyone who would like to take a look, and Vicky is going to contact Pomsi n oz to see if she can place a blog on here. australiauncovered.com.au HAPPY READING TO YOU ALL!!! Yvonne:biggrin:
  15. Hi, i have 2 small kids and we will be traveling to Perth. But which airline? Which are the best? What type of plane? I hear the 380 is good! Where is good to stop off and for how long? And where is the best and easiest place to book the 'one-way' flights?
  16. Guest

    when to book flights?

    Hi, My O/H and I are wondering when the best time to book flights to Perth is. We are aiming to get there mid November. The cheapest we have seen up to now is BA/Qantas for £531 each, one way. But was wondering whether prices will drop nearer November. We know that there are offers on if you travel up to May this year but obviously this is heading towards Australia's Winter time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Kris :biggrin:
  17. Hi there, Began TRA app in December but has to put on hold as OH father and grandmother became sick and then Christmas hit! Now am back...to let you know...that I could really use a good book with all the stuff I need to know as I can't be sat at my computer all day as I have work, Ballet class, football, rugby....da da da! So I would like to buy a book which I can swat up in whilst attending long matches, classes etc etc. I have heard of a magazine...can anyone recommend a Book/Guide that I can buy on line? It would really help with my thought processes as I feel I have so many issues to plan / consider / explore! Thanks for anyone who has time to reply! Becky:huh:
  18. Ok, hopefully should have my 457 visa straight after this weekend. Want to book my flights as soon as I get the visa, for about 3 weeks away, maybe 4 if it means cheaper ticket. Travelling from a london airport to Melbourne So , ive tried a few websites and also dial-a-flight and found a few quotes ranging from £600 to £3k! My missus found out that if we go via States (long way around) apparently you can take 2 bags each on the plane which would be pretty handy. I also heard a rumour that if you get a one way ticket the same applies either way around the world. Im sure it varies from airline to airline, but I would really appreciate some sources to get cheap tickets and if you could clear up the confusion surrounding baggage. Perhaps its not too £ to pay for another bag on a flight? Thanks in advance
  19. Advice needed from you all, not sure which would be better deal for us. Do we book car rental from uk before we go to Melbourne or do we wait til we get there and just go to hire a car when we land? Any advice greatly appreciated. :cryxmas:
  20. Hi, Way back when we started to apply for migration I ordered a IELTS test specimen book & CD. It was not needed & I was about to throw it out as we are now visa positive. If anyone can make use of it please let me know & I will post it to you. It is The Jan 2005 updated version includng listening & writing. I have no idea what version they have released now but it must be pretty similar format. Apologies but UK postage only. Jaq
  21. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help? On a previous thread (I cant find it now) someone mentioned that you need a credit card to book car hire. We need to book a car from Brisbane airport, so is it correct that you need a credit card?:unsure: We have never had one and dont really want one so does anyone know if there is another way? Thanks in advance Jill xxx
  22. Hi all, I found out yesterday that my employer nomination has been approved and then today I had a message from DIAC asking us to attend for our medicals, which we actually had done last Wednesday! Does this mean we have a CO and that the visa is approved subject to the meds being ok (which we know they are!) & so should it be granted soon?! My head is seriously spinning now . . . it suddenly all seems a bit real and scarey!! :twitcy: Thanks! Lizzie
  23. Hello! I have a problem...was all set to book my flights this week as I've noticed prices going up and availability going down in January:arghh: Were hoping to go on the 16th or thereabouts but no flights available now with singapore till 22nd. Anyway the main problem is that we need our passport numbers in order to buy online and I haven't got my son and daughters yet. (Waiting on a document to change the name on daughters and applying for sons first passport) Should get them within 3 weeks. Does anyone know a way around this please?
  24. Ive been emailing real estate agents to book viewings for when we get there and not one of them has replied. Has anyone else done this before arriving, ive been on the real estate.au website and it just seems to be a waste of time. Hope i can find an estate agent when i get there who will let me view propertys.:arghh:
  25. benlast

    "Living in Perth" book

    Just got back from a reccie trip to Perth. My sister-in-law & her partner (with whom we stayed) had a copy of a book called "Living in Perth" by Kobie Hattingh. It comes out annually or biannually (and apparently has done for a few years now) and is subtitled "A reference guide for migrants and residents". We found it very useful for working out what suburbs were affordable and which were zoned for high-density occupation, and it's full of advice and information aimed at someone trying to find their feet in WA. It's available online from bookworm.com.au (hope the forum doesn't filter out the link here): Living in Perth Australia 2008/09 I don't have any affiliation with the book or the author: just recommending it on the basis of experience. That, a hire car, a satnav and the real estate section of weekend issue of The West Australian were all we needed to do a fast and efficient survey of where we wanted to live. Cheers b