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Found 103 results

  1. Well received great news via email this morning - passed vetassess paper assessment! yippee!! Quickly booked practical in october 17th - as next one is in feb and really want to get cracking now. Only spaces left were in glasgow (quite far as we live in bournemouth!) Any managed to book flights, which were only £40 for us both there and back. Now need to book a hotel/travel in for a couple of nights. Having never been really anywhere in uk can anyone whos done practical in glasgow reccomend a place to stay which is close to North Glasgow college, where practical is being held? Practical starts at 8.00am so dont want to be miles away and dont know area! Any help will be greatly appreciated. :notworthy:
  2. Hi, just ordered this book for my 5 year old. Kelly.:smile: Are We There Yet? (Hardcover) by Alison Lester (Author, Illustrator) At Amazon £8.02 A trip by a family with three children around Australia takes in wildlife, seacoasts, natural formations, and deserts, different inhabitants, tourist spots, and other points of interest. Most of these are pictured three or four per page. The youngest child, Billy, misses the family pets, and keeps asking when they are going to get home. The family is glad to be eventually home after the lengthy trip; but everyone appreciates what they have seen and learned about the large, diverse continent of Australia. For ages 4-8.
  3. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone could advise me on when to start booking flights and arrange our short term let? We are due to come out mid January (to Perth) and I will start my new job early Feb. I'm panicking that we wont get the flight we want (want to go with Singapore Air) or the best seats unless I book now? Also worried about not managing to secure a short term let, we need a 3 x 2 house ideally. A lot of the places I've looked at are getting booked up already. Also don't know how long to book for as they are so much more expensive than a long term let but then don't need the pressure of rushing around to find a house when I've just started work! :arghh: I think I'm worried that if I book now and then plans change we will lose money? It seems like quite a way off yet. Can anybody who has been through this offer me any advice please? Many thanks in advance
  5. Guest

    Travel Book

    in your opinion what is the best book to buy for a Working holiday visa type of geeza? DK Australia (Eyewitness travel guides) Lonely Planet - Australia Rough Guides - Australia picking my brain to which is the best? :wacko:
  6. This is a question for all you folks who are already in Oz and have bought flights back to England for a holiday. I have to go back to London for my best friend's wedding in July and I'm really stuck on where to buy tickets from. Is it best to buy online and if so which is the best site? Or should I go into a travel agents? Can anyone recommend a good one? Any help on this would be much appreciated!
  7. Guest

    Book recommendation

    Hi, I hope it is OK to recommend a book? We have bought a book called Culture Wise Australia by David Hampshire and Martin Kidd - David Hampshire is the author who wrote the excellent 'Living and Working in Australia'. Culture Wise is such a good little book, full of useful and interesting facts about living in Australia. Best of all, it has a great section on culture shock, describing the different stages that people go through when they emigrate. It must help to be forewarned about all these confusing feelings and it gives tips on how to take steps to prevent the worst of it. For that alone it's worth the £9.99 cover price!
  8. jo90

    recom a book for IELTs?

    Hi Everyone! Can anybody recommend a book for IELTs test? Cheers Jo x x :smile:
  9. Guest

    Useful book

    Hi Guys, got a book from tesco's called Escape to Australia, it tells you just about everything you need to know about gettin to Oz and New Zealand and it only costs £4.99 explains visas, education, money and a lot more, and easy to read, highly recommended.
  10. Hello, I'm just at the stage of scanning in all the docs for the on-line applic, at what stage do I book the meds??? I was going to book them now, but after just telephoning the med center, the lady said that they send the results to Australia. I wouldn't know who she would mark them for the attention of if we hadn't got a case officer by that point. Is that a problem do you think? Also..... another quick question for all you experts......I was told that nothing needed to be certified unless it was black and white, the only certified documents that I have scanned in is the stat decs we did for the TRA, is that ok do you think? The little passport photos of everyone aren't certified, I just scanned them in aswell. Am I doing if right???? No agent to ask just you!!! Thanks Tracy
  11. Guest

    Suburb review book thingy

    Hi Guys, ages and ages ago I remember reading a thread about someone buying a suburb review book or magazine...... can anyone remember anything like this or am I going mad:nah: thanks
  12. I am having a complete knightmare trying to get flights to Australia at the end of Jan begining of Feb Has anyone used these people Affordableflights - The Online Travel Agent the guy I just spoke to has promised that he can get me flights for under £1069 so far the lowest I have been quoted from a tried and tested Fast and Easy travel is £1175 and that is only to Sydney when we need to go to Melbourne so we will then need to get to Melbourne
  13. Guest

    New OZ & NZ Book

    Hi All Just bought a book from Tesco priced 4.99 containing loads of info about moving to Australia and New Zealand. Well worth the money !!!!! Gooders gang :jiggy:
  14. Please help me! I am considering coming out on a 457 visa. Do I have to work full time hours? The info on the immigration web site seems to conflict itself. I am confused about visa's. If I don't chose to go for sponsorship, which visa as a midwife should I apply for. Does sponsorship make the process easier? Should I use a migration assistance company if I don't go for sponsorship. Lastly, Can anyone recommend a guide book that was their bible when moving.
  15. Guest

    Life in oz book

    Just received my life in oz book that some one was talking about on here it is very intresting and worth getting , its got loads of info , you need to go on to department of immigration and citizenship. Department of Immigration and Citizenship. ... karen
  16. Guest

    Migration E Book

    When we started out on the migration trail a good few months back, My sister got me an E-book on migration to Australia. It’s been a great read and help to us over the last few months, simple reading and easy to follow (which was great for me.:wub:) It’s quite a comprehensive book and a big help for anyone just setting out on the process or thinking about the dream of life down under. As it’s an E-book, if anyone would like a free copy of the book, just let me know. I can send anyone a copy, you just need Adobe reader on your computer (so I’m informed) to open the book. I’m sure it would be a help to many fellow Pommers. It’s over a hundred pages with useful tips and information for everyone, from application stage to Citizenship. I know some people are more clued in and experienced at this than others, and you learn a lot as you go along, but I really found the book a help, and I’m sure it can help others. So if anyone wants a copy of the book, just E-mail me or PM me and I will send you a copy. EMMY :smile: The book is good, but not as good as PIO.
  17. Hi my agent told me that i would recieve numbers today so i can book medicals but guess what didnt come (surprise surprise!!) has anyone got numbers please. We live in swindon wiltshire so anywhere near there (southamptom, london all wherever. thanks everyone xxxx Nicky
  18. Hi All Can anyone recommend a good reference book on Australian animals? I have looked in the usual bookstores and found only reference books on Australia as a whole with the odd chapter on animals but never one devoted to animals as a whole... Would be really grateful if anyone of you have seen or read one and can let me have the title etc... Thanks min x:wubclub:
  19. Guest

    red book/blue book

    hi, just wondering if anyone out there knows anything about the children's healthcare system out in Oz (NSW specifically) do they have health visitors and clinics like us? how do I go about swapping my british "red books" (the ones where all innoculations etc are recorded) for aussie "blue books"? any advice on this theme would be appreciated!!! thanks, aliduck
  20. :unsure::unsure::unsure:hi just a quickie while i think of it! we have our flights booked for 12th july there are5 of us ,do you think i should book the seats on the plane so that we dont get split up on the plane ? we are flying singapore airlines aot do you lot think???
  21. :arghh:AARGGGGHjust leting off steam !!! :goofy:every time we think we are near to exchanging on hse and we can FINALLY bok the flights , buyers solicitor wants more paper work to do with extension on house, wouldnt mind but me hubby built it all himself and did everything to the book!! got all the right planning permission AARRGGHH:arghh: even more annoying cos now the flights have gone up £500 and if we go 12th july its another £500 , cos all the flights are getting full so quick , must be all us pio's going over!! Even the kids are fed up with it now, its like being pregnant and every one keeps saying oh you still here ? when you going then? :chatterbox: I JUST WANT A DATE !!!! any way thats my moan for the day off to do ironing in the sun !! Bye Bye
  22. hi needadvice on booking flights for 4th july 07 to perth, gonna try and book direct with singapore airlines has any one done this recently? as really scared about it all!! (silly moo):chatterbox: validating visa so need extra baggage allowance for us all ( hubby me teenager and two 7 year olds! ) do you ring the airline direct or do online ? any advice please !!!!! or how about going through agent heard austravel are good. Thanks alot
  23. Guest

    Medicals - when to book??

    Okay my lovelies, your opinions would be much appreciated on this. If the visas are granted we want to move as close to the end of the school year next July as possible to get the kids settled into schools asap and its especially urgent that we get our eldest in pronto as he’ll join Year 12 right in the middle of the school year, which I am dreading for him :wideeyed: (hopefully they’ll suggest him going into year 11 but I can’t bank on that happening). My question is this …. our visa application was sent off on 21st March and, going by the spreadsheet data, we should get a CO sometime around July. Do you think it would be worth me booking our meds for the end of July now, to speed things up or should I just sit tight?? Any comments gratefully received. K xx
  24. Guest

    Recipie for a Dream Book

    Tuesday blessings to all! Thought i would share my recipie for an Ozzie Dream Book I've started one and it helps me re-focus when i feel all the doubts and neg-ferrets start chewing away at my knicker elastic!:jiggy: Ingredients: 1 large bottle of holy water or communion wine (Chardonnay or Shiraz) 1 large photo album or scrap book 1 pair of scissors 1 pot of glue or sellotape or blue tack 1 picture or pictures of a visa 1 picture of your passport (s) 1 picture of a plane ticket (one way) 1 picture of an aroplane (pref Quantas) 1 picture of the Oz flag Unlimited pictures or photos of your desired destination in Oz Unlimited pictures of your dream home in Oz ( go as mad as you like) Unlimited photos of your family in Oz or photos of your family Unlimited photos or pictures of anything that reminds you of Oz (Koalas, Roos, Wine, Barbies etc...) Method Pour huge glass of Holy Water or Communion Wine and sit in quiet spot with feet up. Write out big label for front of Album which clearly states " OUR AUSTRALIAN DREAM BOOK". Stick on Front of Album! Open Photo Album and creatively fill with all the cuttings and photos etc Enjoy all the Piccies. Take big sips of C. wine or H. water Get children /family to do their own book too or help with one big family one.:laugh: Put in place where you can all browze though it whenever you feel the need to be inspired and re-energised.ENJOY!!:laugh:
  25. Hi, We are moving to Perth October time but not sure when is the best time to book the flights. Is it better to book them first before the holiday accommodation and the shippers? Just wondering what other people that have already gone to Oz have done. Any info would be much appreciated. Sarah.:biggrin: