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Found 53 results

  1. k8bug79


    HI, Before I start I know this type of topic can become heated, so I want to make it clear that I am not moving to OZ to claim benefits nor do I want to live on Benefits. However we are fortunate that, as my husband is an Australian citizen and, as we are married with dependant children, there is a a good chance I will be issued a permanant spouses visa as opposed to the temporary visa,should it become necessary we could claim assitance where as most migrants can't. Like I said I have no intention of doing this but I only have to look at posts of people who have moved over with pots of cash behind them, a list of qualifications as long as your arm etc and still not finding work, to know that it doesn't always happen the way we would like. Ideally one of us will go over with a job offer but again we are realistic that this may not happen. Husband is a chef so we are reasonable confident of him picking up work. He has always just walked the streets (ahem) and come back with some work at the end of the day when he has needed it, even if its badly paid and temporary it's money. .........However, we have 3 young children and I think it would be foolish to not think of every possibility. So my question is what benefits are there available and how do they compare to the UK system? Naturally I wouldn't expect to live a life of luxury but is it the same idea, job seekers/ income support. Help with rent and then the usual child tax credits etc. I know about the childcare rebate system and their child tax credit system (I know its not called that but can't think what it is called now......family assitance????) I just want to know how the other bits work. Fingers crossed I will never have need to use them Thanks
  2. I have always worked for the council (Local government) in the uk. I am currently working as a Benefits Officer. We are applying under my OH's trade but just wondered what sort of work I should be looking for in Oz. Would be nice to stay in the same line of work or something similar but don't know anything about the Australian Benefits system or what the opportunities are like working for the government etc......Wondered if anyone could give me any info??:smile:
  3. Guest

    Benefits System

    Hi all. Just thought I would put this thread up in case anyone finds it of use. I know that a lot of what is said in the link can be confusing, and may not be of particular reference to your own particular circumstances, BUT. If you are 'entitled' to it, then by god should you grasp it. Lets face it I read a lot of posts on here that have to do with the economy etc, and how hard some people are finding it, especially when there are children involved. So please have a look at this link: Money and work entitlements : Directgov - Parents (And it's many offshoots.) I am NOT advocating screwing the system, far from it, lets face it, enough people are already doing this. No, what I am doing is hopefully directing people to a particular link because at the MOMENT some may be struggling with finances, i.e, illness/death in family, childcare costs, caring responsbilities, seperation/divorce, which on top of everything else in the present economic climate can put huge pressures on individuals/families. And lets be honest, if you have been a hard working 'Joe Bloggs' for many years and PAID into the system, then the system at this time is there for you to make use of. As I said, I am not advocating screwing the system, just saying that if you are genuinely struggling at the moment, through NO FAULT of your own then why not make use of a system that was put into place to cover such circumstances. I also realise that the paperwork, red tape, job worths that are involved in any claim can seem daunting. They will try and put so many obstacles in your way that to even contemplate making a claim can be overwhelming. But don't let this put you off, it is YOUR money and you are entitle to it at this time if you genuinely need it. I also realise that a lot of people (including me) feel a bit ashamed, etc, about claiming benefits. But I will say this. I work a crappy night shift, AND have my own business. But because of my better half's health needs I am also classed as a care assistant to her. If I did not claim the one benefit I am entitled to (care allowance) then I would truly be buggered. I had to fight tooth and nail for £38 a week allowance, it is constantly under review, but I am entitled to it because of my own circumstances. So all I am saying is this. If you as a law abiding, hard working, honest individual, are struggling at the moment through NO FAULT of your own, lets face it, those in power have screwed some royally, then it is your right to claim the smallest amount of money. Do not be put off because you view it as using the system, see it as a very short term measure to help out. There are people in this country who are struggling at the moment. I am not advocating being a 'dole bludger', just being a realist and saying use a system that was put into place many years ago just for these particular circumstances. As I said, it is only a link to help out those in dire need, particulary when children are involved. Our circumstances change all the time. So this 'system' is there as a safety net to those that genuinly need it at this time. Who knows, in weeks or months to come your own particular circumstances may improve, but in the interim if those that you love and care about are in dire need then make use of this particular service. Nothing to do with dole bludging, draining society, shame, etc, just a helping hand to those that need it. You may only end up with a couple of quid a week, but it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Cheers Tony
  4. I have landed in australia on 176 visa. I just want to have an idea about the social benefits that are available immediately and those which are available after certain period of time. Does anybody here have any idea and from where can i get more information.
  5. Guest

    any advise re benefits back in Uk

    Hi there We are returning to the UK in the next month and was just wondering what our position would be as regards claiming benefits. Before we left for Oz myself and the OH had good jobs which we gave up. Things have not worked out and we are returning to unemployment before we find jobs again. Will we be able to receive benefits straight away? We have been out of the country for nearly 2.5 years now. I also have two young children who I will hopefully get some assistance with. I just wondered whether there is a time for you to prove you are back in the UK for good before you can receive any assistance? Thanks

    475-can we claim any benefits at all?

    Hi there we are going ver on a 475 provisional visa & fully appreciate that we cannot claim any benefits for the qualifying period. But is there ANY thing we may be able to get whilst my OH is not working? Could we get any rent assistance, Are we still able to get Child benefit, and if so how much is it, does anyone know? Also, think I may be a little confused, but do we pay for the childrens education in a state school? Any help or pointers in the right direction would be fantastic, thanks guys Lynda
  7. StevieF8

    Child Benefits

    Hi all, I have a question regarding child benefits, I have had a look through the forums but cannot seem to find anything that relates to me so here goes My wife, an Australian citizen by birth is pregnant and wants to return to Oz (Perth - WA) soon after the baby is born, she has not seen her family in nearly 3 years but because of my work and study at Uni, I will not be able to go with her initially, probably for something like a year, but I hope to visit 2 or 3 times within that year, not ideal but there you go Anyhow – these are my questions 1- If she has the baby here she will be entitled to child benefit, but if she leaves the UK and I remain here, can I still continue to claim? 2- If the baby is born in the UK can you collect child benefit in Australia, if so what is the basic payment, I have seen that it is $158 per fortnight, but that seems too high to be correct, when the UK is £20 per week – Can someone clarify please Thanks for your help
  8. HuwandDonna

    What Can We Claim - Benefits?

    Hi, We are looking to move to australia, some time! I have dual citizenship between uk and aus, so do my two daughters. Me and my partner are not married, but de-facto. So we would be applying for the de-facto visa of course. I was just wondering what Benefits we would be entitled to once living in aus? Over here, we have Housing Benefit, Child Tax and Child Benefit. Also JSA at the moment as Im outta work Ive been on the Centrelink website but it all seems confusing! Thanks guys.
  9. Guest

    Social security benefits

    I have an Australian passport as I was born in Australia and my four children also have a passport via descent. My husband is the only person who will need to get a visa. I was wondering does anyone know if we could claim any benefits of any kind as soon as we land, just until we find jobs. Three of my children are under 16. Thanks for any advise. :-)
  10. Guest

    child benefits on a 457 visa

    Hi all, My hubby and I have been here for 2 months on a 457 sponsorship visa. I have just found out that I am pregnant andwas wondering if I would be entitiled to child benefits on that particular visa? Many thanks in advance, Lisa :rolleyes:
  11. Hi All, Can anyone advice me the differences and benefits given by Australia when applying for skilled migration visa 175 and 176? Thanks
  12. Guest

    475 visa and benefits

    Hi there I am wondering whether to go for a 475 visa or a 176 visa state sponsored. The temp visa will take me to queensland where i want to go, but the 176 visa will give me perm residence but in act where im not keen on. Ive been reading that on the 475 temp visa you cant claim the housing bonus or anything like that... can anyone tell me if this is true? Also... do you have to work in the skill that you went over with? Thank you so much for all replies... this is so confusing!!
  13. I don't mean things like state benefits more like the added extras you get in the UK just for being here like: Child Benefit Working families tax credit Free contraception Free prescriptions for kids Free prescription/dental for women during and after pregnancy Maternity benefit/grants Paternity leave State pension Free eye tests for kids/through company of you work on a VDU Also what do you have to pay in Brisbane for things like schooling? I've heard different reports as to what you do/don't have to pay for. Are there any other similar things we should know that maybe caught you out when you moved? We have a 2 year old, hopefully I won't be working. We are planning to rent first then buy a house. Thanks D
  14. Hi, I am Australian and planning to move to Australia with my British husband of three years, with him applying for a partner visa. I am, however, concerned about the recession... He is currently out of work (account manager) and I am concerned about moving to Australia and both of us struggling to find work. If worst case scenario does happen and we struggle for work, can he claim benefits (income support) on a temporary visa? Does it change on the permanent partner visa? Your help would be appreciated - we're stressing out trying to decide when to go! :smile:
  15. Someone on here said they couldnt get income support after being away from the UK a few months. Is this true? Surely they wouldnt let a family of 4 sleep on someones floor would they?? Or maybe they would! We have always worked and paid our NI neither of us has ever been out of work and if we were it was only for a couple of months and that was when we first got to Australia but after ringing round the Yellow Pages we got work (just trying to say we are not spongers). Surely we will get some help. Anybody been in this position? We really want to go home badly now and know its probably the stupidist thing we can do given the job market but we always say that if you want to work there will be a job doing something but til that time will we get help?? We will have been away just over 3 years. Any advice for us Georgie xxx
  16. Guest

    Ozzie Maternity Benefits

    Hi this is my First post so excuse me if I'm doing it in the wrong place:smile:, but was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge of the Australian Maternity benefits system. Basically we are at the very beginning of applying for a skilled trades visa for my OH, and are hoping at some stage in the next 18 months to make to move to Perth, WA. Now our quandry is that we would very much like to try for a second baby quite soon (as age isnt on our side) however that could mean either being pregnant or having a very young baby when we arrive, and therefore meaning I may not be able to take a job for a little while til babe is old enough to leave with childcare. Would we get any help financially for any kind of Maternity leave? or any benefits to help out til I can get back to work? ( I intend to work btw, cant wait infact) The other option is that we wait in the UK for a bit longer and use all the benefits I already qualify for from my exisitng employer and then come out? What d ya think? any advise greatly recieved Many Thanks Sarah x
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  18. Hi everyone, Like it says, not good news. Lots of redundancies being made in Tony's work next month, and chances are he's going to be one of them. Does anyone know the answers to any of these questions, please????????? Can you 'sign on' if you get a redundancy payment? If we can, roughly what how much or what we might be entitled to, for two adults and four kids, if Tony has never been unemployed and I have worked up until five years ago? Most importantly, does anyone know if there is any sort of assistance available to help with our mortgage until employment can be found again? Hopefully someone here will know something about these things. Thank you, Sheena
  19. Guest

    visa 143 and benefits

    Hi Hope somebody can help me. My parents have been here for over 4 years on a permanent parents visa 143. We have sponsored them for $10, 000. They are struggling at the moment. My question is can they claim any low income benefits and will they be taken out of the bond. My dad turns 65 in january but I'm pretty sure he can only get his uk pension not the AU one. Mindy
  20. Could everyone please sign this e-petition on the British Gov. site. Who knows, it might just get some attention and could well benefit your own kids in the future: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Unfair-Uni-Fees/ We thought we wanted to stay in Oz for good, but are now looking to go home with our teen children and realise how you become a 2nd class citizen practically as soon as you step outside the EU. Please, please sign this, you don't have to live in the UK still to do so. Thanks & please pass it on. If a British citizen has been living out of the country, they are required to pay 'overseas' fees in order to attend a British university if they have not been resident back in Britain for 3 years. This is regardless of the amount of tax they or their parents have paid over the years. Meanwhile, students from the EU are entitled to and English university education paying only 'home' rates. It is unfair and prevents British citizens returning with their children. Surely we should be encouraging British citizens to return home with their British children..who have not had a say in where their parents lived but wish to study and work in Britain. You never know what the future holds and it's a loophole that's been closed against us.
  21. Hi all, New to this forum but thought I'd make a start by doing some research into the taxes and the benefits before I get to Sydney. I'm hoping to get there on a 457 visa (although no definite word yet and am getting a little nervous!) to start work in mid-June. I have read numerous posts about LAFHA and realise that that is something that will either be offered or not but I wondered other than that is there any other benefits that might be available to me? Once the tax has been deducted from my pay is there anything I can claim back? I'm having to fund the move myself so anything would go a long way! Many thanks for your help, Giles
  22. Kent

    Family Tax Benefits

    Hi, We are Kent and Julia. Can anyone give us advice regarding Family Tax Benefits in Australia please? We hope to be coming over to Adelaide later this year on a 457 temporary visa. We are being sponsored but the wages seem far less than in the UK. So we are looking into everything to see how we will cope financially. We have two children 13 and 2. Does anyone know how soon you are able to get help - do we have to wait until we have permanent residency? Thanks for your help. Kent and Julia
  23. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone knows the different situations with being a permanent resident or temp visa (SIR) with the healthcare?? Does the recipricated scheme give help for families on temp visa as much as perm? On a temp do you recieve child benefits? If my wife has another child out their, are the hospitals free? You can buy a house on a temp visa can't you, not just off plan or land?:wacko: Thanks in advance, GMJ
  24. johnd

    Centrelink Benefits

    hi all, have read a couple of posts regarding the 136 visa and getting certain 'centrelink' benefits. so firstly what is 'centrelink'? and which benefits are people talking about??. johnd
  25. Hopefully some of you can give me a few pointers, we plan to go tot perth 17/04, my current employer has offered to continue to employ me for a 1yr fixed contract - renewable yr by yr keeping my current uk salary The question is - do I continue to be paid from the UK, or i have the option of setting up a small office in perth. What are the tax (aus) and super implications of both options, and how does being paid by a uk company effec mortage etc. any help appreciated surfersi