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Found 52 results

  1. Hi everyone, I really need some advice to stop my partner from going crazy. I’m from the UK and lived in Aus for 5 years (on a 457 Visa) until March 09 when I was made redundant and had to return to the UK. I’m returning to Brisbane in July 09 and applying with my partner for De facto - Onshore Temporary - Visa (Subclasses 820). We’ve lived together since we first met in July 08 and have been together constantly (apart from the 3 months I’ve been in the UK). We will be applying ASAP from Australia but I don’t want to be sitting around for months ad months waiting before I can start working. Does anyone have any info on the time taken to process De facto Visas? We have all the relevant info, stat decs, proof of relationship and Police Checks. Any help from someone in the know would be great. Jock
  2. lsh

    175 Paper Based

    Hi. I've been reading that loads of you are changing from 175 visas to 176's or others. Making me worry as we've applied for a 175. This is our situation: We lodged our application (paper based 175) on the 26th November 2007 using an agent. Our ASCO code is 2231-11 (IT Systems Manager) and is on the SOL list. We got a case officer on the 29th October 2008. New PCC sent on the 18th March 2009. Medicals done on the 20th March 2009 (reason for long delay in meds was because I was pregnant and couldn’t do the X-rays so we waited until after the birth of our baby to do the meds). So we’ve had a case officer for quite a while who has all our relevant documentation. Now because the 175’s (SOL) aren’t being processed at the moment, do you think ours could be processed once they get to July this year seen as though the case officer has had ours for a while – it could be at the top of their pile .... or just wishful thinking? I will be calling my agent to ask him early Monday morning (he is based in Australia). Just wanted to know your thoughts.... Thanks.
  3. Hi all at PIO Just confirmed my Practical assessment General Electrician (4311-11) Blackburn College, Lancashire. 19/02/2009 Is there anybody out there who's doing the exam on the same date or anybody to discuss preperation !!!!! Vetassess Paperwork sent out in mid Dec 08 practicial booked today Mid jan!!
  4. Guest

    paper based tra passed!!!!!!!!

    found out online that my oh passed tra paper based tra ...so happy!!!!
  5. Hi all, I have been shopping round for an agent and have only been looking at Uk based agent's but have been contacted off aus based agent and have found he is half the price of Uk agents. What are the pro's and con's of using a australia based agent? and do they tend to be cheaper than Uk?
  6. Hi there Just wondering how many of you are using or have used, migration agents based in Australia? I've found one that is highly recommended and I'm really keen to use them, but have a couple of reservations. Did you find the time difference was a problem in anyway? Queries are never going to be answered the same day, and phoning them would generally be out of the question. Did you find it frustrating not being able to chat to them and always communicating by email? Any feedback/reassurance on this would be great!
  7. Hi all on PIO :wink: This is my first day on the site and I have already had a warm welcome in the forum so it feels positive already. We ...(My wife and I, and kids) are considering moving to Perth and wondered what employment options are available using counselling based skills? We currently have a private Counselling/Hypnotherapy Practice in the UK and while we realise this takes time to build up (after 3yrs we have a steady client caseload) we are looking for employment options in Perth. My wife has worked for the government and I also do some freelance training and lecturing work around counselling skills and stress management etc. we worked in oz on a working visa from 88-89 and at that time I was a mechanical fitter but I haven't worked in engineering for 11 yrs. I worked for BA as cabin crew from Londoon Heathrow from 97 - 2006 so also have experience of customer service in the travel industry. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks again for the warm welcome. Tony
  8. anybody heard any news on paper based 175 visa we sent ours april 08 and havnt got a case officer yet or heard anything.just want to start getting things organised.instead of being in limbo:twitcy:
  9. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone is in the same position as us. We lodged our application on the 26th November last year with an agent and we still haven't got a case officer? Our application is the paper based type (Class VE, subclass 175 Skilled - Independent). We did ask our agent and he said that there is still a backlog in Australia with the paper based applications and they were only now getting through September 2007. So is anyone in the same situation as us? We also haven't been able to do our medicals as I am pregnant (hooray :smile:), so cant have the xrays done until Feb next year (after baby is born) but just would feel better if we were assigned to a case officer asap - but no luck. Sigh....
  10. hi , im having trouble e mailing mara , i have mailed mara@mara.com.au and chris.thompson@mara.com.au and they are both bouncing back could someone please give me any alternatives cheers tom
  11. Migration agents have stated they are seeing a faster turn around in processing times with the paper based applications compared to the on line applications. Since MARCH this year the on line applications where relatively new and the prepared method for faster processing times, however, recentley the DIAC are now overpowered with the on line applications and are experiencing a back log and numerous system errors.. As a direct result the paper applications are now catching up with recent turn around times of only 5 months. Sounds pretty feasable to me! Fingers Crossed i hope its right!:jiggy: General Electrician Applied TRA Aug 07 TRA Retuned Oct (Skill path D removed) Re-applied Vetassess 01.01.08 Vetassess Paper Assess Passed 10.04.08 House up for sale 28.03.08 sold 14.04.08 (3 weeks, crikey) Vetassess Practical 15.07.08 Practical Passed 11.08.08 176 Visa Application submitted 11.09.08 DIAC Acknowledgement 24.09.08 Sent Police checks 27.08.08 - Recieved 06.09.08 Waiting C/O
  12. HI,im an electrician based in Dee Why (Northern Beaches)looking for electrical work. Does anyone know of any electricians or electrical firms who are in need of an electrician ?? Ive currently been working for a local electrcian for the last three months,but the work finishes this friday(28th nov 08),so will be looking for work from sat 29th nov . If anybody knows of anybody,or has any contacts please could you contact me,as this would br really appreciated. *I have my own transport,and tools* If you PM i can give you my mobile number. Many Thanks, Nathan
  13. Hey gday mates!! Just wondered if anyone has a case officer who applied jan, Feb time (subclass 175) paper based. Hubbie and I applied end of Jan and app arrived in OZ 1st Feb and money was taken, but were still waiting for a case officer so its been 10 months now and feels like were :arghh:waiting forever. We have not had medicals and police check as want to get CO first as we had read that you have 12 months from when you have the results of these to activate visa -just dont want to take any chances really. Would be great to hear if anyone has received a CO who applied around the same time as us, as fingers crossed we hope to hear something soon. We want to get things moving, were thinking about renting our bungalow because of the current housing market but still unsure, just want to hear some good news!!! Longing for some warm sunshine and a bright sunny life!! Hope to hear from people who have just heard from a CO or like minded people wo applied around same time as us!!!! Would be fantastic to hear some good news before christmas!!! Fingers crossed!!!xx:wubclub:
  14. Mylady

    Passed vetassess paper based

    :jiggy:Hi everyone Just wanted to let you know that hubby has passed the vetassess paper based and will be doing the practicals on 17 February 2009 in Lancashire.It took about three weeks from the date we posted the documents to AU.He will be writing his IELTS on Saturday(:cry: PM me if you have any questions and I will try to help. Regards
  15. Can you check progress of a paper based application on the DIAC website? We have only recently submitted it but its something i would like to follow up later. Chris. General Electrician Applied TRA Aug 07 TRA Retuned Oct (Skill path D removed) Re-applied Vetassess 01.01.08 Vetassess Paper Assess Passed 10.04.08 House up for sale 28.03.08 sold 14.04.08 (3 weeks, crikey) Vetassess Practical 15.07.08 Practical Passed 11.08.08 176 Visa Application submitted 11.09.08 DIAC Acknowledgement 24.09.08
  16. Im 19, and have been in a long distance relationship with my bf who is australian. We decided to get married. but the problem is, Ive been reading threads here and also doing my research. Seems that it might take up to 12 months for my visa to be processed and i seriously need to work because my bf is still a student. Im malaysian.. i really need help. i dont know what to do.... I need to work also so I can find a way for my uni which i wanna go to as soon as possible
  17. if you have herd of this company and had sucess with them or no sucess please could you help! my parents are using them and dont seem to get anywere fast!!! thanku andy
  18. Guest

    January Paper Based 175

    I'm sure there is more than just me who applied in January 2008. We think our initial acknowledgement was deleted by our lovely SPAM filter but we have followed this up using the form on the immi web-site so we know they have the form (and taken the money). We have our police checks from both the UK and Oz (as we used to live there on a 475 visa) but have not yet done the medicals. Maybe do them soon and send them all off and just wait again. Is anyone else in a similar position? Would like to hear any thoughts from anyone else as we plan the next steps and when to take them. For the record my job is on the MODL and with a job offer - so it seems there is no rush on DIAC's part with or without job offers. Anyway.............will post more soon. Kinney :arghh:
  19. shazney64

    Paper based app V online

    Hi just done the online TRA for brickies, do we click send then await to be asked for evidence. Im assuming you cant attach certified copies. Is this the easiest way online then send the stuff off. Just dont want to click send pay then not having the evidence it fall flat. Desperate to get going on this as been ages since the first decision to move, getting really frustrated now. Cheers if anyone can clarify. sharon xx
  20. new aspc email today states the paperbased 175 are now processing up to 20th oct 07 !! last week it was 20th sept - I had to go back and read it again - our lodgement date is 11th oct 07 so it has gone past us by 9 days!!!! its such a good feeling to see that date pass ours after checking it every week for 7 months !!!! :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: Take care Rachel
  21. :unsure: Hi all, we have now passed our trade skills test ( sparky) i have filled out both a online and paper based visa app'. Don't know which one to send. Is paper based slower? Also, this may soon dumb but i have entered my fiance and babies details online, but where shall i put mine? i have just got to the end of the online ( payment section) and still no option to enter my details, it also doesn't allow me to write the correct dates! Am i being a bit thick? I would be greatful for any help? :jiggy:Practical test successful 14/04/2008 PS, my fiance Dan (sparky) who did his practical trade skills test on 14/04/08 would love to know how the those did? Thanks, Jen x
  22. Guest

    VISA 176 (Paper based)

    Yet another thread!. Anyway, this one is for anyone on a skilled sponsored visa 176 who made a paper based application. If anyone has any news on this application please post reply. Visa sent by agent December 2007 Visa acknowledged by ASPC on 14th January 2008 Police Check applied February 2008 Medicals done and sent March 2008 Police Check back and sent off April 2008
  23. Guest

    Internet Site based in Oz

    Hi, Can anyone tell me why we cannot get access to any oz sites. Mainly the job ones and the Australian Computer Society, and newspaper sites are slow too. Its really frustrating as its only time my husband gets a chance to read up and research things. Thanks Mandisfam
  24. Guest

    Paper based against online

    Hi, can anyone answer me a question. we started our application last year. TRA's done no problem, visa applied for, acknowledgement of visa application from Aus in oct 07. then nothing happens. I have spoken to the agent and they tell me that the on-line applications are going through a lot faster and i have read on this site about people getting CO's after a couple of weeks after doing an online application. we haven't had med or police requests yet and its now 6 months down the line. are we better telling the agent to stop the paper based application and do it all again online as it seems we will get through the process so much faster. We have been quoted that it could still take up to 9 months before we get the visa's on the paper based application. doesn't seem very fair to me and are we athe only ones. would love to hear from anyone else in the same boat. cheers:nah: