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Found 53 results

  1. Hi There, We got our PR visa this week and I am now intending to open a bank account in order to transfer our savings into an account that will earn more interest than we are getting over here. I have had a look online at the high interest internet banking accounts that are available in Australia and one i am currently looking at is with Virgin. My question is - do the internet banking accounts work the same as they do in England? i.e. would i have to open an australian bank account and then transfer our money from the bank account into the virgin internet account? Cheers
  2. Hi there, Me and my partner are thinking of moving to Perth, May or June time, as he is finding it hard to get full time work in Adelaide. I'm on temporary residency (gaining citizenship in another 18 months). I was previously an Marketing, Events and Business Administrator for a Management Consultancy company back in the UK. I'm currently working as a Claims Officer for a Private Health Insurer, and have previously done bar work for the Clipsal 500 (RSA qualified). My partner is here on a working holiday visa (which means he can only work for a company for 6 months unless sponsored). This has caused issues even with 3-6 month contracts for some reason... He has been in Banking for nearly 10 years in the UK, and is currently working for Big W. He has also had casual work at the Clipsal 500 and grape picking. (White Card & RSA qualified) If anyone knows of any jobs (office/bar/banking etc) or has anything on offer, please get in touch. Many thanks, Jodie
  3. Guest

    Banking Info in Oz!!

    Hi All I was just wondering if anyone knows if you have to pay for banking in Oz. I have been told that you have to pay to withdraw any money from ATM cash machines. Also to pay when your wages get paid in bank account and to pay when you withdraw your wages. Does anyone know if this is true, or does it apply to non perminant residents. Can anyone help with info on bank charges please??? Thankx Jannine:confused:
  4. Guest

    Banking- Which one?????

    Hi all, I'm looking at setting up an account in OZ, and I understand you can do before you head out. Can anyone recommend a decent bank based in Victoria- Melbourne. Has anyone used NAB or Commonwealth Bank at all? I see they are usually at the expos. I currently bank with HSBC and said they can sort an account our in Oz but I've heard they're not all that good. Any recommendations would be fantastic!
  5. Hi All, Due to the PR Oz Visa re-shuffle on the 23rd September, I have decided to get a job in Sydney (am an experienced investment banking IT Project Manager) on a 457 visa, rather than wait the 2/3 years for my PR Visa to go through. If I am unable to secure a job from the UK, I plan to visit Oz for 2 weeks in February to try and get a job, and then, move the family over...Has anybody done this approach and/or could offer any advice about good IT agencies etc? I have been told my skills are in demand, but am finding it hard to secure OZ roles from the UK. Any advise or your experiences would be welcomed? Thanks Nick
  6. bunbury61

    Pommie banking - the economy

    Talking to a Bank Manager for one of the big UK Banks last night . They are currently PASSING 85% OF LOAN REQUESTS. There particular bank has £9 billion .....YES 9 BILLION TO PLAY WITH, and as quick as they loan some out. the money is being paid back from other sources. The UK has suddendly gone " risk averse".......people are paying back what they owe. I think they are calling this " the time of austerity".
  7. Can anyone shed any light on my Banking dilema please ???? We have several Bank accounts with the Abbey National. Our Morgage and direct debits come out of one and we have a few other savings accounts. We manage these by internet Banking, transfering money from one to the other. so my question is can we still do this whilst in Australia. Spoke to a woman at the abbey who said we cant as the internet is different over there?? We are moving in 3 weeks and it all seems to be a bit of a nightmare. We will use Halo once we get there to get some money over there, but for now just want to leave the accounts open but will need to manage them still. Is it possible? or can anyone suggest a bank that is a bit more accomodating.:arghh: Really appreciate any feedback thanks xx
  8. Hi, Can anybody share their 'getting a job' experiences with me as I will be moving to Melbourne next year without a job! and will need to try and find a suitable one when i arrive. I currently work in the Operations/settlement/middle office dept of a Bank/ Brokers in the City of London in I suppose you could say a middle management/supervisory position. I have huge experience and am obviously presentable ,hard working etc.... How hard might it be ? any suggestions would be appreciated! and what sort of salary should i be aiming for? Cheers.
  9. Guest

    Banking jobs in Oz

    Hi, Moving to Melbourne in 2010 and will be looking for a job in the Operations/Settlements,Middle office departments in investment banks or Broking sectors. Anybody got any good contacts or advice on the job market for expat Brits in this industry? I hear that UK especially City experience can be a good asset over there? Cheers.
  10. Hiya! Was gonna open a westpac account before we go but just wanted to check there are westpac ATM's around the caloundra area. What do you recommend??? Westpac or someone else??? :wub: Jo x
  11. Dear All I am not sure if this question has been posted before, but allow me to ask. For potential migrants, i noted there is an online facility to open a bank account with Westpac before arriving in Aussi. How secure and reliable are their services? Are the bank changes reasonable if you opt to continue banking with them after arrival? How easy is it to access your funds after arrival? Thanks to all. Regards Ochie
  12. Hi I've been here 6 months now and loving it. However, I've been trying to get an Aussie credit card and been refused by Bankwest and ANZ as I don't have a permanent visa. This is despite having a UK credit card for over 20 years and all of my savings (not a small amount) and current accounts are with these banks. I don't use my UK credit card generally but need it to hire a car and for energencies. I thought UK banks were bad but Aussie ones are much worse. Has anyone managed to get a credit card....prefereably without any rip off charges too?
  13. Hello folks, We have recently arrived in Australia and are looking to open a bank account. So far I have been shocked by the criminal fees that are charged for having a everyday (transactional) account. It seems to me that all Ozzie banks are in cahoots. Maybe it's some kind of evil cartel? Does anyone have any reccomendations of which bank to go with? Which is the best the best of a bad bunch? Thanks, Tenae and Rich:wacko:
  14. I decided to set up an Oz bank account prior to our emigration. There don't seem to be many banks that will allow non-residents to do this, but I chose ANZ as one that does. Their form was a doddle to fill in and then I scanned it and emailed it off to their UK address, expecting to get back another form and a request for multiple proofs of address and identity. However, to my delight, within 18 hours of sending the form, I had a phone call from a helpful lady who told me that everything is in order and that I can expect to receive the account paperwork in the next day or so. She also recommended me to use the services of Halo Financial to transfer our money over and within 5 minutes of the end of our phone call, I had received two calls from agents at Halo! Happy experience so far!!!
  15. Hi Everyone New to this as just got registered but seriously considering moving out to australia to either Melboure , Brisbane or Sydney i currently run my own commercial Finance brokerage but previously was a Corporate Business development manager what is the situation in OZ for these types f jobs and is it in demand ? i have emailed my CV to 5 banks and they have just come back to say go through the official careers website ? Any help ?
  16. Guest

    banking in Oz

    Hiya everyone, Can anyone tell me which is the best bank to have a current account with in Australia and also which internet provders are both cheap and good cheers Haze:emoticon-signxmas:
  17. Has anyone had Banking Qualifications (ACIB) assessed by Vatessess and what occupation did they put down. Please let me knwo. Thanks Lynne
  18. hello all, i "think" i know the answer to this,partly anyway. from the paperwork we have received from south australia it seems we have to have a permanent address to get a tax file number,is this right? does a short term rental qualify? also do the same rules apply re opening a bank account? thanks
  19. Guest

    Off Shore Banking

    We recently moved over to Aus and remortgaged our home before we left the UK to fund a house here. Because the exchange rate is poor we left the money in a savings account in the UK with one of the icelandic banks who are giving great rates. However there have been a few articles suggesting theicelandic banks are not so robust and you should only invest what you are guaranteed to get back if the bank runs into difficulty. So we now have to move a large sum of money into another account but because we are no longer resident in the UK we can't open new savings accounts. We can open an off-shore account but is there a downside to this regarding tax implications?
  20. Guest

    banking advice

    Hi all you PIO people,i'm about to open a westpac bank account from the uk ready for when we transfer funds over to Adelaide.On the online application it asks to select a branch, as we plan to settle in the Woodcroft area,which would be the nearest branch to us,thanks in advance,Paul.:unsure:
  21. Guest

    Banking advice

    Hi All My husband and I are making the move on 5 October. After a lot of waiting and fingernail biting we finally got our visas about 4 weeks ago! We were going to open a bank account with Commonwealth Bank of Australia but have heard a few bad things about them. Can anyone advise? We would like to get the account open before we leave the UK. If not Commonwealth then any other recommendations? Thanks in advance. Ruth.
  22. Hi all, Please can someone share their experiences on the following : Is it possible to access UK Internet Banking Accounts from Oz? And if so which banks have you successfully done so with? I'm curious to know whether it's possible as I've heard some banks have firewalls that block attempts to 'log on' from overseas soil. Many thanks for your advice on this one. I have done a search on the subject but can't find anything. Cheers, Steve.
  23. Guest

    EZY Banking..

    anbody used EZY Banking by woolworths.. I currently have an account with suncorp but they charge 2.50 a month account keep fees.. just looked around the ezybank don't charge any fees! plus they seem to have a points/reward kind of loyalty card thing.. similar to tesco.. i love my loyalty cards.. just thinking of changing banks but don't know anybody who uses ezy banking.. ? apprenlty you can do banking when you do your shopping at woolworths as well?? any thoughts? also we have an national australia visa card. and the interest is criminal 18.5%!! we're going to switch it as soon as we return back in 4 weeks.. just wondering who the best around is.. is there a 'compaire the market' style website in oz.. for banking and insurance type things? i've heard st george is very good interest rates?
  24. We got a Co WOOO But they want more info, and have asked for banking documents under evidence of employment, anyone know what exactly they want ?
  25. Guest

    Busy banking!

    Hi all Has anyone got any advice to give with regards to choosing a bank? What are the bad ones, and what are the good ones? In UK at mo, looking to move June / July to Sydney, and open an account before I leave. Is this a good idea? Are there any nightmares awaiting me?!! Cheers Jonny