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Found 258 results

  1. Hi all, I know this is the oldest question possibly known to PomsInOz.....but, can someone please recommend a bank and a bank account that is free, has unlimited access and has lots of ATM machines available in Brisbane? I've been looking at BankWest and ANZ who offer a no-monthly-fee account and was wondering if anyone had one and if they were any good? From what i'm reading, Bankwest might just be nudging it's weary head as the fave so far. Also, to change the subject totally....we're looking at BUPA to take out our health insurance with and looked at their classic visitor policy at $1000 each. Is this a decent price/policy? Any and all advice greatly received. Thanks Stephen and Emma
  2. So my partner has just told me he doesn’t have any paper statements from his bank as he does it all online. How can we get these statements – can we get the bank to print them off and stamp. Or can we print off a years worth and get them authorised at the solicitors?? Were getting there, just little things like this are cropping up before we put everything in! Thanks J
  3. Hi planning to emigrate in May and trying to choose which bank to open from the UK ready for Aus. Ideally would like normal banking ie internet, visa debit cards etc so not sure which to go for - been looking at ANZ, West pac and commonwealth - any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Carol:confused:
  4. Guest

    bank account info please

    hi all, i am due to fly out to oz in two weeks & i was considering opening a bank account online in the uk, for myself when i get to oz but me & my partner have decided not to go down that route & instead open a joint account when i get over there. the only concern i have is that i will not have any documentation with my name & address on in oz?? will this be a problem for us?? :eek: my partner is australian & he has a perm address over their. any info would be great thanks
  5. Also wondering with bank statements do I just need to provide the first page of the statement when using it show proof of address, and when showing bank transactions between my partner and myself should I just include that page with the relevant information highlighted. Or do I include the full bank statement and just highlight the parts that refer to my defacto application? Do I need to bring both originals and copies to get them signed off at solicitors? Thanks again J
  6. eammon

    Bank Account

    We're (hopefully) flying out to Perth in around 4 weeks and I'm trying to organise as much as I can now before we go :swoon:. I have taken a look at some of the banks websites and know I can apply online to open an Aus bank account, but can anyone advise how long it takes. Do they need a UK address to write to you or do they correspond via e-mail. We're moving out of our house on Tuesday and going into temporary accommodation for around 3 weeks, so worried this won't give us enough time. Denise x
  7. Hi, Just wondering out of the big 4 - are there any which have a better presence (aka more ATMs) in and around Perth. From what I understand you normally get charged for using another banks ATMS but its free from your own if you are paying (or waivering) the monthly current account charge. Just gathering info to make a choice as they all seem pretty similar charge wise... Cheers ScottyB
  8. scoots

    opening a bank account in oz

    just a quick question about when i arrive in australia,is it better for me to take over £1000 GBP and open an account with that or do i need to change my money to AUD here and take that and open it then. thanks scott.
  9. Guest

    Bank Loans on a 457 Visa?

    Hi Guys, We were just wondering if any of you guys on a 457 visa have taken out a bank loan? We have been here 10 months now and settled in really well, work is going great and I have just been promoted, I was car sharing but now need to drive myself in as I will be working different hours, we are looking out for a second car for my wife to use, she is looking at people carriers and has seen a few for around $12000. We were hoping to get a bank loan but we were just wondering if its possible on a 457 and we were hoping to get info from you guys e.g. availability to 457 visa holders, banks used, amount loaned and repayments. We understand that finances are very personal so if you dont want to answer some of the questions then thats fine, also if you prefere you can PM us. Terry
  10. Phil & Vikki

    Which bank is best

    We will be arriving in WA next July and we need to open a bank account up as we have some money owing to us that we want to keep in Australian dollars. From what we can see the tow main options are Westpak and HSBC. Which one would you say is the best out of the two, with regards to customer service, availability of cash machines and monthly charges? Cheers, Phil & Vikki
  11. Hi all Hope you might be able to help. I am heading over in Feb next year and will obviously need an Australian bank account for salary etc but I want to keep my uk bank account, mainly cause I dont want to have to clear my over draft so I will need to keep transfering money over or they will be chasing me for it back. What I wanted to know was does anyone else have to do this regularly and what the charges are etc from different Australian banks. I do have an HSBC account which means I could open an Australian HSBC account but I dont know what they charge either and I havent been able to find the answer from them!!! Would be greatful for any advice, thanks as ever. Jen x
  12. Hi I originally posted similar info to another thread but Julie 495 said I should post it as a separate thread, so here's an edited version. Opening a bank account in Oz My first bit of advice is, if you can, wait until you move to Oz. Why? 1) It gives you a chance to decide which bank is right for you. For example many banks charge ATM fees if you use a competitors ATM. Therefore you don't want to open a bank account if they don't have an ATM by your new work/home. 2) Opening an account when over here is so much easier - all you need to go is walk into a branch with your passport (that is all the ID you need - I know I worked in a bank) and they will open one whilst you wait. This saves you trying to open one in the UK and trying to contract Aussie banks in London, etc. If you've got money you're waiting to transfer from a UK account, you can always deposit a UK cheque although this can take a few weeks to clear. If you need the money quickly then you'll need to give your UK bank the full details of your new Oz account and they can wire it to you - but ask your UK bank what the procedure is for wiring money before you leave the UK. 3) Tax File Number - you do NOT need one to open a new Aussie account - although you are recommended to give it to them when you get it (as the Australian Tax Office (ATO) can take a few weeks to provide you one). Further info on Aussie banks: Be aware that many Aussie banks charge account fees & ATM fees - this comes as quite a shock for those coming from the UK. However there is some good news - more and more banks are NOT charging any account fees. For example, ING have just launched a completely fee free bank account that will not charge any fees for ATM or electronic banking. It's called the Orange Everyday account.Orange Everyday and it's giving the banks a run for their money. There are plenty of other accounts that don't charge fees, especially if you deposit a salary into them. SO NEVER OPEN AN ACCOUNT THAT CHARGES YOU ACCOUNT FEES. Alternatively there are heaps of other accounts that offer fee free banking. The major banks - ANZ, CBA, Westpac, NAB and St George (owned by Westpac) all have a major retail high street presence. But you should also consider credit unions. These offer much more personalised services and much cheaper fees. The credit unions also allow you to use any NAB ATM so they have one of the biggest fee-free ATM networks in Oz Whatever you decide on, just remember that Aussies, like Poms, love bank bashing so you're unlikely to hear too many good things about them! Hope this is of use - You'll love Oz!
  13. Guest

    Bank account in UK

    Hi to any one who reads this, I hope some one can help me I moved to Oz 30 years ago and my Mum 20 years ago. She is now in a nursing home here in Australia & I have had no issue with with any banks or other institutions in having my Power of Attorney for my mums affairs being recognised. However she still has an account with the Natwest in the UK which she has her super paid into and after 3 months of sending documents backwards and forwards I have now been informed I am unable to act on her behalf due to me not being a resident in the UK. Has any one else expierienced something simular and if so were you able to get a good result. Hoping to get a responce
  14. Guest

    Which Bank?

    Hi all, I have done some research but don't feel much the wiser as to which bank to open an account with this week before I leave for Oz. I was with Citibank when I was there 2006/7, but they were bloody awful (a bit like Lloydstsb here in the UK) and I wouldn't ever go back to them. Do any Aussie banks have a good reputation for new arrivals? Cheers for any info you can offer. Sam
  15. Guest

    Bank accounts

    Hi all, We are looking at opening a bank account soon, ready to activate when we come over in January,which bank would you recommend in Canberra.We are looking at westpac or NAB at the moment, are there any good reasons to sway towards one of these - amount of ATM's or branches or bank charges/fees for example, I am sure you have had good and bad experiences with the major banks so any advice would be helpful. Thanks, Martin
  16. Hey, Can anyone recommend some good sites for transferring money over on a good rate? Thanks, D
  17. Guest

    Which bank ?

    Hi, Im looking at opening a bank account in Australia for our pending emigration from the UK to Victoria, does anyone know which Australian bank is best suited to emigration from the UK or had any experiences that may help us ? Many thanks !
  18. Hi all, We're headed down under next week for our validation trip, and really want to open up a bank account while we're there. Can anyone tell me what ID etc I'll need, we're staying with family so can put their address if necessary?!! Not sure what to bring with me, other than passport, driving licence.... Thanks Lisa x
  19. Hi all, We are at the stage of opening our Australian Bank Account and cannot decide who to go with, narrowed it down to Westpac, ANZ & Commonwealth but any previous experiences or advice is VERY welcome???? Looking for general day-to-day banking, ATM, Epos, etc and good kids accounts??? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. :v_SPIN:Hey Gday Guys, Just wondered if anyone has any advice on setting up a bank account? Is it best to do it online with Westpac or Commonwealth etc... or do you recommend doing it through your bank account in Britain?(into an aussie account) If anyone has set up an account or is about to would be great to hear some advice. Hubbie and I put big application in last month, so gathering info at mo, and gettin the house ready to sell up, its all quite nerve wracking, but exciting!!!!:jiggy:
  21. Yorkshireclan

    Anyone bank with NAB?

    Hi all As the title says any views on the National Austrailian Bank?? Just about to open an account and transfer some funds so views welcome..
  22. Guest

    Which Bank?

    Hello all, I need to open an aussie bank, but i dont know which one to go with. Does it really matter? :huh: I know there are the big ones; commonwealth, anz and westpac. But which is the better one to go with? Any advice on this matter is really appreciated! Thanks in advance. Chloe xx
  23. Hi all, We were granted our PR visa 28/5/09, we are going over in October to validate visas, we will only be there about 3 weeks. My question is this when would be the best time to open a bank account and get a TFN, due to my commitments here in Portugal & UK (I have a company to close or sell in Portugal and a house to sell in the UK) we maynot be going for good until September/October 2010. However if everything goes well it could be about May next year. From my understanding you need an address in Australia to get a TFN and also to show the bank. Very gratefull for any help, we are very excited about the move and are fast becoming snowed under with everything we need to get done. Once again thanks in advance for any help. Jim Bob
  24. Hey guys, I am just back in Ireland on a hol from Australia. I transferred money from my australian bank to my Irish bank and its been 5 working days and no sign of the money. I have called the bank but they just keep saying it depends on the other bank. Any advice appreciated. Cheers, Derek
  25. My old first direct account in the UK charges 10 pound per month as I'm having my wages paid there anymore. So I want to close it and open a new one. Is it easy to do ? I tried smile.co.uk - the internet bank and its asking for employer details.. I guess its easier to phone them up and explain the situation, but if anyone has any experience let me know. Just want a basic current account (no fees) to use to pay my national insurance each year and also send money back to the UK occassional using Ozforex.. Thanks in advance.