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Found 258 results

  1. We are going to send off our visa application next week and I am still trying to figure out how to pay for it! I have asked the HSBC bank and they say they have not heard of an international money order, but can issue an international bank draft in Australian Dollars. Does anyone know if it's okay to pay this way? If so, do you tick 'bank cheque' or 'money order' on the application form? I'm stressing more about this than anything else at the moment!! Thanks, Emmy B
  2. I;ve just received a letter from my bank saying that HMRC has asked them for personal information of customers who have opened Australian bank accounts via their London office. it is a standard letter so has anyone else received one? unfortunately the letter and FAQs are not very helpful I fail to see what it has to do with HMRC when i live here and why they need my old Uk address. i know the UK is hard up and on the verge of bankuptcy but chasing ex pats is a bit over the top
  3. I'm sure this question has been asked loads, but I'm find it all rather confusing. We are moving over during first week of June and have opened an account with CBA. When we went to see them they explained we could transfer our money when we wanted and depending on the amount we would get 2 or 3 cents less than the published rate for that day. Now I see people use companies such as moneycorp of HiFX and I dont know what is the best thing to do. With the exchange rate being as it is we are trying to get the best rate possible!! Any advise would be great. Thanks Tara
  4. Does anyone know the answer...I have an account still in the UK but have hit a problem with statements missing, due to rental moves. To avoid these issues again I am keen to have a PO Box set up here for all my post from the UK to be delivered to...then I do not have to worry every time we move with change of address. This is the problem I have asked Barclays if I can use an Australian PO Box number and they seem very vague with their answer. Just need yes you can or no you can't. I do not really want to have to use someone elses address in the UK as I do not want to give them the hassle of sending post to me monthly. At the moment I am about 3/4 statements behind (its not an account I can have internet access with either) my previous rental agents say they haven't got them, bank says they were sent. I only moved out 15th May so the last 3 would have been while we were there. Oh and they want to charge me for resending these statements!!! Can anyone shed any light on this. Thanks Sue
  5. Just thought people might be interested to hear of my experiences with banking and credit cards. Like many new immigrants to Oz, we decided to leave some money in a UK bank account and retain a UK credit card to meet the cost of any unexpected UK bills and also to give us a credit card to use until we were in Oz long enough to get a credit rating and be able to apply for a credit card here. Before we moved from the UK in December, I visited the two banking establishments and gave them details of our temporary address in Oz. Each one needed to see my passport, but the experience was pretty smooth and statements have been dribbling through since we arrived. HOWEVER, once we moved from our temporary address to our new address, it was a whole different ballgame. It seems that UK banks have no process to deal with this eventuality and I started to receive letters telling me that I would need to "drop into my nearest branch" to get the change made. I can't tell you how many times I have tried to explain over the phone that my nearest branch is 13,000 miles away! Eventually, Barclays were able to change my address if I registered for their phone banking service. They duly sent out a PIN code to my "old" Australian address and I was finally able to get them to make the change. However, we also have the credit card with Santander (formerly Abbey) [we got this one as they offered commission free transactions in foreign currencies]. I have phoned them 3 or 4 times, emailed them, followed the directions on their website (sent a change of address form to their team with a copy of my passport) and STILL they have not accepted the change. Last night I called them and the "offshore call centre agent" even told me that the card details I gave him were incorrect and therefore he would be unable to help me (he was not able to validate the card expiry date and/or the CCV1 number on the back). I pleaded and demanded to be put through to his manager to sort this out, but eventually we reached stale-mate and he hung up on me! So they are still sending my private statements to an incorrect Australian address! Surely a breach of privacy legislation? So, if there are any UK bank executives reading this, please learn something from your Australian counterparts: When I wanted to change my address on my Australian (ANZ Bank) accounts, all I had to do was to log onto the secure online banking system and click on the "change my details" link. It was all handled smoothly and seamlessly. For anyone contemplating a move over, I can only suggest that you get all of your UK assets into as few banks as possible in order to limit the pain! If you happen to bank with Barclays, make sure you register for their PHONE banking service (both partners need to register separately if you have a joint account) before leaving the UK.
  6. The Butlers

    Which Bank to open

    Hello All Didn't know where to put this thread as I would like an impartial view on which bank you opened before you moved to Oz and if they we good when you got there and where they able to help you with morgage, credit cards ect. Thanks for your help Can't believe we are finally getting to this stage :biggrin: Emma and Gang
  7. Hi again, Sorry to be annoying with all these posts but our application is almost finished. Just wondering how we need to present our bank statements? I will be including my personal account as well as our joint one but as they cover 2 years, they are 100s of pages long! Do we need to print out the whole thing or can we do sections - i.e. random months over the 2 year period? Thanks
  8. Guest

    Nursing Bank

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if there is a "Nursing Bank" system in place for Clinical Support Workers, or their Aussie equivalent, in South Australia.:unsure:
  9. Guest

    bank accounts UK & OZ

    :chatterbox: Hi Im concerned about the fact that my partner who is still married to a woman in the uk has done off shore banking as to close down his and his wife's joint account here in Oz. She went back years ago and and has been getting payments from DWP as she said she got nothing from her husband and has been also been living off account here in Oz with out Uk knowing over $130,000.00.....now this is fraud ,as she has failed to tell DWP and now it will affect me as i have a joint account with him and he moved what was left of her money into that account. So he has now put me in it too with out any concern for me and the fact he pays no child suport to UK children this could get nasty. Do I protect myself and let DWP know story as its not my fault and do not benifit from this money they have moved all the money with out paying tax's on in either country :arghh: Im madder than hell that he would protect her over me ....any one else in this situation or anything like it.
  10. hello i want to apply for NT State Sponsorship but i don't have a bank account or even the required money they asking for sponsorship, what if i want to apply? thanks
  11. HI PIO'ers The Reserve Bank of Australia has raised interest rates for the sixth time in seven months amid rising inflation and surging house prices. The 25 basis point rise in rates takes the official cash rate to 4.5 percent and will add around $45 to the monthly repayment on a $300,000 mortgage. Since the RBA began its current cycle of rate hikes in October last year, monthly repayments have gone up by around $250. Kind Regards,
  12. Good afternoon all Just wanted to ask advice from anyone who has rented their house in the UK out. We have had the house on the market 3 months and are thinking if there is no offer by summer we may rent it out and sell later. I rang the bank to ask generally if it would be possible and they said that is you are going permanantly they will not approve it as it will need a "Buy To Let" mortgage which they (RBS) do not offer. Just wondering if anyone elase has come across this ..... maybe you say you are going for a couple of years? Why is nothing simple :rolleyes: Jen xx
  13. Can I just ask do you have to have £18k in the bank before you start applying for your visa? Do they check once they have granted your visa? Thanks x
  14. Hi, We are working out when to apply for our spouses visa Just reading through previous posts and checklists etc and it says about proving our financial connection etc. Obviously it says that we have to provided bank statements etc. My concern is to what extent they use these. Do they use them just to verify that we pay our bills together or do they want to see our financial situation also? The reason I ask is that we are a family of 5 and I have just finished a year of maternity leave. OUr finances whilst not disasterous aren't aprticularly good. We live to the edge of our overdraft limit and have had chages etc applied when dds bounce kinda thing. Could this result in an application being denied? Or are the mainly interested in my husbands income and how that will support us than how we are coping financially in the UK??????
  15. :wacko:I wondered if anyone could advise or point me in the right direction. I, like I imagine many others, am trying to get a state sponsorship application in before the changes to the SOL. I'm trying to hedge my bets incase the other halfs job is removed from the SOL (Architectural Associate). It would appear we are limited to ACT state sponsorship on a 176 visa application. I have started to complete the online application (having finally had both positive skills assessment and IELTS results back) but am stumped at the section where it asks for proof of assests. We have recently had the house valued so I am assuming a copy of that with the outstanding mortgage balance should provide evidence towards assets in our home. However, we have recently spent out on renovating the house and as such do not currently have any money in our bank account. We will however have saved £10,000 by the time we come to migrate - so how do I show evidence of that???? What have other people done in this situation? I could potentially borrow the money for the short term from my parents and put it in our account to show the balance and get a copy of a statement for evidence, but is this all going a bit too far? Would they accept a statement from me and signed by a notary? Heeeeeelllllllpp!!!
  16. Hi All, We have been living in Oz for around 18 months now and we still have a property in the UK that we are renting out, our tenants are showing an interest in buying it and as long as the price is right we are willing to sell it. We have no intention of moving large sums of money over to OZ while the pound is so weak. The problem that we seem to be coming across is opening a new savings account in the UK while we are residents here in OZ. We still have a UK bank account but our interest rate is not competetive as it is an old account. Cheers The oldgit.
  17. Hi Guys, 2nd post - how much cash do my wife and i have to have in the bank to get a 457 business visa? Thanks, G
  18. Guest

    Joint Bank Account

    My partner (in the UK) and I (in Australia) are wanting to establish a joint bank account so we can both deposit into it and save money to go towards the costs involved with his future visa application - this will also no doubt be able to be used as proof of relationship etc further down the track. Can anyone suggest a bank that will allow us to obtain a joint account which we would be able to apply for in our current countries? (hope that makes sense... meaning I dont have to fly to the UK to open acct). Many thanks in advance :cute:
  19. Hi Does anyone know if I open a bank account online with one of banks in Oz can I use it while on holidays in Oz or do I need to wait until visa stamp in my passport before I can activate it? Grainne
  20. Hey guys, quick question, has anyone worked purely bank or agency in the UK and then been able to get a job/visa/sponsorship? I think bank/agency might be a good idea for me at the moment for many reasons, but I'm worried i've only been qualified 6 months and i don't know whether the lovely aussies might take a dim view. What do the rest of the PIO nurses think?
  21. Hi, Has anyone got experience with changing their address to their Oz one for a Halifax Bank Account? I asked them before I left and they said there would be no problem. However considering the problems I have had with money transfers with halifax online once in OZ (despite the fact that I had let them know that I would be in OZ prior to leaving) I just want to make sure before opening a can of worms. I own my house back in the UK (but I am renting it out) and I should still be getting a UK wage transfered to my account every month. It should be straight forward but I have been proven otherwise recently and it has cost me a lot in phone calls. Cheers
  22. mrfordy

    Bank customer ID check

    Hi folks, what documentation/ proof will i need for a bank ID check? Thanks :yellow_guy_smiling_
  23. Hi, Can anyone advise what documents I would need to take with me on my reccie, if I wish to apply for a TFN, register for medicare, and open a bank account whilst there? I will have an address, as I can use my sister's address. I thought I read somewhere that I should take EHIC cards for registering for medicare and I have those, but what else is needed? Thanks in advance, Shaz
  24. I've left everything to the last minute again and I'm arriving in Melbourne next week. I'll need to open a bank account pretty much asap as i need to start work. My bank are being silly and want to charge me for a letter of good standing - do i really need one of these? how easy is it to open a bank account when im in Melbourne? Is there anything I should bring like old bank statements etc? Who should i be looking to bank with? Thanks in advance
  25. Can any one advise me please. Has any one recently opened a bank account with Westpac? I opened two accounts (westpac choice and esavers) from the UK on the 25 Jan and I have just recived the paper work in the post today. I was under the impression I had 90 days to take my ID to my branch to validate the accounts but now im a little confused. They have requested us to sign the terms and condition and find a acceptable referee to sign off identification documents. This needs to be done within two weeks. Letter was dated 25 Jan so the two weeks is up. It also say that acceptable referees from overseas must be a International bank employee and known the applicant for over 12 months. Really not sure if this applys to us or im reading it wrong??? Has any one else joined Westpac and what did they do????