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Found 258 results

  1. Anything is possible

    Bank Act

    Hi guys, Just after some advice after banks in oz... What is the best bank act to get.... We will be trans money to the uk occassionally.... But the main thing is we want a bank account for general day to day living, i.e salary going in and bills paid, online banking, (maybe a credit card at some point) etc... I am hoping that banking is free in oz like UK.... We are not looking for anything special for savings, mortgages, isa, etc.... just enough to get by until we can build our credit history in oz... Thanks
  2. Off to South Bank today with the kids if anyone fancies a very impromptu meet up!
  3. Hi Guys Can anybody please advise me I went to my bank Barclays and they advise me that if I am out of the country for more than 6 months I am not meant to keep an account open in the UK by rights. The only thing is I have a rental property here in the UK which I am going to keep on until or if the prices start going up and have the rent payments paid into my account. What do must people do in this situation please? Do must people who emigrate still keep an account open or do they transfer it into there Aussie Bank Account? I would really appreciate any advice on this matter. Kind regards Debbie
  4. thepallis

    Commonwealth Bank ???

    Has anyone got any info on whether commonwealth bank will allow you to open bank account before arriving in country. My son is coming on WHV and is wanting to open account before he flys next week...
  5. I need your advise. You know someone was trying to get an access into my online banking and now my account is blocked moreover it’s already closed. I m going to open another account but not sure what bank to choose. I feel so unsafe coz of a lot of money laundering. I just need to know maybe someone knows the way to avoid illegal entering into online banking? Have you ever used text alerts or mobile banking? What bank would you offer to open the account in? Thanks
  6. The Pom Queen

    Pensioners Losing on Bank Charges

    Expat pensioners using bank-to-bank transfer facilities could be losing out on their retirement income due to the higher fees charged for such services, suggests new data from the UK's Post Office. Of the 1,038,600 pensioners living abroad the majority are transferring their sterling pensions into local currency deposited into an overseas bank account. But the Post Office warns that making regular bank-to-bank transfers to move a pension exposes expat pensioners to repeated bank charges which are significantly eating into retirement income. Some banks are charging as much as £42.50 per transaction, warns the Post Office, which calculates that such quarterly transfers will incur charges of £170 over a year - that's the equivalent of almost a fortnight’s worth of the current State Pension allowance. The Post Office advises pensioners to shop around to make sure they’re not wasting money on bank transfer fees by always checking the small print for any transfer service they use. It points out that it's own International Payments service doesn’t charge a fee at all, and also offers a regular payment facility so customers don’t have to make repeat transactions. The service also allows customers to fix their exchange rate for up to a year to avoid being caught out by fluctuating rates. Sarah Munro, Head of Money Transfers at the Post Office, says, “It’s a real shame that at a time when they should be enjoying life, so many pensioners may be having their income eaten up by high bank charges, when sending cash overseas.
  7. Hi guys, My boyfriend and I set up a joint bank account yesterday morning. We have been using his account entirely, and he asked the lady to shut it down and transfer the funds to our new joint account. Anyway, got home yesterday afternoon and logged on to netbank just to double check. On both our log-ins it says we have no account! Same thing tonight, it's been 36 hours or so. And our money is nowhere to be seen.... I'm assuming that it just takes a couple days for it to process and sort out, but just a little worried as the lady at the bank didn't mention there being any kind of delay with our accounts showing up. All she mentioned was that our cards would take 5 or 6 days to be posted through. Any solutions to put my mind at rest? Thanks! Sophie.
  8. Cal2

    Which Bank?

    We're looking to move to Sydney next year and are coming for a visit this summer. As we're in London next week, we thought we'd open an Australian account to use whilst we're on holiday there and when we move over, but which?
  9. Hello, I need your help again i'm afraid :goofy: We need to submit the past 3 years worth of bank statements to our CO. The only problem is that all our statements were accessible online. We do not have any paper copies. Do you think it's acceptable for us to download all the statements in pdf format and submit them in this way? We have submitted a query to them but haven't heard anything yet. Look forward to hearing from you (Love this forum and all the help i've received from all the lovely people.....Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much)!
  10. rackspace

    CO is asking for Bank Statements

    I have been assigned CO recently, who asked me to provide proof of previous employments including bank statements. Now problem is that I am currently out of country, I am unable to get bank statements of my accounts where previous employers transfered my salary.Those accounts are now dormant and I need to go to these bank myself to activate them and then retrieve statement. Will reference letter and experience letter enough in this case?
  11. Hi all, We're still here in the UK and we've just had a booklet arrive from ANZ about setting up a bank account. So just wanting to know people's thoughts on this bank? Any good or bad experiences had? We are (hopefully) headed to WA, so would need a bank that has numerous branches, ATM's and general good banking practice. I had a look on WESPAC website as I believe they are one of the "big ones" but it seems like you only have 90 days from setting up the bank account here in the UK, to activating it in Oz. Does that sound right? I couldn't see anything like this in the ANZ paperwork that we received. We don't have an exact date as yet, when we will be arriving in WA, so would need to be careful of any time restrictions. I believe that NAB is another good bank? Any advice welcome :wubclub: Thanks folks. P
  12. Guest

    Bank account in Melbourne

    Could anyone give us some information about bank accounts in Melbourne,please. We are currently waiting to apply for 457 visa and a bank account that allows us to transfer money from Oz to the UK every month, as my husband need to pay maintenance for his son. We were also considering HSBC. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. Guest

    Bank Account in Australia

    Hi All, I am moving to Sydney on a 457 Visa early next month and wanted to get a few details on opening a bank account there: 1. What are the good banks I can consider opening a bank account in? 2. What is the procedure and documents required for the same? 3. Is there a minimum amount that should be maintained for opening an account? Thanks,
  14. Hi all, have been looking at transferring some hard earned cash back to the uk and despite the crazy strong AUD dollar at the moment have found the following site useful to compare the australian banks rates bestexchangerates[dot]net I bank with CBA but can see that their profit margin is really big ...around 4 or 5 percent which is a bit much i think. Anyway hope this is useful dave
  15. Guest

    UK Bank Account

    Does anyone know if you open a UK Bank account while still in Aus?
  16. Guest

    bank account on a reccie

    Hello all, We are going over on our reccie at the end of May, we want to open a bank account whilst we are there, we will not have an Astralian address, can we give our UK address, then swap it when we move there next year. thanks for your help Alan and Mary
  17. I'm trying to make the 2nd May deadline for SS SA. I will get my IELTS results 2pm Thursday 28th April (praying I also get my skills assessment back!) If I have all documents ready to go would a courier from UK to Austalia get them there by Monday 2nd Oz time (so Sunday night our time?) even with a bank holiday in the UK on Friday 29th and then the weekend? Thanks
  18. Hi If i have a Australia bank account, a medicare card, will these be considered as "substantial (business, cultural, employment) and beneficial ties" for me to qualify to get a RRV? I have my Australia VISA approved but due to some personal issues, i won't be able to migrate them in the coming 5 years and i won't be able to fulfill the 2 out of 5 years requirement too so i definitely need to apply a RRV when it reaches the 5 years limit. Besides bank account and medicare card, if I buy a house there and rent it out , will that boost up my chance to get the RRV approved ? As someone mentioned if i buy a house there for investment purpose, it won't be considered, is that true ? Also, if i invest a house for renting purpose there, will i be taxed by Australia government ? If i buy a house there just to qualify for RRV and leave it vacant for 5 years , it sounds like i don't have any ROI there , that is the reason why i am thinking to rent it out :cute: please advice thanks
  19. Can you open an australian bank account ifyou are only going on a long holiday
  20. This is the first time I have posted on here but I've regularly visited the site and enjoyed reading other peoples posts - it is very comforting to know that others feel the same as me. Any way to cut a long story short my family and I have been here (WA)for 6 years and are in the very early stages of planning our return home. I won't go into the why's as that is another thread for another time perhaps. We have sold our property and are living in a nice rental. We also have some land that is on the market at the moment. Our plan was to put all our money into a bank account and save,save,save! My husband is also thinking of working in the mines for a while to save some more. We don't want to return to the UK in a poor finacial position as we understand that jobs are scarce at the moment (I'm a teacher and my husband is a prison officer at the moment). Lately we have been reading of a boom coming to WA in 2012, so my husband is now interested in getting back into the property market to take advantage of this. I can see his point but my heart is sinking. If our money is in the bank and hopefully earning interest then I feel as if we really are on the road home. Any help or advice would be really appreciated.
  21. Hi We are moving back to the UK, we want to leave our money here in oz until the time is right to change it. Does anyone know which (if any) oz bank accounts allow you to transfer money (via a forex Company) from overseas. We have used Bankwest before but you have to go into a branch to transfer large amounts and this won't be possible if we are in the UK. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this problem and how they have got around it!! Many thanks
  22. Right so you have your Visa grant in your hand. is it better to open a bank account with one of the companies that lets you, like NAB or someone. 1 What will you need? 2 What benefits will this have? 3 Will you UK credit score go with you? The third question might help some but not others, so for their benefit. 4 If you have a bed credit rating here in the UK, will this affect your ability to open an account before you leave? 5 If you have bad credit ratings in the UK, so leave it till you get there, what will you need to open an account?
  23. Olga

    Bank Statement

    What sort of bank statement is OK for DIAC? Is the one from Internet Banking that you can print out straight away fine?
  24. Hi again, just a quick one, Could anyone please advise on how many bank statements from joint accounts should be sent with spouse visa application? I have only got i or 2 but would a CO want to see as many as possible for the amount of years a joint account has been held between us? This is just to put my mind at rest. Thanks.:err:
  25. why would i want to do this when the tourist rate is so poor compared to these 3rd party brokers? anyone wondered or know how this works pls craig