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Found 258 results

  1. Just wondered if anyone could advice on which is the cheapest and most efficient way to do this?. I bank in Oz with Bank of Queensland and am looking to transfer cash to my Natwest account in the UK. Apologies if this post duplicates similar ones on this subject.
  2. Hya. I have applied for a 12 month visiting visa and have been asked to prove that i can financially support myself during my stay in Aus. However im having trouble uploading bank statements onto the system. Does anyone know the best way to go about this? there is no number to call to ask for advice and when i send an email i get a responce saying someone will get back to me in 3-5 days. I want to get this sorted asap though then i can book my flight. Can anyone help?? Thanks
  3. Guest

    What bank to go with?

    Hi looking for some advice on banking. What banks would you say are best bank to bank with? I'm thinking ANZ or NAB, all help and advice will be gratefully received .:smile:
  4. Hi we are flying out on 30th October to Brisbane on a 457 visa. Should we open a bank account now ? Or should we just open one when we get there ? Any advice would be appreciated David
  5. Hi all I opened up an account with NAB prior to relocating to Australia and was told that "a non-resident withholding tax is calculated at a rate of 10%" on the interest earned. Has anyone successfully managed to get this waived until gaining full residency? (I realise it would need to be declared in the UK though) Thanks!
  6. I wondered if anyone can help me out with the following: We are moving to Brisbane within the next couple of months, & I've been a bit worried about Christmas! I had thought about leaving a bank account open here, changing the address to my parents address, so I can use online shopping to send presents to family & friends (Amazon etc). We'd also like to have a UK address for our driving licences also. My only concern is whether this might have an effect on my parents, in terms of their council house, as it would show there being an extra person living there? Or would they have to actually even mention it? Don't want to cause them any problems! Anyone able to advise - much appreciated :wub:
  7. Hi all Is it possible to open a bank account in aus before we get there?but we would be staying with my partners parents for around 6 month so wouldnt have a fixed address for a while,we need to transfer money over into a bank account.Plus does anybody know the best and cheapest way to transfer money over from uk to sydney and one with a good rate thanks:biggrin:
  8. A kiwi coulpe went to the bank for a lone for 10,000 dollars and the bank cocked up and gave them 10 million ,they have done a runner . Question what would you do ? This has been on the news today. easy but.:idea:
  9. Guest

    opening a bank account!!!!

    Hi all, Im moving to Victoria as soon as my visa arrives. I want to open a bank account from home so when i arrive thats 1 thing in place. Can someone help or advise the best bank and how. Thanks chris!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  10. cartertucker

    Which bank??

    I need to open a bank account, but which one & why? :wideeyed: We make the move in 2 months time
  11. Gingers not in demand. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/denmark/8768598/Sperm-bank-turns-down-redheads.html :laugh: There are too many redheads in relation to demand," he told told Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet. "I do not think you chose a redhead, unless the partner - for example, the sterile male - has red hair, or because the lone woman has a preference for redheads. And that's perhaps not so many, especially in the latter case. sperm from donors with brown hair and brown eyes was particularly in demand, I'm sure that Prince Harry wouldn't have any problems re; being turned away, I reckon plenty of women wouldn't mind having his babies....
  12. Im going to be in OZ from November on a WHV. I have money in various place at home (Natwest current account, NS&I bonds and cash). I obviously dont want to you my nawest card as it will cos me a fortune in fees. Firstly, can i open up a bank account in OZ as i may not have a permannt address? Secondly, is it as simple as just transfering money from one account to another? Thanks in advance Jake
  13. Hi PomsInOZ, Could anyone advise what is the best current account to have in Australia? I am trying to research if it is best to set up before arriving or if this incurs charges that would be avoided by opening on landing in Melbourne in mid November. I am only arriving with a minimal amount of money, around the £3000 recommended for one years work supported travel, and don’t wish to have to pay for set-up and money transfer fees if these could be avoided. Thanks for any advice. Cheers Tom
  14. We just recently transferred money from the UK to Oz on a spot transfer and discovered that our bank has set a limit of £10,000 per day so on this occasion we ended up transferring in 2 lots. However, our house money is still in the UK and it would obviously take longer than the usual 3 days specified for the money to reach the exchange company. We tried ringing the bank, but sat in a queue for ages which is quite costly as we are currently in Australia. Has anyone else experienced this and how do you get round it?
  15. Just noticed that when checking my online banking with yorkshire bank that the address bar show it as being part of the National Australia Banking Group (Europe). Would this make it easier / cheaper to transfer money once in australia or even move the account across to NAB?
  16. we are going to see the tall ships festival in gloucester docks,and later having a meal out--thats my day--whats your day
  17. Guest

    Bank reference letters

    I have read elsewhere that it it is a good idea to get bank reference letters before leaving the UK for rental purposes etc. I have asked and my two banks looked back blankly! One has now written agreeing to provide this to a specific individual/ company rather than on a "to whom it may concern" basis. And is charging £10. Anyone else have any experience of this as it is a bit pointless if it isn't an open letter! Cheers
  18. Hi experts, recently we got our 176 visa granted and planing to move soon. Can I open a bank account before arriving @ Commonwealth Bank of Australia. If yes how (any link) ? your valuable responses are much appreciated ... :notworthy: Thanks, Horizone..
  19. Hi all just looking for some general info for time frames experienced by people applying for their Tax File Number and receiving it , registering with Medicare and receiving their card, and opening a Bank account and receiving the ATM card. The reason im asking is im planning a Reccie trip just before Christmas and want to sort all this out before i return to the UK in the New year, I have Vic SS so i will be staying and applying for all the above items in Melbourne, just staying in a cheap hostel for a maxim of 2 weeks as i want to head to Sydney and Brisbane to visit friends before flying back here. I plan to apply for the above items the day i land, jetlaged or not :biggrin: which will be the first thing on a Monday morning 19th of Dec I would love to hear other peoples experiences and timeframes, Cheers :biggrin:
  20. MikeW

    Loan - Bank or broker?

    Hi, Based in Canberra and looking to buy our first car in Australia. Went to bank yesterday to enquire about a loan, 15.5%. Seems very steep to me. This was one of the major banks too. A couple of people have mentioned brokers give you the best deal. Has anyone used a broker and do they get you better deals? Thanks, Mike.
  21. Guest

    Which bank to go with?

    Hi, I am moving out to Sydney in a few months and are undecided which bank to join. Reading the forums on here, I can see that a lot of people recommend the NAB Classic Account. But people also recommend Westpac/ANZ/CBA/HSBC and Bank West. So I was just wondering if anyone knows the difference between them? Pro's and Cons. Thanks in advance
  22. I was looking at buying an existing business over in Australia.I have been to the westpac bank today and because the only collateral that we have is our UK property they will not be able to loan us the money .My partner works full time and earns around $100000 per year ,we were willing to put $15000 down and get a loan for the rest.Is there any other way around this . Regards
  23. VDubber

    Which Bank?

    Hi, Looking at opening an Australian bank account before I arrive in 3 weeks time... My fiance will be staying in the UK for the time being to arrange removals, rent out our house etc, so I will need to send money bank to the UK to pay mortgage etc. Does anyone know which bank is best for this? I notice a few charge $20 for each online bank transfer! Thanks :hug:
  24. The Pom Queen

    Reserve Bank Interest Rates

    stay on hold, welcome news to those with a mortgage:wubclub:
  25. can i keep my uk bank account open to keep paying my uk pensions, then if needed to can i still pay uk pensions with oz account. can i also transfer money from oz account to uk account to pay uk pensions