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Found 258 results

  1. Surfing the net, I came across an amazing web site to help people reclaim any bank charges they may have paid in the last 6 years. Basically, if you've been charged more than £100 in the last 6 years, it's worth claiming it back. It takes a few letters, costs almost nothing and on a point of law, you are entitled to ALL your money back. The worst case scenario is that you will be asked to close your account, which many of us will be anyway! You never know, you might be a few quid better off than you thought for your new lives down under! Her's the link: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk Good luck! Let's face it, it takes one's mind off waiting, waiting, waiting :!: :wink:
  2. To all those who have already set up Oz bank accounts..
  3. Obviously you Brits will have to change your Sterling into Aussie dollars and you need a bank account to put them into so heres what I did. I bought my AUD from Tonya Lark at http://www.wwcurr.com on a forward contract. This means when you ring her up on any day she will tell you the rate of exchange and you elect to purchase the currency there and then at whatever rate it is but for delivery on a date in the future.( I BOUGHT IN APRIL BUT I DIDNT WANT THE MONEY UNTIL END OF JUNE) and you pay 10% deposit with the rest payable by chaps payment from your bank 2DAYS before the contract ends. This gave me chance to set up my offshore Aussie Dollar account and YOU DO NEED TO OPEN AN AUD ACCOUNT TO PUT YOUR MONEY IN I chose to open an offshore Fixed Term Monthly contract with Lloyds TSB http://www.lloydstsb-offshore.com that pays 5.10% interest per month 8) 8) 8) First they give you a Principal Settlement Account (PSA) to receive your money then it goes straight into your Fixed Term Contract (FTC) account but you cant get at it until the end of each month or you can roll it over until the end of the next month.All very complicated but neccessary. Tel Andrew Burlison on 01534 284519 at Lloyds TSB. 8) You can have the full 5.10% interest and elect to pay the dreaded tax yourself to UK government and TSB will inform them of your identity or You can have 5.10% interest minus 15% and they will not reveal your identity to UK tax office the choice is yours, but they do need to know where the money has come from initially (money laundering purposes) Instance Your travelling to Oz in October and you want the money available to deposit into an account in Oz at end of October. You ring Tonya today she tells you the rate is 2.45 you want to change £300,000 on a forward contract for delivery at end of September you get AUD735,000 at end of September You pay 10% deposit now that is £30,000 to Worldwide Currencies You ring Andrew Burlison and you open a (PSA) and a (FTC) On the 29th September you transfer the other 90% of your money from your bank by (CHAPS) to Worldwide Currencies (costs you £20) They transfer the AUD735,000 into your (PSA) it takes 2days so ask for a valuation date for 2nd of October Lloyds TSB transfer from your (PSA) into your (FTC) With a valuation date 2nd Oct you start earning interest Ie AUD735000 x 5.10% = AUD37485 AUD37485 - 15% TAX for UK government Robbing B-----ds= AUD31862.25 :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: AUD31862.25 divided by 365days = AUD87.293835 per day AUD87.293835 x from 2nd Oct to 31st Oct (30Days) = 2618.81Dollars in interest. (PAYS THE RENT) and a bit more You then set up an Australian bank account when you get to Oz so that you can transfer your money from the (FTC) Or you can set one up 30days before you arrive in Oz http://www.westpac.com.au/internet/publish.nsf/Content/PBITMB+Opening+overseas+accounts Hope this solves many Problems with currency. 8) 8) By the way the rate is pretty good at the moment with many currency pundits predicting a strengthening Aussie dollar which means you may get a lesser rate in the future Dave and Penny[/size
  4. Guest

    Recommend a Bank?

    Can anyone recommend a good bank for someone moving to the Sydney area? We're going across in January on a 4 year temporary visa with a view to making it a 'for ever' move! Read a piece a few day's ago on the horrendous bank charges and just wondered whether some banks were better/worse than others? All answers I've had thus far on this forum have made damn good sense....so bring it on!!
  5. Guest

    opening a bank account ?

    can anyone tell me how to open a bank account in oz from here :?: thanks, richard
  6. Hello there!I am travelling out to Melbourne on Sunday,9th october, at the tiem of writing thats 6 days away!!I am extremely anxious about sorting everything out before i go, and was just wndering could anybody provide me with some links to open special backpackers,or young persons bank accounts with major and accessible banks such as westpac and commonwealth?Also,should i apply for a TFN,tax file number? I would be extremely grateful for any help an tips in general! Just incase anybody else is flying out on sunday, my plane leaves heathrow at 9:25, and I'm stayin,travelling and working round australia for a year,so feel free to get in touch!
  7. Guest

    Bank account

    Hi, I am going to Australia initially for 12 months on a Working Holiday Maker next month. I have a UK Current account with HSBC and a couple of savings accounts. I would like to know if it is feasible for me not to have to open an Australian current account, ie can wages be paid into my UK current account. The reason I am asking is I have a DDs going out of my current account and I can manage paying off my credit card and transferring into savings using my UK current account, but if I open an Aus account there is a charge of $20 every time I transfer money to and from this account into a UK account. Any advice?
  8. Hi peeps, after doing some research I found these two migration bank accounts that you can set up before making the move. I like the look of the Westpac as there charges seem to be lower . http://www.migrantbanking.co.uk/ OR http://www.westpac.com.au/migrantbanking/ Does anyone have any experience with them and which ones would you recommend? three weeks and counting.... :lol: :lol: