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Found 43 results

  1. The average price of food in WA (September 2009) Milk (2 litre, whole): $3.21 Cheese (500g packet, sliced): $5.51 Butter (500g): $4.61 Bread (white loaf, sliced 650g-750g): $3.42 Biscuits (dry, 250g packet): $2.38 Breakfast cereal (525g box, corn based): $4.00 Flour (2kg, self raising): $3.97 Rice (1kg): $2.96 Roast beef (1kg): $11.12 Rump steak (1kg): $19.91 T-bone steak (1kg, with fillet): $20.44 Chuck steak (1kg): $10.84 Lamb leg (1kg): $10.97 Loin chops (1kg): $19.99 Forequarter chops (1kg): $10.48 Pork leg (1kg): $8.17 Pork loin chops (1kg): $15.16 Chicken (1kg, whole fresh): $6.24 Bacon (250g packet, middle rashers): $ 6.61 Beef sausages (1kg): $6.65 Salmon (210g can, pink): $3.71 Oranges (1kg): $3.28 Bananas (1kg): $3.79 Potatoes (1kg): $2.65 Tomatoes (1kg): $3.38 Carrots (1kg): $1.71 Onions (1kg): $2.37 Peaches (825g can): $3.78 Pineapple (450g can, sliced): $2.08 Peas (500g packet, frozen): $2.02 Milk chocolate (200g block): $3.56 Eggs (1 doz): $4.53 White sugar (2kg): $2.89 Strawberry jam (500g jar): $3.34 Teabags (180g packet): $3.89 Instant coffee (150g jar): $8.67 Tomato sauce (600ml bottle): $2.40 Margarine (500g, polyunsaturated): $3.23 Baked beans (420g can): $1.54 Baby food (110g jar): $1.19 Laundry detergent (1kg): $5.58 Dishwashing detergent (450ml): $3.46 Facial tissues (170 pack): $2.10 Toilet tissue (8 x 180-sheet rolls): $6.82 Pet food (400g can): $1.37 Unleaded petrol (1 litre): $1.22 Full-strength beer (24 x 375ml bottles, case): $42.05 Low-alcohol draught beer (285ml glass, public bar): $3.55 Full-strength draught beer (285ml glass, public bar): $3.73 Scotch (30ml nip, public bar): $5.93 Toilet soap (2 bar pack): $4.26 How WA compares with the rest of Australia (September 2009) The cost of the ABS baskets in each state capital: Perth: $320.72 Sydney: $300.17 Melbourne: $309.41 Brisbane: $308.47 Adelaide: $312.14 Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics
  2. Please can anyone help I am desperate to find out roughly how much a busy wall and floor tiler could expect to earn? Please can anyone give me a guild to what I can expect to earn. As this will give me some idea as to how much I can borrow for a property. Thanks Very much Chris
  3. Hi there I was checking the time frames for visa 175 (IT) from what people inputted in the time frame web site in one of the threads in this forum and it looks like that the average time is between 6 to 10 months! Am I correct in seeing this or its wishful thinking and my eyes are playing me!!!??? Cheers B1K3R
  4. Hi folks... I hope someone can help me please. I've been trying to find the average salary for Perth (most data on the web seems outdated). As a single salary, how does $60k fair (+super etc). Is this a salary that would afford a good standard of living? We dont have kiddies to worry about so its just the two of us. We would be looking at a 4 x 2 home, one car etc. We're pretty much homebirds so a pool would be nice as we're not sea swimmers! I'm wondering how the tax works (bearing in mind I would get LAFHA) and as such I am trying to establish what our disposable income would be after tax, a small car, food, bills, insurances etc. From what I have seen on SEEK, roles in my field and at my level are usually advertised at c$75k-$90k+ but I'm not sure how 'true' these figures are - whether they are just a hook to get you to apply. Based on the UK a $60k AUD salary (when converted to £) is a little low for my field. Are the salaries in Perth lower than elsewhere? This would be a single salary... my hubbie would be hoping to secure work once we get there. His salary should be circa $40k-50kpa (flat salary) but we have no idea how long it would take for him to find work. We just dont want to uproot our lives and be worse off...! Of course we also need to balance quality of life against what we earn... eg. if we were on less than UK but had a good standard of living then all well and good. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  5. Hi all, We have just sent our paperwork to DIAC (at last!) and wondered if anyone knew the average wage for a Floor Finisher in Perth suburbs? Hubby has over 20 years experience and just received his AQF 111 in Flooring Technology. Any help appreciated! :wub:
  6. Would 100K A$ be considered a good wage in sydney?
  7. Right now we are planning our move to Melbourne. Question – what is average salary in Melbourne? We investigated salaries in our fields and just to compare, would love to know what average Joe is earning over there? So we can understand will we be rolling in money or eat bread and butter.:err: Any help would be really appreciated. :notworthy:
  8. Guest

    average IELTS score

    Hi all just wondering what the average test score is. is it hard to get 7's? just wondered what others have got in their tests. my hubby is sitting the test shortly and he's not very good at english. just panicking now that he doesn't pass. we haven't submitted RPL yet and by the time the result comes back and we can apply for 175, the new rule will be in about getting 7's in the test. :arghh: thanks Emma
  9. :jiggy:Anyone know what the average wage is in perth for hairdressing x
  10. Hi, my hubby and I were originally thinking about Perth, but now we're looking into brisbane. (gold coast looks fab!!) What are the average earnings my hubby could be looking at? Thanks for anyones help it's much appreciated.:yes: Leeanne and Mark
  11. emmaj

    Average Wage?

    Are there any websites that give you an idea of average wages for certain jobs? Im trying to work out if we can afford to move and live comfortably so this would be a great help. With thanks Emma
  12. Hi, Just wondered what the average temparature overnight is in Melbourne and same for Mornington (obviously more coastal). At the moment in England the temp overnight is barmy, I realise we dont have air conditioning here, and would most certainly have it over in OZ, but we have a child with Ashma and I dont think keeping the air con on overnight is good for him. So thought I would ask the question. Anyone who can advise? Interested in both summer temps and winter. Wouldnt mind the average during day for both too if you have time to type all this for me? xxxx
  13. Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me an average timescale for getting your visa. I think we will be going for the skilled visa! How long does it take on average from start to filling in forms etc to actually being notified you have got your visa?
  14. Hi all Here again top pick your brains! Just wondering if anyone has an idea roughly what plumbers are on in the Perth region & also can anyone tell me what the job market is like for the plumbing trade in that area Many thanks guys Mandy x
  15. Guest

    average cost using an agent

    Hello I have contacted few agents and they are working out to be around £3500 which includes everything is this about right ? i am going with my partner thanks.
  16. do you know of a good web site that gives me average prices for homes for example in Brisbane, the reason is we were thinking of Perth so we did a recce 2 years ago. Now we have our visa and an offer on our house here, but the house prices in Perth seem to have gone up quite a bit so we are thinking of possibly somewhere cheaper, prefrably not Adelaide as I understand the weather not so great in winter time. two years ago £90 k would buy a new house outside of perth now it looks like £150k. I think we will have £200k cash to spend on a house. Any help would be great thanks for your time.
  17. Hi I am moving to Sydney in December and am looking at rental in the city. In order to work out what i will sensibly be able to afford, i need to know an average hourly rate for bar work. Any ideas?
  18. Guest

    Average Salary Info

    Recently I've noticed a few people asking about the average salary in Aus. I came across this article in the Sydney Morning Herald, which might shed some light on the topic... Current as of 18 Aug 2005. New figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that full time adult ordinary time earnings - effectively a person's pre-tax income without overtime - reached $1,008.30 during May. That was up from $992.20 in February, and a full $55.20 a week better than the average rate back in May last year. Over the past quarter, full time ordinary earnings grew 1.6 per cent. Over the full year they were up six per cent. While the average across the workforce broke the $1,000 a week barrier, people in the public sector continue to do better than their private sector counterparts. The average for the public sector was $1,092.10 a week, up 1.2 per cent for the quarter and 4.1 per cent for the year, while in the private sector the average was $982.70. However, the rate of growth in the private sector is strong, at 1.6 per cent for the quarter and 6.6 per cent for the year. The ACT ($1,167.40), Northern Territory ($1,020.30), Western Australia ($1,034) and NSW ($1,051.20) were the only places where the full time ordinary wage has gone past $1,000 a week. Wages were up $30 a week in Queensland (to $993.80), $12 a week in South Australia (to $932.60) and $6 in Tasmania (to $890). But they actually fell in Victoria, slipping slightly to $993.80 a week. On the more general measure of average wages, which takes into account the pay rates of people in part-time and casual employment, there was an $8 increase to $792.50. Over the past year, average wages have improved $43.70 from $749.20. The figures show that three key parts of the economy drove the increase in wages. Wages for cultural services sector workers soared 10.1 per cent over the past year to $1,063.20 a week, while for personal services wages rose 8.2 per cent to $973.70. Construction workers have enjoyed a 9.2 per cent lift in wages to $996.80 a week. When overtime is taken into account, their wages have improved 11.8 per cent. Other large rises were recorded in transport (up 7.3 per cent), property and business services (up 7.5 per cent) and education (up 5.6 per cent). Mining workers continue to surpass the rest of the community when it comes to the best average wage. Mining wages climbed 4.7 per cent over the full year to $1,581.30 a week, or more than $82,200 a year. At the bottom of the pile are people in the accommodation, cafes and restaurants sectors, who are taking home around $36,500 a year. The wages figures are important for the Reserve Bank as they give some pointer to possible inflationary pressures. Commsec chief equities economist Craig James said workers had done quite well in recent years, enjoying a 16 per cent lift in wages while inflation was around eight per cent. "Wages have outpaced prices by a substantial margin over the past three years, substantially boosting the purchasing power of Australian consumers," he said. Mr James said much of the increase in wages was being driven by particular sectors where a shortage of skilled workers was starting to bite.