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Found 642 results

  1. During a speech at the lord mayor of London's banquet, the prime minister described an exchange with Australian leader, Julia Gillard, and tried to imitate her accent. Cameron's audience at the Guildhall in London laughed, but the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper described his impersonation as 'bizarre' http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/video/2011/nov/15/david-cameron-attempts-australian-accent-video
  2. Guest

    CGT on Australian property

    I am hoping someone can help me out with the potential Australian and UK CGT liabilities on my properties. I moved to Australia in 1996 and bought a property there in 1998 and lived in it until I moved back to the UK in 2008. I also own a property in the UK which i bought in the 1970s and was my main residence prior to moving to Australia and is now my main residence again since i moved back to the UK in 2008. I still own both properties and have never rented either out. I am now resident and domiciled in the UK but visit Australia for holiday for 3 months each year. If I sell the Australian property now I am unsure whether I have any Australian CGT liability. I have read about the CGT exemption for main residence in Australia but it seems if you use this you cannot designate another property as your main residence. Does the fact that I am no longer resident in Australia and have a main residence in the UK affect the Australian CGT position ? I believe there may be some liability to UK CGT if I sell either property but I can mitigate a good proportion of this by using principal private residence relief for the periods of time that the respective properties were my main residence. Any thoughts on the above appreciated ! Thanks.
  3. Guest

    Australian income tax

    Hi all. I'm thinking of a move to Australia. I'm a diesel fitter. I'm looking into jobs in the mines. I hear of salaries of 100k-170k per year. I'm single, has anyone any idea of how much tax I would have to pay if I was on $100k per year?
  4. When the Greek prime minister announced out of the blue that he would hold a referendum on the second EU bailout plan, it reawakened investors' fears for the global economy. They retreated from the ‘risky’ commodity-oriented currencies, including the Australian dollar, and headed for the safety of the yen, the US dollar and the British pound. The AUD and NZD roughly kept pace with each other, lagging sterling by more than 2% over the course of the week. The Australian economy did not help the Aussie's case. Residential property – a sector which for years has resisted the force of gravity – was showing more signs of strain. The government's house price index fell by -2.2% in the year to September, half of which decline came in the third quarter. New home sales fell by -3.5% in September and building permits were down by -13.6. Bucking the trend, the construction sector purchasing managers' index improved by nearly five points in October, but still looked anaemic at 34.7 on a 0-100 scale where anything below 50 means shrinkage.
  5. Hi everyone, My name is Alex, I am a producer for Channel 7's "Sunday Night" public affairs program based in Sydney Australia. I am researching a story on migrants who move from the Uk to Australia as well as those who decide it wasnt right and move back home. I will be putting together an informative story which will look at all the issues faced when moving abroad. I am looking for families and individuals from all walks of life who are prepared to take part in this story. For more info please drop me line, pomsmoving2oz@gmail.com Cheers Alex
  6. I am in the process of getting my trade assessed and getting painting and decorating AQFIII papers . I am just a bit unclear as to whether I still need to get assessed by TRA when I get these papers, or is that enough to use for my 175 visa application. Thanks a million!
  7. Hi everyone, My name is Alex, I am a producer for Channel 7's "Sunday Night" public affairs program based in Sydney Australia. I am researching a story on migrants who move from the Uk to Australia as well as those who decide it wasnt right and move back home. I will be putting together an informative story which will look at all the issues faced when moving abroad. I am looking for families and individuals from all walks of life who are prepared to take part in this story. For more info please drop me line, pomsmoving2oz@gmail.com Cheers Alex
  8. The Australian dollar was in the top currency division for the week, strengthening by more than 1% against the pound. That was twice as much as the euro achieved, even with the benefit of the latest agreement to resolve the southern Euroland debt crisis. The AUD is sensitive to economic activity on China because exports of coking coal and iron ore to that country (among others) are a significant part of Australia's economy. Were Europe to falter and slow it would dampen global demand for China's exports, so reducing China's demand for the materials that go into their production. Because Europe has apparently taken a major step towards getting its act together, the risk of a return to recession is lower – and the Aussie is higher. On Monday of this week, problems in Europe resurfaced along with an interest rate cut (first cut since 2009). In addition, new home sales fell 3.5% in September from August their lowest level since December 2000 – a combination of these factors led to a weaker dollar.
  9. Hi everyone, My name is Alex, I am a producer for Channel 7's "Sunday Night" public affairs program based in Sydney Australia. I am researching a story on migrants who move from the Uk to Australia as well as those who decide it wasnt right and move back home. I will be putting together an informative story which will look at all the issues faced when moving abroad. I am looking for familys and individuals from all walks of life who are prepared to take part in this story. For more info please drop me line, pomsmoving2oz@gmail.com Cheers Alex
  10. Hi All, Just a quick query as to whether anyone has used the Australian Skills Assessment to gain the AQF qualification? My OH is a tiler and has many years experience but unfortunatley no qualification. We have been looking into the possibility of him completing an NVQ 3 - The cost of this is approx £1000 and can take approx 6 months to complete. Then I came across the Australian Skills Assessment website which talked about gaining the AQF. The cost of this was nearly £2000 but only takes approx 2 months to complete (according to the website). I would love to hear from people who have used this company to gain their AQF and your experience. Would you recommend them? Also, is there something i'm missing as it all sounds to easy?!? You complete a form, attach lots of evidence, have an interview and then get your qualification!!! Right? Help and advice need please! Sue :twitcy:
  11. The Australian dollar took fourth place in the hierarchy of major currencies but was only a little down from the top three; the franc, the yen and the pound. While investors were not afraid of the antipodean commodity dollars, neither were they eager to stock up with them while the Euroland debt resolution was in the balance. The Australian economy had almost nothing to say for itself during the week. The minutes of the Reserve Bank of Australia's monetary policy meeting offered no guidance as to how the coming meeting might go. Analysts believe this week's core inflation figures, for the September quarter, could be the deciding factor. At least as important to the Aussie, however, will be that Euroland summit meeting on Wednesday. If it rekindles worries about a return to recession the AUD will feel the downward pressure.
  12. Nicked this one of sh7tman, sorry mate, couldn't wait any longer.:wubclub: Australian (White) history is viewed by some rather skeptically, short in comparison to many other countries of the world, but it is indeed unique and extremely interesting, so I thought I would start thread and see where it goes. I'm only going to comment on where I have been and what I know about, but would very much appreciate any further posts as I am like a sponge with this sort of stuff and love learning a bit more about my adopted country,:notworthy:. Cook in South Australia still fascinates me, though little of the original town or indeed inhabitants still remain it wreaks 'Australia' to me. I have been there twice now, both times as a stop off whilst on the Indian Pacific. As I said, little there now, but you (I) anyway can truly appreciate (nearly) what the earlyish settlers went thorough, not a lot to look at I admit, but truly a place where my imagination went wild and we were lucky enough to have a well informed fella tell me all about it when we stopped off,:notworthy:. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cook,_South_Australia
  13. Permanent Australian Residency offered to CAT Trained Heavy Equipment Fitters / Mechanics – We pay migration fees, visa costs and relocation. If you are a CAT Trained Heavy Equipment Fitter / Mechanic in the UK or Ireland and are interested in working in or migrating to Australia then please email me with your details and your cv cat-jobs at cat-jobs.com There are currently 45 positions available, these are in various locations around Australia some are in Capital Cities and some are regional – the Permanent Australian Residency visa offered will be employer sponsored, either the RSMS or ENS depending on job location, this means you and your family will be Australian residents from day one in Australia, your obligation under this visa is to work for the employer for min two years. The salary offered is high, as these are mining related positions, the company will be paying all your migration fees, all medicals, all visa fees, air fares, is offering a relocation payment and the company will subsidise the cost of house rental for the first 12 months. This is a genuine opportunity to not only join a great team working for a very good employer, but to also get permanent residency for Australia for yourself and also your family. This is the first time I have used this forum to post a job, if I have made a mistake or breached any rules it is not intentional and please advise me if changes are required or my post is not appropriate. My team and I will be in the UK and Ireland in May to interview CAT fitters and talk to them and their families about relocating to Australia, feel free to come along and ask questions about relocating to Australia, this is not an Australian Expo, there is no charge, we are genuine Poms who live in Oz and have the chance to offer that opportunity to other suitably qualified people in the UK and Ireland, why not come and have a chat with us, we will be interviewing in Manchester, Reading, Dublin, Cardiff and Edinburgh in May, exact dates and venues will be published on the websites in around two weeks time. If you know anyone that works on CAT heavy equipment in the UK or Ireland that is interested in discussing living and working in Australia – please let them know, they will never have a better offer than this. Please PM for more information. Thanks Dennis Migrated from UK in 92 and still loving it
  14. Hi all, Am busy surfing the net looking at Australian Distance Learning sites. Is there any mileage in me signing up for one of the courses relevant to my current job / area I hope to progress into? Would this increase my chances of employment in Australia? Has anyone else done this? Only initial research phase at the moment, but as we're not planning on making the permanent move for another 15 months, thought it may be worthwhile using my time left in the UK productively, getting a short course under my belt and getting myself an Australian recognised certificate of some kind? Any feedback/advice appreciated. Forgot to add, I'd be looking at business / senior admin / human resources area.
  15. Hi I am a Permanent resident and trying to apply for a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment course and hopefully, work is paying for it. According to 3 TAFEs and 1 uni, I qualify for the lower fees as my UK qualifications and degree count for anything so technically, I have no qualifications! I didn't need my O/A Levels or degree assessed by VETASSESS for my visa but to do the short course, Vic Uni insist that my degree is assessed by Skills Victoria (which is free). This whole situation is laughable given that I have never had to prove my qualifications to get a jobs in 3 years! Has anyone else applied to a Uni or TAFE/training provider to do a course having previously done non-Australian qualifications? Cheers Mark
  16. Jackboots

    Australian Nature ...

    Just a thought .. how about a thread of some of your favourite Australian nature Pictures ..
  17. The Aussie dollar was last week's top currency performer. Investors excited at the prospect of an overdue solution for the European debt crisis forgot their concerns about global growth and went in chase of those currencies linked to commodity exports and high interest rates. The Australian dollar ticked both boxes. Adding to its attractions were a couple of positive economic data. NAB's business survey found firms more upbeat about current and future trading conditions while Westpac reported another improvement in consumer confidence. The employment figures for September were better than expected, with more than 20k jobs created and a fall in the rate of unemployment to 5.2%. The minutes of the Reserve Bank of Australia's monetary policy meeting come out on Tuesday morning. They might shed more light on the likely direction of interest rates. Otherwise, it will be developments – or the lack thereof – in Europe that have the most influence on the AUD's direction.
  18. compare to Aussie men? Look at the British and European born and educated counterparts:sad:
  19. The Pom Queen

    Australian Beach Warnings - The SUN

    Yes I know you wouldn't think so, if you asked people what the dangers of going down to the beach are they would probably say being eaten by a shark etc, but the biggest danger is the SUN [YOUTUBE]YzYHwzSE1VY[/YOUTUBE] Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. We get friends and family coming over and every time I warn them not to stay out in the sun too long, 30 minutes is enough, and do they listen:no::no::no: Skin cancer now accounts for over 80 per cent of all cancer diagnosed in Australia. More than 440,000 Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer every year - 434,000 with non-melanoma skin cancer and 10,600 with melanoma. Over 1,600 people die from skin cancer each year. Skin cancer costs the health system around $300 million each year. On a fine January day in Australia, you can get burnt in less than 15 minutes. Each year, Australians are four times more likely to develop a common skin cancer than any other form of cancer.
  20. Can anyone pass on information on how easy it is to get a mortgage in Australia, we are hoping to move over next year on a 176 but if I keep getting 7's on my IELTS reading we will have to go for the 475 visa.
  21. Is there anyone out there who knows where I can get a professionally prepared resume suitable for Australian employers. I've seen a few companies advertised on the net but would rather go with one thats recommended. How much can I expect to pay for the service and how is it done ? Thanks Danny
  22. Hello guys, Okay, maybe a slightly complicated scenario. I am British but also have Australian Permanent Residency, however for the last 2.5 years I have been living in Poland. My fiancee is Polish. After we are married we would like to return to Australia so we would have to apply for an Australian Spouse Visa for Weronika. I thought I knew the Australian visa process well having been through it before myself but I am a bit confused here. Has anybody else tried to do this before? Is it better to apply onshore or offshore? Would I need to supply an assurance of support for her? Any help would be much appreciated.... Ian
  23. Global economic sentiment drives the Aussie dollar, just as it does everything else in financial markets. When the outlook is positive, the (potential) increase in demand for Australia's coal and minerals takes the currency higher. And vice versa. There was a bit of both last week, but mostly it was an extension of the AUD's retreat that cost it 6% of its sterling value in September. Nervousness about a bankrupt Greece – and about what that might mean for the world economy – has dampened demand for the Australian dollar. Nor has the dollar received much help from the Australian ecostats. New home sales showed a 1.1% improvement in August but, after a cumulative fall of -16.2% in the preceding three months, it wasn’t much consolation. More worrying was a further one-point decline in the AiG performance of manufacturing index to 42.3. Anything below 50 means falling activity – and 42.3 is a worryingly low number, that increases the likelihood of an interest rate cut before the year is out. From the UK perspective, it is worth bearing in mind the possibility of quantitative easing (QE) – if the Bank of England release further QE in the near future, this is likely to have an adverse effect on sterling against all major currencies. Thursday’s monetary policy committee meeting will confirm if (or when) QE is occurring.
  24. Hi we are flying out on 30th October to Brisbane on a 457 visa. Should we open a bank account now ? Or should we just open one when we get there ? Any advice would be appreciated David
  25. The Pom Queen

    Australian Beach Warnings - Rips

    It's getting that time of year when everyone will be heading to the beach, for new arrivals please can I take this opportunity to provide the following warning. RIPS This has to be the main cause of drownings/rescues in Australia. A rip is a strong current which begins close to the shore and runs away from the beach. Rips can easily sweep you out to sea from really shallow water. To avoid being caught in a rip always swim between the flags and observe the safety signs. [YOUTUBE]1OebiHik0aI[/YOUTUBE] Common Signs of a rip are: Darker Water, indicating deeper water. Murky Brown water caused by sand stirred up in faster water. A choppy rippled look when other areas look calm In large surf a much smoother surface with smaller waves. An area with a few breaking waves on the beach Foam or Debris floating out to sea. If you find yourself caught in a rip the best advise I can offer is DON'T PANIC other things are: Raise your arm to signal you need help Do NOT try to swim back to shore and against the current, you won't get anywhere and you will soon get exhausted. Swim Parallel to the beach. and remember: [YOUTUBE]n8WOlrVHfMw[/YOUTUBE]