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Found 2,001 results

  1. Another bearish housing article - negative equity has spread to Brisbane as the country's property downturn continues to slug investors. http://www.in2perspective.com/nr/2006/09/australia-slides-into-negative-equity.jsp George
  2. Take a look here... This map is scalable, right down to street level. ..like a map version of Google-earth Where do you fancy moving to?.... use the scroll-wheel on your mouse to zoom (or the zoom bar). use the arrows to re-centre. Scalable Map of Australia
  3. Hi all We're just filling in the 'Questions for the SIR application form for South Australia' and was wondering what sort of answers you guys gave in the 'Why do you want to migrate to South Australia' question. We have a few ideas,the main one being the new airport (I'm in aircraft engineering) but was just after any good points you may have used. Many thanks for any help,hope to be posting more soon. Deb & Stoo
  4. Guest

    Australia Expects

    "Australia Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty" 8) Populate or Perish
  5. Guest

    Interim Engineers Australia

    Hello all, i have had a very interesting fone interview with a chap from OZ (Janis). he is over here recruiting engineers. i saw the advert in the highways magazine. if there is anyone interested the email address for further info is - info@interim-australia.com has anyone come across this company before and what did you think of the service? it sounds a good opportunity to get to OZ on a 4 year working visa.
  6. Hi All, Not the normal route I know !! However, want to take advantage of time imbetween jobs. Finding it difficult to get there via Brazil etc. Anybody else tried ?? Thanks
  7. Hi Guys We are here at last, and I think I will wake up from a fantastic dream soon. I can still not quite believe it has happened. The flight went really well, even with three children, they slept a little bit on the first leg of the journey then slept for three hours from KL to Melbourne, so as soon as we arrived in Melbourne at 9pm they were ready for there beds, they are now already back into their routine, all bit a few late nights, but hey we are chilling for the first few weeks. Australia is all I expected it to be, busy, big, but very laid back. The only thing that makes me giggle is the Ozzies walking around in their hats, scarves and gloves at 15 degrees when we are walking around in our tee shirts. Well let me know if any of you guys are any further ahead. Good Luck Lorraine, I have sent you a PM, we are coming back to mornington tomorrow (monday) as this is the place we have really felt at home in.) please contact me, would love to hear a friendly voice. TTFN Mo x
  8. Hi All, I am being very lazy today and not using the search engine first, we are going to sell all of our large items in the uk and just go with sentimental items and a few toys. Can you just send packing crates airmail or is there another alternative, any comments welcome..... and now I have to clear out the loft phewww cheers Matt
  9. Hi Folks, Does anyone know anything about how to get teaching qualifications verified and if there is any need to to do any re-training in Australia if I haven't worked for five years? Also should I have a reference from the last school I worked at? We're applying for a visa through my hubby who's a plumber/gas fitter. I'm a primary school teacher who started having children 5 years ago (had my first, then twins 18 months later) My teaching salary would no-where near cover child care costs besides, I've had a wonderful time being full time Mum. By the time we get to Australia our children will all be in school full time and I am hoping to get back to work once we have settled. :?: If anyone knows anyting on the subject I would much appreciate your feedback! Beki :?
  10. Guest

    Hi all from Australia

    Hi everyone. I an originally from Taunton Somerset but have lived in Queensland Australia for 21 years. I am 28 and am married with three daughter. 8, 6, and 4. Look forward to answering some questions.
  11. Guest

    births in Australia

    Hi, I'm not pregnant (yet), but am planning to have another baby once we're settled in. I had a water birth with my first which was fine, but I HATED being in hospital. Does anyone know if home births are freely available in Australia... I couldn't bare the thought of being in hospital again. Any ideas would be great Thanks Steph x
  12. Guest

    Children and australia

    Another question :roll: I have 2 young children,one of each. Does this have any effect,positive or negative,on your visa application ???
  13. Hi Folks, This is our first post on this forum. Done lots of reading and have found out loads of useful info. from this site so thanks to everyone for that! We have three girls, twins of 4 and a 5 year old. We lodged our application just over a week ago. My husband Rich is a Plumber/Gas Fitter and he's our ticket. John Adams is our Agent, he's cool, very prompt and helpful. We re looking at emmigrating to Perth, not sure on North or South yet. That's our story so far, just playing the waiting game now... Beki :roll:
  14. We are all set to go to Adelaide just wait ing for the house to go through, can someone explain the car situation i.e Car tax, Car insurance. I have been told in South Australia you do not need a mot is this true.
  15. Guest

    Hello Australia

    Hello again This is my second hello, nobody replied to my 1st sometime ago(not looking for sympathy). Now that i have got the hang of the site, thought i would re-introduce and ask if anyone out there (WA particularly) who works for or knows someone who works for the Police (nil response careers forum). Dont worry acknowledging an association to a police person isnt going to get you in any trouble! Seriously im intersted in chatting about the set-ups for police in general to see how it compares to UK. After a visit i get the impression Police arent particularly well liked ? but isnt that the case the world over - nobody likes them until you need them. A polite naf-off would do, at least then i know it was worthwhile posting. Hope you're anjoying the current climate. Damp Devon - Mark.
  16. Hi My husband & I are moving to Sydney at the end of the year. I have just been diagnosed with an illness and wondered once we get there how does it all work so that I am able to see a doctor soon? Also do GP's there refer to a specialist, how long would it take to be seen by a specialist and would I have to pay privately to be seen? I have no idea how the system works there and what I would be entitled to. I wonder if the waiting lists are as long as in the UK? If someone can help I would appreciate that very much. Thanks Cat
  17. Hi all, Howz it going? Allow me to be the first to wish you all a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year. Just wanted to know if anyone can give me advice on sending text messages to Australia from abroad? Currently form UK it costs me 20p per message to send from my handset to Australia. I have tried a couple of free sms sites, but they either limit the message or include their advertisements in the message or the messages just don't get there or there is just a thousand popups from each page!!! With the festive season around the corner and so many friends to wish well I need a reliable service. Thanks for your recommendations in advance Leurelle
  18. Guest

    Australia beckons!

    hello everyone! just a quick note to say hi and i'm glad were not alone in wanting to move to Australia! My wife (Sharon) and I(Shane) ,Jacob (7) and Scarlett (3) have decided enough is enough and Australia beckons. I am an self employed electrician with my own small business and Sharon is an ofice manager for a marketing Company so I think we should be ok getting in although nothing is certain! Our main points of concern are : 1: moving away from my very close family. 2: Will we find work? 3: Will the kids be OK? 4: Will we stay?? Most of these questions Have been answered before I know but everyone is different. All I know is it feels very exciting just thinking about it so I hope that the reality lives up to the hype!! one thing is for certain though, spiders as big as your hand are very scary!!!!!!
  19. G'day folks, I left Nth Ireland 40 years ago and that was under the 10 Pound Assisted Passage Scheme. Australia is my home, and the home of our children and grand children. My wife and I have been back to Ireland for a holiday and we also toured England and Scotland, we enjoyed it immensely, but it was a holiday and it was good to return home to The Lucky Country. I will browse through the Forum and if I can help with any questions, then I will. Cheers.
  20. Hey My other half and I are moving out in January and are slightly confused about the differing terminologies for what is know as a "Building Surveyor" in the UK. In Australia is seems to vary from Contact Manager to Project Manager amongst other things. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions? I have checked Seek and several other job boards but would appreciate some clarification. Also, he'll be looking for contract work out there, so if anyone can assist, there's a beer or five on offer 8) Thanks in advance. Pj xx
  21. Guest

    Backpacking across Australia

    This is the one thing that I have always wanted to do, backpack around Australia! I guess it is out of my reach now but has anyone done it?
  22. As a British citizen, does anyone know for how long can I drive in Australia on my British licence before I have to get an Australian one?
  23. I'm thinking of moving to Australia from Canada. I have a few questions, maybe you can help -I'm a big ice hockey fan. Which Australian city has the most ice arenas? Are they open year round or only in the winter? Do you have outdoor ice hockey arenas? What months are they opened? -I don't have children yet, but when I do, I want them to go to French school. Which Australian city has the most public French schools? -How many French language stations do you get on cable? -What percentage of radio stations in Melbourne have mainly French music? -I'm a big fan of Alanis Morisette, Céline Dion, Rush and Avril Lavigne (April Vine), how many times per hour will I hear their music on the average radio station? -Is Canadian ice wine available at the local convenience store (aka depaneur) or do I have to go all the way to the grocery store? -Is Tasmania still part of Australia? Is Tasmania the Australian equivalent to the Isle of Man or is it more like Ireland? -If Tasmania is still part of Australia, when will the next referendum be? Do I have to be a citizen to vote or can I just promise to move there? -Are there Tasmanian language courses available online? -Do you have foxes in Australia? If not, that may be why you have so many rabbits. -What Internet search engines are available in Australia? Do you have access to the French language Internet? Will my Betamax tapes work on my Betamax VCR while in Australia or should I transfer them to film?(you loose quality on VHS) -Since you drive on the left hand side of the road, what modifications will I need to make to my bicycle? -Qantas flies from Melbourne to Toronto via Los Angeles. Wouldn't it be much quicker via the South and North poles? -Canada geese (aka North Pole Penguins) fly south for the winter and north for the summer. In other words, they fly north during your winter and south during your summer. When Canada has its summer (now), during Australia's winter (now), do South Pole Penguins fly north or south? What about in the winter? Thanks Sam
  24. Saw this and thought I'd post the link.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4155472.stm get your booty on! Australia is looking for 20,000 skilled immigrants to fill vacancies in what has been described as its biggest recruitment drive since the 1960s. Immigration department spokesman Abdul Rizvi said the nation needed engineers, doctors, car mechanics and accountants. Exhibitions in Europe and India will be set up to promote the scheme, but Mr Rizvi said: "We are looking for skills from anywhere." Australia often comes under fire for its tough immigration policies. But analysts say the country is currently suffering from a serious labour shortage, which is threatening its economic growth. In the 1950s and 60s, Australia mounted a major campaign to attract immigrants from Britain, and about one million people took up the offer. But this time, the migration will be more targeted to fit specific labour requirements. The Department of Immigration is organising a series of exhibitions later this year in London, Berlin, Madras (Chennai) and Amsterdam. "We are initially targeting these [cities]... Next year we hope to go to other places based on what we have learned this time around," Mr Rizvi said.